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Mal K

2 years ago

Dr.K and her team have always taken great care of my baby, Lilac. Her professionalism is on point and has a great personality. The team of techs are always so sweet and explain everything throughly!

keri zampano

2 years ago

First time pet owners or anyone going there for first time, please read carefully when they bring you your treatment plan. I went in to get my cat his rabies shot and when the tech came in the room with the treatment plan, there was a list of other things that could of been done which was fine however there was a highlighted price of $101 dollars. That price was only if you sign up for careclub which had it of not been for me already working at a vca and knowing it could of costed me every month for the next year. The technician didn’t explain anything to me I had to ask!I simply said you only highlighted one price that’s for care club and her response was yes. I told her I only wanted rabies and she gave me a price of $97 which wasn’t the price I agreed on when making the appointment because I was sent a treatment plan of $65 dollars with a coupon of my first visit only being $20 plus $45 for rabies. She told me that it wasn’t $20 it was $20 off but the girl I spoke with prior made a mistake. So I went to check out ready to pay the $97 and told the office manager it wasn’t right and that I was sent a treatment plan via text. She looked into my file and saw that it was sent to me but the girl who did it made it wrong. They fixed my payment to $65 but it was done in an unprofessional way. It was clear she was upset not at me but at the person who sent me the treatment plan but showing that to a client just doesn’t look good. And please save your we are sorry for your experience, my mind is already made up that I will not be returning, this it to warn others about your technician who has poor communication skills.

Gabrielle Watson

2 years ago

I had to bring my girl here because of a swollen eyebrow. Her regular vet couldn’t see her for 3 days and I had good experiences with VCA in other states so I decided to go here. They were so easy to work with and my girl was feeling better in a few days. Definitely can’t recommend enough!

Robert Lynn

2 years ago

Dr. K is GREAT!!! My dog Corky was welcomed and treated extremely well. The staff is very compassionate, dedicated, and very knowledgeable. The fees are reasonable and the staff will work with you as well. I immediately transferred Corky's records from my previous vet to this animal hospital.

claudia arbelaez

3 years ago

My Dog Mila has been attending VCA for a year now, My husband and I are extremely happy to have found a Vet who genuinely cares for the animals since we have had terrible experience at others vet before. Dr.K is extremely professional and really good with Mila you can really tell that she has passion for what she does and that she cares for the animals. I love how informative all the staff is and how they are able to answer all my questions and concerns the vet technician Olivia that help us was great! Over all our experience has been great most importantly our dog Mila feels comfortable and always leaves VCA we’ll taken care of.

Kathie Thompson

3 years ago

A cat rescue friend of mine bought in a rescue injured cat. It died during sedation for xrays. The Dr did cpr and charged her almost $200 That is soooo unfair..she works her tail off to help homeless cats and this money was hard hard hard to pay. She could have fixed 5 cats for that money. How long did that cpr procedure take. Surely not $200 worth and it still died. How horrible to do that to a rescue person. SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU

Melissa Duncan

3 years ago

Don’t waste your money at this vet like I did. The vet did not seem to care about my 2 cats or helping me. For starters, her “exam” on my first cat was about 30 seconds long. She never even observed my cat standing up or walking, he laid in the crate the entire time and all she did was look at his ears, teeth, and check his heart beat (this was $66). When I asked about gradual weight loss (he’s 13) she was not interested in having an actual conversation with me about it. She asked zero questions, she immediately said I need bloodwork which was $300. I’ve never experienced a vet making a treatment plan without asking questions about symptoms or why I have concern to begin with. My second cat hissed once from inside the crate and her exact words were “I’m not going to perform an exam on him unless we sedate him because he will try and rip my arm off.” Surly this cannot be the first cat who has hissed out of fear? She didn’t even try to make him comfortable or remove him from the crate before demanding sedation. I had to leave my cat there while sedated. On the notes I asked her to look at his tail during the exam, as he was showing some hair loss. I realized she never spoke with me about her findings, so right after I left, I called back to ask. She said she never looked at the area on his tail that I specifically showed concern about. She never even reported back to me with her findings of the rest of her exam on him (if she even performed one). She tried to play it off by saying “she thinks it’s just allergies.” I asked “was that based on an observation? Or did you forget and it’s literally just what you THINK?” She admitted she never looked and it’s just what she thinks without looking. Lastly, while in the office she told me my cat needed more fiber in his diet and recommended I mix it in with wet food. When I asked her if she had a recommendation for wet food, she said “not over the counter” in a borderline shamey way. That’s where the conversation ended. She didn’t try to upsell me her expensive cat food they sell in the office, she didn’t offer a brand of any sort, she didn’t even recommend a way for me to make my own. Nothing. Basically just gave me a simple “nope” with zero help at all. When I asked her how much Metamucil to add to the food, she drew a picture of a circle rather than providing a measurement. For the record, my moms vet recommended a 1/4 of a teaspoon. Not sure if it’s the entire office or just this specific doctor that was so bad, but I definitely won’t be going back. It was awful.

