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Kara Jones

2 years ago

Very knowledgable and helpful. Helped me make the hard choice to do what was best for my pet rats. They sent a very kind note in sympathy.

Jennifer Woolf

2 years ago

I've brought my guinea pig in before at the old location and everything was great. Now my poor pig is sick and they wouldn't even let me schedule an appointment to bring her in when I came in in person (after both my husband and I called numerous times and left voice messages. We were told they turn the phones off when surgery is happening in the building) even when we finally found a return phone call they were less than helpful. I was referred to other animal hospitals by staff one of those hospitals don't even see guinea pigs.


2 years ago

Very kind and knowledgeable staff! I brought my five year-old bearded dragon here because I was worried that he had contracted a respiratory infection. Dr. Butler-Perez was very thorough and took the time to explain my beardie's x-ray, which showed that he was clear from any lung infection, and explained that he was a tad overweight which was putting pressure on his lungs. She gave me a lot of good information and tips on how to help him lose the extra weight.

Britt S.

2 years ago

We loved Dr. Macko was so patient was my 100 questions since I’m a new potbelly pig owner (unexpectedly). She gave just the advice & information I needed to be a successful pig mama! Highly recommend this animal hospital

Nic Billman

2 years ago

Absolutely love this Vet Clinic. It's a clean, welcoming space for all your pet needs. They do everything from getting the gender of your animal to grooming. I own birds and it's inexpensive to get a health check up. Such a great place! Definitely recommend anyone looking for a new Vet or for a first visit. Staff are friendly and love animals!

Emily Chambers

2 years ago

Dr.Diaz, technicians, and staff are all amazing. Dr. Diaz saved my cockatiels life…and more than once! I had tried other vets prior to this one, and none were as experienced in birds. The previous vets I went to seemed to guess on what my birds conditions was and never actually resolved anything. Dr.Diaz on the other hand knew exactly what was going on with my bird right away, and how to fix it. He has a lot of expertise on birds and small animals, and you can see he has a passion for it as well! Thanks to them my bird got surgery for a cyst that had been on his wing for the past year and a half. Previous vets told me there was nothing I could do about it and if my bird went through surgery he would die. Well, I’m sure that if I went with those vets he would have! Dr. Diaz did a partial wing amputation on my cockatiel to get rid of the feather cyst. And, considering what needed to be done, for a very reasonable price! My cockatiel is now recovering from surgery, each day getting better. Without surgery, the cyst on his wing (which had ruptured and was on a vein) would have released infection into his bloodstream and he would have died in a few months. My cockatiel who is very young (4 yrs) gets to enjoy the rest of his life cyst free, and for that I am eternally grateful. Dr.Diaz saved his life yet again a month after the surgery, when he had two broken blood feathers causing bleeding on his wing. I called them up and asked them if they would be able to take him in really quick just to pluck the blood feathers as I do not know how to pluck blood feathers and this one looked so severe I could be making it worse. They, even being booked full for two weeks, made room for me as soon as I called. They took my bird in and they plucked the two blood feathers that caused him to bleed, and administered fluids into him to make up for all the blood he had lost. Without them to pluck those blood feathers out, he would have bled out and died. They did this for a VERY reasonable price which I thought was going to be MUCH higher since they had to administer fluids! My cockatiel is now doing great once again, and he owes it all to Dr.Diaz and the amazing staff at Exotic Animal Hospital of Orlando. If you are searching for a vet that has excellent, friendly, and knowledgeable staff and doctors, has good prices, and holds the life of your pet at the greatest value, then I’d say you found it. I don’t know where I would be now if I hadn’t gone to them, but I do know I wouldn’t have my cockatiel still with me. I highly recommend them and there is no better vet than them! (Here are some photos of before my cockatiels wing amputation surgery, and after my cockatiels wing amputation surgery in recovery. You can see all the new feathers growing in!)

danielle Hitchcock

2 years ago

Amazing staff. Doctor Diaz was great very knowledgeable and birds.

