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Joe Albino

2 years ago

What an amazing experience, we ran across their site on Instagram . Where they were showcasing their puppies. They’re easy to communicate with, we FaceTime with the puppy that we loved, gave them a deposit and went and picked up our puppy in Miami, the place is amazing, clean and the puppies are very well taken care of , the presentation overall is stellar. We are so happy with the addition to our family, There’s a lot of scammers out there, this is a brick and mortar location with a higher class of puppies and service. I highly recommend this place.

jordyn tate

2 years ago

I came in here interested in a puppy, very rude. Not a sales person at all. She was just standing there waiting for me to leave. Terrible. For the prices they have, they definitely need better service. I wouldn’t purchase here even if they had my dream puppy. Also, you are not aloud to touch any puppy unless you purchase it…. How am I going to want a puppy if I can’t even feel or touch them? That doesn’t sit right with me. I’m not going to spend over $7,000 on a puppy I can’t even FEEL.

Krystal G

2 years ago

We got a chihuahua from here in April 2020 after losing our 18 year old chihuahua. I was nervous about getting a teacup because he was so tiny, but Karen told us everything we need to know and was very helpful. A year and 1/2 later he is the best dog ever! He was potty trained on his pee pad from being there because his setup. He still always goes on his pad or outside. He went in the crate at night with no problem, again because of his setup. (Now he sleeps in the bed with me). I still even bring him to the same vet that they wanted him to go to in Delray Beach because I live close and they are great. If you’re thinking about getting a puppy keep in mind that stores are regulated by the state and breeders are not.


2 years ago

Very clean & friendly staff

Diana Martinez

2 years ago

Please do yourself a favor and don’t EVER go to this place. I got a poppy from tiny paws a few months ago. She was 2.2 pounds and was supposed to be a “teacup”. She’s currently 5 months old and over 6.5 pounds, she looks like a mix. I address my issue with the owner, and she told me she’ll help me being really nice about it. I have never in my entire live met someone so unprofessional. I called her after two weeks of silence from her and she text me saying she’ll have to contact her manager lol, her being the owner of this place. Long story short, I have called her several times with no response from her. A professional business at least should be able to talk to customers and help. I wish I had done some research before spending all my money on this place. Better to adopt: better prices and more quality than this place. Nothing more than a SCAM

Jony Tzynder

2 years ago

Hello, my mom and I were looking to buy a dog and we were very uneducated so instead of googling we went to Tiny Paws to ask questions, and it’s safe to say they are better than google. We left with the cutest fluffy frenchie ever and even bought him a cute shirt and a toy. They were extremely polite and we were very understanding about how these babies are very fragile. When we purchased our baby they told us that whatever we need to not be shy and call them. I would highly recommend going to Tiny Paws to buy a puppy...

Jival Leon

2 years ago

WARNING! Please stay away from this place! They over price their dogs which have no pedigree and are sold sick. I had been searching for a place that sells tea cups. Found this place traveled from Orlando to Miami to purchase my puppy. I purchased what was told it was a tea cup Maltese As the store sign clearly says Tiny Paws Teacup Puppies (neither a teacup or toy cup) Only thing I was given was the certificate of immunization record never received a registration. Also the certificates date of birth did not match the date of birth written on the immunization record. The immunization Record stated it’s a Maltese not tea cup or toy cup. To my surprise my maltese was severely sick had eye infection, also a virus. The seller feeds the puppies with publix chicken as I was told from one of the staff which my vet clearly stated that is not healthy due that it contains high level of sodium. Thank God the vet and his knowledge took great care of my puppy . We DID call and emailed after this incident and they didn’t take ownership for their actions. Note: they don’t give you pedigrees. However, I am a animal lover and can say I am truly thankful to have my puppy now healthy.

Dee Pee

2 years ago

I am now skeptical to purchase a teacup here with all these bad reviews. I drive by here everyday and wonder if this is the place I should get my new family member but after reading the negative reviews I will check out other places.????

angie katsaros

2 years ago

On my daughters birthday (today), we decided spur of the moment to buy her a puppy. The lady that answered the door was very rude. Stated they only serve one family at a time and masks are required. No problem, 1. Don’t be nasty 2. Offer a mask 3. State that appointments are necessary to view puppies.

