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Heidi Fantasia

2 years ago

I was a bit nervous after reading some less than stellar reviews, but now I am extremely happy with how my dog turned out! When we dropped off our dog the receptionist asked us specifically what we were looking for, and spent more time with us than any other groomer we have been to. She even spent time giving our dog some attention which made us feel like he was in good hands. I personally like that this place has the other dogs free to roam around (supervised) with each other instead of putting them in cages. It did take 4 hours to groom our pup, but they kept me informed via text message! On pickup we thought the dog looked super handsome, and we got exactly what we asked for! The only thing that could have been better was more of a transition between his chest hair and belly, and the price of a groom was $95 for our mini Bernedoodle (we are used to paying $65 in St Pete). Overall, if I lived in this area I wouldn’t hesitate to return!

Alexis Mugno

2 years ago

Just had my beloved fur child groomed here today, by Rochelle. She did an excellent job. She was very professional, warm and welcoming. My pup was very excited upon my arrival, so it was nice to know it wasn't a traumatic experience for her :) Highly recommend Rochelle. Thank you!!

Janice McCarthy

2 years ago

I love Neo Pet Spa. They are very reasonable considering their proximity to Brickell, their store is clean and yiu can tell the staff really loves working with animals.

Kayla McCaw

2 years ago

I wouldn’t return here. Showed a picture of a puppy cut for our Aussie where the length is kept but other areas are cropped short. The groomer shaved our dog Brady almost to the skin. If you know anything about different breeds of dogs or even quickly google it you will see this can damage the Aussies coat causing it to grow back patchy or thin because this breed has an undercoat. Basically if you are a dog groomer I’m assuming you have an understanding about different breeds hair types and if not I’m assuming you would take it upon yourself to learn. Anyways won’t return here and plus there was a huge cockroach by thr from door went I walked in to pick up Brady

daniela chavez

2 years ago

This is the worst place where you can bring your pet to groom. The lady that works here mistreats animal. She grabbed my dog by the neck. She also wanted to charge us more. Horrible experience I don’t recommend it.

Omara Flores

2 years ago

Horrific! If I had the option to put 0 star I would. If you love your dog DO NOT TAKE IT HERE! I took my puppy for the first time to this groomer and when I called to check if he was ready the lady asked “if he came with his paw Injured cuz he is not putting the paw down” I said: my dog was perfectly fine, I’m on my way. When I got there the lady said that he probably hurt himself jumping but that the owner is aware and he would send me the footage. I left with the owner phone number. I send him a video showing him that I got my dog like that and he called telling me that he will check the cameras to drive there so he show me at 8pm. When I got there she started showing me the video that my puppy was jumping and saying that probably that’s the way my puppy got hurt, I told him while he was shoeing me the video that because we were assuming what happens to my puppy I was going to take him to the vet and he has to assume the bill because my dog was perfectly fine when I brought it there. Allen, the owner said to me that I can do wherever I want and he was not paying for anything. I told him that I have never had any problems anywhere and everywhere I go I respect everyone and I never imagined that something like this would happen to my puppy and base on the law if a negligent occur in your business you are financially responsable for what happen to the client in this case my dog. Hi said again “I’m not paying anything” and hi kicked me out in front on his employees and clients and hi threw the door to me. He never showed me the before and after when my puppy got hurt. This situation was so horrible, disrespectful, humiliated and inhuman.

Ileana Garcia

2 years ago

I take my cat here every single time with no issues. I specifically asked for them to ensure my cats legs tail and face were shaved as I always do when I reserved the appointment online and my husband reminded them when he dropped our cat off. I had to go in the back to help them groom my cat because they didn’t have enough employees. I paid $95 plus a $15 tip to help the groomer groom my cat. The front desk clerk doesn’t have one customer service bone on her body.


