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Stephanie Zardon

2 years ago

The receptionist at the front are very unprofessional. I had taken my dog and cat to get their teeth cleaned, they called me prior to let me know to be in at 7:30 am. Apparently, I was supposed to be there at 7 am. When I arrived around 7:35 am, I was greeted very disrespectfully and they even said that my pets will probably not receive care because I was extremely late. My dog gets nervous around a lot of new people, so they treated her like she was some rabid wild animal and had their face right up in my dog's face antagonizing her. I was more than willing to work with them to get her situated and comfortable (i.e. muzzle or anything else they needed). This is not the first time I was shown this disrespect, there is another receptionist that belittled me when I was trying to book an appointment for services that my pet was due for. There has also been times where my pets received either the incorrect dosage than what was written on the label or was given to me without the medication. Also, I tried calling prior to get into contact with this location over the phone for an appointment. I was put on hold for 30 minutes then they hung up. I thought it might have been a mistake, but it happened three more times after that. I have been to many other Banfeild locations and had amazing service; however, this one is by far has the worst I have ever experienced. Not to mention any vet clinic I have taken my pets to. The communication with the vet was amazing and he was willing to explain everything to me. I will most likely not be returning to this location at all, just by the treatment I received and how my animals were treated by the people in the front. Edit: I forgot to add that I had taken my cat to another banfield and that vet recommended a certain blood test. I had to continuously ask for it to be added to his care, while he was there for his teeth. They did not listen to anything I had to say. So, it wasn't until pickup time that I informed the vet about the recommended test and he had no knowledge that I wanted this test done. Just awful communication.

Angie Kristie

2 years ago

Dr. Weekes is by far one of of best Veterinarians my senior pup has been treated by in the 14 years I've had him for. He is honest, caring, brilliant, and makes sure I am well informed about what's going on with my furbaby and my options. I will continue to commute the 45 minutes as needed to ensure Chichiri continues to receive the best care possible. Shout out to Dr. Diaz and the amazing staff as well. Everyone works together as a solid team providing care for mine and all the furbabies I witness coming in and out of their clean and caring doors.

Natalie Coakley

2 years ago

Great place worth the drive they were nice and took time to explain and help us with all of questions .... thanks...Biggie

Denise Eccles

2 years ago

Dr. Weeks is the best! He is very patient and he explains everything that is going on with your pet.

Shareza J. Wilkerson

2 years ago

Professionalism is by far the worst! I took both my dogs there. The communication with the Veterinarian was great. I trust they did all that was needed as it relates to the health of my dogs. However, the man at the front was very rude and condescending. The interaction was unprofessional and unwarranted. When paying for the services I was paying in cash. Unfortunately THEY did not have change (no more than $4) to give. I then gave them $231 my bill was $231. 13 I explain I didn’t have the exact change (meaning THIRTEEN cents) as they didn’t have change to provide. These people said they would not give me my dogs until I pay the 13 cents and asked if I wanted to use my debit card for 13 cents!!! Mind you they didn’t have the change to give me but demanded 13 cents!!!! It was pouring raining outside… so I went to my car and obtained the 13 cents. I came back in and SARCASTICALLY he says to me “oh so you did have it” I was livid and asked him to not PATRONIZE me that’s very rude, uncalled for and unprofessional. He then said to me Take that up with Banfield that’s their policy… Well Banfield … Your employees can ruin your business…. Search for more empathetic employees that understand BUSINESS and Customer Service

Deborah Bosic

2 years ago

They took good care of my dog.

Donna Spadafino

2 years ago

My dog had to have a tooth removed. She has such anxiety but they worked with me. I did have to pick her up before she fully recovered due to her anxiety. The surgeon and staff were wonderful

Aliyah Cofer

2 years ago

I originally had an appointment for my dog at 4:30. They called me to move it to 12pm, which was fine. We dropped him off on time. I didn’t get a call to pick him up until 5:28pm and when I called to check on him after him being there for 4 hours, they were just starting on his physical. Then they call me back to RUSH me to come and pick up my dog from work after they gave me only a 32 minutes notice to get him until closing. Are you kidding? And then they had the nerve to threaten to keep him overnight and charge me for something that wasn’t even my fault. Mind you, it was raining cats and dogs. Luckily my mom was able to get him before closing. But I certainly will never ever return here again. 0/10 would never recommend.

Chris Fuentes

3 years ago

Great service. Fast & friendly.


