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Tomy A

2 years ago

Please if you love your dog don’t take it there my daughter took our mini pincher to this monster who did a blood test , find out she had all the blood parameter out of range big time , platelets super low , white blood cell thru the roof , diabetic and so on ,17 years old and procced to recommend a dental cleaning and removal of all remaining teeth . Dog die few ours later suffering in our hands while he was unavaible to assist . 800 dollars tab bill was he motivation and total misdiagnosis that tipped the dog to the end in hours , oh he suggest we take it back for some kind of blood disease he suspects was going on , TO STUDY ,have the public trust you FOR THIS???.,,note : I’m also doctor who never had a chance to look at the test !!

Steve Heist

2 years ago

Why is this vet allowed to practice medicine? I brought my dog to him and walked out. Very disorganized, the girl behind the desk is not bright. And after reading all the other reviews, and seeing what I am reading on social media this guy is a quack! I sensed it the minute I walked in the door.

Omar Fajardo

2 years ago

Be careful! My partner took his two little dogs for a teeth cleaning and they charged him twice the price they have estimated. Very unprofessional behavior. He is not coming back.

isabella almendares

2 years ago

medications are TOO expensive and don’t work.. to be EXACT i got “recommended” two medications & needed up being $900.. many medications “to help” or “to relieve” for what? do better.

Yasnely Cardoso

2 years ago

I wanted to take the time to let everyone know how greatful I am to the people at this clinic for saving the life of a dog I recently rescued from the streets. To the doctor and the whole team, I am forever greatful for your love and dedication to the animals you save in general. Your hard work is highly appreciated.


2 years ago

I’ve been bringing my cats to Dr.Díaz for the past few months. The first time I brought my cat, Micki was because he was having issues urinating. I called almost every vet in Miami Dade but no response or availability. Dr.Díaz was the only vet who told me to bring him in. They did an X-ray on him and prescribed the needed medicine. He was able to recover fully. The same thing happened to my second cat, Panchito. Every time I had an emergency, whether it was during the weekend or on a holiday, I knew I could count on Dr.Díaz. Panchito was taken recently on Memorial Day and since then, has fully recovered. The nurses who work under Dr. Díaz are also very friendly and caring. They always carry and hold my babies with the upmost care. The price is always affordable. I’ll forever recommend this vet clinic to everyone and anyone.

Emily Smith

3 years ago

Completely WRONG DIAGNOSIS for my pet. Insisted on me to PUT DOWN my pet several times and how he went about it was unprofessional. I decided to take them to another vet. Dr.Diaz told me my pet had TUMORS in their lungs and it would die soon. The other vet sent new set of X-rays to a radiologist (which Dr.Diaz did not do.) , It turns out, my pet has Congestive Heart Failure. Dr.Diaz prescribed the wrong meds to my pet and wanted to put them down with the WRONG DIAGNOSIS. My pet had NO TUMORS. The medicine prescribed to my pet by Dr.Diaz worsened my pet’s health since it wasn’t treating any of the problems. My pet’s condition is mild and we could’ve been treating this sooner if Dr.Diaz didn’t put his bias so much into the case and being so heavy onto putting my pet down down. My pet is now doing better each day passes. My only real question is: Why have call yourself a HEART ANIMAL HOSPITAL when you couldn’t even prescribe + decipher how a tumor looks like and determine a heart issue??? Doctor carries a strong attitude when his bias gets ahead of himself and does not wear a mask.

Paula Clavijo Gil

3 years ago

Dr. Diaz has been fantastic per my experience. My first experience with Dr. Diaz was when one of my cat Phil's eyes (it previously had trauma that healed over when we first found him, but hadn't bothered him in years) grew a growth in it. It was originally diagnosed at another vet and they were going to charge me $1,500+ for the surgery. Having just paid nearly $3,000 when my cat Phil became blocked late 2020, I in no way could afford that as at the time I had been battling to get the pet insurance to cover the cost. I called multiple vets, even going as far as calling vets in Weston. Every single vet was charging me over $2,000 for the eye enucleation surgery my cat Phil needed so he would stop being in pain. Then I found Dr. Diaz. I called the office and when he told me he would charge less than $700 for the surgery and medication, I nearly broke down in relief. They were wonderful and took care of my cat really well. Even when Phil decided to get out of his cone and open the sutures, it was still not as expensive as anticipated to get them fixed. I took him back to get his annual checkup, vaccines, and to get him neutered (all which was incredibly affordable) and he's been doing fantastic ever since! A very affordable vet, kind and patient staff, and my kitty of seven years received wonderful care. I can't recommend them enough.

mavis castillo Fernandez

3 years ago

Dr. Jose A Diaz, is so far the BEST VET that we have ever had. Their prices compared to others are much better, he shows compassion towards your fur babies and their humans. He also explains everything to you, in layman’s term.

