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Linda Behrens

2 years ago

Beautiful haircut on my dog, staff cordial and professional. Will rely on them to do a great job every time.

john cortland

2 years ago

First time coming to this salon...customer beware!!! The inexperienced groomer-Ana, shaved by my dog's ears so close that he was injured on both sides He did have some matting, but NOT...I repeat not, by his ears or neck. In addition, his ears for a Cockerspaniel were left too long & choppy. The crown of his head had a pompadour that was NOT blended evenly. I left a VM for the owner-Laura, to call me. I get the manager-Crystal, and only told to see my VET. No creams or powders, not my first time to get my dog groomed & NEVEr an injury like this. Nothing mentioned, until I EMAILed them pictures, except matting aka "the dog and his owners fault". If you cut by an ear & one side is injured, do you do the same thing to the other side of the head!?!? Also, you don't say anything! I have asked for a refund via email, but no response. ALL customers avoid this place!!!

Chris Reber

2 years ago

I bring my long-haired cat to Plush Paws about every 6 months for a full groom. They do an amazing job every time, even when he has matting. They’re usually booked out pretty far so plan ahead but it’s well worth the wait.


2 years ago

I bring my kitty Blue every 8 weeks for the de-shed, as she is very furry and has a hard time managing it herself when it gets too long. She’s a skittish kitty but they’re patient and sweet on her, and she always comes back smelling great, with a nice short coat of hair, and in the best mood after being pampered for several hours. We’ve been going for about 2 years now and I wouldn’t dream of taking her anywhere else in the area. Definitely recommend.

Joshua duncan

2 years ago

They do a good job for a reasonable price

Craig Randall Wilkinson

3 years ago

Professional, people and pup friendly, compassionate groomers that provide quality services.


3 years ago

This groomer is conveniently located and has plenty of availability/flexibility to get your pets needs met. They also have an array of treats, food, and toys available for purchase. The employees are friendly and quick so you’re in and out. I love the convenience of being able to make appointments online as well. They also offer extra services like having 3rd party companies come out to provide their own service. Today my pup got an anesthesia free dental cleaning and her teeth look great. Highly recommend!

Jim Cundiff

3 years ago

My dog has gone a while without a salon treatment, they made us feel right at home, the groomer was patient and friendly, my dog looked and smelled great, and was in a great mood when I came to pick him up. Definitely recommended!

Lisa Richards

3 years ago

Leah grooms my Scottie and does a fabulous job! Thank you, Plush Paws!

Ross Dugan

3 years ago

Had a Sunday appointment at 1:00PM . I load up my 80 pound golden doodle and drive 3p min for them to turn me away. They turned me away because I didn't have my dogs rabies vaccination paperwork. Why do our dogs wear rabies tags? I will not return the women wasn't friendly either.

kendra warren

3 years ago

To answer the person who brought there dog in 2 weeks ago about Matting I think they take the easy way out and cutting all the dog hair off even from a lil Matt I remember I took my dog there and I made sure I comb him very good rub my fingers threw to feel if there were Matting took my dog there told them what look I wanted came back and my dog was balded shaved all his hair off a fluffy dog to no hair at all saying he where matted up I know for sure he was not matted if he was it was a quarter size Matt that could be combed out I was so disappointed I think that's there escape go are easy way to get a dog groomed but I never took my dog back places like that don't take there time to do a good job it took a long time for his hair to grow back almost 8 months I was embarrassed to take my dog out if he was matted I would have understood for the hair cut and I wouldn't have been mad

Renee Brillant

3 years ago

Caring staff and nice selection of leashes, treats and toys.


3 years ago

Brought my dog here this morning and brought him home smelling fresh and looks great! I will def bring him back for his next cut

Alan McDonald

3 years ago

Worst place to ever bring any animal of yours!!! My dog left traumatized and scared for their life. Staff was completely rude and disrespectful!!! If you want to bring your pet somewhere safe and considerate, THIS IS NOT THE PLACE!!! be warned!!! They are terrible human beings!!!!!! I would give them 0 stars if I could but this making me give them 1 star! STAY AWAY!!!!

Brow Virtuoso

3 years ago

Great experience! My pup gets a bath and nail trim. Everyone was super friendly and professional! 10/10 recommend.

Cameron Scott

3 years ago

I took my my dog here for a mini groom and specifically asked for two things, do not clip under his belly and do clip around his hind end. Now because they clipped the area that I asked them not to touch, my dog will be peeing all over himself until the hair grows back, which will take weeks!! None of my instructions were followed and when I called back the only response I got was a weak apology and nothing to make the situation right. I will not be bring my dog here again and have let my friends know that this is not a professionally run shop.

Taylor Meyering

3 years ago

We took our doodle to get groomed as we have been visiting Plush Paws for about a year. An hour after we dropped off our dog, we got a call from the groomer stating that our doodle was too matted and it would take her hours to brush the dog out. We were told to come get our dog and brush the dog ourselves before bringing the dog back to get groomed. While the dog may not have been perfectly brushed at home, we already pay a premium for doodle grooming - what is the premium for if not for something like this? The groomer was very rude and condescending making the entire situation much worse. We are very disappointed in the customer service and will not be bringing out dog back.