3 years ago

Good wellness plan for my puppy

Lily Lorenzo

3 years ago

I have my dogs in that clinic over 3years is a good place

chillkid lol

3 years ago

The veterinarian their is to scared to take a look at my dog. Don’t go their if you have big dogs

Evelia Acosta French.

3 years ago

Dr. Díaz is the best!!!! Botas is another dog thanks to him .


3 years ago

The vets here are awesome and truly care for your pets! I've been taking my pets here for years and I trust them. It's very easy to make an appointment and be seen within a reasonable amount of time. The staff is also really friendly and attentive, and they always make sure to pamper your pets.

Carl Bernal

3 years ago

Pulled up, they picked her up at the car. Return ed her at the window. Great!

Delpha Guerra

3 years ago

Good caring service for the pets.

Eduardo Aguerrevere

3 years ago

Great location! Highly recommended. Took our baby girl Lulu, 7 month-old Aussie, to see Dr. Garcia and he was very helpful and professional. After just 1-2 days of antibiotics, she is feeling much much better. I would really recommend you go see Dr. Garcia!! A+++ Vet

Gianfranco Di Paolo

3 years ago

Good vet hospital for your pet

Just Peachy

3 years ago

I am actually from Gainesville but I am down here in south florida visiting my mom. I brought my dog in today for one routine vaccination and flea preventative. It has been an hour and a half with no call to update me, so I called them and was told the doctor was on his lunch break and that I won't be receiving an update for 2 hours. 3 and a half hours+ for one vaccine. At my usual location in Gainesville this would have taken an hour or less. I don't know if she will be fed during this time, or frankly what they were doing during the hour and a half that she has already been there. I can't fathom why they would even allow me to make an appointment at the time when the doctor goes on his lunch break?? Very disappointed in this Banfield location. Next time I visit I will simply have to hope my dog doesn't need care.

Matthew Barrett

3 years ago

Very nice vet. They are caring and knowledgeable. Tip: They have monthy wellness plans like pet insurance. It cuts cost down on everything you have done.

Michelle Lanoue

3 years ago

Office manager And veterinarians are very respectful and understanding. Our pets have always received excellent care in this office. Covid has made it difficult for everything including pet visits but glad the office is willing to work with families in scheduling. Thank you!!

Thiago Vicente

3 years ago

Aside had a good experience with Dr. HERNAN, when I had to come and pick it up my dogs prescription they’ve did put me on hold for 20 minutes. Also they were checking in other patients that arrived after me. Not super impressed with their customer service. At the door has a big sign saying “ Please call when you arrive”...

angel huneycutt

4 years ago

Been to other ones and I wasn't fond of them however this location and these doctors really care lady didn't have the money that she needed and they found a way to help her and reduce the cost plus the animals doing much better

Candy Kane

4 years ago

They are very good friendly nice and a good chili my dog also they have a great deal on Wellness for your dogs insurance for your dogs and I help you save money

Carlos 馮

4 years ago

Outstanding service from all staff at this location, especially Doc James, she is the best.

D. Douglas

4 years ago

Very corporate. I read that they are owned by the Mars corporation. They have a system where they try to get you to buy their wellness plan which gives you "free" visits throughout the year and a few other one time free services like xrays and blood work. They try their best to get you to use those as app as possible. Once those are used expect to pay high vet prices for everything. Most issues ive had with my pets i solved myself with adjusting their diets and supplements versus any treatment that they have given. I don't recommend if you want a genuine diagnosis. This place is all about the business system.

G 3

4 years ago

Great staff with a knowledgeable doctor!


4 years ago

Amazing service! I used to take my cat to the banfield in petsmart and they always gave me a hard time. So I switched to this location last year and saw Dr. James. Amazingggggg. I now have a new puppy and I recently went and saw Dr. Weeks because James wasn't available ASAP. I was worried but oh my gosh . Dr. Weeks is by far the best vet I have ever witnessed. This location has the best docs and the receptionist ( a younh guy I usually see When I go) is always great and helps me out when I come with my pets. Words of advice for soon to be customers, this location is far better than pet smart because they actually care for your animals and your pocket $. I recommend James and weeks. )

Paula Kane

4 years ago

The only vet my dog Goes to

Sara Castellanos

4 years ago

Omg!! Best place for my pup, always feel like they care and take care of all my questions ok ne and my doubts!!

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