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Dorina Palmieri

2 years ago

My Neapolitan Mastiff had a limp on and off for about a week. He was eating normal, his same self but bad limp one day and then walking normal the other. I took him to my local vet, and she advised that he should get x-rays in order to see why he is limping. She does not have the ability to Xray the large size dog I have so she advised to go to a vet that could. She gave me some supplements for joint and bones and an anti-inflammatory. I called the VCA in Hollywood and they could not get me an appointment with the orthopedic for 4 more days. I contacted Smiling Pets and asked if they were able to Xray a Neapolitan Mastiff and I was told that yes, they could, and the secretary got me in the same day. When I got there, the vet assistant weighed my dog, Vet came in the room, looked at him, asked me what was wrong with my dog, didn't even come close to him, said that I should consider changing his diet to a glucosamine diet, advised I give him some supplements and said he didn't feel the need to Xray him. So, I went to the register, paid the $173 to get some supplements and went home. 2 days later I went to VCA and get my dog x-rays, foot, leg, shoulder and chest. They found a tumor in the shoulder; he was diagnosed with CANCER, and this is why he was limping. No signs of arthritis, BUT OSTEOSARCOMA. Dr. AVI ADULAMI, thanks for nothing and showing no interest in taking time for my dog. I was told I could take him and do x-rays, instead you just had me come there and take $173 and called it a day. Without shame. I would never recommend such an incompetent VET.

Anthony Mitchell

3 years ago

Our cat was extremely sick. I called Smiling Pets and they called me back immediately and told me they had a cancellation. They took such great care of our cat. Thank you so much for the care you gave. I would recommend them to anyone

Kenneth Wright

3 years ago

I had a great experience on my very first visit at smiling pet's the over all service was great they took very good care of my little Dog Sunny. The fee's was fair and reasonable thank you????????

Chris Mcclelland

3 years ago

Wonder ful staff always helpful

Eileen C.

3 years ago

Your office lacks professionalism, respect for the pet owners, and care for the little fur babies that are unfortunate enough to be taken to Smiling Pets. It is such a shame that you have the audacity to discredit, downplay, and further spin the truth in Simon Chaparro's review. As first-time pet owners, we truly trusted your office and you completely let us down. I was not going to post a review because I felt that what was done was done. However, I cannot allow your response to Simon Chaparro's review to mislead other pet owners into thinking that your office did no wrong and is simply being wronged by an upset customer. Our experience with you was very real and I do not want others to go through the same negative, frustrating, and terrifying experience we had with your office when our puppy needed your help. "If they feel the pet needs to be seen immediately then that is what they should do and our office protocol, if the doctor is not available, is to refer them to a 24 hour animal hospital." •If that is truly your office protocol then you do not do a good job of following it because we never received any referral. Please note we gave your office a call immediately after our puppy was injured and described the injury to you IN DETAIL, to which you simply responded that his leg might get better on its own and that we should give you a call the following morning if his leg started to swell up. Seeing no improvement to our puppy's condition overnight we once again called your office and RE-EXPLAINED the situation in detail and asked what we should do. We were advised the doctor would not be in until 10:30am and that our TWO options were (1) to drop our puppy off and the doctor would look at him in between appointments or (2) take the 12:30pm appointment available. At absolutely no point were we advised to take our puppy to the hospital. Both times we called desperate for advice we were met by very nonchalant responses that led us to think that maybe we were over-reacting since the "professionals" at Smiling Pets did not seem concerned by our pet's injury. "At no time did the owner convey to the receptionist that it was an emergency and he was well aware he was speaking to a receptionist. If the owner chose to wait to see the doctor then the owner must own up to his decision." •Please note that Simon Chaparro and I called your office immediately after our German Shepherd puppy injured his hind leg and initiated the call by saying we thought it may be an emergency situation and would like to know whether we should take our puppy in to your office immediately. We made it clear that we felt it was an emergency but looked to your office to advice us... as the experts in pet health that you claim to be. "We accommodated Mr. Chaparro the following day, and as soon as Dr. Adulami examined his dog he spoke to Mr. Chaparro and told him that the dog had a broken leg and referred him to a board certified orthopedic surgeon." "The report received from the specialist confirmed Dr. Adulami's findings that the dog had a broken tibia." •This may be the biggest lie of all. When Dr. Adulami called us to let us know he finally had a chance to "look" at our good boy he simply told us that our boy "might" have a fractured leg or a strained ligament BUT that he could not make that determination without taking x-rays of his leg. He further told us that he COULD take the x-rays in his office but that at this point we should just take our puppy to an animal hospital. Dr. Adulami made no "findings", but please be assured a fee was collected nonetheless. "The dog was in pain and discomfort so the doctor gave him an injection for the pain to make him more comfortable." •We dropped our puppy off at your office before 10am. We received a call at 12:38pm to let us know that we needed to pick him up and take him to a hospital and it wasn't until 12:48pm that our puppy actually received the pain medication. So please explain to me how comfortable you made him during the 3 hours he was under your "care".

