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Betty fillenwarth

a year ago

Very nice lady who works there

Stephanie Diaz

a year ago

Adopted a sweet senior dog last week. I love her so much. Thank you guys for everything.

Jessica Jessie

a year ago

Volunteered for the first time. Everyone is very dedicated, friendly, caring. Lots of great beautiful dogs available to be adopted.

Michelle Craven

a year ago

**UPDATED I see that PAWS4you replied to my review, and I don't see an option to reply to their comment. So I will reply here. What do you mean good fit? We weren't looking at a specific dog. We were denied through the online application before ever entering the facility. We were looking for a large breed puppy. That's it. If you didn't have any large breed puppies at the time, you could have said that. Told us to try again in a month. That would be an example of us not being a good match for the specific animals currently in your shelter. But you said no to us, in general, indefinitely. That's not "no to a match", that is no to us. So that led me to ponder the questions found in my original review, found below. **** "We regret to inform you that adoption committee has denied your application for a dog. We do appreciate your interest. Per the statement on the application, the committee is not required to give a reason for this denial." Maybe they discriminated against the breed of dogs I already had. Maybe they didn't like that my dogs live mostly in the backyard, not in doors, and I was honest enough to tell them. They go swimming with us, have favorite patio furniture, and go to the keys and play in mangrove muck. You see, I believe that dogs are happiest when they are allowed to be dogs, not couped up indoor animals. They chase lizards and squirrels and roll in dog poop. Maybe it was because we wanted a puppy puppy this time. Though we've rescued 4 animals before, I hadn't had a little puppy since I was a teenager. My husband and children have never experienced it. Maybe they will only give a puppy puppy to a household with a stay-at-home parent to give the puppy 24 hour care. Apparently only rich people (rich in time, not just money) are worthy of a puppy? Maybe they won't like the sound of your name, Shaniqua or Mohammed. Maybe they won't like that you live in an apartment. We'll never know, will we? Because they get to pass judgement and not explain it. Sounds cowardly to me. We adopted an adorable 8 week old mutt that I found on Craig's list the next weekend. Took her to the vet's office same day to start shots and medicine and she is a sweet, smart thing. I would suggest you not adopt from this place. These people are playing God. With all the dogs out there that need a good home, they should not be saying no to good homes without even the courtesy of an explanation.

Ricardo Lacayo

2 years ago

A super super nice place if you like to adopt people here are extremely nice highly highly recommend


2 years ago

Amazing. Awesome experience every time

catarina reginatto

2 years ago

I went here 2 weeks ago and it was so amazing. the staff were so nice and were all respecting of covid. its looks like they treat their animals and staff amazingly.

Julie S

2 years ago

First of all the application process is a joke. It doesn’t let input the proper information. ,Hi Julieana, We regret to inform you that the adoption committee has declined your application for a dog. This is in no way a reflection on you. We feel everyone who wants to adopt an animal from a shelter or rescue group is to be respected because they want to open their homes to those in need. We thank you for your interest. Per the statement on the application, the committee is not required to give a reason for this denial. Lol, what is this even? Did they let the animals type this? Or a child? I make 20$+ and I have a wonderful job at a hospital but I can’t adopt a pet without a proper reason? I would give 0 stars if I could. For get this, I’ll just buy a 5000 $ puppy.

Night Seawolf

2 years ago

I adopted my beautiful pointer mix from Paws4you 4 years ago and they were amazing ???? ❤

MEredith Parker

2 years ago

This is one of the most dedicated, inspirational facilities I have visited. The staff is incredibly devoted to their mission and the entire operation is efficient but completely focused on the dogs and their needs. No job is too small to be overlooked or not given the same attention even though it may seem to be trivial to the onlooker. What a joyful place!

Anna Merle Hormann

2 years ago

Recently adopted a young dog from this shelter. They are an excellent facility with a thorough adoption process. Persons working at the shelter and fostering truly care about the rescued animals and put maximum effort into rehabilitating and placing the animals into appropriate, responsible homes. The shelter staff and associates are dedicated and honest. You must fill out the application and go along with process of adopting with a patient understanding to ensure best results. There is a lot of time and money put into the pets before they are ready to be adopted. We got a copy of all health records with our dog and are very pleased with the care of the animals and documentation. Keep in mind— Just because you may want a particular dog or cat doesn’t mean that animal is necessarily best suited for you. The rescue animals often need special care or attention and I truly appreciate that the fosters know so much about each animal and ask all the right questions so that the home is a good match. We could not be happier with the adoption process and our new furry, four legged family member. We look forward to supporting this faculty in the future and referring friends and family looking to adopt pets from a reliable and reputable shelter such as Paws 4 You!!! <3 Lastly a heartfelt thank you to Katie, Terri, and Thomas for their special efforts!!

