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Joshua Rodriguez

a year ago

Last visit was bad,everything was rushed, and fast, doctor walked in spoke to. Me. And walked right out, when I had questions I had to wait 15min to get an answer, been here before its been better in the past

Karen Vitale

a year ago

Staff is excellent, and show how they are very caring❤ for all pets

Chase Swoap

a year ago

I've been going here w my fur babies for almost 2 years. They are wonderful.

Laura Ryan

2 years ago

Midtown saved my dog's life when he ate 10 feet of rope. Can't thank them enough????????

Holly Caram

2 years ago

I can't believe I haven't gotten to writing a review yet but I absolutely love both veterinarians and all the staff who work at this clinic. They've taken wonderful care of both of my dogs and their pricing is very fair! My one dog is literally allergic to grass and never could get relief. Dr. Emily told us about this non steroid shot that has done wonders for him and he had it months ago! And that same dog, my problem child, was just diagnosed with diabetes and they walked me through every step and have given him great care! Wouldnt dream of taking my dogs anywhere else.

Davie Marino

2 years ago

The receptionist at the front desk was very informative and kind an explained what was going to occur

Bob Kirsch

2 years ago

This is a first class team. With a very thorough veterinarian and knowledgeable staff, right away I knew my dog was in good hands. His illness was diagnosed and a treatment plan was presented and agreed on by Dr. Laura and myself. When we got home after a quick bath in special shampoo and a couple days of meds my dog was feeling better. We will continue on the regimen that was explained in detail and in very understandable terms in a couple weeks for follow up.

Jon Erdmann

2 years ago

Money grubbing, poor communication, and I blame them for the death of the cat.

Megan McGee

2 years ago

Friendly efficient staff, reasonable prices for my fur-child's UTI, great drive-thru for the RX pick up! Super downtown location, one block E of Pine

Chris Hamm

2 years ago

Great staff and the Dr. was wonderful!!!

Heather Wickham

2 years ago

Dr. Emily and Dr. Laura are the best veterinarians in Florida. Through all stages of my cat and dogs' lives these wonderful ladies have held our paws and kept my fur family healthy and happy.

Martin M

2 years ago

Dr. North and her staff are so awesome. They were so helpful with getting my dog through an issue he was experiencing and at the same time very timely. They didn't spend more time with him then needed and are so efficient in getting my dog in and out of the vet office. I do recommend this veterinarian to anyone who has a pet.

Annemarie Minton

2 years ago

I took my dads dog for his appointment, the place was very clean very nice staff and doctor. Very easy

Merri Maurer

2 years ago

Dr. North takes very good care of my old Trudy!

Michael Dorworth

2 years ago

Wonderful and caring staff not just about your animal but they're concerned about you as the animals owner.

Legend Films

2 years ago

We were referred to the Vet from the Marion County ANimal shelter when we adopted Cali our cat in 2019. They have been nothing but the best decision we ever made. We were at another vert and had nothing but troubles and now we take our two dogs and our cat to Midtown Vet. Dr. Emily to passionate about her job and her furry friends. A customer for life.

Duke Clarke

2 years ago

Not often I write reviews. I am so thankful to Dr Emily and her Staff. I have met many vet clinics over my years, Midtown Animal Clinic is outstanding, professional and most of all sooo carrying. I feel very fortunate to meet this wonderful clinic, after my Vet of 16 years retired, I was in search of a clinic helping my furry kids with their medical issues,.. After a few different places .. never was satisfied, I met Dr. Emily and her Staff. Not only saved she my special Cat Abby, she gives all my pets the most outstanding care they need at the time. Her Staff is so amazing as well, and caring and so sweet. Thank you for all you do! :-) And Thank you taking care of my "kids" Conny and the Clarke' Kids

Jeff Waters

2 years ago

One of the best place in town to take your pets to .

Valerie Montgomery

2 years ago

Best vets and support staff ever! Always helpful and kind. Reasonable prices for exceptional care!


2 years ago

Never had issues here and actually spoke pretty highly of Dr North until recently when we brought one of our dogs in and was berated with no reason. Not very professional to talk down to your clients and make them feel like bad people, we will be switching offices.

Shannon Boatright

2 years ago

This is the best vets office in ocala, i would highly recommend them to all my friends and family!!! Staff is always so amazing with all my fur baby, pricing is reasonable as well!! Thanks for everything y'all do !!! ???? keep up the awesome job.

