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Ron Whyte

2 years ago

The staff are amazing and love animals. I dont understand the negative reviews of a dirty or smelly place as I have never experienced this. They treat me and my dog great and handle large dogs better than any vet I've ever dealt with. Normally we have an appointment, but this time we had an issue and were taken as a walkin and with 4 pets ahead of us only waited about an hour while they had a full schedule. Edit-so the desk staff is so hit and miss with information and just being nice when they make mistakes. A couple of months ago I called and asked how much to put down a cat that they hadn't ever seen. Was given pricing and the next day when I called to bring the cat in was told I'd be charged the walkin fee (for a cat that could barely move it was so sick and it was just a stray we had near our house). When I said I didn't have the money for euthanasia really and certainly couldn't afford more I was told not to bring the cat. I then watched the poor thing slowly starve to death for 3 more days. Now today I call to make an appointment for another stray we had taken to them and now we are responsible for its vaccinations. The girl says the first date they have available. I then say no I need a different day, she says ok and then goes back to trying to schedule me for the wrong day again. I calmly clarify again what date I needed. She again replies she's heard me to then again start trying to book me for the wrong day. So I sternly correct her at which point I was told "don't yell at me". At what point does doing your job right matter? And to get mad at the customer who 3 times had to correct your inaccuracy. Looking for a new vet for the first time in 10 years and all because they can't get anyone to answer phones professionally.

Leon Greer

2 years ago

Pure trash and look at animals as dollars instead of genuinely aiding. Arrived early in the morning with my sick pups and was turned away without care. Simply “sorry holidays are in 2 days” Their blood is on your hands if something happens to the then. . Good luck with these guys .

340 Pompano

2 years ago

Dr V and Dr G are wonderful. We had a bad experience with. Previous vet and they have been wonderful. They explain everything and it's always been a good experience.


2 years ago

Money hungry????!!! Were not able to treat or find a solution for my pet. Charged for suppressant drugs, topicals, chewables, spray and shampoo to cover up the problem, not treat it. They said: “there is no longer a relationship between the pet and the vet since it’s been a year since the pet has been examined”. Good to know that if the cash don’t flow the relationship doesn’t exist.???? Imagine saying: my cousin and I haven’t talked in a year, so we are no longer related! Well, if your cousin is dishonest and takes your money without giving you your groceries, you wouldn’t talk to your cousin in a year, but you’re still related. ???? I asked what he had to be examined for, since the doctor has never provided a solution. Receptionist choked on her words, stuttered because even she didn’t know… other than…Wanted to hit me with $45bucks for the visit, I don’t want or need. Just so I can get some blood work done for my pet. ???? Why, you haven’t stole enough money from us?? They DON’T CARE about the pets, they care about money????. That has always been evident throughout the years. This is the final nail in the coffin. ⚰️ There’s a reason for the poor reviews. Listen and stay away. Or go and say that you “love” your animal. Whichever you choose, know that there is better CARE out there.

Amber Gapinski

2 years ago

Today was the most horrible day of my families life and Heroes Vet made it as easy as possible. They have loved our Cali girl from the moment they met her. Every moment with them, even when they had to give me the horrible news that she had lung cancer, was treated with kindness and love. Cali loved going into the seeing the entire staff and it was like a field trip for her. Thank you Heroes for taking care of our little girl during her life and after. ❤️

Pablo Rodriguez

2 years ago

Dr Cometo She's wonderful. she saved my dog's life, I will always be grateful

Christa West

2 years ago

We take our pets to Heroes and leave knowing that they have been taken care of with love and compassion, knowledge and expertise. We see Dr Cometto when we take them, she loves her job and it shows. We brought our outdoor cat to her after being seen by another vet who wanted to put her down. Dr C kept her for much needed fluids and quickly changed her meds to ones that don’t cause nausea and vomiting and she began getting better right away. This cat usually attacks every vet she’s ever seen and she loved Dr Cometto. I would say that she knew her intentions were pure. I recommend Heroes to everyone I know.

Christina Vasquez

2 years ago

Heroes is the place you want to bring your pets! Dr. Cometto is absolutely amazing at her job and extremely knowledgeable best vet in town!!! I will always take my fur babies to her!!!Thank you for always giving our fur babies the best care!

Jessica Jessica

2 years ago

Dr. Vajun has been nothing but difficult. I think she needs to reevaluate her career choice. Or maybe seek further education. It's unfortunate to see veterinarians fail your fur baby. Go somewhere else, for the sake of your family. The whole experience has been less than pleasant with very rude employees cashing paychecks for insufficient work. Be careful what they prescribe your pet & be very wary when they give you a treatment plan. Ask questions- they have really thrown my dog through a ringer. Also, They do not require staff or guests to wear masks. They cater to a lot pets of elderly clients inthe area. I find their lack of compassion sickening. (2/10 would not recommend to anyone)

Jessie Weitzner

2 years ago

My handsome man got a tummy bug and I’m so thankful for Dr. Cometto, Dr. Goldblatt and the team and Héroes for making him all better. They treated him with such care, the bill was much lower than expected, and he’s back to himself again! Highly recommend this clinic!!! Thank you!

