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Melissa Wine

a year ago

Ladies at the front desk were wonderful and the vet techs are so knowledgeable. We were worried about getting our frenchie spayed and she did so great. The results were phenomenal. They took such great care of her. I would definitely recommend and will be back. Thank you

Shelle Berk

a year ago

Been going to Pet Pal since it opened. Great care for low price

Josh Buchmann

a year ago

The staff was very nice, but I was disappointed with the lack of organization. I was asked to book an appointment for the services we needed for our foster dog. After waiting 90 minutes (for a scheduled appointment) I ended up walking out. Unfortunately my schedule did not allow for me to spend more time at the clinic. I was greeted by a vet tech, but never met or discussed any of the issues with the vet, whom we needed to see for diagnosis/treatment.

Dog Lover

a year ago

I’ve been coming here for 5 years. This used to be a 5 star. I used to recommend everyone here as I work in the dog industry. But Pet pal has really went down hill. They never answer the phone anymore and the staff never calls back. The organization of this business is now non existent. I wont even get into the lack of friendliness. It’s such a disappointment as I bring all my animals here and really loved it.

Christina Barbara

a year ago

I love this place. Everyone is super nice and they all care about the animals as if they are there's

Benjamin Simon

a year ago

Went in and paid $170 for them to tell me my cat has a UTI and bacteria in ears. Paid for the standard “exam” fee, urinalysis and the ear test, paid for the ear cleaning and then paid for meds for both. First let me say my appointment was at 11:30 got there at 11:15 and they didn’t even take me back until noon, and wasn’t seen till 1230! Paid for everything (no biggie) then says I should come back to make sure the uti has cleared after a week… how about you offer complimentary checkups post initial appointment if it’s not a sure thing the meds will work? Secondarily, the uti medication will not last a week! I still have 3 days to go and it’s almost out, doing the prescribed 1ml every 12hrs. They either don’t know how to measure (as when I received the bottle it was barely half full) or they need to start checking the dosage suggested. Thirdly, the picture attached is me cleaning my cats ears using a tissue just 4 days after getting her ears “totally flushed and cleaned” as they assured me for the price. I am LIVID. Just beside myself. I expect a call to speak about this asap.

Leroy Jones

a year ago

Very nice people and out front people and affordable

Thu Nguyen

a year ago

Great vet that makes me comfortable bringing my pets in time after time.

Melissa Prevatte

a year ago

Highly recommend get place good prices and great charity for pets

Ollie L

a year ago

ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED after taking my baby girl in for a spay and microchip. I dropped her off at 8am, picked her up late at 5:05 (a literal 5 minutes), the vets first words (Smith) told me to "Listen up because now he's late". The entire way home her eyes were bloodshot, she wouldnt stop drooling, she was short of breath, I kept trying to play it off as normality and coming off medications. By 8pm she started heaving hard and shaking, I knew something wasnt right. THERE WAS A 13 INCH BANDAGE TIED AROUND MY 16-17 INCH DOGS THROAT. IT WAS NOT HOLDING HER CONE IN PLACE, IT WAS NOT PADDING. IT WAS CHOKING HER, SHE COULD NOT SWALLOW. When I tried to cut it my scissors went sideways!!! I absolutely broke at the thought of her not breathing, if I had not noticed throughout the night. SMITH AND NITA, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS! DO NOT GO TO PET PALS, IM HORRIFIED. There is still an indent around my loves neck!

la'Mo Toosaucy

a year ago

Not so good to me bad customer service

Larry Bush

a year ago

Had a 1:30 appointment and at 2:15 still waiting. The lady ahead of me had a 1:00 appointment and at 2:15 she had been called back yet and still there was another lady there and don't know how long she had been waiting. Then when they take you back only God knows how long you wait then. But I think it's cruel to the pets to be cooped up that long so what's the point in making an appointment . Lady at front desk doesn't answer phone.

Maureen Nolan Flanagan

a year ago

They are by far the cheapest best place in Pinellas county. Plus the money helps the No kill shelter. Dr Smith and Dr Londono are just the best.

sofia salazar

a year ago

Vet is ok and knowledgeable. Prices are low. But the front desk professionalism isn’t there. Would not take my pets there as a primary vet. I only went there for a stray I wanted to get looked at. If you’re looking for low cost go here if you can afford to give your baby the best and not deal with rude front desk staff go to a normal priced vet where people have manners and the facility isn’t out of a warehouse.