2 years ago

Amazing girls are so professional my baby is always happy with Neo Pet’s

Juliana Munera Rey

2 years ago

The staff was really rude, I honeslty didn’t feel confident leaving my dog there! I had made an appointment yesterday for a mini groom, because that’s what they had recommended when I called the previous day. However when I got there they explained what the mini groom was (only eyes and private parts) and that wasn’t what I was looking for, which is fine, it was a misunderstanding and they hadn’t explained that on the phone the previous day. But they weren’t welcoming at all, didn’t even acknowledge my dog and the way they talked to me was really rude and not understanding at all. Also they had the other dogs just walking around and barking, not being taken care of. I didn’t feel like they would be gentle and loving with my dog, so I really don’t recommend taking your dog there, I didn’t want him to have a bad experience and starts being afraid of grooming time.

Daniel Castro Rodriguez

2 years ago

Dishonest employees. They surge the prices without notice. Never coming back. They have Brickell prices, but are located in Calle 8....

Devin Tonhaeuser

3 years ago

They did a wonderful job on our Marley!

adryanna galarce

3 years ago

Left my fur babies looking so cute!

SO lui

3 years ago

Good customer service. But prices don’t correlate to the service. It was expensive and the haircut for my dog was sub par

Lucy Barrera

3 years ago

Don’t recommend! When I walked in for my appointment I waited for ever for them to take my dog in because they got distracted by nicos owner who walked in after me. Dogs were everywhere unattended. After 4 1/2 hours later when i when to pick her up they gave me the wrong dog not once but twice ! They put cute bows on her, however, when I looked closer the bows were so tight they left her a bald spot and now it turned into a scab. My poor baby I won’t ever go back.

Oriana Vera

3 years ago

They cut my dog’s nose and did not even mentioned it when I picked him up and they charged me $20 to brush his hair and take away the knots, they literally just shaved him and still extra charged me. The staff was not friendly at all. TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE

Patrizia Tuccella

3 years ago

Yesterday was my first time at Neo and my dog Mia loved it! Thank you guys!

Jennifer La Rosa

3 years ago

Yesterday was my first time at Neopetspa and it will definitely not be my last. The experience was amazing from beginning to end! The staff was welcoming and Claudia, the groomer, was incredible! Being that it was my cat’s (Oreo) first time there, she allowed me to be with him the whole time. It was so much fun to experience his spa day with him up close. Claudia knew exactly how to handle him and did nothing but spoil him. She even suggested a lion cut which looks adorable on him. I was so pleased with the service that I am definitely going back once his hair grows out. So happy I chose Neopetspa to handle and groom my cat. You can tell Claudia loves what she does.

joel ramos

3 years ago

Thanks a lot they did exactly what I wanted to my dog .. I’ll. Defiantly come back every week thanks a lot guys see you soon .. I recommend this place best in brickell and little Havana

Jeidi Hernandez

3 years ago

I love this place! Odelays and team take such good care of Mia. I always know she's in good hands when I drop her off for grooming! Specially with Odelays, she’s the best receptionist there. Mia loves her !

Jazmin Cortez

3 years ago

As you can see this is the first review I ever write because I do not write reviews . I just need to say this place overcharges so much . The latina lady charged me $70 for a TEA CUP DOG . I feel robbed and this should not happen . Maybe it is because they dont have enough clientele since we are going through a pandemic ... Not fair and I actually liked this place because they do not kennel dogs . STOP OVER PRICING !!!!!

Gizem Imece

3 years ago

I am disappointed in Neo Pet Spa. I took my dog there for a brush and bath. I told the groomer that he had some tangles around his neck and that I would like for him to be brushed. She said, no problem. I picked him and noticed that his feet were still gray (from walking to store). When I took him home, I noticed that his hair was not brushed well and the knots were still around his neck. It was a waste of time and money. I wish that the groomer would have communicated better prior to the service.


3 years ago

Awful experience! They advertise false information.

Gabriella Martinez

3 years ago

This is the first time taking my dogs here and I loved. They came out beautiful and the staff were very friendly and accommodating. Will definitely be returning.

Fil V

3 years ago

My dog has been in pain since her appointment (5 hours ago) and can’t open her eyes. The perfume or shampoo they used was extremely strong and even made my eyes burn when I pet her. On top of that, they did a very poor job with the grooming. Her tail is half cut, and it’s clear they missed spots on her paws. Update— I took her to the vet today and they said there was severe eye trauma to her left eye that occurred in the past 24 hours. This caused an ulcer on her cornea that will take at least a week to heal. She is in severe pain due to the negligent care from Neo. I would not recommend going to this groomer.

