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Joan Pierre

2 years ago

So this has to be the worst experience ever ! Took my dog there for the first visit as told by the company we bought him from , and the “check up” was a joke ! He didn’t check absolutely nothing ! He played with the puppy I front of our faces , made him cough and shook his hip. And that was it . Then wanted to prescribe some antibiotics for a cough he knew nothing of. The vet seemed high ! He couldn’t think straight, could t do math didn’t know my dogs name when it’s on this tag and on the papers he signed . Absolutely terrible as a vet. He could be the nicest person ever ! But as a vet he is terrible ! Ripping people off . Played with the dog then started to talk and talk about dogs but nothing relevant trying to waste time making it seem like we did something progressive but truest just wasted time . So I would give it a negative rate review. And thank god the visit was free because if they would of told me to I had a payment , I would of lost my temper and things would of ended with police involved. Terrible place ! Don’t bother going or y’all lose time and money .

David Rand

2 years ago

the care and the attention you receive from the staff and doctor is Excellent

Stephanie S

2 years ago

My new favorite place to take my dog, Tyson! Dr. Garrick was excellent with Tyson, so patient loving & caring. Tyson loved him after 2 min of meeting him. I will definitely be taking Tyson here from now on! Pricing was also very reasonable. Great experience overall

Karen Latrenta

2 years ago

Handled my Dog with care. Dr explained everything . Cost is responsible. Would recommend

Andres Garcia

2 years ago

Our little lovebird was very sick. I had taken her to a different veterinarian who had misdiagnosed her. This vet took the time to explain everything about her condition and presented us with all the options of care. Great vet who I will recommend.

Yashi Marie

2 years ago

A great friendly and knowledgeable doctor. I received the best care for my cat when diagnosed with diabetes.

Nancy Pedraza

2 years ago

Dr. Garrick is absolutely amazing. I take my pet chickens to him when they are sick and he has always been caring and understanding. His expertise knowledge has saved their lives many times. I'm so appreciative to him and his wonderful staff. I would highly recommend him for anyone who has an exotic pet.

Ingrid Sewell

2 years ago

Friendly environment. They know animals. They know how to take care of my Max that's for sure.

Bobbie Crews

2 years ago

Staff is professional and nice. They have a caring environment and attitude

Jorge Blanco

2 years ago

Extremely rude staff, understand Covid policies are different in every establishment , but the lady there treated me super low and rude because I didn't have my mask she made me feel so bad and ruined my day . Don't take your pet there its a horrible experience.

Kimberly Grant

2 years ago

Initial visit went well. Friendly doctor.

Lydia Enriquez

2 years ago

This was one of the vets listed to take my dog upon 3 days from purchase so they could validate he was healthy and that would enforce the health guarantee. For our 1st visit, I told the vet that the dog had constant diarrhea and would not eat. His solution was to to prescribe medication for 10 days that was supposed to stop the diarrhea. After 7 days, my dog showed no improvement. As for not eating, his solution was to sell me very expensive prescription dog food. Instead the vet could’ve explained that with new environments and puppies these issues are very normal and as the dog adjust to his new home and family they will resolve. The next visit costs me $100 just for the visit and vaccines which they didn’t warn me about upon arrival or when they made the appointment. A month ago, my pup began having tummy issues again with diarrhea and I was very concerned. I called the vet to get him in before the weekend, and the front desk lady before even asking me what the issue was barked at me there were no appointments until the following Tuesday and hung up on me. She did call me back 10 minutes later and he was seen, but she is incredibly rude. Today, I was dropping my puppy off for his 1st grooming appointment and needed a copy of his rabies shot. I called the vets office and asked if she could email it to me and explained I was standing at the groomers and couldn’t drop my dog until they had proof. She sounded exasperated and inconvenienced, again she barked at me that she would get to it when she had time. 15 minutes passed and she had not sent it, so I called again. Again she barked at me that she was handling calls and people at the desk and would do it when she had time, but her tone was very rude. The vet in this office is a nice, older man, but I’ve always gotten a sense that I’m not 100% convinced he is diagnosing properly or truly knows what he is doing. Something always just seems off even though he’s perfectly nice. The front desk lady is atrocious. She is blatantly rude and disregarding and doesn’t even let you speak before barking responses at you. She always comes across as if she’s being put out by doing her job. Needless to say, after today’s exchange, I’m done, I will not be returning ever again and will seek out a new vet. If these people don’t know or don’t like dealing with people or animals, they should strongly consider another line of business.

Rhonda Turk

2 years ago

Best care for much needed animals. So hands on with vet care, hugs, cuddles attention and cleanliness. So dedicated

Diana Brown

2 years ago

I’ve taken my guinea pigs here, he listens & doesn’t push things on you to raise the amount you have to pay. Half the price of other vets for the same care for your pets!

Karen Nerak

2 years ago

His doctor is so nice and gentle with the animal. He explain everything and listen to you .

Tony Castro

2 years ago

What a nightmare the whole experience I will never take my pets to this place ever again


3 years ago

Called for an estimate for a procedure and the person to answer the phone was quick to shut me down. Rude.

Arlene Gonzalez

3 years ago

Very good experience. Dr. Garrick took care of my cockatiel, bearded dragon and sugar glider in past years before taking care of my little senior dog. Even when the pandemic rules are applied, he finished checking my dog and spoke to me over the phone. The staff were courteous and polite.