Margaret Steele

2 years ago

Wanted to board my 14 year old dog there but due to Covid-19 they wouldn't let me tour the facility. Maybe next time. We are taking him on the plane. Just hard to get hotels.

Brenda Bain

2 years ago

Have never felt so discriminated against as I did with the volunteer that was supposed to help in finding new member of my family after awesome texts and being accepted as potential parent of a pet was so excited until I arrived at site and she saw I was a person of color she referred me back to where I had already been then proceeded to deny every pet selected and literally told someone else to help me while she helped another couple with a pet in hand it was humiliating and sad and after calling to receive help from someone else was told perhaps I should go elsewhere writing this review in hopes no other people of color get treated like I WAS! Do not blame entire organization just need to know everyone is not treated well

J Kousen

2 years ago

Animals are in good health and have great fascilities. We walked a potential pup, and then spent time with him in an open area. Going back for more play time next week.

Annie Isbell

2 years ago

I was very impressed. Clean, organized and the staff very friendly and knowledgeable. A very pleasant experience.

Andrea Rivera Hurtado

3 years ago

Amazing experience adopting Luna! The staff is super friendly and loving with the pups. I visited my doggie for 2 weeks to make sure she was ready to come home, because she was a bit shy at first since she was a stray. The staff there were always very helpful and supportive. I would recommend this shelter to anyone hoping to find their next fur baby.

David Stillman

3 years ago

I was able to take 10 dogs from our shelter in Camden South Carolina so they could be put up for adoption here at the shelter. The staff greeted me in a friendly manner and give me all the assistance I could ever hope for. This is a dedicated group of young people. The shelter looks clean and in the dogs all look well taken care O. I highly recommend that you come down and take a look and find yourself a forever friend.

Diego Cancel

3 years ago

Staff is responsible and they actually care about the pets! Love it.

Esteban Hincapie

3 years ago

This is where I got my dog luna and I'll never forget. I've had my best moments of my life with her if you what to see cute dog picture go to Instagram Lunathedoggie2

Joan Walter

3 years ago

How could you promise a dog to a family with three children (who were waiting expectantly every day) and then cavalierly announce (in a text) that “Oh, gee, our staff member took the dog—we get first dibs”. Regardless of your efforts for dogs, you need some intensive lessons on professionalism and human decency .

Miriam Pardo

3 years ago

Compassionate Rescuing. Thank You ❤️

monaliza gunn

3 years ago

I really didn't like it because they don't allow you to see the dogs.

Natalie DeSoto

3 years ago

I have tried over and over again to contact the company and no one answers my emails or calls. I attended the orientation to volunteer there and bought the t-shirt as well and no one has contacted me back after that. Very poor service.

Pete Rodriguez

3 years ago

My doggy loves it place for a weekend stay in Miami.

Rory Magnusson

3 years ago

They really care about the animals and make sure their rescues go to good home. They inform you on everything you need to know and do

Salvador S

3 years ago

Stellar, caring staff that put the animals first. Three very happy adoptions from PAWS with several pleasant boardings. Highly recommended.

Treva Fitzgerald

3 years ago

Paws4You Rescue is a terrific place to adopt your next dog. The staff and volunteers are knowledgeable, cheerful and well equipped to care for the beautiful and loveable dogs who are awaiting a forever home.

Will Alvarez

3 years ago

I have a question, what are the office hours?

Lee Ann Morrison

4 years ago

Wonderful no kill pet shelter. Limited receiving based on space. Do a WONDERFUL job every pet taken in is fully vetted even life saving diseases & surgeries & kept til adoption. Pets waiting for their forever homes receive the highest levels of care including nutrition & enrichment. Consider donating money and/or time to support them and ADOPT! DON'T SHOP!

Marcy Lawrence

4 years ago

Great shelter very nice people. I was offer a tour of the place and I was explain everything that they do for the dogs over there. Everybody was very helpful and knowledgeable and committed go helping every single dog. Donations are needed. Towels. Detergent. Clorox. Dog food. Shampoo for dogs. Toys for dogs and also they need more volunteers.

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