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Sally Leslie

2 years ago

I’ve been to vets in the UK, New York and Florida. Curry Ford Animal Hospital is one of the best vets I’ve ever been to. The doctors and staff are caring, compassionate, patient and professional. I rarely put all of my trust in an organization, but I make an exception here. Dr. Mole is particularly good and I have great interactions with the staff every time I visit. I am so lucky to have found this vet for my puppy.

Patley Bernard

2 years ago

My dog was having severe diarrhea for the past couple of days and I tried to get squeeze him in since it was starting to get serious and I wasn't allowed to get an appointment until a couple days later. We had to fight with them to at least to get a medication to stop the diarrhea. Then when I went in to for the appointment he was only given his 6 month shots and a fecal testing and nobody did the exam that they said they were going to do. The vet never came to talk to us and gave us a piece of paper and told us to pay.

chico lico

2 years ago

Took My Dog Fonsi here and im glad I did The Entire staff was helpful and friendly. Katelynn went above and Beyond for my Dog almost like it was her own would come back here again. Thank you Everyone at Curry Ford Animal Hospital.

Lynette Diaz

2 years ago

My dog is dead. And I really don't know why! We should have taken him for a second opinion. This vet Dr M ... Just pushed pills! When we found out that Max's white blood count was high it shouldn't have taken a whole month for a follow up .. then when we went to the follow up he was given more pills!!! My boy died in my arms a day and a half after i started giving him Prednisone rushing him to the ER.. after Max died i called to speak to vet .. they gave me the office manager spoke to her said he would call me on Thursday ... No call ... I called on Friday was told vet would call me on Saturday .. no call .. if i was to ever have another pet i wouldn't take them here. Never again!!!


2 years ago

Bought 2 rooms left my cats in the rooms. 1 day later I come to visit, they were left in the dark room. Dumped new food on old food, gave them half of what they were supposed to be fed (brought our own food) One cat hid and would not move. My cat who is always an outrovert and always giving love just bumped his head against the cage and did nothing. My poor animals, they looked so depressed. Such high costs and don’t give any attention nor care to these animals. Don’t go here,

christian sanders

2 years ago

Today i took my four month old puppy in for his 16weeks shots. As I was talking to them about getting him his flee and tick prescription figure out. I ask could I run home to get his prescription they never responded it literally took me 15mins to go home and come back and they charge me for boarding. And he wasn’t even ready when I got back. Every time I go they always say the doctor will come out to speak to me in person or he’s going to call, I have yet to see him or speak with him on the phone. But they going to make sure they get their money. After reading some of the reviews I was hesitate about taking my dog and even with a friend was telling me what he’s paying I felt I was being over charged. I’m definitely looking for a new vet.

Joseph Merendino

2 years ago

COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL AND CARELESS! GAVE MY DOG MULTIPLE SHOTS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! Spoke to doctor, he recommended my dog get blood work because he frequently throws up. I said ok. Lady calls me saying doctor recommends 2 different injections on top of the blood work. Asked to speak to doctor because he never mentioned the 2 shots. When I asked him why he recommends them, he says “doesn’t matter , we already gave it to him”. Completely unacceptable. I would not take my dog here even if it was free. If you purchase you dog from PETLAND, they incentivize you to take your dog here. DO NOT USE THIS VET. This kind of unprofessionalism is completely reckless and could lead to a terrible outcome.


2 years ago

Love Dr.Mole. Dr.Mole Has Been Taking Care Of My Cat's For Over 15 Years He Is Very Caring About The Health Of My Cat's And Answers Any Questions You Need To Ask Him. And The Price Is Very Reasonable. I Would Never Take My Cat's To Any Other Vet But Dr.Mole.

Elizabeth Makurat Farchette

2 years ago

My mom has used them for over 30 yrs. Just read a chip of a lost dog I found and because of them, she will be going home today!

Mister Gunsmoke

3 years ago

These places aren't friendly nor will they help you unless you book an appointment even if you have money, dog is right out side .

Carriel PR

3 years ago

They were careful and the year plan was affordable for my pet doggo????????

Julissan Montanez

3 years ago

I bought my dog at petland two days later start my marathon to the vet, he had a respiratory infection, so they check him with out an appointment, they gave him treatment, they set me up appointments every 2 days to check on him(he was so little that they were worried about sickness go fast on him) also they call me the days I don’t have appointment to see how he was. For me they are Amazing ???? Thank you all

Lorenzo Watson

3 years ago

I gave 2 stars cause the staff is nice and prices are reasonable. Here's my issue. I took my dog there today to get spayed. She started her heat last week so I called them to see if i should reschedule or if there would be a problem. All the research i did said that most vets wont preform this procedure while she is in heat. They told me it would be no problem, it would just cost me a little extra. they did blood work and said her platelets were low so they couldn't preform the procedure. On top of that, the vet said it was probably do to her being in heat and bleeding. You think. Anyway., I was charged $189 for them to tell me they couldn't do it after me asking them this question before hand. I called 2 other vets to see if this normal and BOTH vets told me they would have never even schedule a spay if she is in heat cause of the bleeding. So either they didn't care or didn't know. either way is bad. Now I'm out of 189 for something that shouldn't been scheduled in the first place. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with them for a year cause I signed up for there plan unless I wanna be out another $148. After this year though I will find another vet. I understand about blood work and checking to make sure she is healthy enough for surgery. But this seems like they just wanted me in there and if they couldn't do it, Oh Well, we still got 189.Especially since I called them ahead of time with this very concern. Now when I go back after a month and she done with her heat, I will be paying another 189. THAT'S GREAT Update. Curryford animal clinic contacted me to resolve my issue. I must say I was surprised and thankful. They corrected the situation and for that I up the stars. It is nice to have a company take ownership and work to make customer happy.

