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Maria Almonte

2 years ago

Very unhappy and devastated... Went there with Uber twice, but, cannot be seen.. I live far away and my expenses became double .. they don't accept appointment too... Only 1 vet for so many animals to be seen... They should hire at least 2 or 3 more Vet doctor, front desk ladies??? They should learn how to be nice and be respectful to the customer ...

Shaniece Congress

2 years ago

Most affordable prices I've seen yet, professional yet compassionate staff, and one of the cleanest facilities I've seen in a while.

Romina Doubnia

2 years ago

Drove an hour to drop off my cat for a surgery after getting their confirmation three times in the month including the same day. They said doctor left and they couldn't do anything about it. No courtesy call or nothing to let me know. Very unprofessional and unreliable. Now I have to cancel my cat’s surgery that hes been waiting for a month. Do yourself a favor and don’t come here.

Aiza Alonso

2 years ago

Been there before and have always received great service can't complain, and Customer Service is Excellent. Highly recommend for your pet.

Maria Perez-Castaneda

2 years ago

I've have been bringing my pets here for many years. Their attention to my fur babies is great and their prices and/or fees are the most affordable, that's why I am always referring.

sandra m mejia

2 years ago

This clinic is the best. Place specially if you don't have enough money for save the life of you pet doctor and people working there have love and profetionalism to take care you pet .they save my cat and my dog life for a good price. And too much love.


2 years ago

Dr. Martín, is very caring of her patients. We have been going here for 7 years.

vedado Adacadabra

2 years ago

Very professional team work. Very clean place and I am very pleasant taking my pets to this clinic.

Angelica M. Garzon

2 years ago

This place is always ready for emergencies. Very friendly staff.

Joel Esquenazi

2 years ago

This place is horrible for wait. Waited for three hours to see the vet. Wouldn’t recommend this vet at all, they should start taking appointments so they have their clients more satisfied with their own time not wasting it waiting.

Carolyn Van Gorder

2 years ago

This place should not even be operational. The lack of scientific knowledge and plain logic exhibited by the “veterinarian“ was a shock. I have had multiple animals over 50 years and I have yet to see someone who knows so little about a treatment for cats. The cat was diagnosed with a heart murmur and obviously in distress when I asked to have her euthanized she instead sent me home with an antibiotic although she had no bacterial issues in her blood test. I will not stop until this clinic is closed.

Juan Hurtado

2 years ago

Had my dog with cancer in his stomach and the vet made it sound like it was our fault we didn’t notice. Not only did we have the pain to watch our family dog passing away from cancer we had a condescending veterinarian talking down about how we didn’t notice that he was bad. She had said their is a possibility that he could live with surgery but it was gonna be a tough choice. And after that we asked what she would do and she said she would never be in that situation……like come one read the room. There was many ways to avoid the question instead she decided to make us feel bad about having our dog without noticing he was hurting.

Marie-Cecille Berrier

2 years ago

I only found this place a few months ago. Yes, there is some waiting time, but they take their time with your pet. really make sure that all issues are addressed. I would not have known that my Titi Lisa has Cushing's disease except for Dr. Martinez who went the extra mile, when I brought a really sick little girl. The staff is friendly, competent and the vet's assistants are awesome. They try to keep the costs low and even the consultation is only $45. That means something to a lot of people are still suffering from the economic impact of the pandemic. You guys rock!!!


2 years ago

The best care my dog & best friend has ever received

Chmise Allen

2 years ago

If you don’t have any other plans for your day and don’t mind having your time wasted, then by all means. Arrived shortly after 8am to wait in line; my cat didn’t get seen until after 2pm. Once inside, a technician whisked her away to the back without even speaking with me. Granted, I gave a brief description of the issue on the sign in form but wouldn’t it be imperative to actually speak with me for further details? Shortly after, they claimed she needed to be taken to emergency services because she was panting. No, she’s panting because like me, she’s extremely irritable after waiting 6+ hours in the freaking car. I don’t live in the area and didn’t have the convenience of adding my name to the list and going back home to relax in the meantime. So yes, my cat was a bit stressed but that wasn’t why we were there. The doctor confirmed her breathing and heartbeat was fine (they don’t allow you to be present during this basic examination) but ordered a round of tests and x-rays that I declined because she recently had all of that (and more) done which I would have gladly shared if given the opportunity to speak with the doctor during the consultation. Basically, I’m a worry wart and wanted a second opinion. As well, the price points are more or less the same you’d find at any other vet in Miami. ASPCA recommended this place and I strongly believe my experience would have been better had there been a scheduling/appointment system in place and had they allowed me to speak with the doctor when requested.

Eileen Martinez

2 years ago

Very friendly and affordable animal care. The staff was great and despite the no appointment policy the wait was not long at all. Beat thing is if you need and medication you walk right out with it. Love it!

