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Michelle Payer

2 years ago

After all these years, I can't believe I haven't written a Google review about Dr. Crespo and Bayshore Veterinary Clinic, but after a few underwhelming, disappointing and downright awful experiences at other vets, I'm glad I was referred to Dr. Crespo years ago. A few reasons: she's professional, intuitive, caring, on-time and TAKES her time, which isn't always the case with all vets. She either has a photographic memory or takes the best notes on the planet. Why? With ALL the animals she sees and ALL the cases she has, you feel like yours is her only patient, as it can be something incredibly minute that affects your pet's weight/health and Dr. Crespo spots it. She takes the time and pays attention to signs that could be obvious, but you're often too close to seeing. If she is paying such close attention to your pet with the small things, you're going to trust her with the big ones, as I have done, and know your pet is in good hands. The entire staff, including Vet Techs are stellar and committed to their professions. Best vet in town.

Celia Silva

2 years ago

The best vet ever...very care for my dog Bella ????

Judy Tzur

2 years ago

Our dog had an oozing eye Infection. We were promptly, seen diagnosed, and I have decided to continue with this veterinary clinic due to the amazing care that was given to our dog today..

Dida Goldberg

2 years ago

Our pet LUNA , is Bayshore Clinic customer for the past 13 years. We love all the Staff and in special her vet Dr Crespo!

Juan Jimenez

2 years ago

Keep up the good work, it’s nice to know that we have such caring and loving people taking care of our Dog. We are very pleased with the service and care that Bayshore clinic staff gives us every time. Would recommend without hesitation. They are the best!

zanne mar

2 years ago

We had an all around great experience! From the ability to schedule on-line, to the easy check in and very thorough appointment and quick follow up. Coming from a not so great experience at another practice I feel a sense of relief that my furry family member is now in great hands. Thank you!!

AJay Kent

2 years ago

Checks up on your pet, keeps you updated great service

Sonia Sanchez

3 years ago

Awesome and patient staff :-)

Lisa Bortman

3 years ago

The best care and service,.. Dr Crespo spends time and really cares for your pet. That why I go to her for the last 15 years.. she think s outside of the box.

Mileidys Santana

3 years ago

Dr. Took her time to go over medications. Thank you.

Nestaly Torres

3 years ago

I think the people are nice that work there. I just don't like the prices. I live on a Social security and I always call before I go to get my cat a hair cut, they quote me one price and when I get there after the cat is done, they always inflate the price.

Crystal Coto

3 years ago

AVOID AT ALL COSTS DISHONEST PRICE GAUGING VET All anger aside, please AVOID this place at all costs. I have never in my life been so ripped off time and time again. 1st - We came across this vet since it was nearby and we wanted to get our new rescue a check up. Dr Davila suggested that we get pet insurance. After consultation, Dr Davila noted several conditions on our dog. After.. she gave us a bill for over $1000+. We asked if we can get insurance to cover this. She says - No, everything now is pre existing so the insurance will NOT cover it. .....GREAT THANKS FOR THE ADVICE.. 2nd - Since our dog has these pre-existing skin issues... nothing is covered.. and our dog needs shots for her skin issues every few months $150 each shot). They administered this shot a few times...... we then met a friend who suggested baby Benadryl.. GUESS WHAT... THIS CURED IT. $5 for about 10 pills.. Pretty sure Dr. Davila knew about this alternative but she insist on ripping off her clients. 3rd - Today. We go in because our dog has an eye infection. Due to covid we cannot go inside, so all trust is on the Dr. The Dr calls and says she would like to run a bunch of tests... $$$$$$... we politely say.. please give us antibiotic for her eyes.. The bill come back for $123 dollars. $57 for the exam and $66 for eye drops. I google these eye drops --- $25 on Chewy.. I call back the Vet Me: Why are you charging almost 3x as Chewy... Can I please return this unopen eye drop... Dr: NO, you cannot return Me: Ok.. why do you charge 3x.... please adjust my price.. Dr: No we can't because then we won't make money Me: Ok... well you rather steal $40 from a returning client than make me happy.... priorities.. Anyways, please avoid at all costs! Total rip off, very dishonest.

Chris Yeckley

3 years ago

First off let me say Bayshore vet is hands down the best place you can take your pet. The staff is beyond knowledgeable & friendly and treat their clients like family. Their prices are affordable and fair. I’ve moved to multiple cities through the years and seen several vets and none have been more helpful & you can tell it’s a place that truly cares and isn’t just after your money. I work with animals all day grooming and managing a dog hotel/daycare and I recommend them to all my clients regularly because I know they will provide exceptional service. If your looking for a fantastic vet who treats every dog like their own and will give you the best care for your pet then Bayshore is the vet to go with, I wouldn’t take my dogs elsewhere. Thank you for taking care of Harley, Quesadilla, & Nyxon.

Yara Silva

3 years ago

Dr. Crespo is very caring, courteous, attentive to your pets needs . I highly recommend them.

