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claudia pacheco

2 years ago

Excelente doctores y servicio ????

Tomas Schmitz

2 years ago

Tuve que sacar un documento para viajar con mi perro y se preocuparon de hacer todo lo posible para poder dármelo en el tiempo que yo lo necesitaba. Finalmente el documento llegó en tiempo récord y me llamaron apenas la USDA lo aprobó.

Hugo Logo

2 years ago

Absolutely not recommend ,I have had appointments and was charged $45 dollars. I'm think its not fair for customers to pay "walk in" fee when they have appointments.

Jose Alonzo

2 years ago

As soon as I opened the door , place smelled and looked impecable . The staff very knowledgeable .and very helpful.

Dr. H.

2 years ago

MPC is a remarkable establishment that exhibits a genuine sense of care and devotion towards pets. They are extremely professional and transparent about their fees which are extremely affordable. My rambunctious doodle pup Marley, enjoys his visits to the office. He is always excited to see the staff, who treats him as one of their own. I highly recommend this office to meet your animal(s) needs and I certainly look forward to fostering a lengthy and healthy veterinarian relationship in the interest of Marley, my rambunctious pup. Dr. H.

Beleida Lopez

2 years ago

Great staff from the front desk to the technicians and the vet is superb. My Dog's name is Punky he is 10 years old. He had a tumor and required a surgery. I was very worry about his age but they explained everything to me and did the surgery. He is happy and healthy. Very grateful ???? Thank you for treating my senior Dog with love and respect.

Helen Bristow

2 years ago

A excellent pet clinic. We were taking our dog Taco from USA to UK. They helped us get all relevant paperwork to do this. They were very caring and also made us feel less stressful. He his now back in UK. Would definitely recommend.

Stephanie Aztaisa

2 years ago

They are good persons whit passion for their career ????

Daina Gardiner, CHN

2 years ago

We needed to redo our cats' travel documents while stuck in Miami, and the vet and vet tech at this clinic were amazing. The staff all around were so helpful, so kind, so understanding, and I would visit them again if I'm in the area. (We are Canadian and they welcomed us.) The staff at this clinic, especially the tech I worked with most, are very well-versed in all thing "pet travel" so you know you'll get your documents done correctly, and quickly! As promised, our USDA docs were back to us within 2 business days. Thank you all SO MUCH for you help! We arrived safely without any issues in Customs.

Diego Eduardo Alba Toro

2 years ago

Terrible experience. My cat had spaying surgery there and some days after she recovered, the wound became red and with discharge, I think it is infected and I called to see what I could do and they said it is part of the normal process. I am a doctor of humans and I can see, this is not rocket science anyways, they just didn't care. EDIT: So they called "concerned", I explained again about the wound picture of my cat because I consider it is not normal after having healed before to become irritated, red and with discharge. They insist: "it is the normal process", "you know because you are a doctor", YES because I am a doctor I know that wounds, just don't heal and become worse again and we call it "normal", that's literally a lie to justify their opinion. In addition to that they kept scolding me because of my "ethics" because I posted this review and that "I won't be a successful doctor because I do that" THE NERVE, so yoy tell clients that they are not going to be successful to justify your point/lie about the wound of my pet LMAO, it looks like you are more concerned more about the review than the actual pet. I attach the picture of the wound so you can appreciate the "normal" after it already healed. Ps: I'm successful and I don't have this type of problems because I don't lie to my patients . You seriously don't have to call me to waste my time and give me a speech, I'm not stupid. EDIT 2: We just came back from another clinic and they said the wound should have been totally healed by now and it is definitely infected (not normal process ) and treatment was started.

Stephanie Schumann

2 years ago

Thank you for everything for my dogs

Daisy Blanco

2 years ago

love this place for the care of my animals

Sany Gonzalez

2 years ago

This beautiful location is now my French Bulldog main clinic, ill tell you why. I woke up a Friday morning noticing my pup wanting to go outside to relieve himself several times within a short amount of time. Very unusual, I was concerned and went to observe him urinate. When I saw he wasn't able to eliminate not one drop. Called his previous vet and they didn't think it was an emergency, set him up a regular clinic appointment the next day. My dad, who has a Saint Bernard, recommended this location after I had reached out several clinics for an emergency walk-in. Miami Pet Clinic, with little to no hesitation, regardless of their busy schedule took us in within that hour. Friendly staff, you feel at home, the doctor is amazing, and their technicians are on point. Clean and helped when my pup vomited, they are quick and attentive. It shows they love what they do, treated my Bruno like their family, you can hear them in the back using their baby voice with him <3 . Bruno was rushed into surgery having bladder stones, even as this mama was nervous they reassured you everything would be okay. I love this clinic, love the staff, and the doctor is very attentive. Thank you! Dr. Piedra, Alain, and everyone else who worked together to make this scary experience become as calm and loving as possible!!!

The Great Lesan

2 years ago

I decided to come to this veterinarian because they were able to spayed sunny the next day. The price was within my budget and everybody did a great job. Thank you all for attending sunny ☀️

Tiffany Ortiz

2 years ago

Excellent service. They helped my significant other and I with providing the care and respect we needed as we lost a member of the family. ????????

