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Jacob Albritton

2 years ago

Hope you can clear your whole day for this place…the Banfield at the Orange Park Petsmart is a disaster. They consistently conveniently neglect to provide pertinent information regarding appointments. For example, we scheduled our dog for a simple allergy shot, they looked at our younger dogs file, and said sure bring him in this won’t be a problem and it will be in and out. Fast forward to me leaving work, and bringing the dog in to find out they aren’t going to accept him because he’s never had the shot and now all of a sudden he needs a full appointment to get an allergy shot. Their scheduling is even worse if that’s believable. We have an appointment scheduled for today 12/11/21 for routine shots that has been made OVER a week ago. We just receive a call an hour before our scheduled appointment time stating they won’t accept our dog until an hour after the scheduled time because they and I quote “have consistently had issues around lunch, and that time slot isn’t available because they’re testing the drop offs then”. If the time slot isn’t available it’s a simple solution…don’t advertise it as available on the website and allow people to plan their days around bringing their pets in and having to STAY with them the whole time because drop offs aren’t a possibility. Yes this actually happened. We can’t accept the appointment you’ve already been confirmed for because we’re testing dropped off pets, but we don’t accept dropped off pets. 10/10 should avoid this cluster of an operation. We’ll be finding a new Vet that understands customer service and has the integrity to stick to their confirmed appointments. Typically add a star for good customer service, but the people over the phone were rude while explaining this and that’s unacceptable.

Elia Alexander

2 years ago

Slowly service Hard to get someone to


2 years ago

This place was the most compassionate caring pet hospital. Thank you for making my worst day easier. I highly recommend this animal hospital.

Sierra Ferguson

2 years ago

Always backed up. The receptionist acts like she barely knows what’s going on and can barely inform customers anything. I schedule here when Oak leaf doesn’t have any openings. I always regret it!!! I do it for my dog though but I would not recommend this location. They need to STOP scheduling appts if you guys are backed up and short staffed.

Terri Pletcher

2 years ago

Friendly, professional and caring. Very nice and very helpful!

Gabriele Campolongo

2 years ago

They were very good, personable & professional. They were very understanding & knowledgeable of our pet's diagnosis, bc we had just moved into this area & they were able to obtain our pet's records from our previous state's Banfield Hosp. All in all,Very helpful & good @ what they do!

Paul Cox Jr

2 years ago

Haven't been there for years .

Cordella Halterman

3 years ago

Great people work there ....and they took great care of our Bella....


3 years ago

Banfield does not well owners of pets back in treatment area. And are still milking the covet 19 excuse.

JoAnn Christensen

3 years ago

Wait times are long & waiting chairs not comfortable.Sremd to me an area is needed for distraught pet parents with animals with medical issues( possible death of the animal pet)

Samantha Natal

3 years ago

The staff here is amazing.

Kylie Mann

3 years ago

The staff is ALWAYS so kind and informative. They take the BEST care of my sweet fur baby.

Kickback JustRelax

3 years ago

When I came to pick up my dog an employee had a leash around her throat and was pulling her back to keep her from running to me, which wouldn't have been an issue if she didn't have a partially collapsed trachea and wasn't a dog breed with a breathing problem. They are helpful over the phone but that experience was so unpleasant that I will not be returning for care.

Sarah Anderson

3 years ago

Amazing service, sweeet staff and a happy puppy even on shots day.

Sandra Wolske

3 years ago

No place to sit while waiting.Very expensive

michelle East

3 years ago

Love the team at Banfield Pet Hospital so caring and loving to my little yorkie

Sharon Boyda

3 years ago

Staff and Drs are always friendly. They take care of both my pups and make sure I understand every step of the visit and address any concerns or questions I have.

charzetta murray

3 years ago

Staff is always pleasant but the wait time to drop off or pick up is always long...i d9nt live near so anytime i bring my dog i have to spend the whole day out in orange park waiting to pick her up

Caprice Dunbar

3 years ago

The staff is very friendly and thorough.

