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Ramon Sobrado

2 years ago

My parents my sister and I have trusted Gomara with our eyes closed went it came to pet care but lately I noticed a decline in his team and came to learn how negligent the vet and his crew really gomara left on vacation the day after my dogs surgery and no body in his team knew what was going on please go and have a chat with your team and start being aware Rip Tory we love you


2 years ago

My wife has been coming to Dr. Gomara for over 20 years. Myself over 10. As reported by others the front desk can be challenging at times. Overall, he’s a great vet, genuinely cares, and the techs are great. Prices are reasonable. We will continue to go to him until he retires….

Yolanda Gayo

2 years ago

Very knowledgeable and excellent doctor and personnel. Dr. Gomara's assistant was very informative and friendly. I was very pleased with both of them. I have gone to his office for many years.

Alain Santana

2 years ago

Great place for your dog, highly recommended!!!!

Jesus Alvarez

2 years ago

Great vet with vast experience, been taking my pets there for the last 15 years, will not take my pets anyplace else.

Brian Edward

2 years ago

Very nice and knowledgeable and pets

Karen Perez

2 years ago

Really liked the new Dr. Noguera. Very nice, and knowledgeable. Treated my babies with love. All I care about.

Jeniffer Garcia

2 years ago

I love Dr. Gomara and Lily! Gabriel is also one of my favorite techs. The care and attention my dogs receive is unmatched! Ricky and Lucy have been going here for 10+ years and they're as healthy as can be. The Doctors here are very sincere and knowledgeable. I don't have not one complain thank you Gomara animal clinic.

Isabel Linares

2 years ago

Dr. Gomara, has been my vet for many years now. He is very caring and prices are very reasonable. He works with you regarding payments. Front desk staff, is a whole different story. Very poor customer service. I have been in the waiting room area, and they have been talking, the phone is ringing off the hook and they do not answer. I have also arrived 3 staff members have been sitting in the front desk and it has taken at least 5 minutes to acknowledge that I am there waiting, I understand that it gets very busy there, I have been there many times, however, it takes 3 seconds to acknowledge that someone is there waiting. They also put you on hold interminably. I have had to call three times and have asked to PLEASE DO NOT PUT ME ON HOLD AGAIN. Recently, I have spoken to a front desk attendant by the name of Milly, and she is very attentive and very loving. With that said, I still go there because of the care and special attention of Dr. Gomara. Gracias Dr. Gomara!!!!

ileana reyes alsina

2 years ago

Dr. Gomara is the best veterinarian I know !!!

vee camm

2 years ago

Where do I start? The doctor is absolutely amazing. I've finally found a doctor that actually cares about his pets (patients) the staff everyone is courteous and very kind. My dog Moza recently needed to have teeth extracted and cleaned as I was leaving I forgot that they offer me something to ease feeding her at night, one of the vet technician ran outside to find me! To hand it to me as I was leaving I'm so thankful to them. An action like that says so much. I will forever bring my pet to this vet. I recommend them 100% they are really great.

Ana Castro

2 years ago

Great Administration. Genuine Caring Vet and assistants.

Luz Elena Payan

2 years ago

Dr. Gomara is the best veterinarian. I was recommended to him by my coworker and at first I was unsure, because his office is a bit far from my house. Upon meeting him and seeing the way he is with the animals I knew I would be coming back. He is very knowledgeable, and he is not out to get your money. He is compassionate, and if you need to speak to him on the phone, he will call you back. I have been going to him for 15 years and I have never met any other veterinarian quite like him.

Lynne Mansour

2 years ago

Great clinic,staff very knowledgeable and accommodating.

Stephanie Marie

2 years ago

THE BEST VET IN MIAMI. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I have to say that Dr. Gomara is the best veterinarian ever. And his entire team as well. I would not trust any other vet with my pets, we have been going to Gomara Animal Clinic for a decade, and I will take them to Dr. Gomara forever. His team has saved my pets so many times. I have an elderly dog with many organ problems, and I also have a young cat. Time and time again, Dr. Gomara has gone ABOVE AND BEYOND for my pets. He genuinely cares about his patients. Moreover, in every problem and medical mystery we have encountered, Dr. Gomara has been right 100% of the time. It seems like my old dog has nine lives, given the amount of times that Dr. Gomara has saved him and brought him back. Even when my dog was on the brink of death, I've walked away feeling confident that he was in the best possible hands. My dog is now 16 years old and still living a good life. My dog's present health and longevity are a testament to the excellent care he's been receiving for years at Gomara Animal Clinic. Dr. Gomara is truly the best veterinarian, and very friendly, and his clinic provides top of the line veterinary care for very affordable prices. I've been to many vets in Miami over the years that break the bank. I'm a schoolteacher on a modest income, but I love animals, so it's great that I can access affordable veterinary care at Gomara Animal Clinic. They have been open during the entire pandemic, with extensive precautions to protect against covid. I recommend calling and making an appointment because the clinic is always very busy. Thank you for saving my dog and for always taking the time to answer all my questions!

Alfredo Lezama

2 years ago

I been taking my pets to this place for the past 10 years. I will never go anywhere else, this is the best and most honest individual you could ever deal with. I will recommend this bet to everyone.


2 years ago

The vet Noguera and Gomara are great..you can tell they love animals, the staff is very caring as well..my dog had an emergency they were booked but they fit me in.

