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Judith Bannister

2 years ago

The people are very friendly.

Brian G Lopez

2 years ago

I’ve been bringing my dog to Just4Dogs for the past 4-5 months now. They are very friendly and professional. My dog gets very excited every time he goes, which is a great indication! They always go above and beyond, especially if your puppy is celebrating a special occasion like his birthday!! Their prices are great, and most important, their customer service is top notch!! See you soon!!

Jennifer Vasquez

2 years ago

Gave 5 starts before but after over a year with our monthly membership last time I took my dog to the vet I was told her ears were almost at the point of getting an infection and they recommended me not to take her to the same salon anymore. I do have to say prices are reasonable, and the service can be amáis but can be really bad too depending on who is at front desk.

Andy Matos

2 years ago

First using this location in dr phillips was very disappointed with finished service.

angela Flores

2 years ago

Absolutely the best, I have taken both my dogs to multiple different groomers. But this company absolutely knows what they’re doing. I have two different kinds, a Shih Tzu and a golden doodle. They’re great at what they do. Not to mention they give them a little scarfs after. It’s the cutest thing ever

Angelica B

2 years ago

I found this place by the location. We travel full time so it’s important to have people who are excellent with new dogs. Not only was our groomer gentle but she was efficient as well. The cut is super cute and our baby was so happy to have her nails cut. Thank you so much for taking care of our baby!


2 years ago

Ah man my Lil Pepperoni looks great. Emily was super nice and sweet with my dog. Great service even though my dog is a handful. Definitely recommend

David Gaylord

2 years ago

Great experience here, we were vacationing in the area and they were very easy to get into for a simple appointment. Professional staff who obviously care for the animals they see.

Deepak Goel

2 years ago

Very good. But they charged me for some stuff without informing me

Joseline Inestroza

2 years ago

I was leaning towards 2 stars but the customer service wasn’t bad. Well at least for the most part. We asked for nail trimming and my baby came back with the same nails. He didn’t smell like he was washed. We came home, washed him ourselves and he looked better than what we paid for. Biggest lesson to our pockets.

Kasandra Cortes

2 years ago

Ive been following just 4 dogs since there were in the Hunters Creek location. They are always consistent with their work and are always able to get me in for an appointment in a timely manner. I’m not a fan of their new location in Dr. Phillips. You walk in to a small little box. You cant see where the animals are and the conditions of where the work is being done. Prices keep going up as well. I like the services but the prices are keeping me from going as often as I like. Also I recommend them to do a quick scan of the dog for possible upgrades. If they were to look at the condition of the dogs teeth, nails etc then they can recommend upgrades the dog actually needs. And call to inform the owner of what they observe. That would build more trust within the owner and the location. It wasnt until I took my dog somewhere else that I was informed that my dogs teeth were not in the best shape and they recommend a cleaning a visit to the vet for a deeper look.

Myranda Gaynor

2 years ago

Had to pay full price for my dogs appointment because they mistakenly deleted my dogs membership account. When I asked why I was being penalized for their mistake they said because they moved locations and got bigger that they were going to be reviewing dogs again and changing membership prices anyway. Not sure what that had anything to do with their mistake and me having to pay extra for it. I’ve had a membership with them for about 3-4 years however I will not be returning. They also asked if I’d like the business owner or manager to contact me and I said they could if they wanted to and I was not surprised when they did not contact me, they obviously don’t care about how they handle there business.

Rich Mulvihill

2 years ago

I have been going to just for dogs for years. I followed them to three locations. This location is a bit far for me but still well worth it. I always get compliments when I walk my dog on how well groomed he is. They are the best, and my dog loves it there, waggling his tail all the way in. They are top notch and they give quality service.

Rose Taliban

2 years ago

My dog didn’t smell fresh , they didn’t properly cut or buff his nails cause his nails instanly started causing scratches when he greated me none they less they made me pay extra. As i watched them buff his nails he was standing in a pile of another dogs hair. Overall my dog didn’t feel that’s clean when i got him back and they aren’t that friendly. I would not recommend this place for the hefty cost they are charging. My pet didn’t seem to like any of them when i left either

Wendy hutchinson

2 years ago

So glad that I joined Just4dogs monthly pet grooming. I have two dogs that require a monthly grooming and both can be groomed for slightly more than one dog where I had been going. And, as an added bonus, membership includes a shampoo and blow dry once a month! And most importantly, all the staff have been very professional and helpful, and I never worry about leaving my pets - and always happy with the results.

Odalis Candia Cuba

2 years ago

I hope all of you that are bringing your pets here , know that your pets are barking their head off and nobody is attending your pet. I was doing my eyebrows next door and that poor puppy barked the whole 30 minutes I was there. Unbelievable !

Matt Meseroll

2 years ago

Make sure you ask about any and every policy they have to avoid waking up early on your only day off to drive 30 minutes to support a local business only to be denied at the door. If you have a policy that would lead to people being denied that should be over communicated and stated often. I’m sure the cuts are great for as much as you change and I’ve hbeen are good to hints but you’ve now wasted my time energy and money because your business did not communicate its policies.