Erica Nichols

2 years ago

Daughter found this place and their prices customer care/ bedside is amazing. Our little bearded dragon is fine and gaining thanks to them. Thank u

Brandon Waldron

2 years ago

Dr. Diaz is unlike any veterinarian I have ever met in my life. The care and compassion that he pours into his work is truly incredible. Dr. Diaz saved the life of my piglet Pumba and I will be forever grateful for him. Dr. Diaz staff was phenomenal. Everyone was so friendly from the reminder phone calls to my visit today. Thank you all for everything you do and Pumba says thank you too! ❤️

Janice Garcia Ortiz

2 years ago

I take all my exotics (Bird, Guinea Pigs and Leopard Gecko) here. Always have wonderful service! Polite and knowledgeable staff.

Lindsey Hand

2 years ago

I brought my 3 sugar gliders (Castiel, Aang, and Scout) in to see Dr. Diaz today for a routine wellness exam since we just moved back to Orlando and I recently rescued them. I wanted a baseline and some care advice and got so much more than that! He is so caring and knowledgeable, gives advice on diet and food that I know I can trust and was so caring. The gliders didn't even crab for their nail trim! All of the staff I have encountered from making calls to set up appointments to front desk were wonderful and I can't stress enough that I know my gliders will be safe if they need boarded or get sick. Thanks Dr. Diaz!

renea hause

2 years ago

Awsome very nice people in and out fast my baby loves them

Shannon T

2 years ago

So happy to have a good exotic vet in the area!!! Dr. Butler-Perez is absolutely amazing. You can tell she truly cares for your pets and knows her stuff!

Samara moni

2 years ago

My bunny was literally dieing in my daughters arms it was clear this was an emergency and instead of taking my bunny back right away they asked if i could fill out paper work after the 1st page i look over and i finally get the courage to speak up and say hey i dont think he is going to make it he died and maybe just maybe they could of done something instead of making me wait and seeing a person before me who came in after me with a perfectly fine animal and i left with my dead animal i feel they need to be more observant and caring rather then putting a price tag on ur emotions

Danny Arguello

2 years ago

This place is amazing with rabbits, and Dr. Diaz is the best vet my rabbit's had. It's usually hard to find someone who has patience with your questions and treats your concerns with care, but they do it here. Got my rabbit vaccinated and it was such a stress-free experience for him with no side effects. We had to move and drive for 20 hours straight and thanks to the medication he was given, he had no issues adapting and kept eating through the drive. Thank you!

River W.

2 years ago

Dr. Santiago is a great vet who really cares about animals; not only those in his care, but all animals everywhere. He was very patient and understanding (I accidentally interrupt all the time so his patience was definitely tested — sorry!), and took the time to gently educate me on both ethical breeding practices and the importance of adopting animals in need instead. I live in Brandon but the drive was well worth it and the quality of care is higher than anything I found closer to home. He definitely cared more about easing Mr. Balds discomfort and prolonging his life than he did about money, and it’s his job, so I imagine money is pretty important! He connected me with a rodent rescue so hopefully I find a good fit for my colony and he’s helped more than one little life today. :)

Michelle Lynch

2 years ago

Was a small location with heart but something seems to have changed with the vibe of the place since moving to their new location. When I first walked in with my ferret over a year and a half ago he was in a bad way and the doctor's first suggestion was euthanasia...we had to talk her down and ended up having him for another year with the meds. I actually ended up having two ferrets on long-term care and medications. This office mislabeled medications and both ferrets passed away within a week of each other. I can't say that the med mix up killed my pet but it was an indicator to me of the decline in standards I felt has been occurring. They have also closed cage doors on the ferret's paws when carrying them to the back because they seem to always be in a hurry. My last complaint is that there is no system in place for exotic medical emergencies. My poor baby had to suffer through death because he inconveniently got sick on a Sunday and eventually hemorrhaged because no animal hospital would see him. This is inhumane...as an exotic animal hospital you should make it a priority to help your patient's and their owners in case of emergency. We need to be able to humanely help our animals cross the bridge and not just sit there feeling hopeless.