Elisa Crespo

2 years ago

Gomara is always excellent. My family and I love Dr. Gomara.

Javier Couto

2 years ago

Truly amazing vet Gomara and his crew are amazing and truly care and show that they care for your loved ones ????????

Jose Sanchez

2 years ago

My fur baby Jojo has a growth on his left hind leg. I've been to Banion Animal Clinic and I've been to the 24 hr Hospitol off of Galloway and Sunset. Banion is only good for vaccinations and flea and ticks and heart worms. If you have anything more serious going on with your fur baby, don't even go there. The 24 hr Animal Hospital, well, they did blood tests, gave my fur baby an I V and kept him overnight. They charged me $1500.00!!, and didn't even deal with his leg situation, never even did x-rays, or any sonargrams of his stomach or liver!! They saw that his liver was swollen because of the blood tests! At first I could only afford the blood tests which came out to $600.00+. Thank God my sister helped me with the rest!, or else I would have had to put my fur baby to sleep! They sent me home with some meds because I couldn't afford the rest of the necessary tests! Basically had to play it by ear. I was so close to putting my fur baby to sleep but I didn't want to except that. Just because I couldn't afford any more treatments the doctor there starts hinting to putting my boy down, NO, I DON'T THINK SO! My sister told me about Dr.Gomara. He truly has been God sent. He requested a sonicgram of his liver and spleen and stomach. We went to Knowlls Animal Hospital for that. The next day I took the results to Dr.Gamora and he confirmed that my fur baby has cancer in the liver. The doctor was very very understanding about me and my sons feelings about possibly having to put Jojo to sleep, that we weren't ready for that. He suggested that I go see an Oncologist and let the Oncologist give me a detailed lay out of the situation. Dr.Gamora also told me that he believes the swelling in the joint can be an effect because of the cancer in the liver. He prescribed some antibiotics and some meds for the swelling. He was very cautious in not prescribing any meds that would effect the liver any further. With Dr.Gamora I really felt like something was truly being done for my sweet fur baby. With Dr.Gamora I didn't feel like if I didn't have the funds, well we can't help you so why don't we just put him to sleep since you can't afford to keep him alive any further. Dr.Gamora is the best, and so is my sister. Because of them both, my fur baby gets to live a bit longer. He's in no pain rt now, he's eating fine, and he's actually able to get up and go outside to pee and poop on his own. I know the inevitable is gonna happen eventually, but as long as my Jojo shows me that he still wants to live, I'm gonna do whatever possible to do that for him and not put him to sleep because I can't afford the treatments!! Especially when I see him getting better little by little! Dr.Gamora is absolutely right when he said that he can see that me and my son weren't ready. Thank you to Dr.Gamora and his entire staff there, they were very nice and understand ing. Throughout this whole ordeal, this was the first time like I felt that something was finally being done for my Jojo. Oh yes, one more person I would like to thank, Jennifer, at the 24 hr Animal Hospital off of Galloway and Sunset. Her and the receptionists were very nice. Especially Jennifer, she really showed that she truly cares for the fur babies in that hospital. As far as affording treatment, well, I took out a hardship loan from my retirement. Like I said, he's my fur baby. Thank you sis, I'm gonna pay you back, and thank you for giving my Jojo a chance to keep on living!

Nynoschka Ocampo

2 years ago

Love, I've been going there for 20 yrs

Clary Tey

2 years ago

I've been taking my dogs to Dr. Gomara for 20 yrs. He's great! Very professional, absolutely kind and caring, responsible and has a good, very attentive and knowledgeable staff. My experience throughout this years is that HE IS THE BEST.

Mia Purrinos

2 years ago

I brought my dog there for a dental cleaning and a tooth extraction & they were super helpful & got it done the same day I brought her in! The surgery came out perfect & prices are great! Would definitely recommend ????????

Gabilao Oalibag

3 years ago

Great animal clinic with an excellent crew. Well equipped.


3 years ago

Not accepting new customers even if being referred to by another of their customers. Their reason is ‘due to the Pandemic’ There are other excellent veterinary clinics that do accept new customers one being just across the street from Gomara’s !

Madeline Canals

3 years ago

Have never been able to go to this get. Every time I called for appt they tell me they do not accept new customers.

Kevin Christina Suarez

3 years ago

Do not take your pet here. Horrible Service and communication with the owner of the pets. Front desk people think they own the place and have terrible people skills. Rude, unprofessional, attitude. Unfortunately Gomara is letting this place go downhill. Used to be a great place to go to.

Jason Hatfield

3 years ago

They are consistantly amazing. Dr Ralph and his staff are very nice. They are very honest amd offer extremely fair pricing.. and he is great with my 13 y/o pug. Thank you guys, very pleased!

Raimundo Giroud

3 years ago

Nice friendly staff and reasonable price.

Conchita Lundblad

3 years ago

These folks, from the Vet, Dr Gomara, to the assistants and office staff, all seem to genuinely care about the animals they treat. My daughters and their dad’s four-legged family members have received EXCELLENT care. And their prices are VERY fair and reasonable. It’s not a “fancy-looking” brick and mortar place, that delivers great services and great care, without bankrupting your pocket. I highly recommend the Gomara Animal Clinic!!

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