Ashley Morgan

3 years ago

They are awesome! Really cared to make sure they did the job right and stand behind their services. So friendly and kind and did great with my pup who HATES baths. Will be back for sure!

• JC Sweets •

3 years ago

Brought my dog(Yorkie) to he groomed here. They did a good job on the haircut but my yorkie was terrified, and nervous around new people, and he didn’t want to go outside, he was shaking when we told him to go outside to potty. Which is not normal for my yorkie who LOVES meeting new people and, going outside. He also wanted to stay with me 24/7, which is also not normal he likes doing his own thing, and checking back on me time to time. He also didn’t listen, to any commands i ask, just right next to my feet all the time, he always listens to me and does almost everything i ask. He slept for the entire day, only waking up for food and water. Also when I raised our hands up to pet him, he would bend down protecting his face, and he never allow me to hold his face.

Uroosa Nafasat

3 years ago

I love this place. I take my cat to get the deshed treatment and she comes back smelling clean and not shedding on all the furniture. The people at plush paws take great care of her.

Olsen on Law Radio Show

3 years ago

Staff is friendly and they really care about treating my dog kindly

Adam Martin

3 years ago

I've been going to this groomer for the last year and I want to give the owner Laura 5 STARS! She is a fantastic groomer consistently. Unfortunately, I had to discontinue going here because Laura is mostly unavailable due to business constraints (totally understandable.) Any other time another groomer touches our dogs they look ridiculous.....especially my shih-tzu. From completely choppy and uneven cuts, to completely leaving areas untouched or razor short, I sadly have to stop going to plush paws. I would say that if you are looking for the most basic haircuts or your dog doesn't have fine hair, or you just don't care, maybe give them a try. However, anyone looking for a nice detailed cut......-this is NOT your place. In addition, the groomer Leah is about the most unfriendly and rude person I have ever met.

Jewelz Pearl

3 years ago

My first time going i was pleased with the service was provided for. My little girl???? Royalty this place will definitely be her groom and spa ????

Nick Daas

3 years ago

EDIT: The business has stated in their response that our vaccines were not up to date; this is not true. After the employee scanned the paper quickly, she said that and then we showed her that the vaccines on there were up to date. As well, we were never told over the phone either about exactly what vaccinations were required, nor that we should check online ourselves. They also said the 1st issue was only because of Coronavirus, but we scheduled well in advance, so they had many days to tell us that there were no other dogs booked and therefore may have to cancel our session. I’m only posting this additional edit because I’ve looked at reviews similar to mine and it seems they keep turning people’s reviews to be the owners faults when it’s simply bad customer service. My mother in law, wife and I have all tried to use Plush Paws. The first time, we had an appointment for a full daycare two weeks in advance, then we’re called while we were ON OUR WAY to our vacation that morning(Plush Paws was on our way to the destination) saying his daycare session was being cancelled!! Second time: Today, we booked a daycare for just 4 hours or less(half day), were told everything is good, drove an hour and a half and upon arrival, we’re told our dog needed a vaccine for canine influenza. This is something that was never discussed over the phone (either time we tried to use them), and the woman tried to claim that it shouldn’t need to be mentioned because all daycare’s and boarding places require it. Intestine claim considering we’ve boarded with places in Daytona, Oromo day beach and Orlando, INCLUDING Disney World’s dog boarding for their guests, and no one has ever asked us for that vaccine. Mother in law: this experience we didn’t actually know about until we called her to tell her but she had taken her dog here a couple times and her little cockapoo is blind and they left a razor on, it got too hot and ended up burning his skin with the razor. She was very upset and wrote a review with pictures and they asked her to take the review down. Needless to say we will never be returning to Plush Paws. They lost two customers out of one family on totally different services.

Melissa Lello

3 years ago

I think this is a pretty nice place and they did a great job grooming my cat. I'm taking a star off because I didn't like that was cat was sitting in his carrier for 45 minutes before they got to him. I will go back and hopefully I can get an early appointment so he's not sitting around for long.

Kat M.

3 years ago

As always happy with the services rendered. I have 2 senior yorkies. (Zabu and Molly). During this covid-19 crisis Laura is caring for our babies and offering curb side pick up and drop off to keep everyone safe. Easy to make appointments online. Thank you Laura and staff for being gentle, patient and caring with senior babies. May your business continue to grow and do amazing. Give them a chance, your pets will be very happy.

Kara Liburd

3 years ago

I have been taking my dogs to Laura for years. They are super professional and my boys always look great. They do an amazing job with all breeds. I have a Great Pyrenees and a German Shepard and they love going to Plush paws for their baths. I’ve only had one issue while getting them bathed here and Laura fixed the problem immediately. My boys will continue to go here. Thanks plush paws staff!!!


3 years ago

Beary thanks you for a wonderful grooming????

Ashley Pierre

3 years ago

Nice employees and great vibe.

Evania Nichols

3 years ago

Excellent care and service!! My Groomer Leah has been a part of my Joey’ s (silky terrier) and my life for 14 years....and Leah also does my two other lil ones....her love, gentleness and artistry is amazing! Thank you Leah and PP for making it calm for them and calmer for their anxious mom. Love Joey, Jazz, Clark and their Mom

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