Alejandra Rodriguez Tastyride

2 years ago

Best store ever! my husband gave me my little puppy as a birthday present 4 months ago and is the best gift he could give me. I’m in love with my little morkie. @tastytoshi

Jay M

2 years ago

My family purchased a little boy Yorkie on June 30th from Tiny Paws. He was 1.5 pounds and barely 8 weeks old. We named him “Chip”, and he was with my family for less than 48 hours before he became sick. We took him to the emergency vet where he was diagnosed with parvovirus and was admitted to the hospital. I called Tiny Paws and the owner, Keren, told me she sees and treats parvo often. She wanted me to bring Chip back to the store so they could treat him in the back room with their own vet. This sounded terribly shady, and I refused to take him out of the hospital. This happened on Friday, July 1st. We spent hours with Chip at the hospital and shed many tears praying he would get better and survive. By Monday, he passed away. He was too tiny, and the virus was too much for him. We are still devastated. I called Keren a few days later and told her that Chip did not make it. She was quick to tell me that her vet could have saved him had I listened to her. I asked if she was going to refund the $6,800 I paid her for Chip. She said “no, that would not be fair to her.” I could pursue this in court – I should, and still may. However, I am more interested in other families avoiding this heartbreaking situation. Buying a puppy should not be an impulse purchase. In our case, it was – shame on us. Find a reputable breeder or a rescue shelter – not a puppy store. Parvo is terribly contagious, and the virus lives on surfaces for months. It kills puppies. There is parvo at Tiny Paws – read some of the other reviews. Why do you think you have to wear a mask and can’t touch the puppies? Covid? No. What about all the other dogs that were exposed to Chip? Do your homework and read all the reviews (BBB, Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc.). Consult with a veterinarian. A puppy is not a commodity, it is a family member. Don’t buy from a puppy broker. I hope this review helps someone.

Justin Harned

2 years ago

What a pleasurable experience purchasing my perfect fluffy French bulldog from Tiny Paws. Everything was done so professional and the employees we very knowledgeable about each specific breed of dog. The manager Ashley made the process enjoyable and stress free with no pressure and the owner was always available to answer any questions of mine. I would highly recommend Tiny Paws if you are looking for your next puppy.

Kheila Chanza

2 years ago

I went by today, not only did I have to wait almost 45 minutes outside, I never got to go in and they monetarily discriminate the entrance based off those who can and will purchase a dog. Customer service is wack and they only prioritize those who have money ! I would not recommend at all whatsoever! Take your money to a more respectful and well rounded business, NOT HERE !

Donna Mazzarini

2 years ago

I purchased my “tea cup” yorkie here, and paid ALOT of money,.....She was supposedly 8 weeks when I got her, and sure was tiny,......today, at almost 8 months old she is 6 pounds and so big She is obviously still growing, so, in NO WAY, is she a tea cup I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world,...BUT, I wish they were HONEST with me when I went to see them, and didn’t charge me a fraudulent amount for a “tea cup”,...when she clearly isn’t Definitely ripped off

Krystal Galewski

2 years ago

We lost out 18 year old Chihuahua in June 2020 and obviously we were devastated. Our original plan was to wait and rescue but it was the middle of the pandemic and we decided we wanted a puppy the next day. I saw a little teacup chihuahua at Tiny Paws and called but she wasn't available anymore. I went to another store in Miami and saw a chihuahua and it felt exactly how I didn't want it to feel... like a typical Miami puppy store. I then got a text from the owner Karen from Tiny Paws with another teacup male chihuahua and he was just the cutest little thing. We were nervous to get a teacup puppy, but agreed to go look at him. When I walked into Tiny Paws I immediately got a good feeling. I liked how the puppy pens were set up. She brings them all home every night and has individual little pens for them. When my husband and I left to go in the car and discuss if we wanted a teacup, we already missed the puppy, so we went right back in to get him. Karen told us everything we needed to know and gave us her phone number in case anything went wrong. Teacups need a lot of things when they are young, so that was very helpful. I even still take him to the same vet she recommend in DelRay Beach because the doctor is very good with the tiny ones. She cares about the puppies and wants you to understand when they need. Our little Preston is a very happy and healthy dog who is now a year old and we are so glad that we purchased him from here. Remember, if you are thinking of going to a breeder to get a puppy, breeders are NOT regulated by the state, but stores are.

Michael Carabeo-Solis (Mike or Mikey)

2 years ago

They always have the most adorable little puppies in town!!!

lena s

3 years ago

These people are scammers. I paid $10,000 for a “tea cup” Pomeranian, my dog reached 7 libs now (he is almost 1 year)

Veronika Andreev

3 years ago

We purchased a puppy - a tea cup Yorkie that got sick on the second day after purchase - we tried treat her as the owner advised but it did not help. Puppy was getting more and more sick. So when we brought it to the VET he did exam and tests and said the puppy is infected with PARVO virus . It was such a scandal with the owner Karen when she was blaming us of killing the puppy. Thanks for in the contract it’s said if puppy is infected with PARVO during the 7 days after purchase we can replace it. We had to spend all the extra money, then had to wait 4 months leaning the apartment and then they replaced it but not with the tea cup Yorkie but the regular size one and did not want to return the price difference. Better go somewhere else for purchase because if something is wrong you will be in such a stress and treated so bad.

