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2 years ago

We recently moved to the area and had dropped in a few different boarding facilities. It was barkingham palace that was great from the moment we walked in with no appointment. The staff at the front desk was so kind and personable. They went over their boarding policies in great detail and without having to ask, took us on a tour of their very clean boarding area and play ground. We were so excited we finally found a place we’d be comfortable taking our babies too that we booked a daycare session immediately! Guinness and Bruno had such a great first time, we took them back two days later!! Thank you Barkingham Palace!!

Ginger Cowger

2 years ago

They don’t service pit bulls or pit bull mixes…. It’s a groomer not an apartment complex. ???? The excuse is for liability but that’s just code for “We didn’t want to pay for the insurance to allow pit bulls”. lol it’s fine I’ll take my loving maya elsewhere.

Darys Nieves

2 years ago

Should have paid attention to the bad reviews. And would give 0 stars for almost ruining our vacation in the area. I made a reservation for Friday to Sunday. The email confirmation said until Monday so I replied back stating Sunday. When we got there (after hours of travel) They again tried to say that pick up was on Monady and if we were doing Sunday, it would be after 4pm. What were we supposed to do from 10am hotel checked out until 4pm?! One of the "ladies" said that this was addressed on the phone. If she would have told me that, why would I even proceed with a resevation? I told her on her face that she did not mention anything about specific pick up hours. They were very rude and couldn't care less. My husband tried to find options with this place (including cutting our vacation short) but they were all ridiculous! I'm glad a stood my ground and decided to find another place. Oh, and they dared to say "all places are closed on Sunday, you probably won't find anything else" Well, guess what? I found another place that not only works 24/7 but also provided excellent customer service! Glad my babies didn't stay here.

Cheryl Martin

2 years ago

I question the number of 5 stars.very rude and get misinformation from them - told me on the phone I could board my dog 1 night - came back on Sunday between 4-6:30pm when they told me I could pick up and charged me for 2 nights. I noticed it on my bill and called them - Cindy was rude and told me that I was mistaken and to take it up with whoever I talked to earlier and hung up on me. Will never take my dog to this place again. I paid for 4 play sessions and probably was scammed into that too - I don’t trust these people and will never go back.

Rad M

2 years ago

The people at the front desk were friendly and were quick to answer any questions we may have had with professionalism. The building was clean and neat, and I trust that they took great care of my dog while I was away. The only con we had was that they write directly on your dog's personal items like toys and blankets with a sharpie, with no heads up, so don't send your dog with something you don't want written on or have them have in their mouth. Overall, it was a pleasant experience.


2 years ago

We bring our dogs here often and they are always very friendly and do a great job taking care of our dogs. Very accommodating and helpful. They probably need a bit of a modernized area but that is very minor.

Karen Jutras

2 years ago

Walker the Wheaten loves Jessica

jodi rivero

2 years ago

Best doggie sitters ever. Our baby is 16 and she just loves the staff and they treat her like a queen

Cynthia Caulfield

2 years ago

When I walked in and was met by " Candy " , She made me feel like an intrusion with my dog in my arms, maybe since it was 5:30 pm . I told her my husband was getting the shot records. I got a " VERY ICY " feeling about the place. The walk through seemed okay, it although I felt like I was on an $$$$ a la carte conveyor belt . Money was extremely the height of conversation . We were also told we have " very RICH clients " that don't care if they lose a deposit . The only good thing I felt about the visit is that they have web cams in the suites . My husband's phone rang and it was like 5:55 and he stepped away from the desk, she kept saying sir, sir,!! I explained it would only be a moment and he would be back, she said " We close at 6:00 sharp" Needless to say NO WAY is this a fit. If they treat potential clients like this , I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving my dog there , Yes, Jennifer , it's certainly not a GOOD FIT. I will spread the word about Barkingham Palace

Blake Flanigan

2 years ago

Very detail-oriented, professional staff who truly care for your pet. This was our first time boarding our dog, who recently had surgery. All meds were given correctly each day, twice a day for just $3 more per day. Not per med. Just $3 total per day. My dog was super happy with Barkingham Palace and so was I.

Ian Glenday

2 years ago

Always great care for our pets!

