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Abigail Siedell

2 years ago

I’m interested to see what kind of snarky excuse CCAH has if they respond to my review here. You’ll notice that’s sort of the trend on any bad review here. (See Yelp for full review) 1 I’ll start with the biggie - my cat came home from boarding injured and bleeding I didn’t notice until I got home from CCAH that my cat was tracking blood around my apartment. I looked inside his carrier and sure enough, there was blood - the injury happened at the vet. I picked up my cats around 8pm and the bleeding didn’t stop until the next day around 5pm. I wasn’t able to see exactly what the injury was at first, but I could tell that it was his left back paw. I called CCAH and talked to their manager, Javier, and I asked what happened. I was met with sarcasm and attitude that completely shocked me. I was told that my cat was aggressive and that’s probably how he was hurt. I understand animals can act out of character in stressful environments such as the vet, but my cat is NOT aggressive. Scared, sure. Not aggressive or mean. I’ve taken my cat to the vet before. I’ve boarded my cat before. Never received any word that he was aggressive. You know what can make cats aggressive? Mistreatment and neglect from staff. Basically the phone call ended with Javier being very unapologetic and offering no solution. After a few days, I was finally able to see exactly what had happened to my cat’s paw. He was missing an entire claw - there’s just a bloody (deep) hole where his claw should be. I called CCAH and again tried to reach some sort of solution. The receptionist told me she’d get Javier to talk to me as he was working again, but he refused to talk to me on the phone and instead chose to talk through her, to me. I was told the owner would call me the next morning to for this out. The next morning I received a call from the same receptionist who told me I had to come in for an appointment. I asked if I could talk to the owner since that was what I was promised and she said he was busy. Later I was eventually able to talk to the owner and was again met with attitude I couldn’t believe, given the circumstances. It took ten minutes of talking for him to “apologize” insincerely, and surrounded by other accusatory sentiment. I was told it wasn’t a big deal that my cat’s entire claw was missing. Sure it’ll grow back, but my cat has been in pain for over a week now, resulting from something that went down at CCAH. 2 Boarding has hidden fees and the atmosphere is not good: I called CCAH with questions regarding their pet boarding policies before booking. When I asked about prices, I was only told that it’d be $24/night per pet, and they’d receive a complimentary bath. I specifically asked if there were any other/hidden fees and the receptionist told me no. I did the math for two cats and my total would have been around $480, give or take. I also asked about other details, such as the boarding environment and whatnot. I then booked the stay and soon after received an estimated bill, which stated that I’d be paying a total of about $900 for two cats. I called and asked what happened and if this was a mistake and they told me that they would be administering check ups and vaccines for my cats, which bumped the price. I told them my cats were mostly up to date and I could provide the paperwork to prove it. After doing this, the price only lowered a bit and in the end I ended up paying about $800 because I had no time to find another vet before I was to leave town. I decided to accept the L.

Annette Rizo

2 years ago

When my boyfriend and I became a bunny parents to our Dasher, Country Club was our first choice due to the AMAZING reviews regarding rabbits. Dr. Bo is truly the best, knowledgeable, and has the best interest for his fur patients and their parents. Thank you so much ????

Justine Garcia

2 years ago

I had pet rats and would go to Dr. Bodansky for check ups. One of my rats had an upper respiratory infection (very common in rats) and was euthanized by injection here. I only found out later that injection euthanasia is very painful when an animal has a respiratory infection and there are more humane ways to euthanize (it’s even illegal in California). Right after my rat passed the vet noticed that my boyfriend was wearing a UM hat and started asking him questions as if nothing had happened and continued to talk about UM for the next 5 minutes. Was very strange and upsetting. Another time they returned my rat cage to me without my rat inside and I was freaking out thinking they had lost her. I had to call them and let them know she wasn’t in there and they finally found and brought her back. I also have gotten multiple calls letting me know that it’s time for a check up for my rat that passed away at their own hospital. The only reason I continued to go there was because it’s hard to find a manageably priced vet for rats.