Sharon Mayo

3 years ago

I have been using this vet for over a year. Dr. Mole even operated on my dog. Howerever, my "Bongo" has a severe skin rash that I have been dealing with for over a two months. The vet stated she has allergies-could not tell me what she is allergic to-and that was the end of story. No testing for allergeries -no followup. The vet gave me 7 days of antibiotics. It was worthless- she is still losing her fur and is miserale. I believe he doesn't know what is wrong with her and doesn't care. Also, before COVID, I took both dogs for their annual shots. I go to check out and the receptionist break downs the charges- she states a charge for a vaccination (shot). I tried to explain that the dog didn't receive the shot. In an exasperated and smug tone she told me that my dog did. I argue with her and she finally called the vet tech- whio admitted that she had hung the vaccination on the back of the door and forgot to give it to my dog. Same day, I had to make another trip back to the vet office b/c of the meds that they had prescribed and I had paid for were not given to me. I am done. Looking for another vet. Any suggestions???

Thomas Delany

3 years ago

I'm writing this review after my wife has already left one I believe, and I don't normally leave reviews for anything. Dr. Mole is one of the best veterinarians I have ever met. The staff at this place are incredible. This is how every center that cares for animals should be run. I've taken both of my dogs to this location and I have always been more than satisfied by the level of knowledge and care they've shown. They have captured my business. I live right down the street from them, but even if I move I would drive for hours if possible to take my dogs back here.

Katie Fitzpatrick

3 years ago

I started to bring my puppy here when I got him as part of his “puppy package”. I was sold a very sick puppy and Curry Ford Animal Hospital was quick to jump into action with a treatment plan that saved his life. You would never know at this point how scary those first few weeks were. He is so healthy and happy. We live about an hour away from the hospital and still commute for his checkups and visits because of how much we love this office. I fully trust the vets and all the staff to keep my fur baby happy and healthy. We will continue to receive care from them for the rest of his life. I fully recommend this office! Everyone is so kind. My little boy always comes out of his visits with a wagging tail :)

Lakelyn Taylor

3 years ago

Curry Ford Animal Hospital is an excellent vet clinic. They go above and beyond with their services and I could not be happier with them. Everyone is always friendly and patient and treats both me and my cat with respect. The clinic is also very communicative which I appreciate a great deal. I will certainly keep going here as long as I am in the area.

Nic B

3 years ago

Took my middle age dog for a check up because she was limping. After the visit the vet called me, didnt even come out to speak to me in person... the phone call was him telling me she has arthritis and this is how she will be here on out. After seeing a another vet, she had a torn ligament in the knee... he was very pompous and didn't even let me ask a question.

Rebecca Soto

3 years ago

We love the service we get from Curry Ford Animal Hospital . Thank you for the care, attention and cleanliness. Our Puppy and I thank you!

Patrice Scanlon

3 years ago

I took my 14 year old dog, Rocky, to Curry Ford Animal Hospital Last week for our first visit. I can’t thank the staff and Dr. Mole enough. They are kind, caring, and honest. I feel so much better with Rocky under their guidance & expertise. I know they will help him to grow old as gracefully as he possibly can! If you are in search of an outstanding vet, look no further! Highly recommend them and they have 4 locations, so you are bound to find one close to you!!

michael alejo

3 years ago

Best vet ever and staff was nice and respectful and very helpful glad that he's my pets vet

Jessica Irizarry

3 years ago

We've taken our dog here twice and both times she's been treated very well. The staff are super nice and handle our dog well. I definitively recommend this vet for emergency services!

Judith Moore

3 years ago

Very pleased with the service, was able to see the doctor day of. Thank you

Francia Ferreyra

3 years ago

Right on point, really friendly place.

Paul Haughom

3 years ago

Great staff friendly took great care of my dog

Rachael Patterson

3 years ago

My dog had an emergency and my vet couldn't fit him in at all that day. Called Curry Ford Animal Hospital and they saw him within an hour of me calling! Can't thank them enough.

Roberto Gayo

3 years ago

Caring, professional and dedicated. They take great care of my dog. She has lived 17 years old thanks to Dr. Mole's care.

Trudy Evans

3 years ago

Truly a great animal hospital. We always feel the Dr. gives us good advice and doesn't try to do procedures that will cost a lot of money. Dr. Mole errs on the side of caution and we have great trust in his decisions.

Zuleika Gil

3 years ago

Took my mom's love here???? and they were friendly and not long wait at all. Prices are good. Really liked it. Thank u

Alicia coggins

3 years ago

It is a little weird having to do curbside with an animal. They are our family members and we watch over them like children. Both times my Luci has been treated with nothing but love and even though this is only our second visit I am confident that we have found a wonderful vet and staff that will always put the needs of any four legged friend I bring to them.

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