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Richard Smith

2 years ago

Found what I needed store was clean and staffed well with friendly and helpful employees

Peggy Worley

2 years ago

The staff was friendly and helpful. I was able to find everything I needed for my new puppy.

Staci Turner

2 years ago

BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!! I thought this was a decent place at first until I went to Banfield in St. Augustine and they stated my dog’s teeth were in bad shape. We moved to Florida a year ago and began using the PetSmart at St. John’s Town Center for cleaning his teeth and apparently they were not cleaning his teeth!!! Clearly if my dog’s teeth were in good standing a year ago. When we lived in VA, our dog’s teeth were in top shape. I hope someone at this PetSmart location reads this review and improves the teeth cleaning service because this can possibly turn into a LARGE bill with their partner Banfield which are the ones the blew the whistle on his teeth!!! You have to wonder if they are working together to make each other wealthy by not performing well so the other partner (Banfield) can make money. BUYER BEWARE!!!!

Leeanna Church

2 years ago

Found everything I wanted and then some

LaToya Bowens

2 years ago

I luv PetSmart, they take really good care of your pets..


2 years ago

Be prepared to wait there for awhile before ehen you go to pick up your online order. Literally 4 people walked right by me obviously standing there by the "online pick up sign"

Crystal Johnson

2 years ago

Should be ashamed of how they keep their bettas. Terrible…

Julia Z

2 years ago

I have been coming here for the past 2 years if not longer and I've had nothing but good experiences until today's visit. Today on 11/28/21 @ 9:30 am I had a scheduled grooming appointment for my dog. The receptionist, Allice, offered my dog and I a very distasteful visit. Prior to my appointment I had a phone call from Allice to confirm my grooming appointment and in the phone call she called my dog the wrong name which I kindly corrected her and her response was, "Well, that's a weird name." I did not know how to respond to that comment and felt very saddened that an employee can make a remark like that. As a pet owner, we are all proud of our pet names. On the day of the appointment, Allice working as the receptionist in the grooming department checked my dog in. She partially went over the paperwork I had to sign and failed to mention the price gouge until after the grooming service was completed. She made a remark that this is my fault for failing to read the paperwork I signed. I agreed with her that it was my mistake, however in my defense I've been coming to this Petsmart for 2+ years and put my trust that I will be properly informed of any prices gouges in advance as I was in the past. Towards the end, I paid my grooming service with the cashier and upon coming back to pick up my dog, Allice asks me for my receipt in front of other people to, "Make sure you paid your bill." I was very embarrassed and felt disrespected. I felt like I was being labeled as an untrustworthy customer in front of other people. Allice proceeded to state that she never got my dog's name wrong which I know is incorrect. Previous invoices show the correct name for my dog. With this being said, Allice, if you were having a bad day today it was not right for you to take it out on me. I hope by my next visit you complete proper customer service training and be mindful to be kind to customers as well as their pets. In regards to the groomer Christian, you did a very nice job with my dog's haircut, she looks beautiful.

Lynn Reinhardt

2 years ago

Paid for 2 of the donations

Paige Cargile

2 years ago

After every store close to me was sold out of Chameleons this petsmart came to my hearts rescue ???? Upon calling they had one in stock so I took the almost 2 hour drive to pick her up. She is about 6 months old and absolutely perfect in every way!!! She’s the friendliest chameleon I’ve ever been around and we are all so in love with her! Great customer service and a beautiful healthy chameleon! She is already growing and shedding her first skin since I’ve had her!

Stephanie Kale

2 years ago

I hate that the grooming is in the back of the store, but they're super nice. Although the whole social distance this is getting old.

Roosevelt Brown

2 years ago

Excellent store. located right in the middle of the St. Johns Town center. automated doors, handicap accessible. Normally there is a sale going. staff is friendly and helpful.

Ashley Kristen

2 years ago

They do a great job giving the dog's haircuts.. However they rude about elderly dogs. My dog was slipping on the laminate flooring, as would any dog, and they stated "well idk if she's going to be able to stand on the table. If she can't stand we'll just have to stop the haircut and have you come pick her up. She looks unsteady". She is a strong 15yr old dog that has never had a problem with grooming. This is the second time petsmart has belittled my older dog, no one else has a problem giving her haircuts. I only went here bc they had availability sooner than petco but never again.

