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Diana .R

2 years ago

rude rude rude don't take your pets there go to blue pearl or any other place, but stay away from this place . Although the young girl who was there was supper nice to us

Rob Stehlin

2 years ago

Great place to take your pets big and small. Staff is great

Alysia Berryman

2 years ago

Living in St. Petersburg, this clinic was the closest farm animal emergency vet that responded right away and was willing to take in my baby goat immediately. Billy developed urinary calculi, and needed medical attention ASAP. Dr. Bailey took him in immediately, and informed me of the issue and the options to treat him, as well as the possible outcomes. I went with what he thought was best, and he saved my baby. I picked him up a day or so later, and Dr prescribed meds and informed me on how to keep him from developing this for the rest of his life

Bonnie Weicht

2 years ago

When our regular vet couldn’t be bothered to see our dog due to closing early for the Fourth of July, and I couldn’t find anyone else local, I gave this vet a call. They were able to see her that same morning! Dr. Bailey was wonderful with Lacey. He was knowledgeable and professional. A few weeks later, we took her back for an eye injury and they were able to see her on short notice. Again, Dr. Bailey and his staff were terrific and explained how to properly administer her meds at home. The prices here are very reasonable compared to what we pay in Fishhawk.

The weird Person

2 years ago

My kitten could have been saved and they did nothing about it, I’m so disappointed in that vet place. Totally would not recommend.

Chelsey Lynne (Lil BaeBee)

2 years ago

If you're not rich you can't get help for your dog pretty much

Dale Taylor

2 years ago

We boarded our 2 dogs for what we were told was $50 per night expecting a $300 total for 3 nights. They ended up charging us just under $1000.00 when we went to pick up the dogs due to numerous hidden fees charged separately for each dog because they made 2 separate accounts as well as inappropriate vet "consultation" fees + clinic fees because our dog needed 2 vaccines (including a mandatory COVID vaccine) which should not have required a vet visit. When disputing the charges at checkout, conveniently no one who knew what the hell was going on was available. So of course we had to pay. Then follow up calls were met with more incompetence and no real answers regarding how things ended up costing us triple the disclosed value of services we received. Board your dog anywhere else. And if you desire an honest and trustworthy clinic that isn't out to price gauge you or add hidden fees after you have already agreed to services, I would look elsewhere for your vet as well. I would like to add that I hate writing a review like this but we were completely blind sided by the price when picking our dogs up and want to help out anyone else considering using the services offered by this clinic. Expecting a $300 boarding plus a couple vaccines did not justify the $545 + $420 bills we received for each dog at checkout and we still have not gotten a satisfactory response despite it being a couple months now. We chose to board with this clinic that likely locks our dog up in cages over a boarding facility that lets them roam free during the day because it was supposed to be cheaper over the ~$65-75 dollars a day most other boarding facilities were charging. Joke was on us! Update: I can't reply to the owner response but it is obviously full of mischaracterization. If we paid up front, why would we have been upset when picking the dogs up? We do not curse out employees who have no control over the misguided and questionable billing practices of a COMPANY but were very frustrated that no manager was available to discuss the bill with us. I'm still not sure I ever spoke to anyone with actual decision making capacity at this clinic. Also, when we picked up the dogs, there was no one else in clinic and it still took us over an hour to actually see an itemized receipt of why we were being charged triple. But whatever makes you all sleep better at night.

danielle hitson

2 years ago

The mad that owns this place is terrible never take your animal there! The place is set at 90 degrees all the away around! Treats animals horribly!!!!

Hillsborough Fire Equipment Rodney Pullen Owner

2 years ago

Full Service Veterinary services. Extremely Clean and Well kept facility. From Cats/Dogs to Horses.

Savannah Brewer

2 years ago

I took my dog here after she had gotten really sick and couldn't keep any food or water down. They wanted to keep her over night to rehydrate her and make sure she would be able to keep it down. I still don't know what was wrong with her or what caused her to be this sick. Dr Bailey was extremely rude towards me the whole the time. After telling me my dog may not make it I was never given any updates on how she was doing. After her being there a day and me calling and getting no answers I went into the office. Amazingly after I went in and asked questions my dog was fine and ready to come home. They gave her shots I didn't approve. Seeing how she is already established at another vet that takes care of her annual shots she didn't actually need them. The doctor is extremely unprofessional and is only in it for the money

tyy lizzz

2 years ago

I called about my 3 month old Rottweiler and the issues I was concerned about and Lily was so helpful even though my puppy wasn’t a patient there. She was patient with me and provided me with very useful information. Thank you Lily.