Adriana Restrepo

3 years ago

Beautiful puppy's for sale..very clean.

Carlos Ravelo

3 years ago

They were friendly and polite even when I was not able to afford anything there

Susan Keneth

3 years ago

Good quality dogs, I still have a dog from them and he's almost 18 years old.

Bridal Alterations by Bridal MD

3 years ago

Absolutely have no words for how happy and thankful we are for Ashley and Nicole at Tiny Paws. I could not be more happy with my precious little Teacup Yorkie. When I went in the first thing I noticed was how pristine and immaculate the store is capped. There is no odor or smell of any animal at all it is white and clean and shiny. The staff keep the clear individual display pens so clean that was so impressive. They were very careful to not let and very many people at a time the front door is locked. The two ladies who helped me were so knowledgeable and confident in the quality of the animals they had waiting for adoption. They took great pride in what they did had so much information and confidence. At first I definitely was taken aback by the cost of my little baby but I fell in love with at first sight, But They strongly encouraged me to go visit other teacup pet stores nearby and even told me where they were. My friend and I drove around and went to three separate stores they were absolutely disgusting they smelled terrible the pets were terribly neglected filthy it was just awful besides that the quality of breeding in the animals was no comparison to Tiny Paws- There was no question after returning back to the store that this was going to be the only way I would ever buy a tea cup and I’m so thankful that I did. My little guy was fully potty trained the moment I bought him so well behaved and easy to take care of. We have enjoyed him now for a full month already at home and he is still fully potty trained extremely well behaved and extremely well trained and I have to give all the gratitude to the staff at Tiny Paws- for this. I don’t know who the owner is of the store but I do know that they have a huge treasure in the staff that they have there. They would be nothing without the amazing incredible people they have. I cannot say enough good things about my experience there. I live in New York And would do this many times over knowing the precious beautiful baby that I have now. Thank you very much!


3 years ago

I live in Maryland I bought a beautiful teacup chihuahua had her since she was a baby she is 1 now I paid $450 here I wanted to get her a playmate and I know florida has a lot of nice teacup chihuahuas and I wouldn’t mind spending …

Hannah Butcher

3 years ago

Very very rude staff. When my family walked in, they glared at us as we looked around. Then, when we asked for the prices of the french bulldogs, they told us that every puppy was $25,000! When we expressed our exasperation, they assured us …

Jeannie Pressley

3 years ago

I could not be happier with my puppy Zoe. She is amazing and beautiful even better than her pictures. I live in NC and received my puppy in less than 24 hours of our first inquiry with Tiny Paws. This has been a long search for a reputable Place to buy and have a puppy delivered, I was a nervous wreck but They were amazing!! Thank you so my to the Owner of Tiny Paws, I highly recommend them!!!

Jennifer Smith

3 years ago

I was skeptical about buying from Tiny Paws at first. You never know what you are getting into , but I will tell you, take the leap of faith. Keren was transparent with me and has been super communicative throughout the process. I brought …

Kiki Cabrera

3 years ago

I love my dog. She is amazing. At first she was very sick and the owner helped assist with the bills to heal my dog which I am very grateful for! I will say my only complaint is I paid a lot of money believing she would be teacup as it was what i was sold and unfortunately she is a normal size dog. If the size cannot be confirmed, I would recommend not charging top dollar for the dogs or at least giving money back as it makes no sense to pay thousands when I could have paid $400 elsewhere given her size. Nonetheless, love my dog, just recommend being wise and knowing the size may be normal size when being sold as a teacup.

Salomon Edelstein

3 years ago

Ten grand for a puppy that they keep in glass boxes...people who buy from them contribute to a dark business. Two thumbs down

steve orlov

3 years ago

We absolutely love the puppy we got from My Tiny Paws. She was exactly as described- even cuter. She is healthy, cuddly, and the perfect addition to our family. The owner of My Tiny Paws was incredible. She made sure even single part of the process went smoothly. She even arranged for our pup to be safely flown to us since we live out of town. The personalized service and attention we received was outstanding. We would recommend My Tiny Paws to anyone considering adding a tiny, new family member to your home . They are amazing!! Great job- great experience!!

Miriam Nuñez

4 years ago

Yeah of course no one had 3,000 to pay right on spot not everyone isnt rich like you because we don’t scam people stop trying to put the blame on us a puppy doesn’t die from anemia in 1 day we had that puppy for less than 30 hours

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