Erika Vina

3 years ago

I brought in a stray cat and they were very helpful and accommodating, they were realistic and straightforward but delivered all information kindly


3 years ago

On January 29TH 2021 I had taken my beloved Sasha, she is a American bulldog/box mix to Diaz Heart Animal Hospital. Before we entered I made sure Sasha took care of her business 1&2. Sasha nervous of her unknown surroundings entered. Curious she sniff around the waiting room to be attended while passing on Sasha's medical details to the reception so that the doctors could review it prior to being seen. We waited patiently for a few minutes while the doctor's were attending to other pet owners. Then one of the doctors came out and called our turn. We entered a patient room where the doctor weighed Sasha then took a sample of her fecal to check for parasites. A few minutes passed and the Dr. Diaz entered the patient room and kindly welcomed us and clearly explained to us Sasha's prognosis from her medical details I sent earlier. My eyes and heart heavy from what I heard. Dr. Diaz then asked if we cared to take some x-rays to double check. So one of the doctors took Sasha into another room to x-ray. A few minutes later the x-ray technician brought back our Sasha in the patient room while the x-rays were being processed. To point out before bringing Sasha to Diaz Heart Animal Hospital she was coughing blood. Dr. Diaz then called us back to view the x-rays and kindly showed us Sasha had fluid in her thorax area of her chest area. Dr. Diaz was suprised Sasha kept on breathing because she was utilizing her stomach muscle to breath. Dr. Diaz was stright forward and said they could remove the fluid from her thorax again but because of her prognosis of having a tumor and possible infection it would be just be temporary and the fluid would return. So Dr. Diaz offered his professional diagnosis and suggested to put Sasha to sleep. It was the toughest decision we had to make. After Dr. Diaz explained the procedure and discussed about what will happen to her remains after she passes which was creamation. Again we waited in the patient room while the Doctors measured the dose for sleeping Sasha we both hugged her and kissed her profusely knowing it would be the last time we would ever see her again. Then Dr. Diaz and another doctor entered with the sedation needle and sleep antidote. I mounted Sasha on the patient bed where it was lifted while I and the doctor held her as Dr Diaz injected Sasha with the Sedation Sasha slowly sucome to my eyes heavy with tears told my bb I LOVE YOU, NEVER FORGET US! WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH THANK YOU FOR BEING OUR COMPANION. Then Dr. Diaz injected Sasha with the sleep dose Dr. Diaz check her heart and after a few seconds Sasha passed on into heavenly pastures no more suffering she would be a peace. We stayed with Sasha for awhile I continued to speak to her softly into her ear reminding her that we LOVE her and that it will be ok. We left rest assured that Diaz Heart Animal Hospital would care for my dear Sasha remains. Dr. Diaz and his staff performed above and beyond our expectations under the sombering circumstances. THANK YOU Dr. Diaz God bless you and your wonderful staff

Dorothy Munoz

3 years ago

The staff, starting with Rocio and the assistant deserve 10 stars. But this is for the Vet which is not what most of these (bogus) reviews say. Very condescending attitude. Never even asked about my docs vaccinations, no history . . . just massive meds, made his daily sale and have a nice day. This is not my first rodeo with Vets, but this one, Whoa cowboy. . . . and he does not wear a mask nor a white coat.

Victor Galue

3 years ago

Was a great experience be there they help me a lot with my French bulldog .. best customer service and dr was really nice .. thanks...

Sandra Bruzon

3 years ago

I 100% recommend this veterinary clinic, besides their good services, professionalism, and organization, they offer great wellness packages for rabies, dental cleaning, spay/neutered surgeries, and more!

Nico Saporito

3 years ago

I’m very thankful for everyone here at this location. My family and I are happy with the help and service to my doggie. Thank you.

