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Sebastian Barone

2 years ago

By far the best place to bring your furbabies. Dr Jordan and his staff are super friendly and they love our little babies. Best place to bring your dog if they have seizures. Dr Jordan was able to help reduce my dogs seizures. Went from having monthly seizures to now only having a few once every 5-8 months.

Shay C

2 years ago

My appointment was at 4 and I didn’t see the vet until 4:50. As I was waiting, a group came in who the vet was excited to see and the vet took them on what seemed to be a tour around the facility. Even though we were on time and sitting there in the lobby. That was unprofessional and at the very least he could’ve offered an apology for the wait which he did not. When he did come in he told me he’s not concerned at all about what I brought my dog for. And I guess expected me to be relieved and satisfied with that answer. When I asked well what exactly is the skin abnormality my dog is having? He plainly told me “Idk” what it is but that it doesn’t look concerning. As he wrote in my invoice, yes I am “disappointed” to spend $59 to get a professional opinion and be told “idk”. Im used to vets with more experience who are able to properly identify and generate a diagnosis. Not say Idk and hope I’ll just be happy with that and go. Then he showed me pictures of extremely progressed cancers and says that’s what I would need to be worried about. As a medical professional that was very odd to me, we are taught to teach patients the beginning signs of disease processes. Not show them an extremely severe case to make their concerns look minor. The office is pretty and the tech was very nice, but the vet doesn’t seem knowledgeable or respectful of my time. I requested an anti-inflammatory ointment of some sort and he gave me some. Then the next day someone from the office calls and says he decided he wants to follow up in 2 weeks now. For what. A product he didn’t recommend that I had to “insist on” as put in the invoice? He didn’t take us serious at all. It would be different if he knew what it was; then I would be relieved and have trust in him saying it’s not of concern. But to have no clue what it is and say it’s not concerning is not settling at all, I should not have had to pay for that and I should have been referred to a vet or specialist with more experience.

Michelle Erwin

2 years ago

I have had the best experiences at WAGS. The first time I came with my new puppy was a few years ago for a general check up I saw Dr. Weinger and he was great and made Frankie feel very comfortable. So I have been coming back since. After that first visit I have seen Dr Eizenberg for all my annual visits with Frankie and any issues that have arose. I recently had to go back because I was worried cause Frankie was limping from one of his back legs and not putting weight on it. Dr Eizenberg has been taking care of Frankie for a while and I couldn’t imagine taking my dog anywhere else. He is extremely informative and caring and knows how to make Frankie feel the most comfortable. Dr Eizenberg saw him and recommended we do X-rays and I agreed, of course anything to help my baby! Dr Eizenberg came into the room and showed me images on the computer and exactly what we were looking at and told me Frankie would be ok. It was so cool he showed me the X-rays and walked me through his findings and assured me no surgery was needed. (Thank God!) He told me to rest him and gave me some medication for inflammation and pain. Within a few days the limping was better. Dr Eizenberg staff called to follow up. He even emailed me the X-ray with explanations and answered any questions I had through the whole process. I’m blown away by the level of service. I’ve never had a vet take care of my pup like this, almost like it was his own. Frankie is doing great and back to normal and I won’t take him anywhere else! Thank you WAGS and especially Dr. Eizenberg!


2 years ago

Had a wonderful experience with Dr. Eizenberg. Our long haired dachshund Chopper has a really hard time at the vet - Dr. Eizenberg was so kind to him (and me) making sure we were comfortable throughout the appointment. He explained everything he was doing as he did it. He answered all of my crazy questions without making me feel rushed or stupid for asking, and he created a clear plan for chopper's future care. He made me feel like he cared about my pup as much as I do, which is huge! Thank you for welcoming us into the Wags family Dr. Eizenberg

Constance Hopper

2 years ago

We love bringing our dog here! The staff is super friendly and both Dr Eizenberg and Dr Weinger are very attentive. They were so fast in diagnosing and treating ear infection and showed us how to properly trim our puppets nails. We recommend them to everyone we know!

Aleksandra Obraztsova

2 years ago

Excellent service, very professional approach, friendly and helpful staff

britt bryant

2 years ago

Top notch vets! Super responsive, compassionate and personable.

Nathalia Espinal

2 years ago

Great service by both Jordan and Meli. They are very kind, explain everything to you and respond to ant questions you may have. Sol was very happy when we visited.