Morgan Rayboy

2 years ago

Dr. Cometto (our prminary vet), Dr. Goldblatt, and all of the employees at Heroes Veterinary Hospital have been remarkable. They've taken amazing care of my 2 dogs, going above and beyond the call of duty on multiple occasions. My elder dog was diagnosed with bladder cancer in April and she passed away in July. Dr. Cometto and her team did everything they could for her treatment and to make her as comfortable as possible; keeping me abreast of the situation the entire time. When it was her time to pass, Dr. Cometto was very caring and patient which made the transition as easy as possible. They even sent a follow up condolence card signed by the whole office. A few weeks ago, we had to board our other dog while we went on vacation (first time). I was nervous but knew he was in the best hands possible. They provided updates anytime I checked in which comforted me. This is the best vet and vets office I've ever used in my 20 years as a dog owner. I'd highly recommend them to any pet owner due to their thoroughness and compassion.

Moving Seattle

2 years ago

Dr Vaujin is a less than competent doctor. Inconsistently advising you and then referring you to out another doctor. The office employees seem to be unable to communicate properly with each other. Schedule an appointment and you are guaranteed not to be seen until at least a half hour after your scheduled appointment time. The are constantly changing the pricing on their food and medications. The key word that comes to mind in reguard to the office is INCOMPETENT. Please take your pet to a vet that cares. Avoid Heros at all costs (you will just have to spend more elsewhere). I cannot stress this enough. One year with this office and we have made no progress in caring for my pet.

Ashley J

2 years ago

I couldnt be more pleased with this vet Clinic! They service both of my dogs, Alice & Cookie. Dr. Cometto (could be spelling her name wrong) is always amazing! We have gone to her so many times for regular treatments and even emergencies. They always work with our schedule and needs. They never over charge us and always ask before running any extra tests. I've actually found them to be cheaper than alot of vets in my area, so we travel from Delray everytime to still see Cometto.

Dayton Saballos

2 years ago

Very good people taking care of our family pets.

Andrea Shrout

3 years ago

I came in on a whim, as I had taken my friend's cat under my wing after he had an emergency. Then I had to go out of town and had no papers on the cat in terms of vaccines etc just that she had been purchased from Petco or Petsmart. Weird situation but the wonderful ladies there at the front desk communicated what was going on with the Dr. The Dr wanted to help and got me right in plus said they would try to find her records themselves. I even sat in my car with the kitty while waiting because I didn't have any crate or carrier for her and the vet tech came to my car when it was our turn! All wonderful staff and I can tell they care about their jobs and the animals!!! Such a relief being able to have this precious kitty cat in good hands!

Claudia meris

3 years ago

Reasonable prices for vaccines and medical services for cats and dogs. Diet food, flea/tic/heartworm meds, etc. available on premises. Due to COVID you Are Not allowed to accompany your dog to see the vet - a tech takes the pet away with your list of ailments. Not the best situation. Prices on meds have gone up. Nice staff.

Doneisha St-Plite

3 years ago

I had a great experience bringing my toy poodle Pluto in. Everyone was nice and informative being that this is my first puppy. Definitely make an appointment before going so that you are in and out. I will definitely be back and pricing is affordable. ❤️ Thanks again.

Mildred Reyes

3 years ago

Thank you to the staff and doctors for taking care of my kitty Missy and my daughter Jessica loves to go over there to see her baby Missy and after she comes to me with a huge smile that melted my heart. They are so caring and very understanding about the situation my family is currently in and i definitely recommend anyone who got a pet to go there cause believe me it's worth it. Sending many blessings to them for keeping my kitty Missy comfortable and making my daughter smile. 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ + a ???? Here's a sweet picture of Jessica with her baby Missy at Heroes ????

Terri Meredith

3 years ago

It was important to me to take a moment to thank you for the EXCEPTIONAL kitten care provided by Dr. V and Ashley (sp?) for my rescue kitten, NightTime, today. Ashley was warm, fully engaged with me the entire time and provided sound recommendations prior Dr. V's exam. Dr. V was also warm, fully engaged and went above and beyond to help alleviate the many concerns that I had. Your assistance today meant the world to me and I am thankful to have found such an amazing veterinary hospital the first time out. I wish you continuing success and will see you in 2 weeks. Have a wonderful day.


3 years ago

I don't give 5 stars to anybody or one whoever is ,what i am grateful is that my little dog had and ear infection that the Vet from Gentle Care in Broward couldn't cure so we were recommended to Heroes so first visit was a evaluation and …

Kay Lewis

3 years ago

Charges $70 just for the visit, it’s extra if you need anything! Wouldn’t not recommend.

Vii Thee Goddess

3 years ago

The staff was very welcoming and comforting to our uncomfortable “Storm”. Doctor 5⭐️ Staff 5⭐️Service 5 ???? excellence

Susan Kitts

3 years ago

Always heard positive things about Hero’s. I called yesterday in crisis with one of my cats. Had the very unpleasant experience of speaking with Robin on the phone. Was really surprised how aggressive and just rude she was. Not a ounce of compassion. Based on that call, I would never go or recommend.


