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Rolando Darna

2 years ago

They are the best they take good care of my dogs

Hugo Escobar

2 years ago

Front service personnel are very rude they take for ever to see you, they don’t say good morning or good afternoon nothing, not even thank you for your business nothing. Avoid going to this animal office.


2 years ago

I have been coming to this animal hospital for over 30 years Many dogs.same vet. Dr. Perez. His compassion for animals and their owners is amazing.


2 years ago

Been a Loyal Customer Since the 1973, 10 Dogs,1 Cat.Sadly,How 1 Bad Older Cuban Lady With a Bad Attitude can end a Great relationship.Dr.Perez is a Great Vet With a Great Heart & Tells You The Reality of your Situation.Funny How an Older Women can change a Older man,LOL.So I went to a Newer Shop Vet and spent a little more $ but got better professional,courteous service from the first moment I entered.

Linda Martinez

2 years ago

I being taking my dog to this vet. For the past 5 years, very knowledgeable veterinarian and helpful! My dog is happy every time I take it to the vet!

William P

2 years ago

Stay away from this place. I have a golden retriever that was limping for 2 weeks. I bring him to get X-rays and I’m told to give him anti-inflammatory and that it should go away. 2 weeks go by and the dog is still limping, I asked for a copy of the X-rays and I sent it to my cousin who is a veterinarian in another city and he tells me that the dog has a fracture in the forearm. I come back to see the veterinarian and his response is that my cousin doesn’t know anything and I asked the veterinarian: “why the dog is still limping after a month?” and his answer was “how am I supposed to know? My wife also limps!”. I just left.

Joe Cavallo

2 years ago

If you want your pet to be treated with the best love and care, LeJeune Animal Hospital is the place. Troy, our Terrier mix developed arthritis in his hip, and after nearly being killed by the overdosage of pills, pain, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxers given him at Banfield Animal Hospital which caused him to stop eating and lose 25% of his total weight. We had also been referred to a neurologist vet who started the conversation with some pretty unnecessary procedures with very lofty prices, a neighbor referred us to LeJeune Animal Hospital . As soon as Troy was seen the first thing Doc. Perez told us not to let anyone operate on him or he would be damaged for the rest of his life, he was treated with a shot to the hip and prescribed some mild anti-inflammatories. After his prescription was finished we put Troy on a natural diet of chicken, beef, beef organs, salmon (not farmed), we combine his food with steamed sweet potato, yucca, rice (no salt on anything), carrots and broccoli, Troy today at 8 years old is as strong as he was at 2, and healthy as can be. He has all his regular checkups, vaccines, tooth maintenance and any other procedure done here, fast service and professional treatment for your loved pet is what you'll get here!.

Andres Senorans

2 years ago

I've know Oswaldo since the late 60s when he would do home visits. Extremely knowledgeable and is pragmatic regarding issues that may pertain medical costs that will lead to nowhere.

Maria Barahona

3 years ago

My cat was over sedated and died! I went in for check up. What type of veterinary clinic can’t handle a cat?!? I am getting an autopsy and calling my lawyer! This place is going get shut down!!!

Shay Tv

3 years ago

Horrible experience I was referred by the mvf Miami vet foundation / coalition I live in Miami have a fl id & address. I just refuse to transfer my ny benefits to Mia because I get better care in ny but I have proof of all my benefits up to date and a physical living fl id & address. I just refuse to transfer my ny benefits to Mia because I get better care in ny but I have proof of all my benefits up to date and a physical living fl address and license. Le jeune has 2 horrible front desk ladies truly heart less! They disclosed that I can’t get the low income nuetuer for my dog due to me having benefits in ny although I reside in Miami which is absurd. The application saids no such thing about where ur benefits come from just states have a valid fl license and proof I get benefits which I have all proof why should I have to transfer my benefits just cause I need a low income nueteur the whole point is that I receive benefits period and I live in Miami!!! These heartless individuals ! after working 12 hrs going strait to this place in Uber $20 for help for my pet are only worried about receiving the pay from the foundation making sure that if they giv the ok to giv the surgery at that low $20 program price they get the funds from the mvf ! Theses front desk women were not trying to help or understand. They would not let me use restroom treated me less then cause I don’t kno a lot of Spanish said they could not get in contact with the mvf to get the ok when truly they were lying and never called I was in tears could not believe what these people did to me let alone my pet !!! Stay away from this place they only care for the money not ur pet or any1 in this case and they majority Spanish speaking like the Uber drivers although we r in America!!! I am Puerto Rican my Spanish just isn’t that good just so evil these people r!!! Le jeune has 2 horrible front desk ladies truly heart less! ... called bak after foundation approved and they told me the surgery doc got Covid they aren’t doing surgeries rite now so unprofessional telling me sum1 else’s private information who knows they could b lying

