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James Adams

2 years ago

Very nice staff, vet was really knowledgeable and confident

Jen Barbour

2 years ago

Staff is super friendly and helpful. We were visiting from out of town and our dog needed some attention due to gastroenteritis. They couldn't have been more accommodating. Plus, now when we visit my in-laws, we have a vet should the need arise. If we were living down here, they would absolutely be our home veterinarian.

Tom West

2 years ago

Today we took our elderly French bulldog to parkway for the second time in 6 weeks, she having trouble getting around , let me tell you that everyone at Parkway is very professional and very caring , the Veterinarian is very thorough and …


2 years ago

I took my puppy to get fixed few months ago. They sent him home with the cone on and told me to keep the cone on him and not to take it off until my next appointment in two weeks and the doctor or nurse will take the cone off. I didn’t realized until a day before my appointment back to the vet that the sharp edges from the cone was cutting my pup on the neck and cheek. That’s the side that suppose to be on the outside, but they put it on my dog backwards. When I took him back to the vet to get the cone removed, they shaved part of his fur and treated him with antibiotic. And instead of admitting that they put the cone on him backwards and irritate my dog for 2 weeks, they charged me $160 for the antibiotic. People make mistake, but if they don’t admit their mistake and charge me for their mistake instead. that’s wrong. I hope they don’t make the same mistake with other dogs.

Jeanine Ashforth

2 years ago

You know that feeling of relief when you're worried and you reach out for help and an expert steps up and is like, "I've got you!" - ? This is that place. Last week, a new kitten just brought illness with it to all the other cats in my family. I had no idea how I was going to manage an entire house of sick cats. But like three-card monte the vets and techs here at Parkway shuffled fast and managed it all: they helped me decide on an antibiotic injection for this one, drops for the other three, two tests for the sickest one (but none necessary for the grown cats), and were conscious of my budget and considerate the entire time. I was floored. Competent and caring service is NOT dead, folks! This IS that unicorn vet.

Jinx Peregrine

2 years ago

These folks are phenomenal. I have never had a better vet! Price-aware, breed savvy, thorough and kind. And they're about to expand. Definitely become their patient if you can!

Sarasota Queen

2 years ago

The best care for your best friend! Groomer is the best in town! Thank you to all of you at Parkway!

Rick Odato

2 years ago

The automated scheduling app is very convenient. The staff is friendly and professional. That take great care of my furbaby. The grooming is excellent.

Coral Galambos

2 years ago

Very nice and compassionate care, the doctors and the stuff are wonderful and they show how much they care about my fur babies. I aways feel confident to take my dogs and cats there

Alexis Brown

2 years ago

I expressed concerns about a lump on my dog’s back over the course of multiple visits. During this time, owners were not allowed in the building, and I only ever had the chance to speak with techs, not the vet. Each time I was told the lump was not concerning. I asked if they could do a simple needle biopsy but was told my dog would require anesthesia and it would make more sense to just remove the lump, but even while telling me that, they insisted the lump was not of concern. Several months later, I decided to trust my gut, something I’ll regret not doing sooner, and I pushed them to do surgery. The lump turned out to be a mast cell tumor. Not only that, but the vet did not fully remove the tumor, and my dog had to have a second surgery. By the time of the second surgery, the cancer began to spread and we were seeing an oncologist. Needless to say, we also found a new primary vet and we were no strangers to the emergency clinic either. These new clinics had no issue doing a needle biopsy during an office visit and some were even done right in the waiting room, so there was no legitimate reason Parkway Veterinary could not do this when I asked. While there is the issue that a biopsy may not show the necessary cells, it is certainly worth attempting the least invasive option first. We were lucky to get six more months with our sweet girl through the help of other vets, but I can’t help but wonder if full remission was possible if Parkway had listened to our initial concerns. Maybe it was a communication issue between the techs and vet or maybe this vet is poorly educated on a cancer that is very common to my dog’s breed. Regardless, I urge anyone who goes to this practice to get a second opinion if your concerns are not heard.

Kathleen Heffron

2 years ago

Very fine people working there helped me a lot Kathleen Heffron

Jamie Cashmore

2 years ago

Love all you guys amazing love

1 King

2 years ago

Today I went to take my cat in for a procedure and found out instead she had cancer thru her whole body :( everyone here was so amazing I have never had to deal with putting a pet put to sleep but they definitely helped me get thru it all down to the end. Also very fair pricing! Thank you ladies for everything you have gained a permanent client and I will recommend you guys to anyone needing services