Veronica Liu

3 years ago

The worst and most unprofessional animal hospital ever!!!! I met some vets before never meet one like that!!!! I have a 3 year old Shiba Inu. I want to do some vaccines for my dog, so I scheduled appointment at 4pm, but they asked me to wait until 4:20pm. And a lady came to bring my dog in, we told her let us know before you do any service, and she said yes! Then they called me and said your dog needs this and that (a lot of vaccines my dog had before). So I send them the record we have. ( I did email them that If you need anything from me let me know previously before I went there, but they didn’t even reply my email.) Finally, we don’t have time to wait they hold my dog for one hour and didn’t do anything basically. I said we have no time to wait can you please bring my dog back, then they said we did the exam for your dog and you need to pay! But I did ask them don’t do any service for my dog before you got my permissions ! How could they do that! That’s unprofessional, I said no we won’t pay and bring my dog back. Then they hold my dog! I didn’t know if they do things like abuse my dog or anything else. I was so worried about my dog and almost cry! I don’t know how they got some good comments, but I definitely don’t suggest you bring your pet here if you love your pet like me.

Troy Garcia

3 years ago

Best place to take your pet, awesome service.

Stephen Maynard

3 years ago

I've been taking my animals there for over 20 years. There is no other clinic that equals the service or professionalism that I have received since the early days of Dr. McCoy to today with Dr. Cespo. The best in South Florida.

Sergio Giacomone

3 years ago

They put profit over care been going there since Dr.Mcoy now I'll spend my hard earned money at Adams.

alita pereyra

3 years ago

Margarita & team take really good care of Charo, our dog. Their service has been great so far, we’ve been counting with them for a year now.

alma perez

3 years ago

They did a c-section for my dog , 2 hours later they call me to pick her up and six puppies. When i got there they mentioned that she's anemic. My dog died during the night …

Sandy Lichten

3 years ago

Fabulous facility! Dr. Amazing..staff wonderful!

Nikki D

3 years ago

Bayshore is the best vet anyone can hope for. My granddog Karma fell ill just as we entered the COVID nightmare, on Saturday at noon...we called them and even though hours were limited, they offered to see her if we brought her immediately. Shen ended up needing emergency surgery and by 5 pm our Karma was on her way home for recovery. They sent her home in a cute onesie too. She healed amazingly fast and is doing so well today...we love Bayshore. Thanks for taking care of our furbabies!

Angela Diaz-Vidaillet

3 years ago

Best veterinary clinic I’ve taken my babies to. They’re very committed to the health of my pets. I have both cats and dogs. Always responsive.

Bob Hoffmann

3 years ago

We had an appointment scheduled for several weeks. The day of the appointment I showed up on time. After waiting for 15 min outside they came out to inform me they did not have the medication on hand for the scheduled procedure. Seriously!? They diagnosed the issue. They scheduled the appointment. They DID NOT have the medication they said was required to solve the issue. Earliest time available to return was 4 days. Pathetic.

Lesvia Lopez

3 years ago

Everyone there are amazing ???? love the care my dog gets from the staff and Dr. Davila

john estevanell

3 years ago

Carrying vet, extremely compassionate ❤

Karin Whyte

3 years ago

I wouldn't take my babies anywhere else. They are incredibly caring and compassionate as well as attentive and thorough. They go above and beyond every time; also, they answer any questions or concerns you may have without rushing you. They spend the time that is needed regardless of the situation. Everything is explained in detail. I appreciate all of this and trust them fully to care for my babies.

Katie Flowers

3 years ago

We have been going here for just over two years with our two senior dogs. We absolutely love Dr. Crespo she is so attentive and so loving with our fur babies. However, it has become difficult to schedule appointments, get auto-pay shipments of medicines & food from their pharmacy, etc. because they always put you on hold when you call. They are never on time. When you go to drop off a pet they take forever. It seems like they are facing extreme chaos at all times. The records never seem to accurately reflect due dates for preventive meds and vaccines so I am constantly getting reminders that are false. We are very busy people and our dogs require a lot of vet care (one has Cushing's) so it's extremely frustrating to always feel like we are wasting time or not being treated like returning loyal customers. Things started to turn sour when my dog got extremely sick, vomiting all night. I called as soon as they opened that morning, explained the severity of the situation and they couldn't see him till 2pm. At the time I trusted they felt that was okay to wait based on his symptoms. The other vet who was working that day told me there was nothing she could do to help my dog. My dog then had to be put into another hospital's emergency care for dehydration, ~$2000 bill. But my dog experienced this again the other day and I went to a new vet clinic after Bayshore wanted to put me on hold even though I needed an appointment. The new vet took me immediately (they even answered their phone outside of business hours!!) and gave my dog a shot of fluids under the skin to prevent dehydration. A $40 fix to prevent the need for emergency care. The staff at the new clinic were professional, friendly, organized, and on top of things! I was also shocked to see how reasonable the prices at the new vet clinic were compared to Bayshore. Do your homework before spending your time and money here, especially if you have animals with diseases.

john doe

3 years ago

They take good care of my pet here...good staff

Luis Alberto

3 years ago

I am happy we chose to bring our American bulldog to Bayshore Veterinary Clinic. From their cubicle-style waiting room, to their spacious private room and friendly, knowledgeable doctor - this is a vet clinic the way it should be. A little pricey, but totally worth it and the follow up calls to check up on the patient is a nice way to show they truly care.

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