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2 years ago

I paid $100 for my dog not only to be groomed poorly - they didn’t even shave her feet! - but also I noticed blood on my arm when I picked her up, when I got home there was blood all over my backseat. They had nicked her twice on the upper lip. My poor elderly girl is so freaked out. This place is unbelievable, hell would free over before I went to ANY Petco again.

Sharon Hutchinson

2 years ago

Morgan my Groomer was awesome!!! Love this place!

Samantha Williams (Samantha Williams)

2 years ago

Every time I go to petco I wonder why I went. Nothing against the people working there, but the company does not have any good cat food. They have aisles and aisles but somehow none of the brands my cat and I like. They don’t seem like a wellness center for pets even though that’s the image (I think) they are trying to perceive. Pet smart is much better.

Chiara Gaffino

2 years ago

GROOMING : 3 times and 3 bad experience. I didn’t want to write any review but after the third time I decided to. First time I asked them to NOT shave my dog as he is very small and get cold on winter, well they did completely shaved him without telling me. 2nd times , I paid an extra for them to brush his teeth and cut his nails, well they didn’t do it and still charged me. 3rd time, I brought him, I got a lady with an attitude telling me that my dog have knots and that she can’t waist her time brushing him. Funny fact : I did brush him before bringing my dog to her , so I asked her to give me the comb , and I brushed him IN FRONT OF HER showing her that he doesn’t have ANY KNOTS but no this lady didn’t even want to know anything , even tho she knows she was wrong AND she told me she will just shaved him. I just left and for sure will never come back. I am really disappointed….on the services and the attitude.

Blake Bluemlein

2 years ago

Grooming service/customer service was VERY POOR. Scheduled 3 times over the past month for a puppy trim and they canceled in person all 3 times. A water heater was one excuse and then other excuses regarding low personal for work and then last excuse was my dog was not brushed properly. Stacey the store manager needs to talk with Heather the grooming manager because this was a horrible experience and multiple drives with a schedule appt to be turned away… very unprofessional. Sounds like they don’t want to work… Do not recommend this location but I still hold faith in Petco

Barb Eaton

2 years ago

Had what I wanted quick service clean store

Lily Burse

2 years ago

I wanted to get a snail for my aquarium. I called ahead and the person on the phone told me they had about a half dozen snails in stock. Got to the store and asked to buy one, and when the employee opened up the tank we realized they were all dead. Not just newly dead, but dead enough that they basically disintegrated out of the shell when he picked them up. Didn't get any kind of an apology, he just said "Yeah you probably don't want to buy one of these." Beyond disappointed honestly, I'm not coming back.


2 years ago

Disappointed in the customer service and knowledge of the employees. I’d recommend other Petcos then this one.

Meredith Coyne

2 years ago

Took my dog for the first time to Petco because Woof Gang was booked for several weeks. Really numbed because of how much I payed to work out some of my dogs matting, they missed most and I have since had to cut out myself. I could have saved myself $85 if I knew I was going to end up grooming her myself. Also, even being bathed, she still didn’t smell clean and her face was still a mess. Not worth the money.

Colleen Baxter

2 years ago

The people at Petco are great! The Grooming is reasonably priced and well done but the merchandise selection is poor. There was food for all kinds of animals but very little in terms of merchandise like toys for cat and dog beds or scratching posts. I would buy from chewy instead because the selection is much better and they ship the merchandise usually for free right to your door.

Meghan Mitchell

2 years ago

A variety of small pets and a lot of kitty toy options, as well as other cat goods.

rye blocker

2 years ago

I rated you as a 1 simply because my website experience was aggravating as hell. Why would I go in?

Chase Bertrand

2 years ago

If you care at all for the wellbeing and health of your pet you will avoid the grooming department at this Petco. They had no idea how to cut the hair on our Pomeranian even after we said don't do anythign drastic, just a trim would be fine. We get a call two hours later saying his haircut looked bad we suggest maybe shaving him to 1/4". This is a dog with a undercoat, doing so puts him at a myriad of health risks around being able to regulate body temperature. Needless to say we ended up coming and rescuing our poor dg with an ugly haircut and thank god before they went any further. Just go somewhere else for the love of your pet.

stephen mohamed

2 years ago

The line to check out at this store is insane, no matter when I go I have to plan on a 5 minute stand in line for no more then 3 people. I actually just bought cat food online from Amazon because one day shipping felt easier then standing in line there.

Sandy Alexander

2 years ago

Really like to go in and browse around!! I like to see if they have anything new in their store!!

Nicole Bertrand

2 years ago

I received a call while my dog was at the petco groomer literally saying my dogs haircut "looks bad" and they wanted to shave him to 1/4 inch. Shaving a pomeranians double coat is not good for them as it helps regulate temperature so I asked if they can send a photo to see how "bad" it really was. They were halfway through his haircut when they called so I got a photo of (on the left) his untouched side and (right photo) the side they attempted to cut looking very uneven, choppy and shorter in some spots than we requested. I dont understand how anyone with grooming experience could do this. We previously brought him to Petsmart (not some fancy groomer) but moved and Petco was closer so we figured it would be fine. We were wrong. At least they admitted it was bad and didn't charge us. Unfortunately, no one was able to help even out this haircut. Doesn't look like his nails were trimmed either. I would NOT recommend them for any long haired dogs. Based on other reviews that I'm now reading a little late, it sounds like all they know how to do is shave short. This was at Sarasota's Cattlemen location.


2 years ago

I order 3 Fresh Step litter and 2 were available

Mary Romanello

2 years ago

Worst haircut my pomeranian has ever had!! Very uneven and they had no idea how to cut a pomeranian. Never going there again!!


2 years ago

Great service! Justin was awesome helping us get our water in check for our new fish. He was so knowledgeable and professional.

JD “Monster” Durden

2 years ago

Staff is always super nice whenever I go in.

David Levin

2 years ago

Eclectic group of unhelpful people

Kayla Richardson

2 years ago

I can usually find what I'm looking for here and when I cannot find the items the staff are pretty helpful helping me find it elsewhere.

Eric Slavinski

2 years ago

Best pet store in town!

Magda Gonzalez

2 years ago

Everything you need for your furbabies and very nice employees.

Ray Schweiger

2 years ago

Had what I needed ordered on line

Thomas Gonzalez

2 years ago

Friendly staff and I found what I was looking for. Doggy life vest ????

Tonya Beiler

2 years ago

The store is clean, staff is friendly and I always find what I need.

Miguel Manazanares

2 years ago

I went to the store , where I never shopped before and I was help by GILL, this employee had a great energy, very positive, very knowledgeable about the store and product. Made my experience an awesome one , GILL is a rockstar 1000%


2 years ago

Be very prepared to get SCREAMED at when walking into this facility without a face mask. Even though the state has no mask mandate, these people make it a point to make it the FIRST thing you hear when walking into the store. It is the absolute worst way to be greeted. Will never give this place my business again.

Rick Capozzi

2 years ago

This is an awesome Petco. I go there for all my aquarium needs. The guy, Justin, that works in aquatics is awesome and very knowledgeable about everything. He helped me immensely with getting my tank right and it took forever. He is nice and super friendly and always seems genuinely happy to see me.

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