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2 years ago

Our favorite vet. Trusted and fair priced, always looking after the well-being of our pets! The staff is kind and patient and well-informed, the treatments and exams are accurate, they have testing and almost all services onsite. Location is great too, no longer being inside PetSmart, in a stand alone location now, very clean and organized. They perform awesomely even when understaffed. Would recommend to any pet owner.


2 years ago

I initially had high hopes for this place and they had nice prices for their boarding service and the drop off process was smooth. Picking up my cat was a different experience. I watched as the employees realized they gave my personal carrier to someone else I assume and proceeded to walk back and forth for an HOUR, bringing various carriers asking if it was mine. Even bringing up a huge dog crate TWICE asking if I was sure that wasn't what I brought my cat in with....my cat.. After that hour they ended up bringing my cat in a cloth grocery bag and instead of owning up to their mistake, they phrased it as "we accidentally lost your carrier in the hospital " as if I couldn't see and hear them scrambling and whispering the entire time. In the end they said they'd try to call me "if they find it" but no compensation if they don't. The hospital is clearly run by unexperienced college kids, which good for them for working in a hard field and professional environment but they definitely need to be retrained. Wish I would have read the reviews first.

Margot Street

2 years ago

These people don't have any idea what they're doing. They're just trying to get you to spend the maximum amount of money possible. They really wouldn't even help my dog. Now I have to go to a completely different vet after I waited 3 days for this appointment. I have worked around animals my entire life, my mother-in-law is a groomer. The things they are telling me don't make any sense. Save yourself a hassle go somewhere better. This place is just a joyless cash grab.

Kaye Hughes

2 years ago

I would give this place no stars if I could. Called on a Sunday to see if they were open. The girl on the phone said yes, and it would be $95 to be seen. I was to call when I got there. I packed up my injured and screaming cat and drove there. I called. "Someone will bring paperwork to you. There is a 3 hour wait." Wait, what? Then I was told " if your cat is breathing on its own you have to wait." I asked if there was any way to be seen quicker? "Yes, but it's $500 to get in next." I hung up and left. Are you kidding me?? They only had 1 vet. Some "emergency" clinic!!!!

Stephen Kowalchuk

2 years ago

The best service & staff for your pet

Sharon Athanasiou

2 years ago

I could not believe that my dear friends were REFUSED EMERGENCY CARE by this vet's office that claims to provide urgent and emergency care to their patients. I am just speechless, and would never consider using them now. Her dog was desperately in need of euthanasia, as she explained it was time since the dog began to show signs of suffering. Regardless...the receptionist not only made ZERO EFFORT to fit her in (she called at 9am!), she literally told my friend she could get her in on MONDAY....YET, IT WAS SATURDAY. I honestly thought my friend heard her wrong. Sadly, she did not. My friend is devastated and totally confused as to how she....a customer of this vet's office who recommends them to EVERYONE....could be brushed off so easily with an emergency situation of this nature. My friend's fiancé then called and BEGGED the receptionist to perform the euthanasia for them even at the very end of the day as the very last appointment if needed. The receptionist didn't budge, nor care. I have no words for what my friend went through. It is horrible enough to have to euthanize a family member, but what is the point of trusting a vet when they can't make the slightest effort to help you in the most dire time of need? Unreal and unforgivable.

Monica Goforth

2 years ago

I am writing this review so nobody else can possibly have this happen to them. I rarely write reviews. This is probably the second review I have written on a business in twenty years. I was a client of East Orlando hospital with five personal dogs of my own. I am a professional groomer and recommend them to hundreds of my own company's clients, also to my peers and friends. There is no excuse to what happened with this hospital and I just three days ago this past Saturday, December 4, 2021. I had a 16 year old Chinese Crested Dog, whom I knew who would be coming to the end of his life. I had been mentally preparing for this the past several months/weeks, as he was starting to decline rapidly.... Friday evening, December 3, DeVille had a very rough evening. I knew that would be our last night together. He was in Congestive Heart Failure the past few years but was being managed with medication, but sadly I knew it was his time as he was coughing nonstop and I didn't want him to suffer any longer. Early Saturday early morning, 9:00am I called to schedule a Euthanasia for my dog. Their office hours on Saturday are 7:00am - 5:00pm. The Receptionist, (Victoria I believe), told me they were booked solid and they could not fit me in. I explained it was critically urgent as he was now very unsteady to walk and was drifting in and out of consciousness, and still coughing horribly. I pleaded with her to squeeze me in at any time during the day and she absolutely said she could not but could schedule me an appointment on Monday. I explained to her that would be to late, and she did not seem to care, nor make any effort to put me on hold and check with a Doctor, Office Manager, etc, to see if anything could be done. Nope. My fiance' called back about an hour, (same receptionist), explained the urgency of the situation and was told the same thing. He tried to tell her we could show up just before they closed at end of day if we could just be seen quickly after everyone else. She was not having any of it. She was very stern and told him absolutely not, we could not bring my dog in. So, to say I am absolutely disgusted and disappointed on how they handled this very delicate situation would be an understatement. This hospital advertises they provide "Emergency and Urgent" Veterinary care during their regular hours. Let me just tell you from my own personal experience this is absolutely false and they would not even see one of their own clients who was unable to depend on them during a medical emergency. This receptionist had 8 hours to get me in that day. The doctors are good, but how good is it when they are not available when you need them the most? I ended up having to go to an emergency clinic we had never been to before as this was a Saturday afternoon. My pet was treated with wonderful compassion and the highest level of care and was able to leave this Earth with his dignity left. Everyone at the Emergency hospital were very kind and caring and understanding of the urgency of the situation. I called Dr. Yantorni on Tuesday morning and explained what happened as he was unaware of this situation. I believe he was surprised at what happened and apologized, and said, yes, we should have been squeezed in, but that doesn't change what happened. To say I will never step foot back here again, and will most definitely let everyone know this is how they handle emergencies with their own clients is obvious. Your staffing needs a lot of retraining on priorities. Please do not respond with asking me to contact you. We have no further business together. God help the next emergency you do not.