Vinih Dela Cruz

2 years ago

We needed last minute help with our dog’s international travel requirements. The clinic and the staff were very accommodating and understanding of our needs. It was almost impossible to get things done in 2 business days but they delivered. We are very grateful for the help they gave us! We called about ten clinics within and near the area, this clinic was the most responsive, helpful and with a comprehensive answer. They set a good standard!


2 years ago

The worst vet in Miami. The staff is unprofessional even by their clap back responses online.

Rieni Gonzalez

2 years ago

Clean, fast, on-time Very friendly staff Owners are not allowed inside due to covid

R Roblero

2 years ago

The Clinic is no kidding the best Pet clinic in Miami and surrounding area. Service was excellent, customer service is paramount, folks that work here are the best. I would recommend this clinic 110% for all your family members (pets).

elena henriquez

2 years ago

Really helpful staff :) It’s was my first appointment and Front desk and the doctor vet really are friendly and informative… definitely going back !

Sam C

2 years ago

A friend recommended this vet after I rescued a tiny sick kitten from the engine of a truck. I already have 3 cats (and I'm a student) so money is tight. The staff was prompt, courteous, and friendly. They understood my financial situation and gave me different options on how to proceed. We found an effective treatment plan for little miss Penny that was within my budget, a fraction of the cost it would be anywhere else! Thank you MPC! My resident cats will be coming to see you in the future.

Sandra Bruzon

2 years ago

I personally love this clinic and the staff! As soon as you walk in, it smells clean, everything is organized and sanitized. The staff is very professional and helpful, they are always so attentive of the animals and caring. They always offer to help people whether its to their car or to come inside a clinic with an aggressive dog. They try to accommodate to everyone and their needs. They are also very affordable and understand that it may be difficult for some people to get their pets vaccinated and even have a Wednesday special for vaccines, I personally always go on Wednesdays. Before surgeries, they always make sure they take the right precautions and I have never seen a customer disappointed with an outcome. I love this place! I recommend everyone to come here, you won’t be disappointed!

Stephanie Hernandez

2 years ago

I love this clinic! Their customer service and attention to my Pet was amazing. They really took the time to explain everything and made sure that I understood the entire process.They even followed up the day after to see how my pet was doing. I will most definitely recommend this clinic to my friends and family!!

Thomas Stevens

2 years ago

I love how friendly and compassionate this clinic is. I was visiting with Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice and the staff was amazing ????❤

Eugenio Machado

2 years ago

Excellent service, nice staff. Call for an appointment for quick service.

Magda Anna LusiCo

2 years ago

Traveling with pet is always stressful, it’s even more so when you travel to a different continent. The staff at Miami Pet Clinic took excellent care of us and our cat, Tesla. We couldn’t recommend them more - they were lovely and (oh so!) patient with our endless questions and calls. Thank you for your help! We will be coming back!

Jackie Murcia

3 years ago

Do not come to miami pet clinic because the staff have a lot of attitude and the vaccines, deworming, and other services is going to be 3X more expensive than what you can find in another place. My recommendation is to do thorough research on prices for vaccines, deworming, and medicines at other places before going to the most expensive place.

Leo vazquez

3 years ago

I’ve been to this vet a few times now their surgeries are extremely sloppy had to do it twice. No bandages to cover to wound just a cone.. tried to take out the first stitches then put more after those and said they were dissolving stitches but when we came back for his check up they say said they aren’t??? So what is is?? They also banned another persons dog I know because he was to much apparently even when the owner said they could go in to calm him down.. they they also refused to treat an old lady’s cat about two weeks ago when I was waiting for my dog in the waiting room. They said he was to wild. if you don’t love what you do then why do it at all.. you say you love them as if they were your own so maybe while you were looking up sovas info to reply to this review you would have noticed he’s a male not female and of course it was 0 charge the second time gotta fix your mistakes.. and one quick google search “Whether an aural hematoma is treated by needle aspiration, tube drainage systems or incisional drainage, it is common to place some form of a bandage around the head to protect the site from infection or further damage by the patient and to absorb fluid, avoiding a mess in the owner's house.”

Joseph Arnaez

3 years ago

I am super happy with the service this animal clinic has given to my mascot. She went in with an eye infection and was treated for it. One of the BEST things that this clinic has is the communication between the medical staff and me. They even did a follow up call to see how my dog was doing, that is worth its price. Also, they do not do anything until they give you an estimate and if you agree to it they go ahead with treatment. 100% would recommend to someone with a sick mascot. Great service keep up the great work.

Brenda Herrera

3 years ago

Don't over charge your customers. You charge $30 just to get an appointment, and then you want to charge extra to see the Vet & after you want to charge extras bill was $71. 00 + $30 = $100, you did not do anything to my cat not even an antibiotics was giving to my pet.. the least you can do is refund my $30 for going. Not even a payment plan was offered, the actual bill was $200+, but since I refused the extra services you over charge me for no reason. I have two pets. I would have brought them here, but since you want to have hidden charges I won't be coming back.

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