EL “Dog Lover” Birdhouse

2 years ago

My 17 year old dog was recently diagnosed with bone cancer by a former Vet. Former being the important word. As an RN, something just didn't sit right with that diagnosis based on no Xrays and her blood work was excellent. I was given 2 prescriptions for her. After 2.5 months of wondering if that day would be the day I'd have to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge, but seeing No Decline in what is a rapid process with bone cancer, I wanted a second opinion. I made an apt. with Dr. Smith who is a graduate of the U. of FL Veterinary Medical School, one of the leading schools in the nation. Long story short, he examined her, took Xrays, told me her blood work was that of a healthy 17 year old dog, just as I had thought when I saw the results. It turns out my dog doesn't have bone cancer but a form of hip dysplasia due to aging. She is very old for her breed. Yay, no immediate death sentence, I felt totally relieved. Even the medications weren't correct. Tremendously under dosed on an anti-inflammatory. New med prescribed. I walked out knowing that I'd done my best for her because she deserves it. Great staff and Marlon is just a kind, excellent and caring Groomer for her short coat and nail trims. I cannot say enough about the knowledge and professionalism.

Cindy Jessup

2 years ago

PET OWNERS BEWARE OF THIS SCAM!!! I took my dog in to be groomed and was informed I had to update his rabies. I agreed to pay for the rabies and didn’t realize until I got home that they charged me $50 for an exam on top of everything. When I spoke to them today regarding the charge, I was informed that an exam is required although they advertise FREE exams. I said I was never informed an exam is required for the rabies shot and I should have been informed and besides they advertise FREE exams and the girl Sarah said that I have to inform them I want a free exam at the time!? WHAT?! What kind of business practice is this??? I said I should be refunded the $50 and she said she can’t refund it. Now they lost a valuable client AND hopefully others since this is absolutely ludicrous!

Lisa Jank-Mejia

2 years ago

7/7/2021 1. Parkway’s policy of not letting pet owners enter the office, I understand the policy is due to the pandemic. I feel this causing a breakdown in communication between Doctor, staff, and pet owners. 2. Overall costs have me considering moving our dogs care elsewhere. All products are labeled as ‘Parkway’ products, made by a manufacturer and privately labeled, this should make the product more affordable…. Instead the Manager, Nicole, will warn you not to buy them elsewhere bc they can be counterfeit. I consider myself to be an intelligent consumer, thank you very much. First communication failure was when a treatment plan was written in the chart and not communicated back to me until a tech realized it when I made another appointment about a month later. Thank goodness it wasn’t life threatening, it was for allergies. Next was a combination of $$$ and communication. When an estimate is presented make sure the dose is for the weight/size of your animal. Our invoice was double the amount of the estimate bc the dose was not figured for the weight of our animal. The estimate should and could be more accurate, the chart always has the weight of our animal. This seemed like a bait and switch to me, which costs us an extra $200. Additional $$ was spent due to another ‘mis-communication’. Parkway tech called to see how Madison was doing with new meds. I communicated she had a problem and I checked online (FDA site) to see if it could be a side affect of the med, Yes it was. So I was told I could bring her in for a free recheck within a two-week period. I took her in the next day. It was not free. I was charged for the recheck and when I brought this to the manager, Nicole’s attention she tried to explain that it was not a side effect of the new meds and that no other dog that they gave the medication to had that side effect so it was not considered a re-check. It was listed as a side effect on the FDA’s website… just because one of your patients never experienced this doesn’t make it non-existent. I couldn’t believe what I was being told. At this point in the conversation it wasn’t just a matter of $$$$ it was a matter of principal. I see two other less than favorable reviews in the past month. Both with responses from Parkway trying to explain their view. I’m not impressed. Review from 4 years ago: I moved to Sarasota with my son's 12 year old lab from Chicago. Madison suffers from allergies and has for many years. She gets patches of dry skin where her fur comes off and the skin is usually very red. The vet in Chicago had her on Benadryl... this caused her to have severe dry skin. I took it upon myself to get her off Benadryl. Once in Florida her allergies got worse. I called Parkway and they saw her the next day. I forwarded all her records from the prior vet and they treated her for her allergies. Madison responded well to the antibiotics and prednisone treatments, but after a couple months we had to return. I didn't want her on prednisone again so an allergy shot and antibiotics again for the skin bacterial infection and she was good for another two months. We are headed back again, she has been losing her hair and getting patches again. Sure it cost to go to the doctor, you have to be an informed patient and advocate for your animal. You have to know what is most important for their well being, you spend more time with your animal then the doctor ever will. I am grateful that my grand-dog, which I am now responsible for, is finally getting relief from her allergies. Thank you for Parkway doctors and staff.