Keith Sell

2 years ago

A few weeks ago, we took our 10 year old English bulldog outside for her morning walk and potty time, that’s when we discovered blood in her urine. In a panic we called our primary vet (another popular vet’s office in PC) and we’re told they couldn’t schedule her or take walk-ins, and tried pawning us off to Blue Pearl (Expensive). This was the 3rd emergency we’ve tried scheduling with them, and they’ve done this. We’ve had enough, so a quick google maps search we found Walden Lake Animal Clinic. We called, got scheduled, and seen Dr. Bailey same day. The office is clean, and has a nice warm welcoming feeling to it. The staff was prompt, extremely nice, and patient with me and my little-bear. Dr Bailey and his staff ran some tests and found several problem spots we needed to address. The prognosis was clear to understand and we’re given multiple treatment options. After a few days on her treatment plan, our baby girl is returning to her old self, playful, happy, and hungry. We are really happy with her recovery, and very thankful to the swift action of Dr. Bailey and his staff. We’ll be registering all our animals with Walden Lake Animal Clinic.

Kelsey Smith

2 years ago

They are callus and dont care about helping an animal if they aren't on shift yet. I brought a cat to them that had been hit at an intersection I was waiting at, as google showed they were open at 8:30am on a Sunday and it said they have a 24 hr emergency clinic. However when the woman came out the front door to ask if I needed help with this unmoving, panting cat in my arms ( not bloody at all, but definitely something wrong inside), and I explained what had happened to the cat. Her only response was that "Oh, well we aren't open today"and went back inside. Dont bring your animals here or bring nay any you want to help as they dont care.

Marie Jauregui

2 years ago

Staff was nice but overall not happy . It's all about the money and over vaccination

Troy Stancil

2 years ago

The Doctor explained well what was going with my dog.

April Scheehle

2 years ago

I have read all of the reviews and would like to tell you my story. I am beyond thankful to Dr. Bailey and his team for working us in as a new patient during an emergency situation with our Princess Aurora when our own veterinarian's office would not. We ultimately had to make a very difficult decision to help her cross the rainbow bridge, but thanks to Dr. Bailey and his team it was a well educated decision. Dr. Bailey took the time to request and review lab work and xrays that had already been done rather than trying to charge me for unnecessary things. I was given multiple options as far as further testing or attempting treatment without testing before moving forward with the ultrasound I knew I wanted before even arriving there. Dr. Bailey was very thorough and patient when explaining his findings. Now about the "bedside manner " everyone else seems to mention... If you want someone to sit and sugar coat things for you and beat around the bush, this is not the doctor for you. However if you want someone who is straight forward and honest with you, well he is your man. I personally appreciated his straight forward approach. All of the staff that I came into contact with or spoke to were very kind and caring. I cannot thank you all enough for everything and will be moving my other dogs records to you asap!

lazaro gonzalez

2 years ago

Good Doctor, good staff, prices very affordable, cremation little higher compared to other places .


2 years ago

very experienced veterinarian plus my dog's wag their tail every time they go

Sarah Noriega

2 years ago

Dr. Bailey answered our call at almost 11pm at night. We had a very sick goat that could not wait until the scheduled appointment the following morning. There is a fee for after hours service that he tells you up front on the phone and I felt it was reasonable. He saw our goat 20 min later. Unfortunately she passed away as she had a neurological condition that was too far along to save her, but Dr. Bailey gave us lots of good information. I think the other reviews are too harsh- while Dr. Bailey is not a “warm and fuzzy” kind of doctor I did not feel he was rude at all (even in the middle of the night) just matter-of-fact. This was my first visit but I plan on continuing to use his practice for any future problems with my goats.