Dingus McDonald's

2 years ago

Absolutely DO NOT take your ferret here, they don't know what they're doing here.

Jessica Farley

2 years ago

Everyone at the office was super helpful, knowledgeable and very caring about our leopard gecko Archie. Dr Sanngeeta took amazing care of him and when he ended up passing they send us the sweetest condolence card which meant all the world. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone!

Krystal Sellers

2 years ago

I absolutely love this vet clinic! I have a squirrel (disabled/not releasable) and an Amazon parrot that I've been bringing here for a few years now. Dr. Santiago Diaz is the most caring and educated vet I've ever had. He truly wants what is best for his pet patients and also tries his best to provide the least expensive ways to treat them. He gives thorough evaluations and honest assessments. The staff are very friendly and provide excellent customer service evey time. If you have an exotic pet, please give this place a try. I know you'll be impressed like I am.

Marie Milone

2 years ago

Excellent'''! The Dr. Is sooo careing of exotics.and the staff in front is friendly and excellent . Allso the assists.that come to collect your info first to take back to Dr. D. are friendly ! 10 stars ! Fantastic careing exotic vet! Thk you Marie milone

Mary Mullins

2 years ago

We love this place. We have a lionhead rabbit 7months old and needed a check up. His vet was amazing. She gave us so much information about Sebastian, we didn’t even have to ask her any questions. I definitely can’t wait to take him back. Thanks a lot guys.

Kim Masson

2 years ago

Brought our new bearded dragon to be seen. Staff were friendly and knowledgeable. I'll definitely be driving the hr + it takes to get our little buddy there.

Sharon Huss-Butler

2 years ago

The doctors and Staff have been taking excellent care of my various birds over the years. It's rare to find a really good avian vet. Can't recommend enough.

R Nyman

2 years ago

Have been coming to them for the greater part of 4-5 years and have always received the absolute best care for my guinea pigs. If you have an exotic pet, you are doing a disservice by not taking them to truly professionals.

harry voss

2 years ago

The best Vet around Orlando. Dr. Diaz and his staff offer only quality treatment and care. I don't trust anyone else with our Parrots.

Cori E

2 years ago

Not only do they show genuine care for their patients, but they help us owners really understand what is going on if the animal is sick and they offer many options to help us owners out with treatment. I would recommend any exotic pet owner to put this place at the top of the list when looking for a primary veterinarian office.

Christine Truong

2 years ago

I've always taken my leopard geckos here and from the start Dr. Diaz has always been attentive and patient. When I first got leos, he answered my zillions of questions and made recommendations. Each time he is invested in whichever leo he sees and spending just a little extra time with them. They are an extremely office and see tons and tons of patients a day. A lot of the time it's not overbooking the schedule but squeezing in emergencies. I've had to do this plenty of times and they always find somewhere for me fit in. Otherwise, appointment times are maintained and they have done wonderfully to deal with COVID. I recently had my 2 girls undergo surgery and met Dr. Sanngeeta. Both vets and the ENTIRE staff were very accommodating during that time as I had so many issues administering shots on my own and they essentially held my hand through the process. Unfortunately, one of those girls passed last week. I didn't think she was as sick as she was so it was entirely unexpected. Dr. Sanngeeta was professional yet very empathetic. I was given the time I needed to say my goodbyes before she was put under. The staff was very kind during that week as I coordinated pick-up. I think they loved her as much as I did! Long story short, every office has their "flaws" but they make up for it in the care and attention that EVERYONE gives. I am so thankful for everyone here.

Ray Farley

2 years ago

Dr Diaz is the best. We have been going to him for several years with our Lemurs. He genuinely cares about his patients and gives top notch care. He has always been there when we needed him. Whether it is a rabbit, a lizard, a primate or any other exotic, you can be confident your pet will be in the best of hands with Dr Diaz.

Jeremy Velez

2 years ago

Every one is super nice and welcoming they took excellent care of our hamster. The new facility are beautiful

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