Ubaldo Mendez

3 years ago

Friendly staff. Prices are affordable. Parking available but not many places.

Ricky Gz

3 years ago

The service was excellent. And all the staff members, were very friendly and helpful. They explained all the Details n information, very clearly. I would recommend them in a heart ♥ beat. The Doctor was very well experienced and explained all the Details to us, on the procedure, that he did on our baby girl Pug.. She's in Excellent condition.. Thank you to all..and God bless you'll..

Katrine Abreu

3 years ago

I had four dogs that were taken care by them. One was very old and the experience of putting her down there was horrible. They did not administer the correct dosage and they did not handle that situation professionally. I had yearly dental cleaning for another of my dogs. He would come out with a half-a**ed cleaning. I recently took my dog for his yearly teeth cleaning to a new vet and he has 3 rotted teeth! He should of caught that if I am sending for a teeth cleaning. They charge very little but you get what you paid for. Cheap service in which either way you pay the price. If you love your dogs you would pay whatever the cost. Now I have to pay close to 1k to have his teeth fixed, which I am happy to do so since my poor dog was suffering and I know they are doing the job right! The staff is friendly and the office is clean. Unfortunately they are not very professional.

Jorge Salomon

3 years ago

They have been the veterinarian place for all of our pets throughout the years. They treat the humans there with outstanding care and, the pets, cannot speak for themselves however, they do not get nervous nor agitated. So, it could be said that they too, appreciate the visit for their own well being. So, if anyone is not satisfied with the treatment and care that they are receiving, Lejuene veterinary clinic is the best place to take them to. Hats off to the Vets and, the whole staff.

Eric Hanson

3 years ago

We have been going to doctor Perez for many years and consider him the best vet in Miami. He is friendly punctual and just the best doctor around, I wouldn't put my pet care in anyone else's hands.

Anon Ymous

4 years ago

My mom has taken cats twice here already and every time has been very satisfied with their care, compassion, and prices. The first time she took one of her cats was last year. This cat had been bitten in the abdomen by a dog and had an open wound with a bit of intestines coming out. She was referred to this office by another vet who knew my mom was low income and couldn't afford to pay the hundreds of dollars she would charge for the surgery. The older gentleman vet here took her on as a "social case" due to her low income and operated and saved her beloved cat's life for a very reasonable price that she could actually afford given her tight financial situation, a fraction of the cost of what others would have charged. The second time she took a cat this week which had an eye infection and again was impressed by their professionalism and compassionate care. They told her not to worry that it wouldn't cost much, and for just under $100 did the consultation, a test for parasites, a shot to hydrate the cat, treated the eye, and even gave her some free cat food. She will keep going back her for her cats veterinary needs.

Cynthia Mejia

4 years ago

HORRIBLE VET!!! please DO NOT take your dog here! Took my dog to crop his ears, they did not send him home with pain meds or antibiotics after his surgery. My dog got an infection and I even had to take him to another doctor from the lack of care provided in this “hospital”. They are careless with post surgery care. I regret taking my dog there, please go to another doctor that actually cares for pets! 0 stars!


4 years ago

Caring vets, affordable price, and easy to make appointments.