Ethan Uhlfelder

2 years ago

We have two 12 week old kittens. We wanted the basic shots and a checkup to ensure their health. We were quoted between $100-$150 from many other sources for the basic check up and the shots. They animal hospital quoted $127.00 obviously I know that's subject to change. After a while in the waiting room I was nervous something was wrong. Come to find out nothing was wrong but they gave our kittens almost every shot you can give a kitten that is fairly healthy. I am very disappointed with the communication they have as well as the simple fact that all I wanted was the basics but they went way above the quoted price without discussion prior. I will be using a different vet from now on for sure.

Dianna Nairn

2 years ago

Everyone here is above and beyond kind and professional. My dog Bubba loves coming in for boarding and/or his vet visits. I've never knows an animal to walk into a vet office as easily as he does and he's genuinely excited to see all of his friends!

AnnMarie Wetherington

2 years ago

Very friendly and competent staff. They explained everything and gave us the tools we needed to help our animal. Thank you!

A Khalil

2 years ago

Terrible experience. I called to schedule both my cats today, and the front desk lady told me she would set up two of my cats as part of one exam for $67 instead of double. I waited over an hour after arriving for my appointment just for them to end up trying to charge me for both my cats and from $67 to $591. This review is because I was baited there by being given the expectation of getting two visits instead of one which was a big fat lie. I left upset and the girl checking my cat, Rose didn’t even let me give feedback to the lady that lied to me over the phone. This place only cares about money and not your pet. Almost any other vet in the area has better pricing, and at least doesn’t make false expectations. Do yourself and your pet a favor and go somewhere else.

alex gifford

2 years ago

I have been taking my Circus to EOAH since I've had her, they are her primary vet. I have been able to get last moments notice appointments due to my schedule which is a huge plus. The staff is very supportive and friendly and accomodating. The prices are a little more but it's the peace of mind for me that she's getting the best care available.

Charlene Roy

2 years ago

This business is absolutely wonderful. Very organized and I've never had to wait long at all. They took time with me and answered all of my questions and explained our treatment plan in detail so I understood. They did not try to sell me on tests, etc. that weren't absolutely necessary. I've never been so impressed with another vet (in my 40 years as a pet owner) than I am with EOAH. I cannot say enough how much I adore Dr. Peters and I'm so thankful for her help and compassion.

Hannah Marino

2 years ago

My dog was rejected from 4 other groomers for being “aggressive”. We were at the end of our rope until we tried this place! The staff was immediately so friendly, and they didn’t have to muzzle or sedate my dog at all. They gave him the cutest, cleanest cut I’ve ever seen him have, and he came back wagging his tail. 5/5 recommend!!

Linda Anderson

2 years ago

We've been bringing our little girl, Chelsie, to East Orlando since we got her at 9 weeks old, she's now 6 1/2. She used to go to daycare all the time when I was working, she has always gotten wonderful care at daycare and when we've boarded her. Dr. Peters has been her primary vet for several years and is awesome? I highly recommend East Orlando Animal Hospital.

Raul R.

2 years ago

I just want to say thank you for boarding my pet at the very last minute, 2 hours before my flight to be precise, due to the incompetence of another boarding place in the area. The facility was cleaned and smelled good, which says a lot about the place. The staff was friendly, they kept me update with everything they did to my pet, even called me when I landed at my destination to let me know how my pet was doing after a check up they had to do. I really appreciate it and will definitely be coming back.

Britt Bitt

2 years ago

Always clean and I’ve only had good experiences with the Vet Techs and Dr. Glenn. As other reviews have said though, they are pricey compared to other vet hospitals in the area. I was quoted $500+ to have my 28lb dog spayed here. Ended up going to another highly recommended clinic and paid $207.90, which included ear cleaning, nail trimming, and a laser post-op therapy session. The last straw for me was being charged for a “medical progress exam” when the vet who saw my dog didn’t even pet her when he came into the room. She was taken in the back to get her cytopoint injection and I can understand if they decided to do the exam while she was back there but why? I’m not sure if this is being done due to covid but this is the only vet I’ve been to where they don’t give the cytopoint injection or examine my dog in front of me.

