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Erin Nasco

2 years ago

I have to say that my review is a mirror image of the one below. We also sent our 1 year old dog French Bulldog for an 8 week board and train for $6800 bc he is also very very human reactive. His human reactivity is the only reason I would even consider spending so much money …. But I decided if it could bring some coping skills for our pup and peace to our home then it was money well spent. I also kept my expectations very realistic… and Curtis assured me that my expectations were achievable. I also had no doubt that after 8 weeks … our pup would come home with great manners and be well trained with commands. I truly am just so disappointed. Our pup can now walk better on a leash but that’s out about it. There are/were no commands learned. The only training appeared to be with his prong collar and a noise. He also came home with scabs all around his neck …. And an open sore at the top of his neck. His nails were SO LONG … which definitely doesn’t indicate he was walked daily and he was absolutely filthy. He’s been back with us for about a month now … and is still INCREDIBLY human reactive. I have to crate him anytime any (ONE) person comes over because he still can’t handle people coming into our home. He most definitely cannot be taken to Home Depot or an outside cafe (which I was told he could now handle). Definitely not the case. Unfortunately, I feel Hank spent alot of his time inside a crate while he was gone. I definitely do not think he was exposed to any situation outside of the trainers house (with the exception of one outing the week before I picked him up). We have also purchased an E collar to try and help with his reactivity …. And it does seem to be pretty helpful so far. We had looked into two companies… but ultimately went with Curtis bc at that price (both companies were the same price) I felt a board and train would get more bang for my buck … as the other company wouldn’t do a board and train since Hank is considered aggressive. Wish I would have went with the other company ????????. Though scheduling them to come to my hone for 8 weeks would have been very inconvenient…. I would have at least been able to see my dog being worked with on the issues I hired them to help correct. I feel like I paid ALOT of money for my dog to be able to walk on a leash ???????? And that’s about it. Though Curtis seems to be very nice person … it sadly was not worth the money we paid.

April Gallagher

2 years ago

I never leave reviews but this time I feel compelled to. We dropped my dog off for a two month board and train in May. He is highly human reactive and struggles with anxiety. I was thrilled when we found a place who would even entertain training my “aggressive” Shepherd. However, after two months away, I had high expectations when he returned home. I knew his reactivity would still be an issue because that will be a lifelong battle but I expected big improvements. We brought home a dog who shows no signs of improvement in any way. Even with basic obedience which I expected he would be 1000% solid on. You would think by looking at him that he was never trained at all. It is frustrating considering we spent $6,000 for this training. He also has sores around his entire neck from his prong collar which tells me they never took it off which is alarming to me. He now cannot wear it until the sores heal so we are using his ecollar for training. We have made more progress with him at home ourselves than I feel he made in the two months he was away. I have felt stuck in my training with this dog for the three years I’ve had him and I thought this board and train would be my saving grace but it wasn’t in any way shape or form. The trainers are kind people, they really are. But I didn’t send my dog there for nice people I sent him there to be trained. I so badly wanted to be able to leave a positive review but unfortunately I just can’t. I truly feel like he was crated the majority of the time. If your dog struggles with human reactivity, I would suggest just continuing to work with them at home on your own or look into other training options. We were stuck between sending him here or to Jeff Gellman and decided here since it was closer to home but I honestly regret my decision and wish I could get a refund so I can send my dog somewhere to actually be trained. Extremely disappointed.

Erica Santella

3 years ago

Missy, my older dog, is no longer an anxious bundle of nerves. Missy has been through a lot of change in the past year. A household family member died and to compound matters, I had to travel more and leave her at a kennel due to other family issues. She became nervous and was barking and acting agitated over next to nothing. I could see she was miserable. After the Calm K9, Missy is now calm and relaxed with the extended training. Curtis talks to your before you sign up, during and after if needed. I explained my concerns and Curtis told me how he works through the process. He sent videos of Missy for me to watch her progress while she was away. When I picked Missy up, Curtis explained what I needed to do to keep the new behavior going. It works! I was concerned that Missy was too old to learn "new tricks" but that was not the case. My husband & I had over a dozen dogs over the past 35+ years, and Missy had me stumped. Highly recommend.