Christine Howard

2 years ago

I took my two boys to Just 4 Dogs Dr. Phillips location. We had Emily groom both of my little guys. She did a terrific job. I was so pleased and loved to hear that she let my Teddy have a break in his grooming and did his brother. That told me that she cared, Teddy does not like to be groomed because he has been cut in the past. Emily recognized that he needed a break, gave it to him and then, finished his grooming when he was ready. And, she told me that he kissed her, I really liked hearing that. So to close, I can highly recommend going here, it is a new location for Just 4 Dogs and I hope that this recommendation will send more clients their way. This is the first time I did this on google, but I want everyone to know that this is a good place and Emily is a caring, kind and fantastic dog groomer. Sheldon and Teddy will definitely be groomed again by her!

Johanna Leal

2 years ago

They always take great care of snowflakes. Their new location looks ????

Courtney Castonguay

2 years ago

I took my dog Carl for shave down and training for his bad behavior to this salon and they were very professional and super clean. They did a great job

Nora Stoney

2 years ago

Amazing staff and service here! They are so nice and friendly and accommodating. The only staff I would trust with my fur baby... they baby him & entertain him & treat him as their own. Love Just 4 Dogs!!!

Monica Serrano

3 years ago

My first time going to just4dogs and i had an amazing experience because of William! He took such good care of my 4month old golden doodle named Nova. Super satisfied with the price, service, and how my beautiful dog looks!! Ask for William to cut your dog because he was awesome :)

Nelson Roman

3 years ago

Best place to take your little or big one to be taken care of. Online services now is an extra point for payment and booking appointments. Top notch service and my little guy looks always sharp.

Christen Gandy

3 years ago

AMAZING. Only place in all Orlando that can groom my Maltese's muzzle somewhat completely. Have completely won my business.

Nicole Valladares

3 years ago

I love coming here to buy my cat her food. I feed her Fromm and this is the only place I've found that sells this food. I also love all the healthy food options they have to offer other than Fromm. The staff is always so honest, knowledgeable, and kind. I don't mind driving 20min to come shop here, love it!

Peter Fitzpatrick

3 years ago

The staff is friendly and the prices are great! They do an incredible job and they treat my dog so well.

Sandra Diaz

3 years ago

Stuff are very rude and unprofessional including the “manager” I took my dog on a Sunday and the girl in charge told me to be there at 3.00pm. I told her that had to work that day, that what was the lates I could be there and she said 3:00. ???? no problem I said I was there at 3:00 pm sharp. Got there and there was probably 4 undone dogs before mine. She didn’t even apologized she just told me that when my dog was ready she will call me, something she could have done before and not made me wait until 5:30 ???????????? when she called me my dog looked like she just had a bath and nothing else. 3 times I had to tell her to fix her because she wasn’t done correctly. Oh but went I paid she charged the full amount $50.00 never apologized for making me wait 2:30 hours ???????????? and on top of that with a nasty attitude!!!! So called the “manager” to tell her the situation and see if I could take her to get her fixed and she told she was unaware of the situation and that she will charge me $40.00 again!!! Never never ever again I will come bag today this rip off place.


3 years ago

Reasonably priced and a great place to grooming your loveable pets and treat your pet very good ???? just after my daughter pick her up pictures

Raquel Santiago

3 years ago

UPDATE- after expressing our displeasure, the owner contacted us with a very satisfactory response and resolution. As mentioned in my previous review, Dania and Emily had done great in the past and thankfully Jasmine is no longer there. Thank you, Adrian. ************* DO NOT TAKE YOUR DOGS THERE! We have taken our dogs, Cato and Clousseau, to this shop on a number of occasions and didn't have a problem until 7/21/2020. As usual, we provided instructions for both dogs and when we arrived to pick them up we were shocked at how they looked. One of our dogs went in for a trim and left with no whiskers or eyebrows which are generally slightly longer than the rest of the hair. The second dog ended up looking like a rat. His tail, which is always left long, was shaved and his body was shaved so short that you could see his pink skin. We called to put in a complaint and the person that answered said she was the manager but would not provide her name. When asked which groomer did the dogs she didn't want to provide the name either. After we insisted on getting the groomer's name she said the dogs had been groomed by "Jasmine." This is very upsetting because Dania and Emily had done a great job before. After questioning how this happened we were told they were busy so someone else had to fill in...this was after being accused of not providing proper instructions. This is absolutely not the case. It is a case of negligence which should have been handled/rectified in a professional manner. The supposed manager was very rude and offered the response that "it's not the end of the world' with no further resolution. After some research and review of the website, we learned Jasmine is not one of the groomers...so the supposed manager LIED adding insult to injury. Again, do not take your dogs there.

Rebecca Hahn

3 years ago

I have been taking my cavalier Chloe here for years, ever since they used to be over in Hunter’s Creek. They have gone through a lot of different staff (some better than others) but I always feel like I am getting great value for the membership prices. If you get your dog groomed regularly it’s definitely worth it. I love the current staff, especially Emily - she’s the best! My dog can be fearful during grooming and it helps for her to see the same person, and Emily takes her time with her and pays attention to detail. My dog is always happy and wagging her tail when I pick her up after a visit. I also love the little photo ops they do with the add on packages, absolutely adorable! I have recommended this place to several people and everyone has been happy with the services.

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