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2 years ago

I don’t recommend this place. I called for an appointment because my dog is sick and I was told the next appointment they have it is in two weeks. Really! My dog is sick now, not in two weeks.

Kaitlyn DeVoe

2 years ago

I take my dog to the vet regularly, and go to pick up my dogs medicine regularly. The staff at this Banfield are very understanding and polite. The monthly payment is rather hefty, but with everything that is offered along side that payment it is well worth it. Just having the security to know that if your animal was to get sick, you can make an appointment is well worth the charge. This Banfield really takes good care of your animals. I 100% recommend putting your animals on a plan. Have a great day!

Francisco Vega

2 years ago

Have been taking my pet here for health certificates and check ups with no complaints. Always polite and knowledgeable

Brooke Whitehead

2 years ago

Excessive fees for every single detail.

Sonya Khan

2 years ago

Communication at this hospital was incredibly poor. My dog's appointment was at 8:30AM for a travel health certificate and routine vaccines, and she was not finished until 6PM. On top of relocating, quite literally, across the country (FL to WA), I was relying on Banfield to help smooth my dog's travel in the plane and also provide me some piece of mind to me that all things required for animal travel were taken care of. I spoke with six different individuals over the course of the day (since vet appointments are drop off only currently) trying to get updates on what the vet team needed from me, and to ensure I was getting all my questions answered. Finally, when I went to go pick up my dog, I was shown the health certificate. I noted there were some updates that needed to be made - her DOB and breed (since some air carriers won't accept certain breeds, didnt want to have an issue), however, the individual assisting us said they consulted with the doctor and that it wouldn't be an issue. To avoid any last minute craziness, I asked if there was a contact person, whether that be the vet or whomever, that I could reach on the day of travel, should an issue arise at the airport. The best they could say was to call the hospital. Definitely doesnt make me feel taken care of. Additionally, upon leaving, I noticed that the rabies vaccine record, which is required for travel by the airline, was not signed by the doctor. When I brought it to the team's attention, they told me to return tomorrow to get it signed since the doctor had already left. I just hope that the rest of the documentation is completed fully and correctly because I feel as though I have more anxiety instead of less by taking my dog to this Banfield.

Gladys Denis

3 years ago

Too expensive. They charge too much to neutere my little Chihuahua. Whoa. Whooping $500 no thanks. I'll shop around.

Kayla Eccleston

3 years ago

This hospital has taken care of my puppy since we got him and it’s been good. he loves the vet and the staff but the wait times came be long sometimes. The last time I took him to the vet we wanted to see what was wrong because he was having some issues and they wanted to run 6 test on him that WERENT included in the wellness plan we already pay every month. The total was $200 and so I told them to run the two most important test and the total came to $70. When my mom went to pick him she paid the $200 because they ran all of them instead of doing what I asked. They have good service and they seem to really care but this was just one of my bad experience.


3 years ago

We found a lost dog and took her up to see if she was chipped and to get her nails cut. She wasn't chipped and we were told to come back the next day to get her a rabies shot and her nails cut and an overall check up. When she came out with the vet of course I had a lot of questions. I asked about how old she was. The vet said "ummmm well if her teeth were clean maybe around 2 but since they're not around 6 or 7." What??? That's a big difference. Then I asked if she were pregnant how long are they normally pregnant for and she said "ummm let me think, most of my dogs are spayed sooooo about 4 months". Wrong. It's about two months. She obviously doesn't know much. Never going there again.

Sara L

3 years ago

I'm not sure what just happened but I just went from $700 originally quoted to $1100. That's like a down payment on a car! Of course our pets are like family so we're going to pay the money, but I'm guessing that a ton of other cats go without care because people can't afford it. I get the feeling that they are preying on my lack of knowledge and my love for my cats. Everyone is "nice," but geez!!!

Deborah Santiago

3 years ago

Paid for the well dog program precovid and by 6 mos later still couldn’t get my dog completely vaccinated. Paid for 3 other pets as well and it was the same issue. Brought one cat in after having a litter which should have been a free check up and they charged $120 for nothing. They took the cat and her 3 kittens to the back where they took pictures for their files to identify them as the correct cat on the well check program. They brought them back up to me supposedly examined. When I asked about the size of the females uterus and breast after giving birth they never had checked it. I had to literally walk into a examine you and request the vet to check the areas of concern. Then they told me the female can’t get pregnant while she was breast feeding this litter. GUESS WHAT??? She got pregnant a couple weeks later. This place is horrible and I’ve been to 3 different locations. Not very knowledgeable if your pet has real health issues

Primo Cardinalli

3 years ago

They repeatedly have pushed proceedures on me that were not covered by their "Wellness Plan". I get quoted one price and end up.paying a much higher one. I haven't been able to speak to an actual Vet for over a year. I constantly get shuffled around between trainees. They pulled their bait and switch pricing tactics on me for a tooth extraction. I finally said enough is enough and went to another Vet for a second opinion. My dog, it turns out, doesn't need any teeth taken out. I believe the second opinion because the Vet himself told me so, not some lackey. I do not get a sense of compassion from anyone there any more. It seems as though they are there strictly for profit. No better thsn a puppy mill in my mind.

Vivian Martinez

3 years ago

They are very friendly and informative.


3 years ago

My dog had a surgery and they made great job.

andrea guisao

3 years ago

I would recommend going to any other location except this one. Seems like they have high Vet turnover so there’s always a new vet who you have to reexplain everything to and don’t seem as interested as the previous vet you were working with. They also never answer the phone here and when they do they automatically put you on hold without answering first. The people who work here absolutely do not communicate with each other and when you ask them to contact one person on the file they contact someone else and always have an excuse for what they did wrong. Super frustrated every time I go here.

