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Jennifer Grumbling

2 years ago

Dr. Tanko and the staff are compassionate and provide wonderful care. They recommend reasonable care plans and options to give your pet the best treatment possible. Above all, the personal care and attentiveness are something you can always expect from an independently owned veterinary office.


2 years ago

In the past, I would have given them 5 the front desk at Dr. Tankos' office were so rude to me today.  I left. She kept talking over me and was totally unprofessional.   We really like Dr. Tanko, but I am really upset being treated this way.  I feel the need to write this review since no one behind the desk would let me speak or ask a question. I have been to the office several times during Covid and totally respect protocol.  I was trying to communicate to her that in the past during covid, they've let me come inside and sit on the bench with Buddy since he's blind.   I was trying to explain that to her through the door but she kept interupting me.  He panics outside the door.  She told me to wait outside with him and we did.  Buddy was getting nervous and every time I tried to communicate with her she cut me off.  We continued waiting outside while she checked someone out.   Then she sent a tech outside with me that asked me if I wanted her to hold Buddy.  I said no, and tried to explain that he is blind and nervous outside and that we usually sit on the bench even during covid, but I couldn't get a word in and wasn't able to explain it.  Today was filled with a lot of interrupting and attitude.   They seemed over worked and it was only 10:30 am.  I was let inside to sit on the bench, even while another customer was there.  When she was done checking them out, she had a tone with me.  Every time I tried to ask a question,  she'd cut me off.  At one point she said, "I have a blind dog too".  Dr.  Tanko came out to ask what the issue was and I tried to explain, guess what....the receptionist interrupted me again.  Dr. Tanko tried to fix it by suggesting we get Buddy's weight.  When I went to the scale with him, the receptionist said something to me with a tone and I was done by that point and left.  Then she dismissed me and with a condescending tone, told me to have a nice day. They all went to the back and as I left I thanked them for taking care of our Daisy that passed last year.  Not sure if they heard me, because that was the theme of the day. Communication was lost today.  Very sad, they've always been nice to us.

Mary Rosiak

2 years ago

All the staff was wonderful!

Kristin Vanderklok

3 years ago

My immediate family have utilized Dr. Tanko’s services since 2001 to current day. The amount of care, honesty and sincerity is comforting beyond exceptional. Every staff member is kind and gentle with our beloved pets. We highly recommend!

Denise Denver

3 years ago


Antonio Mendoza

3 years ago

Great staff and great doctor, they cared for all of our animals right until the end

Amanda Kimzey

3 years ago

I’ve never been so impressed with a veterinarian office in my life. I found myself with a cat emergency on a Saturday- so I began calling offices close to me. Most of them were unavailable to help, but this office was ready to help. When I walked in the door, they knew who I was and why I was there. They took me directly to a room and began helping my cat immediately. The care and understanding I received as I processed the heartbreaking information they were giving me about the prognosis of my cat, was unmatched. I felt genuinely cared about and I feel that is the most important qualification of a vet clinic. I would recommend this office to anyone. They truly care.


3 years ago

They were amazing, our pup really gets nervous at first but she quickly warmed up to them (the treats help of course too lol)! But they are super friendly, fairly reasonably priced, close to home, and very caring--you can tell they love what they do which means the world to us! We are so glad to have such a great local new "home" vet, we look forward to working with them! I highly recommend!

Jennifer Ritchie

4 years ago

Dr. Tanko is the best!!!

Astrid Cans

4 years ago

Lovely staff and Doctor. The way they received Puppy and treated him with so much compassion and love was remarkable. You can tell this is their calling and they enjoy caring for your pet. I went in without an appointment and they were genuinely concern with Puppy’s health.

big redd

4 years ago

Doctor is not the best around more or less he just guessing


4 years ago

Marie the Office Manager is awful. She’s a condensing know it all who just talks over you cause she loves the sound of her squeaky voice trying to prove how she’s right and your wrong.

Dirice McAvoy

4 years ago

Great Vet and staff that care. Highly recommend Dr Tanko.

Drewski Yo Mama

4 years ago

Have been going there for 20 years dr. Tanko is awesome

Janos B

4 years ago

Awesome place, they take care of your little friends.

Kathy “Chicky” Marcarelli

4 years ago

We’ve been taking our 14 year old Persian here since she was a kitten. Dr Tanko and all of the staff have always been amazing with her. They always remember us (I go in frequently to buy cat food) and I feel like they truly care about her health. They always take time to explain everything and they are pretty reasonably priced. I highly recommend them.