Hailey Ivey

2 years ago

We have been so happy with our experience at WAGS so far. Our pup is treated like he is the only dog in the world when he goes for a visit. Dr. Jordan and the staff are all kind, patient (I always have lots of questions), and welcoming. I also appreciate that after our dogs neutering, I was able to send a few pictures to Dr. Jordan to check on the healing process. The team really goes above and beyond to make you feel like your pet is in good hands. The office is also really cute!

Terese Cilluffo

2 years ago

WOW! I have never had a veterinary experience better than what my fur baby and I just experienced at Wags! Vet visits are typically not the easiest for us - my Marty is a chihuahua rescue and has a lot of anxiety going places and meeting new people. We just moved to Miami in February and I was nervous for how he would do at his first appointment at a new vet. However, for the first time ever, Marty had zero issues during his exam! It’s no surprise though, as Dr. Jordan legitimately radiates a caring, loving energy that you can feel when he walks into the room. Not only did he expertly address all of my health and behavioral concerns, he went above and beyond to offer solutions and referrals (and even a list of veterinary ERs since I’m new to the area) to make sure Marty was completely taken care of. I’ve never felt so at ease and comfortable at a veterinary appointment, or any medical appointment for that matter. It’s rare to have a “WOW” experience at a doctor’s office, and this was 100% exactly that. Dr. Jordan and his staff are incredible and I will never take Marty anywhere else! Thank you so much Dr. Jordan and team! We are looking forward to seeing you for all our veterinary needs for years to come! -Marty McFly & Mom

Valerie Leal

2 years ago

I took my cat in after he ate a hair tie and threw it up and continued to be sick. It was very last minute and they were the only vet that were accommodating enough to see him even though they had a full schedule. They were thorough in their examination and honest with their diagnosis and treatment. Although a vet visit is never cheap, I felt like I got my money's worth. I did not feel like they were trying to oversell anything and did what was necessary and that's it. This I appreciate immensely since I have always felt I was taken advantage off when it came to my vet visits. Dr. Eizenberg made me feel comfortable and I could tell he actually cared to make sure that my cat was taken care of. I would recommend to give Wags a try.

Susy De Alejos

2 years ago

Without a doubt the best Vet! I can’t express how grateful we are to have found this place, the hospital is very new, modern and clean. My 17 year old cat, Silvestre, was treated with so much love by everyone there. Doctor Jordan is very professional, kind and compassionate, he offer various options for our beloved cat, and even help us finding appointments whit an specialist without forcing us to do anything.The prices are very reasonable and they genuinely try to help, we could see how passionate everyone was. Thank you for everything!

Brian Bolling

2 years ago

Don't waste your time and money. Took my cat to see Dr. Eizenberg to see whats causing my cat's skin condition. First visit was pleasant but afterwards Dr. Eizenberg emailed me about other treatments for topics I didn't ask for a follow up on. When I replied via email his response was I needed to make an appointment to discuss further. After the skin condition remained the same I scheduled another appointment to do more thorough exams. During this visit I also asked if he could tell me if his canines looked damaged. The Dr replied I would need to make a specific dental exam appointment fir that. I ended up paying lot of money for the skin exams and a month later never got have the results back. Called 2x asking for the results and no one got back to me. The third time I got a response saying the doctor replied to me via email and included the "original email response" This was a lie, I never received an email and the message they sent it had no subject line, to, from, or date sent which are all standard email fields. It's now been 2 months and still no results. Needless to say I'll never go back and would never recommend anyone else wastes their time and money here.

Marcus Reamer

3 years ago

I won't go to another veterinarian's office as long as I live in Miami. The Wags team is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. They are patient and flexible with my dog and making sure he is comfortable and successful during the visit. My dog doesn't find going to the vet to be scary as a result. Highly recommend Wags to anyone with a pet, whether you need routine check-ups or more serious treatment.

Isaac Stasevich

3 years ago

We went to a couple of Vets around Miami before finding Wags and we couldn’t be happier with the service that Wags provides! Every time we go in, Dr. Weinger spends time to sit and talk and answer any questions we have, no matter how trivial the question may be. The staff is also very kind and knowledgeable. We found their prices and practices to be much more fair than the other vets we went to. We love our visits to Wags!