Robert Gills

2 years ago

I have taken my dog there several times. They did ok on teeth cleaning, nails, etc. The back door visits due to covid were a bit informal and over done. They treated my dog for a back injury with pain/anti inflammatory meds . Then we returned almost a year later for urinary incontinence. They should’ve connected the back injury to the incontinence but they didn’t. Instead , they defaulted to the laziness of prescribing lifetime meds to a 7 yr old dog. Proin I believe it’s called. Read up on it and it’s a bad drug.. Also read that IVDD and other back issues can cause incontinence. Trainer referred my to a holistic type vet because I could tell there was also an ongoing back issue , although Parkway failed to notice. New vet saw there was a back thing right away , did X-rays to find bad back discs. She advised on future investigation, future care, and seemingly cured the incontinence with one acupuncture and cold laser treatment. Watch out for vets and drs that don’t try and find the problem but default to cover up the symptoms with pharmaceuticals.

Douglas Derringer

2 years ago

I have 3 cats a 4 year old that has been going to this place when he was a kitten. They changed the flea products from revolution to the current brand Bravecto. I used it on my cat Goober and he cried and hid under the bed for the day. When I contacted the vet they didn’t seem to have a answer. I asked for his prescription for Revolution so I could get it somewhere else they would not release it to me. I ended up going to Canada meds and purchased what I needed for my cat so he didn’t have a allergic reaction. I currently brought two male feral cats to this location that were probably six weeks old back in March 2021. They weighed 2.2 pounds and we’re not heavy enough for sample flea medication which I was offered from the technician. It is now June and both kittens weigh approximately 4 1/2 pounds. So I called the vet and asked him if I could get some sample medication which I was offered several months earlier and was told I had to bring the cats in to be weighed. I had just spent in the last couple months probably close to $1000 on these two small kittens for their shots. Not to mention the money I spent on my older cat goober which is probably close to $4000 and they would not give flea medication on a trial basis for my other two small kittens. I will not be held hostage over a request reminds me back in the day when I could not get my contact prescription from my eye doctor because he wanted an exclusive on me buying the products from him. I will no longer visit this location I do not think it is right that I was denied a couple sample packs of flea medication. And don’t get me wrong I would’ve been glad to pay full price for them so I will venture elsewhere and get what I need for my animals. Thanks for your help and your concern for my animals. Douglas Derringer.

Donna Knight

2 years ago

I’m honestly very disappointed with this vet practice. Terri one of the techs is their saving grace as she is lovely but I felt that they really didn’t have my dogs best interests and quick to take my $’s! I do have 2 dogs so double whammy with the bills but still.... I don’t mind paying if I feel my dogs best interests are at heart, they are my babies. My female dogs we referred to as ‘he’ via email (annoying but what ever) also no one called me about results from an exam which I paid for. I still don’t know what the results are ??? I also called twice the day before our appointment to ask about sedation meds for one of my dogs. As she requires them when visiting. I was called 40 minutes before our appointment which was not nearly enough time !! It’s frustrating waiting for a call when your told it will be before 6pm and no one calls. So my high anxiety dog wasn’t sedated in time and turned into a stressful situation - everyone in their cars (as they don’t let people in) staring at me trying to calm / muzzle my dog which all could have been prevented if someone called me the day before, when I was promised. It’s the small things that make the big difference and these guys have missed the mark for me unfortunately.

Cheryl Cicora

2 years ago

Moved from another state and wanted to get my cat established. Professional staff and great vet!

Karlenna Burchell

3 years ago

Went for the first time this week. Getting there and figuring out I had to go to the back was more difficult than it should have been. It resulted in a few other people being helped before me even though I was early for my appt. But everyone was very nice and thorough. Cant wait for the office to open like normal so that I can experience and actual office visit rather than talking through the phone. But I appreciate their COVID restrictions and concerns. They were very sweet to my pups.

Ala Marashi

3 years ago

Staff is fantastic! Especially Jennifer! Very kind and helpful crew there. We are happy with them being our go to Vet Center and would recommend for anyone in the area as well.

joe paulo

3 years ago

I have never had a bad experience staff is very friendly and Indy is always well taken care of. Thank You Joe

Kali Quinn

3 years ago

A couple of the ladies working there are great. I wish I knew their names but even when they seem to be very busy they are attentive and friendly. My dog loves going and has zero fear of this place . After a few visits and I KNOW he’s been poked and prodded, he still gets excited to be taken back for his appointments. That makes me feel awesome about even what I don’t see. I use a pet insurance policy with this vet and have no complaints.

Stacie Marks-Ayala

3 years ago

Very nice young lady came to my car and even thou they were closing she took the time to help me

Profesora Loaiza

3 years ago

Caring and prompt pet care...Amor approved

Danny Hatch

3 years ago

Truly cares.....thats really all I need to say if you love your pet

tina walsh

3 years ago

The food was wonderful! The gift shop and bakery amazing. I can't believe I hadn't been there sooner.

Steve Pagnotto

3 years ago

Great grooming experience! New to the area and they couldn’t have been better! Highly recommend!!

Brian Wilson

3 years ago

Been using them for a couple years great prices!

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