3 years ago

It would be nice if they didn’t put me on hold for thirty minutes every time I call- or answer the phone at all. Our vet is nice but the front desk is rude, disorganized and will have me changing to a new vet.

Sandra Cruz-Rodriguez

3 years ago

Dr. Kristen Cometto answered all my questions, the front desk staff are nice. Yvonne was the one who actually answered the phone when my pet was in an emergency, and instead of saying "Well, got to the ER", she just let me know..."Come ASAP, and let's see what the Dr's could do". What a relief!!!! I was desperate! My fur baby was getting the medical attention that she deserves. Sadly, with the diagnostic of kidney failure *chronic*, I preferred not to see Adara suffering anymore. She crossed the rainbow bridge on July 23rd, 2020. They sent me a condolences card, signed by the staff (that was truly nice). They made the arrangements for Adara to get her ashes ASAP. What a relief! Thanks Dr. Cometto, she called me back to keep me informed about Adara's health condition, and the lab results. Thank you all the staff!

Noya Chico

3 years ago

First off I wanted to start off with saying thank you to all the people on duty today. An experience never to forget. My cat recently went through a small surgery and had a complication today. Arrived to the hospital and they were able to attend to Tsuki ASAP! Best hospital hands down would highly recommend to friends and family from now on Shannon and team keep up the great work guys!!

Melissa Balocco

3 years ago

They are only after money! I had been taking my dog there for 7 years. I needed paperwork for her to fly with me as she had recently been declared my Emotional Support Animal by my Psychiatrist after a horrendous year of severe depression. The doctor refused to sign her flight paperwork that only required a rabies validation (domestic flight). She said the only way she would sign my paperwork was if I did DHPP, Bordetella, fecal exam and heartworm test. I agreed to all, except the Bordetella as my dog had never received that vaccine in her 14 years of life and has never contracted kennel cough, nor is she ever boarded with other dogs, she is also geriatric with severe cardiac disease. I expressed feeling pushed into a corner to the tech assistant and asked why she needed the fecal test and Bordetella for a domestic flight. She went back to the doctor and expressed my concerns. They brought my dog back to me and told me to go elsewhere, that "they do not appreciate that kind of talk"; me asking why she needed those things and expressing how I felt pushed into a corner, was not inappropriate and within my rights. It is my right to know why certain tests or vaccines are needed for my pet, flight paperwork or not. So they vindictively, turned us away after being a loyal customer/patient for 7 years and her doctor refused to talk to me in person. I was calm throughout the process and never irate, I only wanted to be heard and respected as concerned pet owner. I cried when I had to explain why I had an ESA after they insinuated that I did not need one, because "she would have been being checked the past 13 years" one of the technicians said if she was an ESA. I was mortified and cannot believe how cold the doctor was to not even talk with me. On top of all that, she wanted me to pay the exam visit fee and the heart worm test fee. I refused the visit fee as she was not examined and they reluctantly agreed, I of course paid the blood test fee. I was embarrassed in front of other customers and upset that the doctor refused to explain her reasoning to me. I was then forced to take another day off from work to bring her to a new vet. My dog has serious cardiac disease and having to go to a new vet was stressful for both of us. However, this new vet was amazing and understanding, so it was all a blessing in disguise. She actually provided me with a waiver for vaccinations because of my dog's critical cardiac disease, so my baby will never have to get another vaccine again, especially ones she does not need. I was not coerced to do any of the vaccines requested by Dr. Vaujin in exchange for my flight paperwork. Dr. Vaujin was aware of my dog's condition and provided the first diagnosis years ago, but clearly only cares about money and not the actual health of her patients, nor does she have respect for long term customers. Do not go to her if you love your dog! Always be an advocate for yourself and your dog and know your rights! Do your research and don't feel forced to do every vaccine they offer, especially if they try and make you feel like a bad owner. I know I did right by my dog and I'm happy Dr. V showed her true colors, because now my dog has a caring new doctor.

mark Kennedy

3 years ago

Positive..Veterinarians are non florida educated. This is fantastic. I would never go to any physician with a degree from any so called University in Florida. Not for my dog or my wife or four children. …


3 years ago

My dog was a patient at Heroes for over 2 years and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the caring and professional service I’ve received here. All the staff are so friendly but also knowledgeable and helpful!! Unfortunately I had to move to Tampa but I have yet to find a vet here that even comes close to Heroes!

Gerard Lopreiato

3 years ago

Took my 18 year old min pin mix with a cough. Was thinking the worst Dr Kristen saw here was very patient with her since she is very fearful. Gave medicines to take home with instructions. Came back 10 day’s later my dog has improved still on 1 medication again everyone very patient with her. Very satisfied with Dr. Kristen and all the staff. Prices are great they don’t over charge. Will go back and have recommended to everyone I know.

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