Elizabeth Ghaffari

2 years ago

Excellent in all aspects. 10 stars

Nadim Jamid

2 years ago

No stars as they let my dog to die waiting 4 hours for help. I cannot believe the lack of urgency. My family waited 4 hours to have our loved one pass in our arms. They felt it was more important to remove staples from a healthy dog the to rescue our loved one. I will never take a furry friend to this place. Please beware world. When the horror was all over the vet and front desk person apologized. Well I’m sorry that’s not good enough as your trained to save lives not take them. I should of gone to MVS they are the best where AWS is the worst. Don’t take your baby’s to Animal Welfare Society.

Maria Teresa Villalobos (InmoSolutionsMiami)

2 years ago

No appointments allowed so be prepared to wait. However, it is worth it. Prices are lower than in other vet clinics and everyone there is extremely caring and understanding. I felt the empathy and love for every animal that went in that day for treatment including mine. ♥️

Tara marmolejos

2 years ago

I was looking for a place to take a homeless cat I feed and found this place on Google. I got there (on a Saturday) little before 9am and left around 6:30 pm... it's all I was able to do that day. The staff and the vets were nice to me and the cat, only reason I am giving 3 stars. But they weren't able to do much for the cat and I ended up spending 300 dollars on a check up and some overpriced medications, which is more or less what I usually spend on the vet I take my indoor cats and I don't have to spend the entire day in the process. Hence I don't think was worth the wait. Perhaps for surgeries or more complicate procedures might be worth the time.

Stephanie Van Der Biezen

2 years ago

The worst vet I’ve ever been to. Don’t bring your pets here. We called ahead to see if we could come in. We arrived at 12:30 pm we were waiting there an hour and they sent us a message saying that they’re going to lunch at 1:30. We didn’t get seen until 230. And we finally left at 5 o’clock. Almost 5 hours. Also the lady at the front is very disrespectful to people. She has no class and is very unprofessional. Clearly no one in that clinic has no respect for peoples time. Why would anybody want to come back and go through this again. Terrible service they need new management!


2 years ago

I hate to do this to a vet I have been going to for years, but apparently they got a new front desk agent who is a real piece of work….. previous recent reviews will say the same thing. She is disrespectful and just nasty. She does not care about her job, and unfortunately she is the first face people see when they come in with they’re sick babies. If it wasn’t for the fact that the actual doctors here are great I would have stormed the hell out, that’s how terrible she was. And not just to me, the couple in front of me and behind me were discussing the same thing. One couple said they will never return whether the vets are great or not because it was they’re first visit and of course a terrible first impression. The best I could do was reassure them that the techs and the vets are warm hearted, loving and great at they’re job. But I understand, after years of coming here, I don’t think I want to drive an hour out here anymore to bring my babies if I have to deal with who ever this new front desk agent was. Such a damn tragedy that people can be so disgusting, at a place where you really need to be the opposite.

Hello Gal

2 years ago

Good service but takes too long to see the vet.

Yamilet Lopetegui

2 years ago

Not so pet friendly as advertised. Went there today May 12, 2021 at 330pm and was told my dog could not be seen. Keep in mind they close at 6pm and nowhere on their website does it say "serving only first come, first serve" which is what i was told when i arrived. I felt total disrespect from their staff and i hope my dog makes it til tomorrow.

Jose Ardila

2 years ago

the worst place to go to check on your pet, lose time patience the man and the woman behind the counter do not know that nothing or have any idea of ​​what is happening and inform customers what is happening and what time they are going to leave.i was there like 5 hours with 3 puppies all morning uncomfortable and this person from the clinic does not care about anything DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME TO GO THERE 0 starts


2 years ago

I made an app last Friday 4 today Tuesday after memorial holiday at 9:30 am, 13:30 and nobody call me, waiting all the hours in the car and 1 inside the site. I heard from the front desk “professional” that they don’t make appointment, So I was fool it by the person who took my call last Friday,... also she said that “People needs to arrive to the place at 8:00 am to take your turn, to be call after 9 in the order that the turns were assigned. It’s 2021 and funny places like this working like third world, here in our country!

Omar Fernandez

2 years ago

Horrible place they don't let you see what they do to your pets and my dogs got ear mites and I had to warn the assistant to stop handling my dog harshly. I will never take any animal there again EVER!!!!

KRK Life

3 years ago

So attentive. Extremely nice staff. Affordable. Recommend to anyone.

Thomas J

3 years ago

Nice staff, they were happy to receive our donations of unopened food and beds following the passing of our dog, we hope they will help other pets and their owners

Charlieriga CML

3 years ago

What a lack of education !!!!! I called on Friday and a guy told me that they weren't giving appointments, I asked him what time was best to go take my cat, and he told me that from 12 to 100pm, I got there at 12:45 pm in an UBER I go to that place Because for more than 10 years I have taken my pets there, and that they have always treated me well, the girl at the front desk tells me that she cannot attend to me today because I have already accepted all the cases of the day. I explain that I have to use UBER to get there, please make an exception, but he did not tell me to come tomorrow at 730am so that he can have space to attend to me. It is a lack of education, I have spent $ 40.00 in travel, he is a person without any desire to help. I will no longer go to that Vet Clinic, they have disappointed me with that unprofessional treatment, I explained and begged her to make an exception that I expected but did not want to miss my trip, but nothing she turned around and continued doing her thing ,

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