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Bernadette Rousset

2 years ago

I have taken my cat Emmie ( not a very well behaved cat) to Dr. Accosta's office, Garden Park Animal clinic for quite sometime. They have always been very helpful and caring. As I stated above Emmie has quite a temper, Dr Accosta and his staff has always been good to her and she is a biter. Dr. Accosta's prices are very reasonable his diagnosis has been accurate. His staff and Dr. Accosta took very good care of Emmie and I when it was most needed and my dear Emmie required the whole staff on board assissting with her treatments. Dr. Accosta always takes the time out to talk about patient. His staff is very friendly and helpful at all times. I would give five stars and highly recommend.

amy dance fernandez

2 years ago

They love your pet! family!

Rebecca Trovitch

2 years ago

Sweet & caring workers & doctors. Highly recommend!

Terry Gamble

2 years ago

The best Vet..took wonderful care of my cat Ocee! Highly recommended!

Silly Wright

2 years ago

I highly recommend Dr. Armando Acosta. Dr. Acosta is treating my two 12 year old cats who have ongoing medical issues and I can honestly say that Dr Acosta diagnosed and has gone above and beyond. One of my cats developed a severe gum disease which destroys the roots of the teeth. I take him for checks every 3 months and unfortunately he has had to have 8 teeth remove. Dr Acosta showed me the pics and the removed teeth and it truly broke my heart to see how much pain this has caused my kitty. My other cat went for a check up because he was lethargic and not eating. Dr. Acosta explained the blood test which showed alarming high glucose in his blood. Instead of taking the route of putting him on insulin, Dr Acosta consulted with another medical professional who recommend we change his diet to a "clean" prescription to reduce his weight. It is like day and night, my kitty has improved. I will have Dr. Acosta moniter his blood sugar and hopefully we can get him back to normal range. Thank you Dr and I want to give his caring staff accolades for always being there for me when I needed them.

Julia D.

2 years ago

Dr. Amando Acosta is the most caring veterinarian I have ever met and the vet I will recommend to all my friends and people I know. I have never met a vet that goes above and beyond to care for each of his patients like Armando does. I got my dog Amy spayed at a different clinic (not related to Dr. Armando Acosta) and as hours passed after the surgery she kept bleeding more and more. Needless to say I had so much anxiety and I was so scared that something terribly wrong was going to happen to my baby ???? but I called Dr. Armando and he IMMEDIATELY calmed all my fears and took care of my Golden Retriever as if she was his own dog. He is such a professional vet, so educated, thoughtful and caring that I will never go to a different doctor ever again. Dr. Armando Acosta truly cares for animals and I have no doubt that your experience will be as equally pleasant as mine.

Andreita Labastidas

3 years ago

Loved this doctor! Has a heart and passion for helping animals!

caroline tapley

3 years ago

I’ve bounced between quite a few vet clinics over the last few years with my 2 cats, young dog and senior dog. Just haven’t felt truly drawn to any of them. But let me say this - I’m soooo happy to have found Dr. Acosta! He’s really great. Smart, patient, and kind, takes time to hear me and talk things over regarding my pets. Highly recommend him!!! He works in emergency medicine too, so you know he’s seen a lot over the course of his career.

Carmen Micklin

3 years ago

I liked the attentiveness of the Dr, the thoroughness of the care he provided both Coco and Lola, and the receptionist was very friendly. I feel this will be the place I will bring my baby's too, as I start my transition in Florida from New Jersey. Thank you Carmen M.

Jaisser Sanchez

3 years ago

Doctor Acosta was awesome, very professional and knowledgeable. The staff and the overall service experience was excellent. Definitely recommended for vet services. He gives recommendations and detail instructions on how to take care your pets at home. A+

Marina Farra-Swiatek Barnett

3 years ago

My kitten, Charlie, is in the process of getting her shots before going to Peggy Adams to get fixed and chipped. I have 2 other cats and 3 older pups at home. They will also be patients at Garden Park Animal Clinic for anything they may need.

Marylou Northern

3 years ago

This place is great! The staff is awesome and they took good card of our 2 new puppies Stella and Bella! Dr. Acosta and Staff is Amazing....We are sticking with them throughout our doggies life journey!

Manfred Bussek

3 years ago

Dr Acosta and his team at Gardens Park Animal Clinic, are very nice and attentive. The place looks clean and inviting, and Dr Acosta is very professional & compassionate, and took the time to explained everything that was done and answered all my questions. Would definitely recomend!

Luis Cepeda

3 years ago

They were excellent! The crew is very knowledgeable and very attentive to the client needs. Dr. Acosta and his team were thorough and kind to our pet. Our dog Parker was very sick with allergies and a fever. Today Parker is a happy dog and healing in leaps and bounds! Thanks to Dr. Acosta and his team. Would definitely recommend them to friends and family.

Glen William

3 years ago

This place is under new ownership by Dr Acosta. So don’t rely on old reviews. I brought my German Shepherd because she was limping on one leg. He is very honest and explained everything very well. They’re respectful of the COVID and only letting one patient in at a time and disinfecting throughout. Dr Acosta followed up with a phone call the next day as promised to discuss blood work done and treatment. Needless to say that this place has gotten my business from now on.

Gillian Imrie

3 years ago

Dr. Acosta took wonderful care of my Australian Shepherd. He was very knowledgeable and thorough, and always offered caring follow up. His staff are kind, professional, and easy to work with. I lost my girl to nasal adenocarcinoma last month, but Dr. Acosta's excellent insight and attentive treatment bought us more time than we would have had, and kept our sweet Skylar more comfortable than she would have been.

