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Carla Reyes

2 years ago

Best service. Best prices. Best people. Thank you for taking care of our babies. We will go nowhere else.

Cherise Yuhas

2 years ago

Vet Dr Halladay is so amazing and caring. Been taking my cats to her for 14 years. Wouldn't trust anyone else with my cats.

Jennifer Anderson

2 years ago

My dog was visiting from NY and had several fatty tumors (one the size of a softball at this point). As a nurse I had been asking vets for a few years to do something and they kept saying no need. The tumor has grown so big I had big fears about it bursting and it was clearly causing discomfort. Dr. Holliday and staff got my pup in right away and knowing she was heading back to NY got surgery scheduled right away. They made sure we had enough meds to keep her comfortable on her trip back and she is now home resting. The sites look amazing…. Very impressed with the stitching!!!!! I am so grateful for Dr. holliday and her staff was so sweet. I am so relieved someone finally took these tumors out. We have always taken my pup to the vet regularly but recently people have retired and it is new staff. She is my baby and I don’t trust her with just anyone. Dr. Holliday even stated she always recommends what she would do for her own animal. She made sure tests were run before surgery and I received a call immediately after letting me know how my baby was doing. I would definitely recommend bringing your babies here if you want a vet and staff who truly care and want the best!!! Thank you

Michelle Becker

2 years ago

I had a horrible experience, my rabbit died in the office. I got no sympathy, I was treated very badly. The vet was rude and asked me if I knew how to take care of rabbits... As she was examining my bunny, he suffocated and died right in her arms. The vet than stated well... I guess I'm going to have to preform mouth to mouth and took my bunny out of the room instead of acting right away in front of us. She came back and said he didn't make it... I asked if I could please see him. When checking out, I asked how much for him to be cremated they staff and nurse barely looked at me. When they took my money nothing was said, I asked them if that was all - they replied YES. No sorry for your loss, go to hell when to come and get the ashes, I had to ask barely getting an answer. I left there very heart broken and devastated.


2 years ago

The Staff and Doctor at the All Creatures Animal Hospital are wonderful. You see the passion in what they are doing. If you need to take your bird or 4 legged friends anywhere, I highly recommend ACAH. We've been going there for years.

Janet Borchers

2 years ago

Doc Holladay and the staff are very accommodating. She has always answered my call for Help with our BiG DoGs. I appreciate all of them.

Jilli Duque

2 years ago

Great staff ???? and great place. Definitely recommend Dr.Holladay for all your vet needs.

Amanda Dorio

2 years ago

Dr. Holladay is a miracle worker. She successfully performed surgery on our dwarf hamster's huge tumor. Imagine that - surgery on a hamster! Dr. Holladay and the staff at All Creatures are extremely caring, responsive, professional, and reliable. I recommend them highly and without reservation.

Claudia Hammon

2 years ago

I've been taking my pet cockatiel to Dr. Holladay for a dozen years and she is a wonderful, caring aviary veterinarian who is an expert in her field. She and her staff always give outstanding support.

Leo Alzamora

2 years ago

We took are sick bird to Dr. Holliday and was extremely happy and impressed with her knowledge of birds. After seeing other avian vets we always left feeling they were not what we are looking for. Thankfully we have now found are avian vet. Very professional, knowledgeable and has a staff with a quick response when they are needed. My sick bird is now thriving because of her care. ❤️

gail page

2 years ago

Didn't tell me I could not enter as a new customer I wasn't told arrived to be told no one is allowed in you must sit in car I thought it was pretty rude not to tell me before I drove over there im not allowing someone to take my sick dog


3 years ago

I am a new hamster mom. When my little Pippa seriously injured her eye, it was over the weekend and no exotic hospitals were available in my area. Monday, bright and early, Dr. Holliday graciously slipped me in, even though she was booked. I was fearful Pippa would lose her eye. Understanding my urgency, I was accommodated, as I had to get to work at noon. Pippa was put on oral and topical antibiotics. It's been 3 days, and her eye has returned to black. Her cornea had been so badly injured that I wondered if she would get her sight back at all. I am so grateful for All Creatures Animal Hospital for helping my little girl. I am going to take my dog to them as well.