2 years ago

I had to take my dog dog here about 3 weeks ago because he was hobbling around on 3 legs after skipping about 5 steps on his way to chasing a squirrel in our backyard. Our dog "Oreo" is a bit temperamental with strange people invading his personal space......lol. They were great with him. Thankfully he was diagnosed with only a sprain, and is on his way to recovering. Very pleasant staff!

Bayardo Garcia

2 years ago

From reading online reviews in our town pages and even reviews online and how the so called OWNER responds to them is unprofessional. Would not ever want to go there. Glad the community has brought light upon this and a heads up.

Disabled Account

2 years ago

Was charged over $800 for poor service and unprofessional duties given by Doctor Bailey. Discussed politics in an unprofessional manner (that’s something you keep at home and not a work place), very aggressive and mishandling my pet, and even though they claimed they were going to call and update me about the condition and situation of my pet I actually had to call them to find out answers on which they answered “i don’t know”. Please do not go here, this man is here for a paycheck and not for the care of animals, luckily I am taking my pet to a different animal hospital that have already given me the answers I need and I have already discussed which actions i should take with my lawyer.

Retha Lackey

2 years ago

They are very unprofessional and have very bad bedside manner with the animals

Storrie Simpson

2 years ago

I went in for a application and to start with it stunk. So they really need someone to clean, and not to mention they don’t call you… I’ve called 3 times and haven’t received one back. Upset with this and won’t apply again. Also from the reviews (which I didn’t read previously to the Application) don’t seem very good… I wouldn’t take my dog here and now that I have read them. I WONT wanna ever work here!!!!

Roger Ausburn

2 years ago

Really wished I looked at the reviews prior to going but it was an emergency. Dr. Bailey has the bedside manner of a horsefly. Took my daughter’s dog to Companions and received great medical attention for a fraction of the price. Her Boston Terrier is doing great now and back to his old playful self. Do yourself a favor and keep searching. To his rebuttal. His facts are wrong but with his other reviews it’s not worth it. We got Tucker taken care of and just go look on a whole thread on FB Plant City Word of Mouth dedicated to his offices poor care and his donkey demeanor (sorry donkeys). You don’t have to believe anything I say, I saw the thread and realized he didn’t have a bad night, it’s just him. The review didn’t address his medical skills but plenty of people had stories.

Heart For Christ

2 years ago

It's was okay, only things I didn't care for was getting bill after everything was done and being charged for everything little thing. Also I was told my dog needed to loss weight which was true but it made me feel like the Doctor didn't read her records because my dogs charts would had shown previous visits to another vet and how she had already lost 10lbs-20lbs. I would have just excepted a difference response to her weight ex; keep up the work etc... Otherwise things I did like liked; the Doctor taking me back to show me what to do with the medication and how to keep areas clean, the vet office was designed and setup, super clean inside and private rooms.

Manasota Professional Title Company

3 years ago

We had an emergency with our Little Rat Terrier and showed up at the clinic on a Sunday morning, not knowing if they were open. We called the office and Dr. Bailey answered the phone himself. We explained our situation with our Little girl and he told us he would meet us there. His staff member came out the door and greeted us with minutes, had us come right in. She had us fill out paperwork and assessed our little girls issue. Dr. Bailey was there shortly after. He assessed our little girl and informed us he needed to keep her and would contact me the next day. He contacted me and gave us what was needed to be done. He was so caring of her needs. They took great care of her and we picked her up the next day. They are all Wonderful there and so thorough in her treatment. The price was so reasonable . I have three dogs and I'm switching all my dogs over to Walden Lake Clinic for all my Dogs health care. Thank you Dr. Bailey and staff for you prompt attention to our Lily Rose Health care. She is a Happy Little Camper!!! Carol Brady

Tony Ramos

3 years ago

Dr. Bailey and crew are amazing, wether responding to a farm call or treating and caring for my animals at his facility! Not many vets are willing to do all animals, specially large animals. Thanks to him and his crew for their diligent work and care throughout the years for my animals; a care that during emergencies saved two of my cows and a mare. V/r Tony


3 years ago

I called this clinic to just ask a few questions to take my dogs there but with Just by the doctors additude over the phone I just couldn't.. also I can tell now with all the reviews it's not a good place.

Linda Thurston

3 years ago

Everyone was friendly and professional.

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