Brandon R. Sirois

3 years ago

Good center! I just wish the Vets actually treated your dog or a least ask if they could. Not just tell you what's wrong and give e you the meds to give your pet

Chasyn Rance

3 years ago

Great people that take wonderful care of my baby. However, I am now dealing with collections. I left recently with my dog and asked if I owed any money. I am on the plan and they said no. I received a call a couple days later about a debt of $30 for pills. Said I'd be happy to pay over the phone. They would not take it over the phone and had to come in. Said I'd come when I can soon. Shortly thereafter, we're on lockdown. Now, collections is calling me. This is stupid.

Sarah Jewel

3 years ago

Rude and unprofessional they did not take care of anything I needed, they only caused more problems for me and my dog.

Danielle Rogers

3 years ago

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I will never recommend this facility to anyone. I have repeatedly had lousy customer service, especially from employee Yasen (sp). After dealing with her bad attitude, I went back to her, and she hangs the phone …

Florida Vacationeers

3 years ago

I take my 2 small dogs here as their primary veterinarian. They are competent and, most of the time cheaper than other vets i have been to on almost everything. Professional and knowledgeable. I also feel good that they are backed by the Petsmart brand.

Liana S

3 years ago

I've been going to Banfield for over 10 years now, and over 5 for this specific location. I am so deeply disappointed and angry. My dog is on lifelong medication that I pick up from this location monthly, and they offer price matching which …

Maana Ameri

3 years ago

Very disappointed.I have been trying to call this location to schedule for my dog’s vaccinations but nobody pick up the phone, just one time someone did pick up and then hang up on me . What a mess. They really dont care about our pet’s health and life.

Nikita Hernandez

3 years ago

Such inconsistent service. They have a great opportunity and miss the mark almost every time. I have a wellness plan and chatted with a vet. Ordered based on the vet recommendation and had to wait over a week for the in store vet to approve it because as they say "their systems don't talk to each other" so I had to call and be on hold for several minutes to get a heartworm script filled. Every time I take my pup in they try to sell me on benadryl and I'm told I cant take advantage of some of the benefits my wellness plan come with because my pup is too small. The last time I went in I got a check up call... but the 4 times I've been before I didnt. Things like that are super confusing. I called yesterday to get flea meds for my dog and was told he would have to come in for an exam....he was just examined 3days prior. I really wish they would get their stuff together and be consistent with their service.

Pei Li

3 years ago

Wrost vet I ever have. If you come to spend money, they will help you. But if you call for a simple prescription, they give you bunch of reasons why you need to do the same test again. Although they promise they will give the prescription when I visit them. I FEEL THEY ONLY CARE YOUR MONEY.

Priyanka Shetty

3 years ago

They are swarmed but they take care of their pets. Their monthly payments are affordable. Love their automation service

Melody Parson

4 years ago

I had to stop in to get a prescription card for a food my regular vet doesn't carry... let me say I was appalled by the attitude from the ladies at the front desk. Sure they got me my card quick, but an emergency came in while they were helping me and the receptionist straight up ignored the man! I gave him the number to the emergency vet to help him out, the lady at the front just gave him a dirty look. I understand you don't see emergencies here, but these puppies were dying and needed to be helped immediately and I could not believe they just ignored him. Absolutely disgusting, money-hungry practice.

Lisa Boy

4 years ago

Banfield in Waterford Lakes is terrible! I guess their 2.8 review speaks for itself! I just wish I would have checked the reviews before I took my dog there. Henceforth, I did and it was terrible service from the time I walked in as well as the place being filthy. To make a long story short and $263.09 later, after administering my dogs medication orally as the prescribed instructions stated, decided to google the medication and found out that the medication is not to be taken orally. It was drops for an ear infection and should have been put into the ear. I immediately called and could not get a response until the next day. The manager Curtis called with a very arrogant attitude. Basically telling me that it was not a big deal. I then proceeded to ask for a full refund and that I had also contacted their corporate headquarters and he informed me that corporate doesn’t tell him what to do. He then stated he would check into it and give me a call back by the end of the day to which two days have passed and I have called the Waterford Lakes location for them to inform me that Curtis will not be back until after the first of the year and If I was concerned about my dog, that I could bring her back in and have her checked. (I wouldn’t take my dog back there if they gave me a year of free service) then asked to speak to his supervisor and I was told that they don’t know who his supervisor is LOL. Therefore, I would suggest when looking for a vet definitely check the reviews. I look at this location as a puppy mill veterinary clinic and DO NOT RECOMMEND this location.

Luke Moore

4 years ago

Terrible Service they charged me so much money just to make my dog so much worse, Gave him Antibiotics that only made him sicker, I took him to the next vet and she had told me all those test that where done were not needed and he had a …

Erik Vanpelt

4 years ago

1st off let me start out by saying I think it's funny when people give a review about their pets health care because they're inconvenienced that they have to wait that being said my dog was on death's door and this place saved my dog's life …

norma armas

4 years ago

WARNING! Do not get your pet to this clinic. There are a bunch of clowns working there. They let Pebble die. A beatiful dog that was at the clinic just for theeth/ mouth care and end up dead...This case is already on the news. Before …

Tosha Davis

4 years ago

We dropped Princess our 4 year old canine off for a vaccination drop off. The staff was very sympathetic and listened to our needs. I had sever anxiety just dropping her off. After speaking to the nurse and seeing her with my baby my anxiety level went down. She treated my baby as her own. When I called to check on her the doctor answered all my questions and made me feel at ease. The office associates was very pleasant and understanding getting us in at the last minute. I will definitely be coming back for more visits in the future.

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