Roberta Mitchell

3 years ago

Called last minute brought in my dog all good Thank you for being there Bobbi and Schmooie

Lisa B

3 years ago

Not a client and will not be due to your rudeness

Ginger Fisher

3 years ago

BIRD DIED A WEEK LATER EVEN THOUGH THEY SAID HE WAS FINE and the BLOOD TEST WAS FINE TOO! We took our bird in on a Saturday due to him loosing feathers above his beak. We had the bird 6 years and this was something we never noticed before and were concerned it may be a virus or mites. They gave us a paper with different services you initial next to if you would like them to perform them. One of them was a blood test and another was stool. We talked with them about each and the age of the bird and they suggested us going with the stool test which I authorized. They then told us the bird was only molting even though we never had seen this as drastic before and that he was looking thin and they suggested a vitamin E shot. When I got the bill they charged me for both the blood and stool test OVER $300 Dollars. The next day our bird was acting very drained and almost drugged. When I called to ask if this was normal they had NO IDEA they said it could be that it was matting season and maybe take him out in the sun for awhile. They called a few days later and said all the blood work came back fine but they recommended calcium drops another $54. By Friday our bird was trying to play a little bit but would become very tired after a short time. By Saturday night ONE WEEK LATER our bird was DEAD! My son who has had him for 6 years was heart broken. I will never take a bird, dog, lizard or any creature to this vet again.

Vanesa Salazar

3 years ago

I have tried since yesterday to get a quote to take my 2 dogs to them. Susan said yesterday that she would call me today. Never did. I have call for her about 5 times. Every time a guy answered. All I thinking it was his name. He was rude, pretended that he couldn’t hear me. Ask me my name several times, even tho I had provided him my name. They show on the list of veterinarians of our insurance, that’s the only reason I call them.

Tami Young

3 years ago

I love the staff here! They are so friendly and take great care of my pups.

Dianne Shanley

3 years ago

Dr Holladay has always been very loving in her treatment of Darcie. She faseven discouraged me from getting a dental because she didn’t think Darcie needed it. When a previous dog needed a complete ear abilation, she researched best vet to …

Ted Sachs

3 years ago

We have relied on All Creatures for wellness issues and for larger life and death issues for 4 dogs over 12 years. We rely upon them and would be at a loss if they are not there.

Andi B (Andi B)

3 years ago

Dr. Holladay and the staff at All Creatures Animal Hospital are wonderful. Everyone is friendly and helpful, and they take excellent care of my Sun Conure.

Bark Busters Naples Office

3 years ago

An office specialising in avian veterinary medicine, rather than for dogs.

Susanne Obrien

3 years ago

Very nice Staff and Doctor.

Ellen Shockley

3 years ago

They really display love to all animals and seem to really care. When you take your baby or babies (we all feel like they are our kids,-they are) we want to feel our babies are in good hands and hope this calms them to a degree of comfort when we have to leave them. We want to feel it too. It is such a hard thing to leave them when they don't understand anything we say. They don't understand words but they do understand good people. I have only had my birds there but I have witnessed many people bringing their cats, dogs and so many other kinds of animals there. I have never heard any complaints and they will never get one from me.

Jessica B.

3 years ago

All Creatures has been amazing for our dogs. The staff and doctor are quick, empathetic and super supportive.

Judi Baker Randazzo

3 years ago

Our Golden Retriever was diagnosed with two types of cancer. Dr. Holiday was compassionate, with us and the dog. She was very knowledgable, through and a good surgeon. A tumor reappeared 15 months later and Dr Holiday removed it very reasonably! Lucy (our dog) is doing great she is 12.5 years old and we are hoping she will be around for another year. Dr Holiday is the best vet we have ever worked with.

Julie Hayford

3 years ago

Amazing as always from start to finish! I cannot imagine going anywhere else for my pets healthcare needs! Amazing staff, phenomenal doctor and easy online communication for appointments setup and more. Thanks for everything!!

marilyn wahl

3 years ago

Great caring service, Dr. Holladay best Vet my cat has ever had, compassionate, intelligent and always available to answer questions. I have complete trust in All Creatures Animal Hospital.

Morris Courchesne

3 years ago

All Creatures create a pleasant atmosphere and they are very friendly and caring

Nena S

3 years ago

I do not know this vet personally but my son and his girlfriend take their ferrets there and unfortunately have no other option for exotic pets. One of the ferrets is older and is on medication. The vet changed the dose then the ferret …

Rosalie Treadway

3 years ago

Only Vet we go to!

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