Ashley Hannay

3 years ago

If you’re reading this on your long search for a dog trainer, stop searching now and call CalmK9! CalmK9 is THE BEST program ever! Our 4 year old German Shepherd, Mia, was having issues with anxiety and reacting to other dogs. All of this stemmed from years of getting chased consistently by aggressive dogs on our walks. This resulted in her actually biting another dog, so naturally I became more anxious about letting her near any other dog, which in turn, created much more anxiety about even seeing dogs. Curtis was recommended to us because of his “calm” based, pack-style training program. We did a 4 week board and train where Mia was slowly and properly introduced to a pack of Curtis’ 13 or so dogs (all different breeds, ages, sizes) and from there Curtis and his wife worked with Mia on everything under the sun; most importantly, getting her to just chill out and realize there’s no threat and we (mom & dad) can handle the situation she’s in. Curtis would send me videos throughout the month Mia was there along with progress updates. It made me so happy to see her so calm and actually interacting with other dogs nicely! When I came to pick Mia up, Curtis spent around 2 hours with me showing me what all they worked on and teaching me how to do it and why it’s done. He answered all my questions and gave me so many tips and tricks and explanations. Even before we booked a session at CalmK9, Curtis spent so much time on the phone with me and my husband genuinely listening to our story and concerns and then explaining his training philosophy and techniques. When I dropped Mia off Curtis also spent a bit of time going over Mia’s “case” with me again-taking notes and whatnot. I really felt heard and completely secure in the choice to bring Mia to CalmK9. Curtis and his wife are incredibly knowledgeable and so so kind! They love dogs and people and it shows in their work. Since bringing Mia home, we have gone on SEVERAL public outings all of which have been SO much more calm and anxiety-free with Mia. Hanging out at the house has even been so much more relaxed! However, to be completely transparent, Mia had a rough time one of our outings to a very chaotic brewery the other night. But, that’s okay, bad days happen for puppies too! Curtis gave us all the right tools to deescalate and calm the situation, and we left on a good note and tried again the next day! I know this was the longest review in the world, but I want to be open about our training journey with Mia and again, I can’t say it enough how amazing CalmK9 was for us!

Brittany B

3 years ago

Craig saved our family! We have 2 large dogs who started fighting each other after we moved into our new house. No matter what we tried to do nothing was working. Craig was our last hope before possibly having to rehome one of our dogs. We sent both dogs to him (Gunner for 2 weeks and Loki for 3 weeks). He send us video updates and pictures. The 2 hour training session to pick them up was very informative. After bringing them home I would text him questions and he responded with great advice to continue training. Now a year later, we have had 0 fights between the boys. They behave so much better! I am able to take both of them places by myself! Before Craig I would have to have my husband with me and even that was a task with both of them. I am so so thankful for Craig!! My only complaint was that one of my dogs came home with a little bed sore on his ankle from how he sleeps on the hard crate. We had provided a bed/blanket for the crate that wasn’t used. The sore healed perfectly. Again if it weren’t for Craig’s training we would have had to rehome one of our dogs which would have been the hardest decision. So so thankful for the constant support!

Victoria Feliciano

3 years ago

I have a 2 year old Pitbull that had EXTREME aggression issues. I struggled daily with walks and her super hyper anxiety at home but most of all her aggression towards people and other dogs was our biggest issue. It was so hard to find a trainer that wanted work with her and I did enough research and came across Curtis with the Calm K9 and he was willing to help me and I boarded her with him for 6 weeks and was scared she wouldn’t even allow him to come near her. On the FIRST day Curtis sent me multiple videos of updates on how she was doing and he already had her on walks within a couple of hours!!!! He was very communicative with me and I loved his updates on how she was progressing. She is now home and we are mind blown at the difference. I have so much fun on walks with her and don’t have to worry about her going after a neighbor or even pulling on the leash. She is so calm at home and is so much more relaxed. We still have a lot of work to continue what he taught us but every day she is better than the last. Thank you so much Curtis for your passion to love and help dogs to live a happy calm life!! It was worth the wait and the money spent. If you don’t think your dog can be helped contact the Calm K9 and it will change your life and your dogs!

tiffany foster

3 years ago

I got Lula when she was just a puppy. It was love at first site, but she wasn't easy! I chalked it up as "puppy stuff" and thought, she'll out grow this. As she grew though, her energy did too. She became very territorial and even had altercations with the the neighbor dog, which really created a lot of stress and drama for me. For three years, I couldn't take her outside of my fence, for fear of how she would react to and behave with other animals. She was kept inside a lot with pent up energy that creates a lot of anxiety for her and for me. When she DID get to go outside, it was a dread as well, as she would run up and down the fence barking and chasing the neighbor dog. I couldn't get her to listen to me. THEN, I found Curtis and Meredith at "The Calm K-9". The first day we arrived, I was so anxious, as I left her literally having had jumped on and not getting down from a table. Within the first hour of leaving her though, I received videos of her calm and staying in place where she was told to stay. There were dogs walking right by her and she never flinched. I was amazed! Since being home, Lula is happier, calm and loving. She has been outside the fence, on several walks on her leash, for the first time in three years and without incident. Indoors is a completely different atmosphere, very calming and she listens to me without issue. I can't say about about our life changing experience with "The Calm K-9". I can only try and spread the word on how wonderful they are. They have made our lives better with their hard work and love for Lula, as well as shown us continued support through phone call check ins to make sure we are continuing to do well. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts Curtis and Meredith ♥️

Jim Mitchell

3 years ago

Really enjoyed my breakfast, you will not be disappointed

Christy Strait

3 years ago

From the moment of realizing our new rescue was more than we could handled, Curtis and Meredith were there to help. It's been 7 years since our initial training with The Calm K9 and we are forever greatful! Curtis has a natural gift and has equipped us with techniques and behavioral knowledge that has allowed our family peace of mind in dealing with aggressive behavior. He has continued to make himself available through the years for boarding and refresher courses to us humans, but his first greeting has always been, "How's baby doing?" Curtis and Meredith truely care about the animals entrusted in their care and we would never feel comfortable leaving our baby with anyone else.