Katie H

2 years ago

Our dog Niles attended doggie daycare, boarded, and was groomed here. The employees are wonderful and put in the extra work to help the dogs feel comfortable, and to get to know them. They were gentle and patient with our old hound who is losing his sight.

Dan Cureton

2 years ago

Very courteous and friendly employees.

linda amato

2 years ago

I paid 50.00 for my dog to get groomed and his ped got cut. No one told me. Had to bring him to the vet. Looked like a nail was growing out of it. It was a callus from being cut. Then went back paid again asked why his ears where not pulled. I was told by groomer as she screaming to bring him to the vet for that. He’s difficult. Nice to pay 50.00 and get treated like trash.

Natalie Belikova

2 years ago

They rejected my dog for future visits because he badly handled their haircut.

Scott Hanney

2 years ago

Great staff who have great prices and do wonderful work!

Tom Winter

2 years ago

They start their day at 12:00 noon and bill extra if you drop dog off before that time. Also charge extra if paying by credit instead of cash. Also charge extra to let your dogs exercise/play with other dogs. Pretty much rip you off

Eva Trinidad

2 years ago

Called to maka a 12 days reservation for my dog and cat for next month an never answered the phone.????

Jason Smith

2 years ago

The BEST! Price,staff , environment for our pet and service

Kevin Pye

2 years ago

It seems to be a good place for my cat. Not to pricey and my pet seemed comfortable.

Skylar Nicole

2 years ago

PAM does an AMAZING JOB GROOMING MY DOG! I love her. I’ve been coming to here consistentlyi! Always takes care of my dog with kindness.

carrie liotta

2 years ago

My dog is a dog that is scared of people and if approached a certain way gets upset. If you approach him the way I tell you to approach him everything will be ok. I was trying to tell the people there how to approach him and the owner walked in talking a lot and would not listen to me. She was being very rude. I said can you just listen for a second. Things were escalating and there was a lot of chaos in the waiting room. The lady said to me “you do know you are speaking to the owner right”. That is just rude. What needed to be said is you do know you are talking to the customer. She never wanted to listen to what I had to say. If I had another option I would have not let him stay there. The owner is very arrogant and has no people skills. I just hope she was good to my dog. The front desk looked very uncomfortable and told me she was very stressed. Coming from a business owner also, you hide it when you are stressed. Never again!

Presley Ellsworth

2 years ago

First time visit to tour before arranging an 8 day vacation for Mr. Buckley. Loved the place. Staff was very helpful and courteous. Very clean. No smells. All kennel runs were large and accommodating for the dogs. Separate suites are available. Mr. Buckley chose the Dutchess suite. I'm sure he will have a great stay as the Daddy and the Mommy travel this Summer. I'm so glad we are leaving him in good hands.

Marian “Kate” Connors

2 years ago

Front office/drop off area very chaotic. No place to sit while waiting. However, and more importantly, grooming on 2 dogs (Bichon mixes), done very nicely and efficiently. Cost was very reasonable.

Rob Collins

2 years ago

Leeroy is one of the trainers and he is amazing with my dog training

Matthew Hall

2 years ago

Bronco and I love these people! They are so friendly to dogs and cats and are wonderful to see

Joe Antonucci

2 years ago

Professional through and through! This is the only place I would ever board my Golden Retriever. The staff is caring, courteous, and very conscientious in all matters. They are the best!!

Hailey Vice

2 years ago

I called them looking to board two of my dogs. The lady was talking about how it could not be a pit bull and I tried to interject the breeds of my dog and she rudely cut me off saying Let me finish... I will get to that in a minute in a very rude tone when I interjected very nicely. As a customer looking to do business with you, I would think treating them with more respect should be expected. And at that, the dogs spend all day in a cage unless you pay for play which at maximum gets them 30 minutes outside. The rest of the day is spent in a cage that’s just big enough for them. This is not how dogs should be treated or customers.


2 years ago

Takes great care of.our dogs for grooming and boarding

James M.

2 years ago

Hands down the only place to take your dogs if you agree with the statement: my dogs are my kids. They take the health and comfort seriously and offer wonderful accommodations almost fit for a person let alone your pets. This is the only place we consider because they have the right attitude of treating our pets as family.

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