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Michall Bushell

2 years ago

Today I took Moses to get groomed here for the first time and he came home very happy. The haircut looks great. They did a great job. Thank you girls. See you in six weeks.

Nancy Reynolds

2 years ago

I specifically asked if they knew how to do a Havanese cut. They cut her top notch which is supposed to part down the middle. She looks like a clown ,old man poodle head..I'm super disappointed that her cute puppy looks are gone. She is only 6 months old and her cute looks are ruined.. thank God it's hair and it will grow back.. I wont be back clearly don't know what specific breeds are supposed to look like.

Kristin Johnston

2 years ago

Called and made an appointment for my 10 month old German Shepard. Said they didn’t refuse service based on breed or age. My dog has anxiety and because of this we tried to take precautions by muzzling him because we understand that you never truly can predict what a scared animal will do. However, upon arrival they had us remove it and when he does not know someone, he barks as any and almost every dog does upon meeting a stranger. I informed them that he was not able to be properly socialized due to quarantine and they proceeded to tell me he needed to be (no duh I just told you that, but that doesn’t happen overnight). I told them it usually takes him a few minutes to get to know someone and that he does fine at his vet and at Suncoast Humane Society where they have to take him away from us to give him his vaccines. They wouldn’t have it, the one girl immediately approached him too fast trying to take his leash. He barked at her because he is a puppy and is scared when meeting new people (as previously mentioned). She said she would not do it. She then asked the other girl if she wanted to evaluate how he was acting and she replies with, “A German Shepard? No thank you.” What happened to not discriminating based on breed? Do they not listen to the owners when being introduced to a new dog? The answer is a clear NO. My dog was then labeled as “aggressive” and “violent” all because he barked. Unbelievable. Would not recommend to anyone who has larger animals who exert any type of anxiety or who bark. They will also be slandered and labeled as “violent” and “aggressive”.

cindy greisz

2 years ago

We are new to the area with two large dogs and one jumbo dog and spent some time doing research on local groomers to fit our needs. Ultimate Clip knocked it out of the park! Not only were all of our fur babies comfortable and happy being dropped off, they were still in great spirits when we picked them up, looking amazing! What a huge relief it is to find a groomer that clicks with our pups!! Highly Recommend!!

Pamela Snyder

2 years ago

They were the best the last person that groomed my dog really did a very bad job I am so happy that I have found a great Groomer Thanks again!

Connie Natick

2 years ago

Very pleased with my fur baby's cut. We'll definitely be going back. Staff is great!

Deanna Koontz-creighton

2 years ago

Great place for grooming dogs. People are real friendly

Tracy Willey

3 years ago

Fair price with great service. Both of my dogs go there and they always look great when we pick them up. Service usually takes about 2 hours. Nice part is that they remember us and our dogs whenever we make an appointment and know exactly how we want their hair cut.

Suzanna Reiff

3 years ago

They are so good for our pets

Jo Haas

3 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about this establishment. So far the only place I will take my dog. They are wonderful.

Grace Newton

3 years ago

So good to our little dog.

Gerri Tinetti

3 years ago

Beautiful job with hair cut/grooming, but specifically said no nails and dog came home with nails cut and two bloody at end.

Diane Plante

3 years ago

Groomer was great. Listened the how I wanted my dog cut and it came out perfectly

Denise Rouillier

3 years ago

The girls there are great, and always give our dog and great haircut!!!

Courtney Clouse

3 years ago

My dogs nails look HORRIBLE! Very short and my dogs face is still dirty and all I sent there for was to get her a bath. Won’t be going back and definitely don’t recommend.

Donna Williams

4 years ago

Great staff. Wonderful with my dog and he has people issues. Didnt nip or attempt to bit. No muzzle needed.

Andree Belliveau

4 years ago

Awesome job on my Moms Shih Tzus / Lhasa Apso. Great price too!

Debbie Wilhelm

4 years ago

My 2 dog's always come out very cute all the time

Frances Landis

4 years ago

They work with you on appointments and dogs seem happy and well groomed.

Heidi Brady

4 years ago

Took my dog here for the first time. Took her inside, gave them my dogs name. The girl came around the counter, took her leash and asked what I wanted done. I told her to leave her ears, tail, and boots long. I asked to have her snout cut short. I asked to have a short cut around her toes. Her body was to be cut short also. They didn’t write down what I wanted. The girl just said ok and off they left me just standing there. No other words until I asked about approximately how long it would take. Well her snout wasn’t cut short, they did not cut short around her toes, and the top of her head is cut uneven. My dog was in the cage there with her harness on and her leash attached. Never seen such a thing. A girl took her out of the cage and said oh we forgot to cut her nails. The girl put her up on a table and had her nails cut in less than 30 seconds. I paid the $60. The girl brings my dog from around the counter, hands me her leash and off she went. Very unpleasant people. No thank you, nothing. I’m glad I didn’t leave a tip, they didn’t deserve it. Very unfriendly place.

Linda Barry

4 years ago

Have used Ultimate Clip for several years and been satisfied until today. Took our 8 month old maltese puppies to be groomed. This was the second time they had been groomed by them. Knew they were matted and asked them to cut them close. Picked them up 2 1\2 hours later when they called and told us they were ready. The male looked fine. Not so much for our little girl. They brought here out with both her back feet bleeding profusely. They said since they were trimmed close they had accidentally clipped her dew claws. Can understand one maybe but both. "NO". Don't know how long they were bleeding before we picked them up. Why were we not called. We stayed in North Port and waited for them. Didn't bother to apologize. Won't take them back.

Trish Krause

4 years ago

They do great work. Josie is always happy

Michael Nowak

4 years ago

Very friendly , treated our dogs great , and cut them how we wanted. What more could you ask

Michelle Salter

4 years ago

Love them here they took great care of my 2 babies

Sandie Kopp

4 years ago

Extremely rude. Made an appointment and was told when I dropped my 4lb. yorkie off that it would take two hours. When I returned they hadn’t even started grooming her. She sat in a cage for the two hours and they weren’t even sure where she was. Worst haircut ever. Not even close to a yorkie cut, more like a chihuahua. Never had to spend $45 for such a lousy job. Will never return!!

Tracy Tvaroch

4 years ago

They are wonderful with your fur babies.

Shaun Rosen

4 years ago

My dog has never looked so good!!!! No other local groomer compares to Hazel!!!


5 years ago

First time there!! Great job, didn't keep my dog for long hours like some places. Staff was very good, listened to how i wanted her cut.great job, I will be back!!


5 years ago

We have been there 1x so far and will definitely return! My 12 lb Tibetan spaniel has long, thick, soft hair. I like her completely shaved down to a 7. They did her tail and ears perfectly without any cuts! Her nails were perfect too! She didn't seem like she was treated poorly either. Raven is a sweet sensitive, obedient dog and the girls recognized that. Usually she cries and jumps crazy when I take her to other places but she didn't see like she was stressed out. The bows could have been put on tighter though. She had them off in 15 minutes lol. All in all great service, great prices, and great care to her and myself.


6 years ago

I'm always hesitant when going to a new pet groomer. I was extremely pleased with Ultimate Clip. They only do appointments and the first available was 10 days out, which isn't too bad. They however did exactly what I asked for and it didn't take a lot of explaining, it's like they new exactly what I was talking about. The biggest plus for me is that it was less than 2 hours from the time I dropped her off to when they called me. Definitely will do business again.

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