Michael Salmen

4 years ago

Always good... after many years he is still the best vet around. I would always go here first.

Margaret Harrison

5 years ago

I am really happy with the vet and his staff. All are very caring and Dr. Tanko takes really good care of my fur babies

Don Wilson

5 years ago

The doctor and EVERYONE else EXCEPT Marie, the office manager, were fantastic. Too bad Marie likes to talk so she can sound important and act like she knows what you want to say instead of listening to people and allowing them to speak. I brought my very sick dog to them for help and I did get good service. However, I was told to call back and let them know how things were going and when I tried I was unable to get them on the phone. Marie wanted to argue about that and refused to listen to any of my concerns. However, she was very good at stoking the problem and making it worse by over talking and interrupting me. Based on my experience I will use ANY veterinarian other than this place. And I feel completely let down because my dog is sick and I needed help which is what I paid them for and Marie ruined everything all because she refused to listen and allow me to speak my concerns. Marie is good at one thing as far as I can tell, and that's her pointing out how important she is and how insignificant I and my dog were. I've never been treated so poorly at a veterinarian office in my life and I have always had a dog. Marie, if you're reading this -- You should take some sort of sensitivity training as you came across as very snotty and a know it all without listening to anything. After writing the above review I've had some time to think. I decided that everyone has bad days, including me. However, when you have a sick animal that could actually die there's ZERO wiggle room for the bad behavior Marie the office manager displayed with me.

Jason Watkins

5 years ago

Most outstanding vet I’ve ever had. He genuinely cares, explains issues well and doesn’t overtreat.

Marcus Marnell

5 years ago

Small hospital buy friendly staff. Friends recommended and Dr. Tanko has good bedside manners.


5 years ago

I've been here twice for my dog. The first time everyone was great and very helpful. The practice is clean and I got a lot of helpful information for questions that I had. The second time I went everything was great until my dog was getting her nails clipped. She's a rescue so she isn't super into people holding her down to trim her nails. She wasn't being aggressive, but was trying to weasel her way out of being held. While this is happening one of the techs says out loud and in a aggressive tone that my dog was being a pain. I'm the first to admit that she is a pain. She takes patience. While I don't expect everyone to have that kind of patience I do expect the people who work for this office to have professionalism. If this is the kind of attitude they have when I'm in the room what should I expect when I'm out of it? I'm not really interested in finding out.


5 years ago

Amazing doctor and staff. I was really blown away how compassionate they are for the animal and the owner. They shopped around for the best price for the medications and took the time to explain everything to us. What a breath of fresh air! This is where I will bring my fur babies from now on.

Stephen Slack

5 years ago

Very professional, helpful and friendly staff. Excellent care with our pets. Mojo our oldest dog passed today. We know his 15 year life was due to the excellent care he received here. Thank you.

Jeannette Fowler

6 years ago

Have been taking care of our pets since we moved here after recommendations from numerous people. After the early loss of one of our cats at an early age , they were extremely compassionate and took extra care to ensure our other wasn't in any danger (familial). They know their patients by first name both human and non-human and are extremely personable. I wouldn't take my family members anywhere else.

Heather Davis

6 years ago

The staff here are amazing people. They are extremely understanding and always willing to help us out. My dog, Avalon, suffers from chronic renal failure and we were at a loss for what to do because of prior vets trying to take advantage of our situation. Not here. The staff is kind, they take the time to listen, the vet has great bedside manners and encourages us to not give up hope. I couldn't ask for more in a time like this. Avalon is a very important member of my family and I am so glad to have found a vet that takes the time to help us and her. I really can't say enough about these people. Thank you so much.

Tim Clark

6 years ago

Great staff, very friendly and knowledgeable..????????????

Rich Gold

6 years ago

Great experience for a 1st visit. I came in recently for a checkup on a cat. I have a calico that does not handle the vet well. The whole staff was really nice and they did a great job with my difficult animal. The vet took his time to do a thorough exam since it was our 1st time there. We discussed options but nobody pushed any extra services or products.

Kim Hackett

6 years ago

Excellent animal care. Dr. Tanka takes his time with each patient and answers all your questions. I have been going there for eleven years (four pets) and have never been disappointed. The entire staff is friendly and knowledgeable.


6 years ago

Dr Tanko has taken care of all my pets for over a decade. I don't live in the area anymore and still come here.

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