Maria Izaguirre

2 years ago

Was turned away today with my dog in critical condition because the vet claimed my account was frozen for non payment which I had no idea what they were talking about, nor would they provide me with any details. I am still in shock how I was turned away by the staff by doctors orders while taking my sick dog who weighs 85lbs out of my car. No further explanation was provided except too find another hospital. Unethical too not treat a sick dog at an animal hospital and be turned away. No regard for life….

Mariah Lamm

2 years ago

I brought my rabbit to Dr Bogdansky to treat his GI stasis. I have no doubt that he saved my bun's life and I think that he prescribed the exact right amount of meds and other steps to take. Thank you so much.

Ingrid Puerto

2 years ago

I am very disappointed with that vet. I left my cats for a few days and the price seemed fantastic to me the problem was when I picked them up, the bill was totally different from what it should be because I had to pay for some vaccinations that they gave without my consent even though they had all their vaccinations up-to-date and they never told me it was mandatory to bathe them. the bill was crazy. recommendation make sure of everything before leaving your pet there.

drea pozo

2 years ago

Called beforehand to take my cat in since he was acting a bit weird. The woman who attended me was very helpful and quickly scheduled an appointment for that afternoon so that I wouldn’t have to be charged the emergency fee. Dr. Agsten attended my cat & he was thorough with the diagnostic. I’ve been to other vets where they seem to tack on added & usually unnecessary things to the visit just to increase the charge, I did not feel that pressure at CCAH. The Dr was clear about what was truly necessary and made sure I knew all my options. Officially switched vets to CCAH!

Emilia Arencibia

2 years ago

Drs. are great. They really target your pets condition and care for their health. Fully trusted. Staff is excellent too.

Hillary Alarcón

2 years ago

I absolutely love this place today i took my bunny to get his teeth trimmed and i thought it was going to be fast but 5 emergencies happened at that time so they told me i could leave my rabbit and go do stuff that i have to do (i did not bring him food) but they are so caring , when i got him back i saw in his carrier some fresh hay i also asked if they can cut his nails they did and free if all cost! (For his nails) they had to put anesthesia in total it was $93.00 ???????????? Totally recommend

Maria Fonseca

2 years ago

I have taken my dogs to Country Club for the last 22 years. The professional care is excellent.


2 years ago

Best vet in Miami. They are the only vet we trust with our rabbits and cats!

Richard Yaklich

2 years ago

Dr Bo was very compassionate and carring for my beloved cat Sheba. Thank you for helping her cross over with dignity.

Rosemary Valentin

2 years ago

Last night our bunny scratched his paw in something and punctured his paw … we were panicked ! Immediately we took a picture and emailed it to Dr. Bo it was after hours however, the assistant immediately calmed us down and instructed us on what to do ( cover with small cloth) and got us an appointment ASAP next morning with dr. ! Here today for our appointment and as usual and Dr. Bo is amazing with our little bunny ! ❤️????????❤️????????Thank u to the helpful overnight staff who had us send in a photo and give instructions for us to help us calm down and to this amazing man Dr.Bo !

Ryan Freyre

2 years ago

Took my rabbit there when she contracted mites and the vet took very good care of the situation. I was able to get in and out with medication in about an hour. Very professional and very honest with their opinions when it came to the well being of my bunny.

Jeff Weiner

2 years ago

Good and caring vets and staff!

Caroline Soret

2 years ago

Dr. Bo is the most caring and reliable vet I have ever met. I completely trust him and his staff to care for my dog, whom I love dearly. I have never posted a review of a vet before, but Dr. Bo goes so far above and beyond the norm, that I felt compelled to share this.

