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Morgan Peacock

2 years ago

Everyone I've spoken to has been really nice and helpful. They've always made sure I understand everything before I leave by listening to my questions. We love them!

Evelyn Cornell

2 years ago

My Shih Tzu received immediate care by Dr. Brown today. Everything was explained to me in advance in easy to understand terms. I so appreciate the timely and friendly care experienced today.

Abbie Walsh

2 years ago

After months of a run around with our usual vet I finally decided to take my dog to Dr. Bartlett to see what may be causing his chronic ear infections. She spent over 30 minutes with me discussing his health history, his environment, etc and came up with a wonderful plan to clear up the infections caused by his allergies- this plan included both short term and long term treatment plans. At our two week follow up we were discharged, again with a long term treatment plan. My dog is feeling better than ever and I was really impressed with the consideration and care Dr. Bartlett and her entire team expressed to me and my dog. I highly recommend anyone who is struggling with their pet's allergies to see Dr. Bartlett and her team- they are worth every penny and more!

Taylor Basford

3 years ago

They are so incredibly friendly. Really pleasant experience working with them and I haven't even met them face to face due to covid.

Layla D. Smith

3 years ago

It's disappointing that #1- the office staff speak over you when you are asking a question. I literally asked the young lady "to let me finish" TWICE. Granted, I was aggravated at that point. #2 - they don't make notes of your case IN your chart. We were just there less than 2 weeks ago, and at that point stated we thought we were coming in for allergy testing...? #3 - even if you SPECIFY that you want to come in for allergy testing, and you don't want to have to come back in another couple of weeks, they WILL NOT clearly tell you that CANNOT happen. That you need an evaluation first. Fine. But please tell your customers that, we went in believing we were going in for allergy testing. $450 later we left with no more knowledge about our poor dog, no tests done, no information. They did NOT tell us at the appointment to stop the vitamin E, nor to stop the salmon oil, whether we can continue the iviblend, or continue feeding salmon, quail, and duck. I had to ask these questions of a young lady on the phone who called me later when apparently, she didn't have time to actually speak to me, because she talked over me every opportunity she got. Which... Now that I think about it, the tech treated us rushed the day of the appointment too. They don't have enough time to be polite or even to give you good information. Wasted $450. I don't believe we will be back. As U of F has dermatology in Gainesville.

Annie Wright

3 years ago

I found the service,professionalism and concern for my pets complaint ,to be what any pet owner would hope for when their beloved pet needed care. Thanks to the entire staff.

Andre Ocampo

3 years ago

They found the main issue which was yeast infection in nails and mouth. Did the allergy skin test and soon I'll have a serum for my boy. He has returned to normal after a year in a cone

Marceil Simmons

4 years ago

Did not quit until they figured out what the problem was. So nice and caring!

Robbin Felcher

5 years ago

Wonderful group and Dr Abbott was wonderful.


5 years ago

I will not be going back to this place. I had a very unpleasant conversation with the office manager regarding a medication they gave my cat. They gave us a $30 bottle of heavily perfumed anti itch medication that made her flare up even worse. They refused to give a refund and on top of that, this medication is $15 on Amazon for the exact same brand. I'm very disappointed.

Janel Domenici

5 years ago

Great dermatologist and Anda fantastic assistant!!!

Ramon Nieves

6 years ago

Dr. Abbott is one of the best veterinary dermatologist I have ever come to known. He has helped me numerous times and the staff is always super nice and professional. They are very fast in responding your questions also. I highly recommend them.

Molly Millar

6 years ago

This place is hands down one of the best veterinary hospitals I have ever been too. From the staff in the waiting room to the dermatologist my dog was treated with the utmost respect and compassion. The dermatologist also only does the tests he believes are absolutely necessary in order to save me money instead of trying to raise the bill.He helped my horribly itchy pup go from non stop itching to comfortable in just 24 hours! Huge thank you from myself and my furbaby. We will be returning if in need in the future.

LiLNudists Cattery

6 years ago

Fantastic very knowledgeable and profession. My cat was so sick from his chronic skin allergies he had nearly died and the team here helped guide me through getting him well and he is now 100% healthy and happy!

Doug Clark

6 years ago

I'm with ms cari if u read her review . We have a 14 month old German Shepherd that we took to our regular vet here. he is scratching all the time since we moved to Palm coast and our vet at safe haven recommended Dr.Abbott. we took him to see him . After explaining what was wrong with our dog . The doc looked him over and decided he wanted $1500 to do a test on him to find out why he was so itchy . After a lot of sticker shock . Because I work for a living and am nowhere near rich. I had to do it . I couldn't let our little puppy suffer anymore . He didn't have this problem until we moved to Palm coast . After the doc did his test . He didn't really have a answer or a cause to why our dog was so itchy . He wanted another $500 to put him on this medicine . I told him I didn't have anymore money after the visit cost and his little test that proved to be worth nothing since it didn't tell us anything except the dog was fine . Dr . Abbottgave me a list of meds to get and a list of do, and don'ts . We got the medicine for our local pharmacy and couldn't believe the price difference from the Dr. Office to there. ( Definitely not good business to up charge on med for pets I'm just saying ) we filled Dr Abbott's directions letter for letter in hopes of healing our puppy . After a week of being on the meds our dog stopped eating , stopped sleeping , stopped playing ,stopped everything, he couldn't even get up on his bed he was so bad off . When I called the Dr office and told them what was going on . They had no answer for us . The Dr never called us back !! Never !! We tiook our dog off all the meds he told us would help him . After 2 weeks or so he finally is starting to be his happy puppy self again . He's still itchy but have new appointment with a real dermatologist not a fake Dr. That puts your pet on a bunch of pills and tells you he's going to be alright . Very disappointed with this place I'll never go back , and will never recommend him to anyone . All I seen was a money hungry guy that takes advantage of people . He doesn't care about your pet !! That was proven to us loud and clear .

Jeremy Cooper

7 years ago

Fantastic doctor. He really takes his time with you, and his staff is great. After 4 vets that were unable to do anything for my dog, he was able to get her back to healthy and happy.

Keri Darnell

8 years ago

Our vet referred our two year old dog to Dr. Abbott because we had been unable to completely heal a sore our dog got when he was around 6 months old. Our vet had treated it with antibiotics and an anti-fungal, but it never would totally …

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