Angela Korge

3 years ago

I will never take my puppy here again. Initially, they told me the grooming (wash, no haircut) would be three hours. After three hours, I called and they said it would be another three hours. I finally go to pick up my dog, and he went absolutely insane when he saw me, much more than he usually does when I get home. One extremely rude employee then told me I “need to train my dog” because “he jumps on people”. Mind you, he is a seven month old puppy still in training. As any dog owner knows, that is like telling a mother how to parent. Disgustingly rude. They also charged me more than they did in my prior visit without any warning. Then, as I realized my dogs nails were still incredibly sharp, I asked if they filed his nail (which I paid for) and they said yes. Looking at his nails, it’s clear they barely touched them as they are still incredibly long. Finally, we get home and it becomes obvious that they did not give my dog any water as he drank his entire full bowl then went to drink out of the toilet because he was still thirsty. I will absolutely never be going back to this place where they clearly could not care less about my dog.


3 years ago

My doggos love it here but if you go when they open you need wait for groomer to get there the front desk lady is so nice and sweet she will make you feel like home i love her and my dogs to . The haircuts are very nice and it does not smell bad like other places

Alan Urgiles

3 years ago

I really liked the service they provided for my dog. It was his first time at this place and he came out looking great! They even gave him a toy ball since they said he really liked it. They even went up and beyond to the point they made him a collar with his name on it! Overall awesome service!

Andreina Germosen

3 years ago

The best groomers!!! They dealt with my small snappy dog in the most professional manner I love this place will definitely come back and I also got a personalized named collar absolutely free and beautiful!! Couldn’t be more satisfied! I recommend all dog and cat lovers to bring there fur babies here one hundred percent!! Amazing thank you

Fernanda Glazier

3 years ago

IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR PET DO NOT TAKE THEM HERE!!!! If there is anything i have learned from this is to read the negative reviews. We live in NY and are home for the holidays and decided to take our dog to the groomer here since it is pretty expensive to do so in NY. I had an appointment at noon for my 3 year old pup, he is a small dachshund 11 lbs tops. Upon arrival the groomer was not welcoming i showed her a picture of my dog after a groomer that i wanted her to replicate she then explained to me that if i wanted that i would be paying close to $100 because they charge by the minute to detangle and she said he had a lot of knots something i have NEVER heard of in my life. I then asked her what she could do as to not pay $100 as i don't even pay that much in NY! She told me we would need to go shorter and I said it was fine. She said it would take about 2 and a half hours which is very much the norm and that she would call. After 3 hours had passed with no call (and no answer at the store either) we decided to just go and pick him up. We got there and the groomer told us he wasn't ready and needed another 45 minutes. I hesitantly said OK and left bc at that point we thought he would be close to done. 45 minutes passed and i called the "spa" another 5 times again with no answer. At around 5:15 after no call and AGAIN no answer i thought it was time to go and get him. I get there and the lady shakes her head and i asked if he was ready and she says no i had to bathe him again because he peed in the kennel!! TWO VERY IMPORTANT POINTS HERE 1. They said they didn't keep dogs in the kennel and 2. OF COURSE HE WAS GOING TO PEE it had been over 5 hours!!! At this point I am trying not to make a scene because other customers were in the "SPA" so i tell her that we are done i would like to take him home. She goes back into the room i can see through the glass door that she puts him on the table cuts his nails, cleans his ears and brings him out to me and has the audacity to say "credit or debit". I couldn't believe that she was still charging me after 5 hours and they didn't even complete the service I was paying them to do. I was so upset and confused that I paid them and left, looking back I should not have paid them but again im not a confrontational person and didn't want to cause a scene in front of other customers. The only thing i can do now is warn others about the terrible service and hope that they read this review and are embarrassed to have such HORRIBLE groomers working at their establishment. Safe to say i will NEVER be returning here.

Carlisle Gales

3 years ago

I send my fur-child here for a haircuts and baths, they do a great job. My little guy is afraid of bigger dogs so they take the extra step to separate him into an area that he's comfortable in. He always comes back happy and cuter than when we dropped him off!

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