Caitlin Brandon

3 years ago

Went in today to have my puppy receive her Lyme vaccine. I already had an issue at another vet that did not even carry it despite them having told me they did. When I made the appointment I explained what happened at the other vet and stressed that I ONLY needed the Lyme vaccine for my puppy(she isn’t due for any others till next week). I am from out of town and have my puppy on a schedule to ensure that she isn’t overloaded with too many vaccines at one time and has time to adjust between vaccines. The schedule was set by my vet per their recommendations. Upon setting the appointment I gave general information as well as the age of my puppy(even gave the birth date). The girl on the phone was nice and got me in for a drop off appointment the day after I had an issue with the other vet... she assured me they did do the Lyme vaccine and did have it. I had my vet send over her records and they verified they received them upon arrival on the day of her appointment, I once again said she ONLY needed the Lyme vaccine. Her weight was taken and I waited for a couple of minutes before a tech came out and told me she wasn’t due for any vaccines for another week... To which I responded that I know she isn’t due for her CORE vaccines for another week, but needs her Lymes vaccine. The tech looked confused and then went back to speak to the vet before coming out to tell me they can’t do that till 12 weeks... I once again told them that was the only vaccine she needed. They tried to tell me that they could just do it in a week with her other vaccines and I had to explain yet again what I needed and WHY. I’m not in town next week and at that point could just go to her vet back home. Mind you, I will have to reschedule her scheduled appointments. Don’t get me wrong, the techs and receptionist were very kind... but they clearly did not make note of the information I gave multiple times. I repeated myself so much and controlled my frustration with the situation due to it not being worth arguing about. I understand vets having different protocols, but would like to be told this before I waste my time and theirs. I also did not enjoy repeating myself as many times as I did. Heck, this could have been avoided with the person scheduling the appointment being aware of their practices/procedures. If you are going here as a new patient or are from out of town, be advised that this could potentially happen to you as well if these issues are not resolved. Thank you Banfield for being the SECOND vet to let me down this week and not make proper notes on appointments to ensure you aren’t wasting people’s time.

Bonnie B

3 years ago

I love the vets and technicians that help my furbabies

Ashley Shepherd

3 years ago

Awesome staff! Trust them dearly with my fur babes! Will continue to use this location!

Ashley Nicole (Ashley)

3 years ago

The staff here are so caring and informative. The tech for my cat (I wish I remembered her name), you could tell she loved her job of working with animals. Thanks Banfield for taking care of my kitty quickly and caringly! In Jan 2021, if your pet is sensitive to loud noises, the PetSmart (Banfield is inside the store) is doing renovations at the moment. So keep that in mind.

Steven Weeks

3 years ago

Good staff, attentive and appreciative

Tom Free

3 years ago

Really nice staff. Very helpful. Took great care of my labrador.

Tony Arias-Cruz

3 years ago

The team at the orange park location are great, they put us at ease with the services rendered.

Weston Pruneda

3 years ago

Took great care of my pup

William Schweikert

3 years ago

They took great care of my pup


3 years ago

In today’s society when media presence is more important than ever; and a review less than perfect can send that new client out the door -- next door, here are my two cents. I have to say our relationship with Banfield has been a hate – love relationship. Some background info, we only have my two pets, correction, two of our family members, in their insurance plan for over 10 years. Today for the first time I feel that the doctor we saw, Dr. Martin not only took the time to listen to my complaints, but to educate and show us that even that no-one knows our pets better than we do, he still is the vet. and treated us with care and respect. However, this review is not about the doctor but the tech, Ms. Brandi Tuttle. As a former dental assistant, and then administrator I know first-hand how important an assistant can be. Often, they go unnoticed and unappreciated, However, today Ms. Tuttle not only took GREAT care of our little 10 years old Princess from the beginning to the end of long 8 hrs. she was there. SHE kept us informed and putted us at ease while waiting, even when I was not the easiest or patient. Thought it was her job, we could tell she took pleasure in it to end, when she sent Princess home with this medicine bag… Thank you Ms. Tuttle.

Christopher Caldwell

3 years ago

Asked me 4 separate times if I had medical records. Took about 3 tries to get my pets name correct. Called me and left a voicemail around 3pm for a 5pm appointment to tell me it was cancelled. I called back to confirm and they said they had no record of anyone calling me. The visit wasn’t bad, vaccine got administered and records received which was all I needed.

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