Rosemary Lapanne

2 years ago

Was confused about getting to the drive through window. The girl that waited on me was very nice and helpful.


2 years ago

I have been taking my dogs to Dr. Emily for 5 years. Dr. Emily was held in high regards andI recommended everyone go to her. Sadly, with COVID my experience is less than acceptable. Here are the separate scenarios that occurred as to why my family and myself are not going back to this clinic: In an emergency after my dog ate some onion sauce, they were able to fit me in quickly with Dr. Laura, I was very appreciative of this. She felt the need to lecture me on “letting” my dog get into onions, despite me saying I am aware of the issues since I am a veterinary student. I did the right thing for bringing my dog in immediately, yet she felt the need to make me feel worse about the situation when I only wanted to know he was okay. He was okay, had fluids and had no problems while monitored for the day and on the bloodwork. Subpar customer service on her part. When I was out of town for two days, the same dog had bloody diarrhea. My dad took him in to the vet, again on short notice they were able to fit him in which was great on their part. My dad was unsure where the blood came from (vomit/coughing/feces), but I told him it looked like poop over a picture but to be sure bring a sample to the vet, I also didn’t think he would have anything left in him if it was diarrhea. My dad offered a sample of the bloody stool to the technician that collected the dog. Unfortunately, the technician that collected my dog said they didn’t need the sample, and Scrappy did not have enough present in him for a sample at the clinic. I feel like this is poor training of staff. A fresh sample should always be preferred rather than causing discomfort and possible pain in an animal. I received medical records and no mention of the bloody diarrhea was present and it only talks about vomit. When the technician called for a recheck, they only asked about vomiting and when I corrected them and asked why the sample wasn’t taken they didn’t know and no notes were made concerning that. Then my other dog needed medical records that they did not have. When asked for his medical records the first time, they only sent half of it. Then when I called back asking why they don’t have record of any of his vaccines or even his neuter he had there and why the rabies vaccine was only a one year, the receptionist hung up on me. I am confused why a veterinarian will allow the purchase of heartworm preventatives without doing any exams or heartworm tests for two years, because there is no record of those being done yet they approved purchase of the heartworm preventatives yearly through this vet. If a dog has heartworms and takes the preventatives, it can be deadly for the animal. As someone that cares for the wellbeing of their animals dearly, this is concerning. TLDR: veterinarian lectures clients after an accident when the owner brings them in for an emergency visit, dismisses clients when they are being proactive in offering crucial diagnostic samples, rude receptionist that hangs up on you after they made a mistake, concerning veterinary practicing with medication dispersement. I would keep all receipts you get from this company for proof of treatments, ask for frequent medical records to confirm they are updating it, and to double check medications yourself via research or by another veterinarian to ensure proper treatment for your animals.

Destiny Heatherly

2 years ago

We have taken out dog here for over 4 years. Great vet and surgeons!!

John Prendergast

2 years ago

Great staff and Dr Emily does wonderful work. Very kind and caring staff.

Kezan Cloud

2 years ago

My old cat began to vomit at 12 at night took her to emergency UF clinic. Had follow up with Midtown at 4:30 pm. My cat is old longhaired dehydrated and very ill. My car airconditioning doesn't work. I asked office staff to bring in my cat in her cat carrier in office air. They said NO. I waited 5 minutes and then asked if they would tell Dr. North about my sick cat in the heat as i had been going their for 4 years and it was 90 degrees out in the parking lot. waited 5 minutes then asked again if they told he vet about my cat. They said they were not going to tell Dr. North about my cat. It was now 5:00 and I was going to leave to go home as no other vet was open when one of vet techs that showed compassion to animals on a previous visit and i began to tell her anout my cat when one of the office staff came out and began yelling at me and told me to leave. Then Dr. North came out and said it was just a misunderstanding. My sick cat was in 90 drgree heat for 30 minutes and it was a misunderstanding? Dr. North said she would give fluids to my cat which i allowed because my cat probbly would have died from dehydration. Then took her to another vet the next day that did not have my cat waiting in a hot car for 30 minutes. HORIBLE TREATMENT OF MY CAT AND MYSELF By MIDTOWN

nora greenia

2 years ago

Love all the staff and both vets are great...they are always very busy helping pets and pet parents.

Sara Dunham

2 years ago

Friendly caring thorough. I was totally impressed!

Phylliss Mulkey

2 years ago


Charles Guynn

2 years ago

Very professional consistently. Thank you Doc Emily

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