3 years ago

Dr. Garrick and staff were able to see my Prairie Dog Buddy. Everything went really well. Happy to know a new vet for all my rugrats!!! See you Friday....

Grandma Birds

3 years ago

They are always helpful with a big smile!

Maria Emilia

3 years ago

Staff here are absolutely rude. I understand with COVID going on everyone has different policy’s. I was waiting outside the door for 10 min. I kept knocking and saw two people in the front looking at me and not saying anything. After a while I knocked again and gas lady at the front who was sitting gave me an attitude and pointed to the door harshly. And that’s when I noticed a yellow paper with a long message basically saying to sit in the car and call the office, if they would have just told me that from the beginning instead of having me wait there 10 min and just ignoring me I would happily done that w/ no problem. My problem was that they ignored me like I wasn’t even there. And the lady sitting giving me an attitude when she did help me. I called and told them what I needed help with and she told me rudely to go wait in my car I went to my car sat and not even a minute later of me sitting in my car calls me and tells me that I can come to the door now.

Landy Laredo

3 years ago

Dr Garrick is a very good doctor, very professional and patient. The reception staff is great too. Thank you for everything. I will definitely come back.

Scott Ramirez

3 years ago

Dr. Garrick gives very poor rabbit care and guidance. I got no information on the check ups, several instances of bad advice that another vet has reversed, one bunny died and one bunny has a health problem that still hasn't been quelled, both partly due to bad advice and practices this vet advised us to follow as well as ineffective treatments they performed. Communication and following of procedures requested were also very poor, resulting in more problems with our rabbit. Don't come here for care for your poor bunny. To your response: We did not bring Minerva back because you did not do the sanitary shave properly or as communicated, if you don't have to tools to do it properly and without injury to the rabbit, you need to communicate that more effectively. Your nurse also advised Fiesta pellets, which are horrible pellets that gave Minerva constant issues because it's lucky charms for bunnies. That's just naming the glaring ones... Roman was an emergency and we didn't know where else to go, he never came back because he died in the next day or two... I never called or reviewed at that time I was too upset. I also got an angry call from the doctor yesterday complaining that this review was unfair... I think it's unfair that I had you as my vet in my times of need.

Minakshi Mishra

3 years ago

Dr Garrick and his staff are the best ! My family owes them a lot for the multiple successes in surgery and follow up care of our pet guinea pigs.

K Ambrose

3 years ago

Following the breeder’s recommendation, I took my bunny to be neutered. The staff called to confirm the appointment and gave instructions to not give him any water, food or even hay after midnight. This is true for other animals - however, NOT rabbits who are very prone to GI issues. That should have been enough warning sign for me, but I went ahead with the surgery as it was already scheduled. I provided some food and hay for him when I dropped him off, thinking they would want to make sure he was eating after waking up from anesthesia (another MUST for rabbits). The staff informed me that no food would be given and only allow small sips of water until 5:00pm. I called another vet office and asked them about their procedures regarding rabbits and they were shocked that withholding food, water and hay was recommended. Fortunately, my little bun is healing well, eating as usual and happy! Needless to say, I switched vets for his follow-up care! By the way, at no time did the doctor even call or speak with me about the surgery - everything was through the technicians.

Elsie Urbay

3 years ago

I recently got a mini pot belly pig and needed a vet for him. I found PP Animal hospital online and made an appt. they treated him for mange and since with Covid we are not allowed inside the vet took the time over the phone to explain everything to me. He was seen a few times for treatment and every time I call, or go for an appointment the staff is so kind. I am relieved that I have a reliable pig vet so close to home. He is also not as pricey as I thought it would be. Highly recommend.

Barbara Alonso

3 years ago

In the 12+ years that we have been with Dr. Garrick, he has: Neutered my Mini pot bellied pig, surgically reattached my Amazon parrot’s toe, induced my pregnant dog & saved two puppies, He went above and beyond for my cat with kidney disease. Doc has been there for years of my pet’s tummy aches, ear infections, well visits and everything in between. He is very knowledgeable, has always been fair with his pricing and is extremely honest. He is a skilled surgeon and he has integrity as does his staff. I recommend him to everyone I know, with any kind of pet (I don’t think there is a type of animal he does not treat). Thank you from: Ghost, Violet, Seven & Odin!!!

denys Fernandez

3 years ago

Love it the doc is awesome I see the results with,my Animals

Brandon Cardinal - Dead Bird Productions

3 years ago

Love Dr. Garrett and Maggie at the counter. They truly care about your relationship with your family member and they are very reasonable with pricing.

Valeria Valencia

3 years ago

Very satisfied!! My dog started vomiting and stop eating two days ago, I was looking for a place to check him asap and called like 10 different places and the only one that was able to accommodate my dog an hour later after my call was pembroke pines animal hospital! I was afraid of the prices because my dog doesn’t have insurance, but actually their prices are acceptable and fair, not the cheapest but they did a really good service and since the moment I arrived they were very helpful and kept me posted while I was waiting for my dog outside. Thank God my dog is feeling better now and is eating! Would recommend this place 100%!! Great experience and would definitely come back if anything!

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