Lina Tur

3 years ago

My cat Tiger was experiencing an emergency(bladder problems) . I called around other clinics and nobody was able to fit me in sooner. But when I called this clinic they didn't have any appointments available either but they were still willing to take my kitty in for an emergency and Worked around the appointments. There was a little wait of course but I appreciate for accepting my kitty and do everything to help him. Everyone seemed nice and a clean place. I would come back again. ????????Thanks for taking in Tiger.

Lymari Ruiz

3 years ago

WORST experience ever! My dog had been a patient of East VCA Colonial for over 1 year and a member of their Care Club. I called asking for an appointment and they indicated that they were booked for the day but, would be able to schedule him as a walk in and evaluate him in-between appointments as they had 2 doctors available and it wouldn’t be a problem. My dog had diarrhea for the past 2 days so I was desperate to get him in. I completely understood there was going to be a wait and was okay with it. Once I arrived at 11:30am I checked in and was informed that I was facing at least an hour wait before they could see him. I agreed and waited patiently. About 30 minutes later (12pm), a vet tech called me and said that she was able to take him into the clinic if I wanted but, I could not come in as they did not have any evaluation rooms available for me to go in with my dog. She advised that if she took him in alone, it would be a lot quicker for him to be seen. I understood and agreed so she came out and picked him up. I waited for a full hour in the car (1pm by then) and no one reached out for an update. I called to check on status and was placed on hold by the receptionist. She responded 10 minutes later and instructed me to come into the clinic and put me in one of the evaluation rooms. She told me that the doctor would be in with my dog shortly. I waited in the room and no one came in. By 1:25pm I opened the door and asked the receptionist if someone was going to come talk to me and she told me that she was going to check, 10 minutes later, the receptionist came back and told me that they were extremely busy and that they still hadn’t had a chance to evaluate him. She recommended for me to go run errands and leave my dog and come back in a couple of hours. I accepted and left. 2 hours later, it was 3:30pm, I had returned and walked into VCA and saw one of the techs and asked her about my dog and what was his diagnosis. She said give me a minute, let me check. She came right out and told me that unfortunately they had not seen nor touched my dog. At this point, I was done! She tried to apologize and said that I could reschedule and come back another day. First of all, how is it possible that my dog was there for 4 hours and they did nothing? They should have just told me that it was impossible to see him when I called and that would have saved me a 45 minute drive and a 4 hour wait. Worst of all, my poor dog was ill and placed in a cage for 3.5 hours. To them it was not an emergency but, to me it was! I had explained to them that my dog had been pooping every 2 hours nonstop. This was completely unacceptable. I will never return to East VCA ever AGAIN!

Jade Caez

3 years ago

Brought our hamster here and felt that the staff cared and love animals. They were helpful, quick, and sincere. Also super thankful they gave him the best nail trimming he has ever had!

Alice Davis

3 years ago

Unfortunately we did not use them as a vet prior to having to put our dog down. But they handled it with Grace and the utmost respect. We also ended up getting covid and so only my son could go on the trip when we put him down. But they made sure he was very comfortable and had all the time he needed to say his goodbyes. Thanks so much for taking care of our Buddy dog

Jennifer Herrington

3 years ago

Called as my cat was coughing and had hard time breathing. They said they could not fit her in.