Donald Leavelle

3 years ago

dr mysore was very caring, albeit a bit unkempt and overall very affordable because he did what needed to be done and did not spend any time selling me....when federal animal hospital in hobe sound told me that my dog needed possible surgery that would leave my dog DEAF in one ear + a food trial of expensive foods to pinpoint her skin issue, dr mysore took ONE VISIT to examine, diagnose and treat her. cut the polyps out of her ear (incredibly pain-free process) and renewed an apoquel prescription and we were back on track. dr mysore had some health issues and sold the company to dr acosta, we went in without knowing this, they didn't mention anything on the phone, etc. and set a date. we showed up trying to get a renewal on a prescription of apoquel for my small dog with skin issues. he did a thorough examination, found some fleas on her and chose not to prescribe any more apoquel, just flea medication and $80 shampoo for her rough skin. i do not like to question the professional, but i did mention that fleas are not a constant issue, like her skin issue (supposed food allergy from previous opinion). i explained that we just moved to an apartment complex and got some fleas from the dog park. we were given a bill for nearly $400 which included flea medication and the expensive shampoo..... well it's been a year, nothing has changed with her skin issues, but the fleas are all gone! thanks, $400 for flea eradication. maybe when the owners of the dogs who have years and years of day to day, minute to minute interactions with their own pets explain the symptoms, the diagnosis of two other vets, the prescribed drugs by two other vets, you should take that into consideration instead of taking the easy road (must be just fleas!) and billing me for $400. i walked out of there with the impression that i've let my precious dog get eaten alive by fleas when that's not the case at all....i used to drive down from port saint lucie to visit this vet dr mysore and dr acosta has lost that in one visit.

atrum sileo

3 years ago

Dr. Acosta is a top notch veterinarian. He is smart, and a good communicator-- you simply will not find a doctor who cares more. His family is charming too! It is great to see a professional that is so happy in his work and projecting such a positive image. I wish I could post more stars.

Arthur De Santis

3 years ago

Dr. Acosta is a highly experienced, practical and skillful veterinarian. He is a genuinely caring man and runs a real family practice. Not a corporate office. His daughter and son also work at the office gaining experience for their own futures in veterinary medicine. I do not feel that one could find a more personal and professional practice. Highly recommended.

Ann Lukaszewicz

3 years ago

Small clinic, friendly knowledgeable staff. I went when Dr Mysore was there and now with Dr Acosta. Both are amazing doctors and they love taking care and helping with any issues we have with our dogs. I have been a client since 2010 or so and just appreciate how good the staff is. Keep at it and thank you for taking care of our dogs. :)

9 Pack K9

3 years ago

Dr.Acosta and his staff are extremely professional, helpful, and caring. They are also very knowledgeable about not only pets but working breeds as well. They are extremely understanding and well informed when it comes to these types of high caliber breeds. Which is very hard to find! Not only is the staff amazing but the office itself is extremely clean, elegant, and up to date with all COVID protocols. I would highly recommend this wonderful place to anyone! Thank you for all you do Garden Park!

Matt Barteluce

3 years ago

I had been taking my dogs to Dr. Mysore for the better part of 25 years, but he had to retire. On Jan. 17th, 2020 I brought my 8 year old female hound to Dr. Acosta complaining that she has labored breathing fro time to time. He listened to her lungs and said they sound clear. He gave her a Rabies shot that killed her. She walked in singing her song and I had to carry her out. A week later I had to take her to Jupiter Pet Emergency at 10 pm because she couldn't breath. They did x-rays and diagnosed her with pulmonary fibrosis which was exasperated by the rabies vaccine. I had to have her put down the next day. Dr. Acosta ignored my complaint and administered the vaccine that killed my dog. He never even apologized.

Michele Lund

3 years ago

My dog is a Pitbull, and has lots of anxiety & skin irritation. I was so pleased how the staff, handled Lola (my dog), as well as Dr. Acosta, who was very understanding,and thorough with the examination. Extremely satisfied, would recommend Dr. Acosta's clinic, and again, Thank you from Michele & Lola


3 years ago

I was referred to Garden Park Animal Clinic back in April 2020 by the local Emergency Vet because my doggie had an abscessed tooth. I was seen that same day and my Georgia was home that night feeling much better. Since then, I have taken my cat Bindi (more teeth issues) and most recently (11/25) my cat Oliver (UTI issues). I could not be happier with Dr. Acosta and his staff. They are caring, friendly and professional. You can tell that Dr. Acosta & his staff really love animals and when it comes to my fur-babies, that is the most important thing. I have found my forever vet and am so thankful to them for everything. On my last visit, Dr. Acosta even gave me a little bandana for my doggie Georgia! So thoughtful. I just can't say enough good things about them!

Randi Miller

3 years ago

Dr Acosta took over this practice and He is wonderful. Out of all the vets I went to He is the best. He is honest, sincere, and he really loves the animals. I will recommend him to everyone. Dr Acosta is the best

Stanley Hettler

3 years ago

It's a shame this rating is limited to 5 stars. The veteranarian is fantastic, and the staff are very kind. You can tell they really love each pet that comes inthe clinic.

Alexandra Roginski

4 years ago

I called to buy flea drops for my puppy and the young guy on the phone said they have revolution drops. Now revolution is ALWAYS pre packaged yet he gave me a small vile with a syringe that didn’t even fit in the bottle. I asked if this was …

Jonette Thompson

4 years ago

The veterinarian is absolutely the best he's seen all my pets over the last 20 years and will continue his staff is great to and has affordable prices..if you need a vet for your fur babies defiantly choose him

Lety Ramirez

4 years ago

Best place to take your furbabies to..

Mitchell Goldstein

4 years ago

Dr. Mysore is a very honest man

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