Janet Williams

2 years ago

They always find an appointment for an urgent case and Dr Glenn is an Orlando treasure. He truly cares about the animals, believes in a conservative, realistic approach and is a brilliant diagnostician and surgeon. Did I mention that Dr Glenn is awesome?

Jessica Lynn

2 years ago

We've been going to EOAH for about seven years and have always had good visits. We luckily haven't had any overnight stays in a while, but the team at EOAH would text pictures for my boy and give me updates to help put my mind at ease. My profile picture is actually from a puppy class we took at East Orlando Animal Hospital! The staff always seems to remember my pup and give him lots of love any time we're in. We've seen a few different doctors and every single one has taken the time to offer best practices, answer questions, and explain anything I might be concerned about. At our most recent visit, there was a little autumn-themed set up in the lobby for a cute photo opportunity and to pass the short wait before our appointment. We love EOAH and are so happy to have them as part of our extended family!

Karen C

2 years ago

I really like this animal hospital

Lauren Thompson

2 years ago

I just want to give this place 10000 stars. Absolutely one of the best small animal hospital experiences I have ever had. Dr. Peters was a god sent for me and my kitty Titan. Although I had to say goodbye to my best friend a week ago I know he had the best care I could ask for in a GP. Front desk was always very helpful and willing to run in the back to answer questions. The facility is amazingly well kept and Although I don’t have a dog that goes to daycare, all those canine friends looked so happy on their way home after a day of play. Ps I will say maybe a little bit more chill music in the clinic. I totally understand wanting to play good music while we work but I can never listen to Lady Gaga the same way again Lol

Leslie Y

2 years ago

I took a kitten to this place and they were very caring , the Veterinarian was very informative in the treatment great place.!! they are doing everything to help my kitten.

Sashacat Online

2 years ago

We recommend East Orlando Animal Hospital to everyone, great care for our dear pets, and nice employees.

Terri Barton

2 years ago

Dr. Glenn n staff saved my pup's life today. Wonderful vet thank you all

Amanda Keen

2 years ago

Very nice staff, the doctor we saw seems kind and knowledgeable. They did a good job evaluating her and getting her back to me quickly and even clipped her nails. I've always found it a little wierd when they take the animal to another room for treatment but it was difficult to find a vet with availability with such short notice so ????‍♀️ 3 stars bc the medication pricing is atrocious and was glossed over in reviewing the charges. I was so relieved that we weren't paying over $300 for what we needed that I neglected to have the tech tell me the individual med costs and she was in and out with my card so fast it just escaped me. I looked at my receipt when I got in the car. I wish I could return the meds and ask for a script. They charge $2/pill for Cephalexin and almost $4/pill for Rimadyl. Idk about Rimadyl but Cephalexin is free at Publix.

Emily Allen-Vieira

2 years ago

Had to take my dog around 10pm....they are fantastic at triaging patients appropriately. I was there a while, but received world class service in my time of need. I really appreciate all the work these people do for our precious animals!

Stephanie Nettles

2 years ago

I've brought my pets to this vet hospital for their routine care and illnesses for years. In particular, I love our doc, Dr. Peters. Great service, knowledgeable doctors, helpful staff, and everyone there seems to really love animals. I have also boarded my cat there and they treated her well. Highly recommend!

Lorena Valladares (Miss International)

2 years ago

Unless your want your pet treated like a cow from the won. I scheduled a first time visit for my deaf dog who is a rescue and is very scared of people. First appointment was como in 30 min late I called and asked if I needed to reschedule they said it was fine, when I arrived they said they wouldn’t be able to see her until 2 hours later, so I rescheduled for the next day. Today I come in with Luna and she is very nervous and shaking when they take me to the exam room, before I even meet the doctor the assistant wants to take her to the back for the exam, the very first time she meets the doctor the very first time I meet the doctor. I explain to them the situation with Luna and the fact that she gets very scare if she is not comfortable and she might get aggressive. Assistant asked the doctor doctor refused to see her in from of me. So they want more clients but they don’t understand a pet special needs? What type of animal clinic is this? What time of Veterinarian refuse to see a pet who only needs vacation be the owner wants to be present? I can’t understand this. Omg one who have a pet that is like a family member to them would request for their pet to be seen in front of them. By the way after 3 phone calls and 2 in person visit I was never told of their stupid policy. Congratulations and keep the policy up, you just almost got a client who has 3 dogs.

Zak Florence

2 years ago

This is a great vet and my pets have always been treated well, service is great, staff is friendly, and the exam rooms are super clean! The only problem is that they are super expensive and I always feel like they're trying to push unnecessary tests on us. I've been to 2 other vets and both of them have never recommended the things they try and push on us. They also don't match prices on prescriptions. I went in for Heartgard for my 2 dogs and it's more than double the price than what is on Chewy or 1800 PetMeds. They're just wayyy to expensive.

Victoria Griffin

2 years ago

All of the staff and veterinarians are so caring: always cheerful! Your appointment will always be timely: my last appointment was accomodated by someone cancelling, and the staff called me immediately when it became available! Thank you to everyone at EOAH, from 12+ year patient!

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