Shelby McGinnis

3 years ago

My 15 year old chihuahua, who I'd had since I was 18 (I'm now 33) passed away recently. I'd lived in town for all of 2 or 3 weeks. She died right outside VCA, as I was on my way in with her. The team here was... I don't know how to tell you how much just their being patient and having a heart for me while I was in one of my lowest points was everything I could've asked for. They even sent me a card signed by everyone there, saying beautiful things about my little girl even though they'd never been able to meet her. I will probably always go back here just because of that experience.

Vanessa Natal

3 years ago

Great service and treatment. Very polite and helpful.

Wendi Armatoski

3 years ago

The vet made me feel very comfortable. She devoted all her time to Sheba. Sheba felt happy. Explained all that was happening to where I could understand it. Would definitely go back there again.

Carolina Rosas

3 years ago

Dr. Krampotich is fur baby’s dream. She’s sweet, knowledgeable, and explains everything in detail. This team also doesn’t try to push anything unnecessary just for a sale. They forever have our business and Katerina loves her new doctor. ❤️ Also, her staff is amazing. Everyone was kind and welcoming.

Walt Penn

3 years ago

Great, caring staff. Made me and my furry friend feel like family!

A González

3 years ago

Almost all of my pets get seen by Dr K, she is really great. The only bad thing I can say is the waiting times. Is just too much sometimes .

Andrea Bermudez

3 years ago

This place is the very best place for you’re pet! The staff! Dr.K and Dr.quintana take great care of my dogs. They’re lovely with them! I wouldn’t change them!

Anne Gatten

3 years ago

My dogs Bella and Bindy have been coming to VCA East Orlando for 10 months. Dr. K is the best vet I have ever interacted with and I am old! The other vet has treated my dogs twice and she is excellent also. There is not one person who works there that does not love animals and it is evident in every interaction that I have witnessed, not just with my dogs. I am going to add my two cranky cats to the mix soon. All the vet techs are amazing. My dogs love to go into this building.

Ant Cruz

3 years ago

Great visit. Loving staff, truly animal lovers

Ashley Dixon

3 years ago

They know what they are doing and are very kind. They took great care of my kittens while I was at work all day. Furthermore, my car broke down in front of their clinic and they staff helped me move it out of the way so that I wouldnt block their parking lot. Very great team!

Ayanna A

3 years ago

There’s a reason Dr. K has so many positive reviews on here. She is by far the best pet doctor I’ve ever met. Right from the start my fur baby was completely comfortable with her and the entire time she was in the room with us she would not leave Dr. K alone. She took her time to explain what was going on with our dog and why certain things were happening, and recommended appropriate solutions. She went above and beyond and she will be the only professional I take my pupper to see from now on. She was also just extremely pleasant to talk to, she somehow makes it possible for you and your pet to enjoy your trip to the vet! Our dog loves her. We love her. You’ll love her.

Brandon Tonkinson

3 years ago

I have posted a negative review in the past. I have gone back for a 2nd chance. Here's an update. I now go to Dr. K she is amazing with my dogs and with me. She takes her time and really explain what and whys for shots, temperament , treatments so unlike previous vet. She takes time to review the pets cases during and post appointment she will contact you about updates and checks. The staff I believe there has been some changes because I don't see some of the staff from the original visit. The staff is super friendly with everyone and pets. I now take my dogs to get grooming there and even started taking my boyfriends dogs to Dr. K. My 1st go around wasn't the best but they have by far exceeded expatiations now that I have communicated with them and they have with me more. In all I have now been there several times. I take my dogs to get groomed there every other week. Its a great experience and I want to thank them.

Brenda Wildes

3 years ago

So far so good. Or dog has to have surgery on her leg.

Manuel Johnson

3 years ago

Awesome animal hospital. The staff is very knowledgeable and informative. They explain everything thoroughly and make sure you know before you leave.

Heather Couey

3 years ago

Dr. Kay is great I take all my pets here, great service every time.

Jo Anne Miranda

3 years ago

Very pleasant staff and dr, but over priced. Been there for years and could use some renovations. Average care. Good location and ample parking.

Lilybelles Jewels

3 years ago

The doctors and staff at this hospital are beyond amazing. The quality of care (and hugs and pets) your fur babies will receive is awesome.

Takes of the r

3 years ago

always loving and caring Just love Dr.K to pieces

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