Jessica Gi

2 years ago

My family has been taking our dogs to see the veterinarians at Country Club since I was young. Now that I am older and I have my own little fur baby I've been to a couple of different vets both in and out of state, and honestly have received the best service and care for my dog from Country Club hands down. Dr. "Bo" Bogdansky is fantastic - he is direct, friendly (even when I, the fur-momma, get anxious and ask a million questions), and reviews everything thoroughly. He was spot-on in is diagnosis and treatment, and my 10 year old dog is doing very well after his recent dental surgery. The entire team is very attentive, kind and professional - notably Laz in the pharmacy. I have also been very impressed with the efficiency in their modified processes due to covid - its been more well organized than some of the medical doctors I've visited for my own care. The prices may be slightly higher than some other places, but you absolutely get what you pay for and a bit more with the team at Country Club Animal Hospital.

luis avalos

3 years ago

Very kind and courteous doctors and employees.

Viviana Talbot

3 years ago

Excellent vet, very fair price.

Karen Alas

3 years ago

Staff is nice but the process they have designed because covid19 ends with a bad experience for the user. No proper conversation with a vet, medication without a good explanation (and ineffective by the way). My two cats had diarrhea during different moments (one week of difference between both). We took both to different vets and what a huge difference! In experience, treatment and cost (100% more in this vet and my cats continues with the issue 5 days later). The other cat is perfect.

Lauren White

3 years ago

My one dog has skin cancer and I drive over an hour to these guys bc there is no other vet I would trust to operate on my dog. I have 3 rescues and all three were taken immediately here for everything. They might be pricey but worth every dollar without question.

lou zen

3 years ago

Did not work for our dog, we paid for emergency as no appointments available and no solution just recommendation to another vet that specializes. We took care of our little guy and he recuperated thank God.

susan hart

3 years ago

Lost my business after I was put on hold for 5 min. I had not been spoken to except to see if I could hold on the line........ Sue H.

Cemal Harun ARAL

3 years ago

We are first time here, Very peacefully, and very nice people.

hora mayo

3 years ago

Great doctors , great customer service

Stephanie Scott

3 years ago

I have been going to CCAH for over 13 years now. And, both Dr. Augsten and Dr. Bo have saved my fur babies whom I am obsessed with. The staff is great and Laz, Jennifer, Javier, and Cassidy are fantastic to work with. It can be so difficult to have a good vet when you have English Bullies. I can't imagine not having Dr. Augsten take care of them. And, Dr. Bo in tandem with Dr. A saved my tiny poodle's life a few years ago. I cherish this practice.

S Black

3 years ago

Our mini schnauzer Clementine has been seen by Dr. Bo and the team at CCAH since she came home with us this past summer. Shots, checkups, and spay surgery has all gone professionally and so gently with an animal lovers touch and care. Every member of the team seems to be aware of your animal and why they are there!!! Hours are convenient ( I checked on our puppies overnight stay at around 9PM) and they have their COVID 19 protocol down better than my family's pediatrician!!! CCAH was recommended to us and we can very enthusiastically do the same!!! Thanks guys!!!

Paola Vairo

3 years ago

Thank you to the vet and staff at this animal hospital. I was running around trying to find an emergency vet and I could not get through to any other veterinary offices in the area without being put on hold for 10+ minutes. Thank you Country Club Animal Hospital for being so professional and giving our Maltese a few more years to love and be loved.

Shannon Rivenbark

3 years ago

My family and I have been using this practice for several years, and that’s not for lack of visiting other veterinary practices. We’ve been loyal to CCAH because of their top tier staff and doctors. Each visit, whether it be routine or for things more serious, have always left me with a far better understanding of what’s going on and how to resolve my pet’s ailments. Highly recommended. Dr. Bo, Dr. Augustan, and the newer Dr. Figueroa are all thorough, incredibly down to earth, and very empathetic. There’s no revolving door treatment here.

Simone Cagle

3 years ago

We have been coming to Country Club animal hospital for 5 years for general check ups with our dog, Gracie and have always been happy with their care and service. However, Gracie recently required much more in-depth care due to a mast cell tumor and during this process we have been so grateful to have the care and expertise of Dr Bo and his team. Dr. Bo performed Gracies surgery and he was so calm and reassuring throughout the entire process. He is truly the best in the business and we are just so thankful to have had him guide us through this difficult time. The staff was also always helpful and Diana, in particular, was so kind during my many many phone calls while waiting for results. Thank you to all of you!

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