Christopher King

2 years ago

There all ways nice, and clean There

Faleisha Estep

2 years ago

Sent my husband to buy me a snake because when I was in there the sign clearly said 69.99 but when my husband got there they told him that one was priced at 149.99 because it was fancy although the sign stated 69.99. And the picture on it was the same color as the one I wanted. And not one employee could tell me what made it fancy only that the color was different. I’ve been shopping here for years and now they have lost a long time customer over this.

King Crum

2 years ago

Everything I needed for my pets

Lakesha Leach

2 years ago

This was a nice PetSmart. Fully stocked & made sure we found everything we needed. Normally I'm looking for crickets at home & they never have them in stock like we need. This PetSmart had no issues. Pay attention Pooler, Abercorn & Victory Dr.

Sandie Smith

2 years ago

We go in looking for harness and sweater for our small dog. I'm disabled with a bad back so when we go into stores I get a buggy to ensure I don't fall and can lean on so it takes pressure off my back. We were not sure which one would fit our dog and needed help. I go up front to the 2 cashiers and let them know wanted help and where. I was told that someone will be there shortly. We wait and wait and wait and wait. My husband starts walking around to see if he can see someone. After about 15-20 minutes I call the store. I was told the person who will help me is helping someone now in the fish area. I guess I wasn't important enough that you wait on someone else after I asked 1st??? By now my back is screaming and we've had enough. The person who I spoke to stated she is the manager...she sounded very young so I don't know if she was or not but she wouldn't say her name clearly either. Not trustworthy at all. So if you know what you want and don't need help this place is for you. No true customer service. No help just horrible service. Corporate needs to be involved in this store!! We went to the Monument store and was given help and great service.


2 years ago

I had to drag my friends away from the birds

A Brown

2 years ago

Very rude lady that didn't help me today She didn't have a name tag on and was VERY RUDE. I came in to buy a fish SIMPLE . If you don't like your job quit don't be rude to customers.

Wilton Durham

2 years ago

Extremely well organized and clean... Vets were very nice and courteous..

Tami McBryde

2 years ago

Easy to get in and out of, many options for your pet needs and greeds. Lots of toys, foods, goodies, collar/harness/leashes, clothing, and more for your furry family member. Grooming is in-house, too! Staff was friendly, helpful, patient. The customers were chill, too. Great fun was had by all of our party, both the 2-footed and the 4-footed ones.

Jessica Lewis-Gilbert

2 years ago

I was very disappointed in the grooming service that my dog Zeba received today by Kayla B. First and foremost, her coat was damp and she stated she couldn’t complete dry her due to her being stress. Secondly, the corner of her eyes and around the top of nose was still stain from earlier. Lastly, she didn’t smell like she was bathed in CHI shampoo,CHI conditioner or the CHI grooming spritz like her previously grooming experiences with Katrina. I would like to be reimburse on my credit card.

Susanna Murphy

2 years ago

Do not sign up for their wellness program! It is a scam and a rip off and impossible to cancel even when your pet dies! It is actually cheaper and you get better advice by just going to an outside veterinarian!

sherrie durden

2 years ago

Very clean store. Had the cutest Halloween costumes for the "kids". Love the dragon costume the best!

Roy Dale Norman

2 years ago

Nice clean store lots of selections

Kaitlyn Holle

2 years ago

After our Doberman had been at the groomers for less than an hour, I got a call saying he was being “difficult” and had diarrhea and was “rolling in it” and had to be washed 4 times because of it. I was also told he couldn’t be put it a normal cage, because he was pawing at the wiring and was asked to come pick him up without them finishing the services. He was soaking wet when I picked him up and he was sliding all around because of it (great way to break a leg). After observing him at home for 8 hours, he has had no diarrhea or behavior issues. He has had over 400 hours of behavior training in the last two months and can walk with me in other stores completely unnoticed by other guest, so I find it hard to believe that he was a “behavior problem.” This was by far not his first time at a groomers, but it was the first time at this location and the first time we were called because he was “difficult.” I’ve never seen him so excited for me to get him from the groomers. Extremely disappointed. Groomers name was Brittany. We’ll never be back.

Jaclyn Normile

2 years ago

Great store with knowledgeable associates


2 years ago

Savannah did an awesome job! Quick, kind, and professional service.

Mike McHenry

2 years ago

Didn't have the toy we were looking for, even though online it said they did. Also didn't have any kittens. For some reason they don't seem to very often have any kittens.

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