simon chaparro

3 years ago

I have been taking my 8 month old German Shepherd to this clinic since he was 2 months old. Although I had some issues with their high prices and pushing extra costs unto me, I am a new pet owner and I trusted that they were professionals at their job. However, this last incident was the last straw. My GSD hurt himself playing, hi would not walk on his left hind leg and kept yelping when touched. I called the vet immediately and they recommended I wait overnight and take a course of action in the morning. I recognize that me waiting overnight was my decision, however, it was heavily influenced by the words of a "professional". In the morning my dogs leg had swelled up and I called the vet again, they mentioned I could leave my dog and the Doctor would look at him in between appointments or after his morning appointments when he could, as he was booked. I described the swelling and the yelping, and I even asked if this was something that is better suited for a hospital. The staff said that I should not worry because the doctor would be able to look at him and proceed if anything was necessary in terms of x-rays or medication. After waiting almost five hours, the doctor calls me, he has not taken any x-rays, and tells me he does not know if it is a sprain or a fracture, so I should take him to the hospital, but he will give him pain medication. (Of course anything to add additional charges and get more money). So after waiting all those hours I got charged a consult for something that a competent nurse SHOULD have told me, plus the pain medication (which obviously was not cheap). At the hospital I took him to, the staff took one look at the leg and immediately said that it had to be X-rayed. It clearly looked severe so they talked to me about all the options and they actually talked to me like a human and not a wallet. I will not be returning and will try to steer people away from this unprofessional establishment.

Miriam Mendieta

3 years ago

My experience at Smiling Pets was very good. The doctor is wonderful and knowledgeable and caring. I will continue to take my pets to Smiling Pets. I am very satisfied with their service.

Liliana Ruiz

3 years ago

I know this clinic for so many years they took care of my pets for over 10 years. They are very compassionate and knowledgeable. Prices are very competitive.

Marvin Robinson

3 years ago

Front Desk lady was honestly not friendly at all. Brought my lovely cat in to get his polydactyl nails clipped. The animal technicians could not figure out how to hold a cat? Then they charged us for a cardboard box to hold and return him in because they literally couldnt figure out how to hold a cat. The box they provided was way too small for our cat. Our cat is friendly and non aggressive it shouldnt have been and wasn't a problem to carry him. I saw another review on here stating that the front desk doesnt make you feel welcome nor appreciate your business and I have to say thats 100% true. We've never ever had an issue with taking our cat to a vet. Everyone seemed confused and didnt know what they were doing. Definitely not trusting these people with our beloved pets again. I would honestly pay more for more professional service at a different clinic, at least then I know my cat will be well taken care of.

Leonardo Oliva Aruca

3 years ago

I'll start off by telling you the veterinarian is a good doctor. but the front desk receptionist does not make you feel welcome she make you feel they don't appreciate your business. I was faced with an emergency and left several voicemails that my dog was seriously bit by another dog and needed emergency medical attention that call was made on a Sunday with several attempts did not get a response to Monday. His injuries were so severe we had to spend 5 days in a hospital. Also my dog has been on TRIFEXIS since he was a puppy of course not without blood work first this is a prescription medication now he's 80 lb so he takes the larger doses now 60.1 to 120 lbs if the dog has never been off the medication to prevent heartworm disease not to mention the other diseases the medicine covers why would I need blood work on my dog to get a refill on a medicine he's been taking since he was a puppy if the medication works he shouldn't have heartworm and he shouldn't have to get a blood test right. I'm just saying my dog was treated at Miami veterinarian specialist sunset drive and 86th avenue Southwest Miami Florida

Laura R

3 years ago

I had a very terrible last few trips with smiling pets. My cat was 9 years old and cerebellar hypoplasia and the vet just kept telling me that most cats with this dont make it to this age and they usually put them down right away. I came in because I noticed something in my cats eye, he was struggling eating and would stay in his litter box. The vet gave me basically vitamin b and a milk to give him daily. Come back in 2 weeks. No change in my cat. I came back 2 more times with no real change and he wouldnt give me an answer on what was wrong with my cat. Still I begged to refer me to a specialist because I didn't know where to go because I didnt know what he had. The vet recommended I put him down because he is very old. I'm not gonna say who but someone in the office gave me the number to the animal eye guys. They ran all the test I wanted and recommended the blood transfusion he needed. They even gave me the number to where they would take their own pets. The empathy that those doctors showed was so much more than this place. I just wish I wouldnt have wasted 6 weeks of listening to this guy. It took me almost a year to write this because although the vet himself has no feelings ... the staff definitely do care.

John Zelinski

3 years ago

Been taking my dogs here for a few years now.