Nancy Mora

3 years ago

Very disappointed. Took my dog for a toth extraction and I ended up paying more that they quoted initially. Dr. Diaz said it was not necessary to do the extracion. Even worse there was no comunication between the assistant and the vet. Very unprofessional. I took my dog home

Maria Mata

3 years ago

Dr. Diaz is a very honest and trustworthy veterinarian. He responds quickly to any emergency and is always very helpful. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about his profession. You know his heart is always with your pets.

Lolita Ortiz

3 years ago

I have been taking my 2 cats here for years now and they have always done their best to keep my babies healthy. I am extremely grateful to them for all their work ????

Lissette Martinez

3 years ago

Best care ever. Dr very patient, professional and caring!! Amen for Dr. Diaz!!

Andres Marrero

3 years ago

I wish I would have brought my dog here first. The doctor was extremely careful for my dog, and I shall not forget it. R.I.P Muffin

Monica Dancy

4 years ago

Great doctor and staff! Thank you Dr. Diaz!!

Lorial Lauriault

4 years ago

Great professional I call him dr diaz-heart Cause he not only treat the pets he is very Understanding of the owner feelings, Thanks to you and all your friendly staff. Lorial lauriault.

Hey R

4 years ago

Did my dog's ACL surgery. A vet you can trust who isnt all about the money! Dr. Diaz and his staff are a gem. Was lucky to have been referred to him for my dog's cruciale tear (ACL). They did the knee surgery with PRP, which speeds up healing. The surgery was pretty successful, dog walked the same day. Responsive, caring staff. These people care. Am used to taking my dog to VCA Hospital but they only seem to be about money. They dont offer any solution that doesnt cost an eyeball. Dr. Diaz offers solutions that are necessary and affordable. So, great vet + reasonable price + great staff.

Francheska Muñoz

4 years ago

I took my dog to get a mass removed. She had three on her stomach. One was the size of a kiwi. The doctor and staff were terrific. She was in and out in no time. They also called me to check in on her. Also her stitches removal went smoothly. I’m very happy with the service I was given.

Nathalie Mandez

4 years ago

DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET HERE!!!! I took in my Yorkshire Terrior for a small haircut. I specifically told them just a simple cut not too much. When I came to pick him up, they told me they made a mistake and brought him out completely hairless. He looked like a chihuahua. I told them have you ever seen a Yorkie with short hair? They tried charging me $40 for the haircut, but I refused to pay a single cent for what they did to my precious dog. I am extremely frustrated and I will never take my pet to this place ever again.

Ricky Andersen

4 years ago

If you consider your pet to be a valuable family member DO NOT bring them to this place. They claim to monitor your pet throughout the night, this is not true. Your pet remains alone and they monitor via video camera with poor quality. This doctor is ill equipped to take care of these animals. He instills fear so that you pay for his recommendations. I asked Mr. Diaz what would happen if an emergency arises during the night, he said he’d see it via camera from his house. I highly doubt he looks at the cameras all night. As far as actually monitoring the animals they don’t have any continuous monitoring devices, meaning if an emergency occurs your pet is as good and gone. They are NOT a 24 emergency, that is misleading and false advertising. They close at 6 PM sharp. Lastly don’t be deceived by the “heart” in the name of the practice. Mr. Diaz is by no means an animal cardiologist. I would even question his medical expertise. I’m a cardiovascular intensive care nurse and he was not able to answer my questions. His knowledge of cardiovascular pathologies is mediocre at best and it can cost the life of your beloved pet at worst.

Yunior & Yenisbel Elias

4 years ago

Amazing clinic. Great staff and even better service. Fees are reasonable. I highly recommend them. Thank you Dr Diaz and staff.

Ana Gali

5 years ago

I have been with Dr. Diaz for quite a few years now. He and his staff are wonderful and compassionate. When it was time for my lab, Nala, to cross over they were like family and made the experience bearable. We had her for 13 years. I also adopted a puppy which he had rescued from the humane society. It has been a pleasure working with them. The price is low and the care is way above what is charged. I would not change them and I’ve been to other vets.

Victoria Delgado

5 years ago

Amazing place. The male staff is great, but the female staff are not very friendly or hospitable. So whenever i go I just talk the nice vet tech. Great place.

Sandra Gomez

5 years ago

I just had my cat chily surgery with Diaz heart Dr...is very professional....and staff so friendly.high recommended.thank you!!!!.

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