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Kimberleigh Jones

2 years ago

Love love love this place! My 3 pups love the staff and get so excited when it's time to go for an overnight. Staff keeps me up to date on how they're doing and calls with any issues. There is an on site vet so if any issues arise while they're in boarding, there is always a vet available. Prices are reasonable and they even have "go home" bath options, so I can pick up very tired and clean pups. Highly recommend for boarding and daycare.

Jackie L

2 years ago

We made a reservation to board our dog at pet paradise for 4 nights and tried to dropped her off right before our trip. We were super excited when we first arrived cox the place looks amazing. Our dog is a 5 year old small size 25lbs rescue dog, she can get very anxious around strangers and would bark for a couple minutes before she would calm down(we already told the staff before we made our reservation that shes anxious and she barks but she has never bitten anybody and she has stayed at other boarding places in the past and she was always able to make friends with the staff at the end and would give kisses to whoever took care of her) After we checked in the staff there took our dog to a room 1 on 1 and tried to take her leash off immediately and obviously our dog got very scared and barked at the staff. Long story short, we were rejected to board our dog there just right before we head off to our trip. Understood that safety is the most important thing but we feel like the staff wasnt really trained or have the knowledge to handle different kinds of dogs. You should never try to take an anxious dog to a place where he/she is not fimiliar with and try to take her leash off within 10 secs of meeting her. You let her calm down first , thats like Caesar Millan 101. BEING GOOD WITH PERFECT DOGS DOESNT NESSISARILY MEANS THAT YOU ARE GOOD WITH DOGS. So unless if your dog is a perfectly well behaved dog that has 0 anxiety and perfectly good with strangers and have a perfect life from birth. I suggest you pick another boarding place :)) (but credit to the guy at the front desk, he was really nice and patient) Luckily we found a new boarding place for our dog right away and the owner truely care and has the knowledge to care for rescue anxious animals. Our dog is happily eating treats and sun tanning right now.

Dianna Payne

2 years ago

It was a Good first time check in for my two Scottie Terriers.

Robert Mcgehee

2 years ago

They took great care of our husky for 4 days.

alan phillips

2 years ago

These folks take great care of my furry friend evertime I've taken him there.

John Schwartz

2 years ago

I first started using Pet Paradise at a location they had in Arizona, which I loved. So when I moved to Gainesville, I was excited to see that there was one here as well! They are simply the best. The staff are amazing. They are friendly, welcoming, and I trust them to take care of my best friend, which is my dog of course! I always know that my dog is going to be well taken care of. I cannot recommend them enough! Thank you Pet Paradise of Gainesville, for everything you do!

Marissa Ray

2 years ago

I boarded all 3 of my animals here for a few days and they were great. When I picked them up they didn't seem to know if they wanted to stay or leave. My cat was definitely comfortable staying there. My dogs also aren't always the best with other dogs, but the staff was still able to test them in a play group and they were able to stay and play. They were definitely well taken care of during their stay

Samuel Tift

2 years ago

Every time we go out of town we take our two puppies there. They recognize it and go right in with tails wagging. Great place.

Richard Hages

2 years ago

Great service and customer care. Efficient and friendly staff.

Joe Freer

2 years ago

It's not my experience that matters it's Gracie my companion ( DOG ) she loves the place i do not have to drag her in for a bath and hair cut she gets out of the car and leds the way in

Mark Jacobson

2 years ago

Super clean, modern and caring facility with staff who clearly care about and love dogs. They took excellent care of our Brody, and we had access to webcam. Brody is very friendly and one staff member came out at check out to say goodbye. Official boarding facility for UF Gators. Will not consider any other place in the future. Highly recommended.

S Desmartin

2 years ago

My boys had a great time at Pet Paradise! The staff were so kind when I called for updates and always kept me informed. I even received a report card for Oswald and Angus at the end of their stay. The facility was spotless. The webcams are great to watch for your babies during playtime. Plus, they give healthcare workers discounts! We had a very positive experience with Pet Paradise and will use them in the future when Oswald and Angus need another spa day.

Taylor Laudenslager

2 years ago

Magnolia absolutely loved her daycare today!

Andrew Maddox

2 years ago

They are simply the best. I take my pups here every time I need a sitter or go on vacation. They love it here. Always eager to come. The staff is polite and amazing.

Scarlett Poole

2 years ago

I took my dog to their get aquatinted day, my dog being a 10lb chiweenie. This was a joke! They requested the dog stay a minimum of 4 hours, the dog has never boarded or stayed with who wasn't immediate family ever, he's 2. He was extremely nervous when we were checking in to the point of visibly trembling. The front desk even commented on how nervous he was. I asked the check in girl if that would be an issue, she told me no. When I arrived to pick the dog up, I was met by their assistant manager. He stated that the dog would not be able to board there because he backed into a corner and showed his teeth. Which I found very surprising, since he has never shown his teeth, growled, or bitten anyone. I told the man I was sure it must have been because he was terrified since he's a very small dog with two very large people standing over him. The assistant manager told me it would not be a good fit because they are a high volume pet resort and can't expend that much extra energy on one dog. Bear in mind, this resort is the most expensive in the Gainesville area, charging between $50 and $100 per night, depending on what service you select.