Vinny Migliore

a year ago

I made a comment already, but I seen it got delete, so I'll be glad to put it back up ! I used to love petpal.untill my dog had a ear infection. We tried all the drops that cost us in the thousands with like 6 or 7 different drops. And test and etc. just to be told in his last visited that he took him back and 30 Sec later said it not getting any better? Then charge me 40 dollars and then goes to say he need to have his ear drum removed and would be most likely close to deaf in that ear. We took him to a different vet in the north side showed them all the drops and thing that where done by dr smith and they laughed and said have you tried wax? They said the wax's stays in his ear for a week I felt so stupid. It Clear it up never had a issue with his ear again. Dr smith tried to almost make are dog suffer FOR no reason ! We will never be back and we used to make them a lot of money with the 2 pit bulls we brought in. Make me sick to my stomach that we almost went through with surgery That would of cost $$$$ and he would of been deaf for no reason

Valena Smith

a year ago

They were wonderful to us!! Very nice and really did a lot for very little money i would recommend them to anyone looking for affordable pet care!

Tiffanie Moreno

2 years ago

Pet Pal is absolutely wonderful. My baby bear Yogi had a medical emergency and Pet Pal was fully booked, but the minute they had a cancellation they called me back to bring him in to be seen. They took such good care of him and me, (I was a wreck with worry) they reassured me throughout the whole visit that everything would be ok. I am so grateful. My visit was affordable and Yogi is on the mend. I highly recommend them to anyone that needs a great quality caring clinic for their furry loved ones. Thank you Pet Pal. ????

hans cudal

2 years ago

Been a returning client for years and loved the people as well as the prices. But lately the new people have been lacking the old customer service care that I have been coming back for. Had an appointment for a check-up at 8am. Came in and told the lady we had an appointment and said to wait. After 40 mins. of waiting and seeing people that came after me already was done. I still tolerated it and decided to wait some more. After an hour passed by decided to ask how far a long are we. New receptionist said that we will be seen next. Another lady came in for shots and after 20 mins. she was done. So obviously they were not that busy. So I decided to say something and apparently I WAS NOT CHECKED IN AT ALL. After an hour and a half we were finally seen. The check-up only lasted less than 15mins. I appreciate how some things are being changed for the better and I know how hard it is to find good people but is this what I’m gonna be facing everytime I come in for help???…MS. TAMMY IS THE VETERAN STAFF THERE AND WE WILL KEEP COMING BACK FOR HER BECAUSE SHE ALWAYS ACCOMODATES AND HELPS US OUT. GIVE THIS LADY A RAISE AND TRAIN THE NEW ONES THE WAY SHE DOES HER JOB

Alfonso Arellano

2 years ago

I had 0 complaints about this veterinary the prices are hard to beat. However, last time they lost my dog records which messed up his insurance process, when i asked if they could make a copy or perform another exam they simply ignored my request.


2 years ago

Caring people. Good dentist! Fair prices.

Irene Benton

2 years ago

Great place .Dr's are very knowledgeable and kind. Prices are the best around !

Jessi Lockington

2 years ago

Great vet clinic very compassionate

Jonathan Huie

2 years ago

Non-profit. Great service to the community.

Lorraine Hester

2 years ago

Have rescue black kitty went to clinic for vaccinations very easy in & out, clean not crowded ,we were very happy with service. Very nice people here doing a great job.Thank you all see you soon meow!

Lourdes Aggari

2 years ago

Went there specifically for rabies vaccine only. Repeated my request that my dog doesn't need anything else just rabies vaccine required by law. When my girl was placed on the table the Vet drew a blood from her leg. I had to stop her but it was too late. They said I requested for the package and I was shown the price list. The clerk did not show me any price list. I was there for a $22 rabies vaccine and I ended paying $92. I should have asked for a refund.

Sally Nolan

2 years ago

They have amazing customer service! They are just as nice to the humans as they are the animals! And every time I've been there the majority of the animals are so well behaved for them. It's like they like them. Most of the time, your dog or cat knows when it's vet time and they don't want to go. I really can't say enough good things about Pet Pal's!

nikolas sink

2 years ago

The people, doctor and price were great but a 3.5 hr wait time on hard wooden bench wasn't worth the cost savings. I mean the owner must be a sadist with painted wood bench if you are going to take that long to get someone taken care of.

Steve Bridges

2 years ago

Granted they are cheap, but still not worth it. If you can afford a few extra dollars, please go literally anywhere else. I waited an hour even with an appointment early in the morning. The wait staff are rude and extremely unprofessional. Good luck getting the vet to ever pick up the phone and call you if you actually need something. Icing on the cake is that the inside of the building is decorated with the elegance of a prison.

Sandra Gardner

2 years ago

Worst vet ever, first you have to wait over 2 hours to get seen and they keep saying, a few more minutes. Very unprofessional staff and then after waiting hours I encountered the rudest vet ever--a woman in dealing with my cats. I won't be back. You get what you pay for!

Deanna shea

2 years ago

Dr. Smith is the best vet. Avoid the woman vet though. Everytime I see her she makes me feel like the worst pet parent.

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