Desiree Huber

4 years ago

Best place in town, Dr. Perez and his staff are very friendly and take good care of my Doggies, I wouldn’t take my Doggies any where else...

Jorge Treto

4 years ago

They are very knowledgeable and care for the petsy


4 years ago

All I have to say about the experience my dog had on 1/28/19 with Dr. Perez is GREAT. Everyone is very kind and professional. The prices are excellent.

Modesto Garcia

4 years ago

Good service and great staff...

Stephanie Hernandez

4 years ago

If I could give this place zero stars, I would. On one occasion, I paid my vet bill. The receptionist handed me the receipt which stated the services that were done today. I was charged for something that the doctor did NOT do. I could of got in my car and drove home after I paid and not even tooken a look at the receipt. But I noticed right then and there and told the receptionist that I was just charged for something that was not done. At this point she went back to get the doctor to talk to him about it and then asked me to go to an examination room. This is when the doctor then conducted the service he was supposed to do but never did. My point is, I could've left and I just paid for something that they DID NOT DO. They were unprofessional, did not apologize for their mistake and blamed me!! On another occasion, my dog just gave birth to a litter of puppies. One of the pups was not doing good. The puppy looked a little bloated and was not eating well and was very weak. I took the newborn puppy to this vet and was seen by the same doctor. It was a senior Dr. Bald senior Dr to be specific. He took a look at the pup and stuck something inside the pup to dis-inflate his stomach because he said it had trapped gas maybe. Then told me to take it home. He did not advise anything. Told me the pup will be fine. The newborn puppy died not too long after I got home from seeing the Dr at the vet. If this was a "real" clinic, the Dr would've done more than what he did. Maybe kept the puppy for observation, or told me to buy a special kind of food for it or SOMETHING!! But nothing else was done and the little pup being as weak as it was didn't have any fight left. ???????????????? I will never go back to this vet. Nor do I recommend this vet to anyone. It may be cheaper than other clinics, but if you care about your pets, do not take them here.

Tammy Bowen Ⓥ

4 years ago

Great experience, Dr Perez was kind and experienced, everyone was great, no wait. Definitely a great place for your pet ????

Margie Lopez

5 years ago

Shameful, I wrote an explicit description in Spanish of the unprofessional, rude, and disrespectful service ( it was actually no service or attention) received last Monday and it is not appearing. No animal and no human should ever walk into this office. Original vet, who is the owner, was different but the very young, unprofessional office staff show not to care or have any compassion towards sick dogs. New vet Dr Carlos Padron, is just as bad. I am Cuban, but this office including the new vet appear to have been hired right off the boat with no education or respect. Shameful!

Edwin Rivera

5 years ago

Excellent staff and great and caring doctor

Franklyn Pineyro

5 years ago

Very good , and excellent dr.

Jahdai Mena

5 years ago

I am writing this review on behalf of my family. We took our family there since we got her back in 2007 and we never had a bad experience until our dog got sick. Dr.Perez diagnosed our dog with cancerous tumor and told us that she had a few months left but with many medications and we started buying the medications from their office. As time went on the medications became more expensive and he started saying that was not his fault or problem. Then he told us he could operate the tumor and told us to bring her in on December 18,2017. He told us he would call us by noon on that day and when the time came he called and said that our dog had died. When we got there our dog was lying cut open with her insides showing and laying down by the trash can. When we asked what happened he said the tumor was worse than expected and she couldn't handle the surgery. We got upset and asked why he didn't know that was going to happen and if he at least had an inkling about whether or not our dog was going to die. Dr.Perez responded with and I quote "WE ARE NOT FRIENDS AND I DON'T HAVE TO RESPOND TO THAT." We and our beloved family dog were treated with such disrespect that we have vowed to never go back there again. Please do not take your pets to that vet. The staff is cruel, mean, and rude because they could care less about how we were grieving and could not stop thinking about the money we were giving to save our dog.

Ruben A Pinon

5 years ago

The Vet is super experienced family animals have been going for decades. Great with both my dog and cat.

V Peñarand

5 years ago

Great service at the right price

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