Ed Lyons

2 years ago

Love love this place and so do my pups!

Karen Campbell

2 years ago

Great for my young pup!

Heather Keefer Saulsbury

2 years ago

Very clean, dogs happy there, they are great with updates during boarding times.

Erica Block

2 years ago

My experience was very good with one moderate downside. One of my two dogs got kennel cough.

Kara Payne

2 years ago

We brought our fully vaccinated dog here in June for 5 days. We were excited because the facilities looked nice and the staff were pleasant. Unfortunately, he got kennel cough. Our dog isn’t neutered (so he played alone) and doesn’t have any other puppy friends at the moment, so it’s highly unlikely that he was exposed anywhere else. I have to assume that he got sick because the facilities weren’t cleaned well. He was in his “crate” space for most of his stay. After getting back from the vet, I called to let them know that he got sick (to try to protect other dogs). They said they were sorry and would be in touch regarding compensation. Our pup is still sick, 6 weeks later. They never called. We won’t be bringing him back.

Wanda Pryor

2 years ago

I will always take my pet to pet Paradise because he is well taken care of

Shelle Batch

2 years ago

They were courteous and caring and my dog seemed as if he liked it vs. other boardings I've used.

Cydney Raye Edge

2 years ago

Kitties checked in for their Cat Condo Vaykay

Mia Harrell

2 years ago

Great place for your pet!!!

Teresa Watson

2 years ago

They are so attentive to stitch.

Enrique Hagen

2 years ago

I’m very disappointed on this place, I have two Alaskan malamute females, 7 month old, took the dogs 3 times and they stayed in the crate almost all days, with the exception as follows Day one after 4 hrs in the crate they let them out for 15 min in the patio, not the pool. Day two… 10 hrs in the crate 20 min one time in the patio…. No pool again…After we complained about the treatment the apologize a lot and they said that only “fixed” dogs can play together and they have have alone time in the patio and pool, they promised to do it next visit, next visit came and that was worse, this dogs loves water, what they did? Keep them in the cage in front of the pool all day, I have video of that, poor dogs desperate to get out and play, just behind the crate watching all dogs playing in the pool, that is torture for the animal, that is animal abuse!! I have video recorded, they have cameras for you too look at your dog, and all I did was to look how much my dogs suffered in that place. I’m waiting for someone to contact me and give me the perfect excuse why my dogs are treated that way. This is not pet paradise, it’s pet storage on cages, with a extra touch of torture. We tried to get an explanation and all we got it’s “we are sorry that you believe that” we can give you 15.00 back of your “fee”! I don’t Give a …. On the money!!! If you offer a service and we trust you with or pets just do what you offer!! I’m not asking for extra stuff, just what you offer!!! Your place says pet paradise!! No pet cages and storage!! For that I can leave my dogs at home! By the way my dogs are never in crates at home, they are free to go anywhere and have access to the backyard all time, all we wanted was for the dogs to play with more dogs and enjoy the pool, and that is what your slogan offers. I hope this brings attention to the owners and fix your deficiencies. It’s a shame, I really thought this was a good place.


2 years ago

They rarely answer the phone when you call. Also, the "Pet Dash" for quick and easy drop offs and pick ups idea is good, but they have yet to implement it - try parking in the spot and calling the number and they'll tell you you need to bring your pet inside. I blame the management and the receptionist area, because the rest of the staff who handle the pets are friendly animal lovers (you can always tell). And Rochelle is an excellent groomer. :)

michele stefancik

3 years ago

We have brought our current dog and a former dog here many times and have always had a good experience this time however things were very different. It took over 30 minutes of waiting in line to drop off our dog then another 20 minutes waiting in line to pick him up that is tolerable if he has a good visit. However when we picked him up he could barely walk. Upon inspection of him his feet were bloody and raw, chunks of skin hanging off. We immediately went to a nearby store and purchased ointment and bandages for him after getting home and a better look We had to trim some dangling pieces off his feet, he was literally crying in pain. We immediately called the place and got a machine, left a message. No one called back. Called again the next day same scenario no one called back. Called again the next day, you guessed it no one called back. Finally on day 3 I called again and got a live person. I explained to her what had happened and asked what in the world had they let him do this time to get his feet in such a shape, they claimed playing on the artificial turf after it being sprayed down did this to him. I find that very hard to believe. I told the lady we have since had to take him for vet care, buy him antibiotics, socks and boots to treat his wounds. She said I'm sorry but sometimes that happens! No offer of help with expenses or refund for the day at daycare, nothing just an I'm sorry. Now the worst part of this is, besides his pain, he is a trained, certified service dog for my daughter who has cerebral palsy. I told the lady this and the fact that she's sorry doesn't help as he is now unable to perform his tasks for my daughter. She said I'm sorry. Well I've heard I'm sorry enough, what are you going to do to rectify the situation or attempt to make amends???

Art Pina

3 years ago

Like always, GREAT!!!!!!! Food and service.

Chantal W.

3 years ago

This is a wonderful facility! The staff are all kind and helpful. The buildings and play yards are clean and large. My dog is always so happy to be dropped off for Day Camp.

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