Jessica Thomas

3 years ago

Poor service! Run as fast as you can! This company are the biggest scam artists! Slaps random charges on your invoice, yet when you confront them about it...they lie and try to hurry up and cover it up by reducing the charge. When you ask the staff about it your met with extreme attitude! Find another vet, extremely unprofessional, greedy and rude staff! And to answer your reply the doctors are really great at this location. The issue is the staff, not sure if she’s the assistant but look at her reply, instead of owning up to their errors and their scheme they try to revert blame back on the client.... what kind of customer service is this? Not even apologizing for your poor service. The proof is in the pudding guys run as fast as you can. I wouldn’t want to support a company that tries to put blame on a customer rather than apologizing. Let’s stick to the point, we are not talking about prior charges. We are talking about every time I get there you guys verbally state one price and shove an an invoice down my throat for a much increased price.

Ellen Marchman

3 years ago

We love Smiling Pets! They are incredibly professional, knowledgeable and personable. My dog absolutely loves going to visit and they genuinely care about your pet. The clinic is very clean and have followed strict Covid procedures. I would recommend Smiling Pets to everyone.

daniel parry

3 years ago

Smiling Pets Animal Clinic is the best clinic I've I've encountered in all the years I have lived in Miami. Which is 25. DP

Astrida McFarland

3 years ago

Just wanted to thank the staff that was on last Saturday, March 7 for their kindness and sympathy when I had to bring in my precious 14 y.o. rescue, Jazzy, for her last trip on this earth. May she rest in peace with no pain. She was the best doggie I ever had. The silence around my home is heartbreaking. She forever remains in my heart. We are switching to this clinic for our other two rescues.

Angelika Joseph

3 years ago

I would like to thank Dr. Avi Adulami and his team for making it Easy for me to let go off my Karma..... it is not easy to let go off your Pet who you loved for 17 years ????

Andrea C

3 years ago

My mother has been using this vet for years. I recently changed to them as I'm having mobility issues and they have a house call van which is a lifesaver for me. The Dr. is very knowagable and the prices for a house call is definetly worth it.

Amy Peters

3 years ago

Nice doctor nice place to take your pets ????????????????


3 years ago

great service! And super nice staff

Roch Nakajima

3 years ago

Have used Smiling Pets for over 10 years. Always so professional and Dr. Adulami is amazing. Team is so supportive especially when you face tough decisions. Thank you!

Caroline Defreze

4 years ago

Terrible experience: Dr Avi was on vacation. The receptionist was cold, unfriendly and defensive:she lied about the time she had set the appointment. We had a foster dog with dementia that was acting aggressively and we had come to the agonizing decision of putting the dog down. We waited 40 minutes for the temp doctor to arrive despite having an appointment. He did not even touch the dog that was lethargic and muzzled let alone examine it. He did not appear to show any signs of wanting to help said he would consult and left the room after giving us an absurd lecture about rabies. We waited another half an hour he never came back. In the end (we spent an hour there waiting) we had to ask if he was going to come back: another woman arrived and said “ you can go and there is no charge”. They were uncaring and unprofessional it was very disappointing. I had always had a good experience with Dr Avi who used to come to my home in the beginning of his business with my other two dogs over a ten year period but I would never go back. They did not care, did not engage whatsoever and were rude and unprofessional.

Dennis Glaze

4 years ago

Friendly, staff and willing to work with you on short notice appointments. They also have a Mobile clinic. They are a little pricey but the service is great. Took my dog in for vaccines and they handled all the registration paperwork and provided the updated tag on the spot.

Jackie Correale

4 years ago

This vet is amazing!!! I explained to him how I found these two small kittens in my backyard in really rough shape! I could not just leave them like that!! He seemed very much empathetic about the kitties and my situation lol! They are extremely kind and generous. I’m very grateful to have found this clinic! I guess this clinic will have the pleasure to watch my fur babies grow with us.

Jody Parrilla

4 years ago

Smiling Pets is AMAZING! I could not recommend Dr. Lami and his staff enough. My dog is a rescue and typically scared of men but he loves Dr. Lami. He has a special way with animals for sure. They are sweet and caring and always take the …

Lory Nelson

4 years ago

Nice staff. Very professional and the boutique is adorable.

Michael Oliver

4 years ago

Very honest and direct - Thorough. Pricing was also very reasonable.

Sara Uhlig

4 years ago

We LOVE Smiling Pets! They have been a really kind and helpful vet to us for nearly four years. I never wait longer than 5 minutes for our appointment and they never try to sell you on products or pressure you to have certain procedures done or shots given. You can usually schedule for the next day, or a day in that same week, which I really appreciate.

Sun Flower

4 years ago

Wow! Let me start off by telling you about this great Veterinary it's help me in a emergency situation with my dog. The vet did a great Job. Me Nd my dog felt home. My dog is like brand new. Vet very knowledgeable on anything related to animals. I will be going back. Excellent service. 5 stars!

Theresa LaColla

4 years ago

We had a great experience here. We brought our pup in for a travel health certificate and they were incredibly patient and helpful getting everything together. Mango was treated like a queen! Thank you for your wonderful care.

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