Abed Sinno

3 years ago

Honestly I've never written a review this negative before but my dog ended up suffering unnecessarily because of poor diagnostic ability. The positives are that they saw us the same day, they were very nice, and the location is convenient. I brought my dog in for severe abdominal pain, they charged me 432$ for unnecessary tests , gave him a B12 shot and an appetite stimulant and did nothing to diagnose or treat the pain. They tried to push and x-ray and a snap test on me which would have been an additional 500$. (I am a surgeon and know how useless those would have been so they couldn't ) I wouldn't have cared about the cost had they fixed my dog but despite this, the dog continued moan in pain for 2 days. He wanted to "hospitalize and observe" the dog. I took him to another vet who didn't do any tests and immediately diagnosed him with a bacterial infection and treated him with oral antibiotics and sent him home right away. Apparently it was very obvious what was going on... He improved 12 hours later. This is the second time this happens with this vet ( I only came here twice for emergencies and both times they didn't fix the problem and pushed expensive tests). Next time Ill go anywhere else.

Vivi R.

3 years ago

We followed Dr Ori Eizenberg who has seen my dog for 4 years. This place is very nice. Located at Brickell Key so the area is amazing and the hospital is great! Staff, friendly and very professional. The Doc? The best!

Naomi Attaway

3 years ago

They are so nice and caring at this location. I highly recommend them for your pets.

Bénédicte Grimm

3 years ago

My dog loves going to the vet ! The whole staff is really sweet to the animals and to us too, and take the time to explain what is going on. I highly recommend.

Yohanna Lozano

3 years ago

OMG!!! Great place thank you Laura for helping me today. Dr. O. Eizenberg thank you for taking your time today to see us, I was desperate today looking for a new Veterinary to take Maxi the doctor not only took me without appointment but took his time to go over all the issues my dog have he was very caring and explain me everything making sure I understood well all the instructions of his medication. I can’t thank you enough for your help today????????????????

Suparna Kundu

3 years ago

I only went to Wags after my cat was detected with kidney disease for a second opinion. Though they could not reverse the progression of the disease and I had to put down my cat, Dr Jordan and his team made every effort to get Cimba better. They were extremely loving with him and answered each and every one of my questions. My only regret is that I had not gone earlier to them. Highly recommend WAGS for your fur babies ????????????

Maria Vallejo

3 years ago

Living professionals, took care of my dogs issues. 100% recommended

Julia Gil

3 years ago

The best Vet Orie and beautiful clinic , i love this place

Jeannine Gutierrez

3 years ago

Attentive and accommodating. Love this office.

Coco Indigne

3 years ago

I cannot recommend this place enough! We just got a very young puppy and they were unbelievably accommodating. They made us feel like we were in great hands and really went the extra mile. Doctor Eizenberg and Jeanie we’re absolutely wonderful. So happy we’re part of the WAGS family.

Shaina Paras

3 years ago

So friendly and welcoming. Happy to have found this place!

Montana Schmidt

3 years ago

Since our first visit we were 100% positive that we made the right choice bringing our pup to Wags! The entire Wags family is a blessing and it’s so comforting to know what great hands my pup is in!

Jennifer Jirsa

3 years ago

We have been going to WAGS ever since they have opened! The team at WAGS takes great care or our dogs, Bruce and Waffles. Our pups actually enjoy going to the vet and get excited! The team always conducts follow up calls to check in on them and are genuine, caring and truly passionate about what they do. If I ever move out of the area I would drive/fly back just to come to this place! Dr. Jordan is truly amazing!

Juan A Buch

3 years ago

They did not let us stay at the reception when no other client or dog was there, and while our dogs were in the heat outside. We waited ten minutes after our appointment and left because they were still supposedly with other dogs.

Jan Mangual

3 years ago

We had an appointment at 1:30 pm for our French Bulldog. We diligently arrived at 1 pm to give ample opportunity for information gathering. There was no person in their reception and we were asked to wait outside even without giving any documents to fill. We waited 30 minutes outside with our heat sensitive frenchies. At 1:30 pm we left given the lack of attention, caring and solidarity with our frenchy’s heat situation. Not to ignore that when we left an indivudual whom seemingly is the vet just asked for us again to wait outside. Again, the reception area was empty. Never come to this place if you love or care for your dog.

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