4 years ago

I don't think is right what this trainer did to us. We have a playful pitbull mix. My wife was pregnant and we thought that was a good idea to save money to train our tough dog. Our income is not the greatest and only me being working …

Adhir Chobe

4 years ago

I sent both my dogs ( a French Bulldog and a German Shepherd) for training with Curtis. Both had different behavioral needs and Curtis was able to get them both at a calm pet level where we can enjoy being with them. …


4 years ago

I brought my Rottweiler to Curtis for an hour training session. Everything Curtis taught was simple and easy to absorb but extremely effective. Only 2 weeks later my dog is constantly being complemented on his behavior, and is a joy to be …

Federico Chaffardett

4 years ago

I do not recommend it to anyone, my puppy was in this place for 15 days, and he did not learn anything at all, he just arrived with marks on his neck because of the use of the collar that the connoisseur puts on them, and he was bitten by a …

Kayce Decastro

4 years ago

Thank you for the amazing time you spent with our dogs! I knew from the first phone call my two young large dogs were in amazing and talented hands, they were safe and also starting a new phase in their life’s. We needed help in control, …

Lilly KLK

4 years ago

One of the best trainers I have ever met, they are so caring and helpful. As soon as I met them things started to get better with my doggy and ever since they have helped me so much. I wouldn’t be were I am today with my dog. Thank you so much.

Sarah Savage

4 years ago

The calm k9 has saved my dog! After biting multiple people and dogs, I was worried that my cattle dog, Oakley would be put down, he was never taken out of the house off leash which was sad for us both considering our love of the outdoors …

Kevin Hansen

5 years ago

Best experience I have had with any company! Let me start at the beginning. 7 months ago I rescued a dog from a local …

Anabeth Nazario

5 years ago

It's taken me some time to write this. I am so grateful to Curtis and his wife. I have female bulldog/pit sisters and they are a handful!! Calm K9 really turned them around! I have stayed consistent with the techniques Curtis showed me and 2 months later at 6 months old they are soooo well behaved. I would have never thought they would be this obedient. Thank you!!

Anita Wright

5 years ago

Where do I begin!!! What originally led me to Curtis was my German Hunting Terrier, Steeler. Having a wildlife and Exotic Rehab (and pet rescue in general) background, I was completely baffled why I couldn't get this little guy to pay …

Behave-U K9 Training

5 years ago

We had followed The Calm K9 Facebook posts and UTube videos for awhile before we met Curtis and Meredith for shadow training. Spending time with them and seeing how they work with multiple dogs and the calm energy throughout was pure …

Stephanie Bryan

5 years ago

Very very happy that I chose The Calm k9. I was so nervous about sending her off to bootcamp. Curtis made me feel at ease when we arrived. Before I was able to get back to my house I already had a video of her playing with other dogs. She …

MMC 978

5 years ago

Curtis and Meredith are the real deal. I have had the honor of watching them work my own dogs, their own dogs and their client dogs, and I am always so impressed with their's always obvious to me that they are very gifted …

Liza Crunk

5 years ago

Curtis is an outstanding trainer! He helped turn our Raven’s behavior problems around! Now she’s a calmer K9! His years of experience in training dogs is very evident in his successfulness of the many dogs he has trained. He also trained my cousins dogs in Tennessee. He was highly recommended by her. Also, I take Raven for boarding when on vacation to help reinforce her skills. I would highly recommend the Calm k9.

Larry Mea

5 years ago

Edited: Curtis did not train my dog nor would I ever send my dogs to be trained by him. But he did “train” a friends dog. Said friend spent over $1000 on a training program (I recommended against). Only to have a fancy new prong collar and …

Caylie Maldonado

5 years ago

Calm K9 not only helped our dogs but they helped us to see how dogs see. They made us a very cohesive and loving pack! They are the perfect balance between professional, funny, and flexible. Absolutely adore them and the work they do everyday

John Styles

6 years ago

I am so glad that I took my vets advice and hired Curtis and The Calm K9. I have taken my two dog's to 3 different trainers in the past and they weren't able to give me the results that Curtis was able to accomplish. While they were there …

Joseph Bennett

6 years ago

Easy and lasting results. My dog has really transformed into a family pet. 10/10 would recommend

Brittany Dixon

6 years ago

My dog showed signs of aggression towards other people. After speaking with Curtis and setting up a month program I dropped off my dog and within an hour received a video showing my dog a room with strangers. I couldn’t believe it! I can take my dog anywhere now and receive compliments on how well behaved he is, thanks Curtis!!

Breakthrough K9 Training

6 years ago

One of the biggest motivators for us to go professional was Curtis' own success story. We would watch his videos over and over again then, one day - we met over the phone. After kicking off our business, my wife and I have been to their …

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