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Amanda Arvidsson

2 years ago

Went above and beyond to help me get a stray cat vaccinated and spayed.

shayna spitaleri

2 years ago

They make you waste your money and time on tests and tests and don’t solve anything, the lady in the front desk when I called for my concerns hung up the phone on me 3 times purposely, as a private clinic, they care about it the money more than anything else, my cat has a gum disease that they have not been able to cure but to make me come back for more testing and we haven’t gotten nowhere, the way they are feels fake, totally fake, do not waste your time because yes they have good reviews but the bad ones count more, lot of people here complaining about the same I am, they don’t care about animals more than money that’s a FOR SURE, don’t let them fool you.

Ivan Mulyavka

2 years ago

Top professionals with tremendous love for animals ! thank you and respect !!

Josue figueredo tornes

2 years ago

They dont follow their own schedule -they close at qhat ever time they eosh on the weekends

Maria Teresa Villalobos (InmoSolutionsMiami)

2 years ago

Everyone was extremely sweet and understanding. The doctor was very caring and honest about the condition and gave me strength to make the right choice for my baby.

P More

2 years ago

Nice people, reasonable prices. I take my pets there all the time. Dr. Ferreira is nice, friendly, and knowledgeable. Aly is very nice and very helpful.

Arlette Gutierrez

2 years ago

I absolutely love the staff in this place! They are friendly and comforting! This vet has always been able to fix any issue my dog is having. They are nothing but kind to my pup and HIGHLY recommend!

Silvia Santilli

2 years ago

Staff is super friendly and professional. I bring both my cats there and I know they take good care of them. Highly recommend it!

Alain Martin

2 years ago

amazing people work here. truly care for the animals as if their own.


2 years ago

Would not fulfil heartworm medication from chewy. Not reliable even after 4dx test is done they want it redone 3months later even after they know dog has been on said medication. I'm not doing another test with them only to show Neg again. Probably a good place for regular check ups but not reliable. Even if my dog did not receive the medication in the last 3 months(which she took) and was infected they very well know that it needs 9mo to get a positive test for heartworm. And that if she has been infected and is a low form of infection for the 3months the ivermectin in HeartGard would clear her anyway. Thats why the test is usually done every year not every 3months. This hospital - Ferreira is money oriented. Never had such issue with my Vet in VA. Time to change vet.

Mariela Ro

3 years ago

I gave them a note with what I want done and they went ahead and gave medicine(which my dogs already got few days ago) to BOTH of my dogs without my permission. And charged me a good amount of it! Im yet to hear from the Vet and the consultation I paid for. On top of that waiting 2hrs and a half even with a scheduled appointment... I DO NOT recommend! To adress your reply: Yes I did understand the price but you did not mention any drug to be administered. It was not part of my initial request for care. I was not asked when were my dogs last dewormed and with what or if they are allergic to anything. A little update for one of my dogs today: woke up to throw up and diarrhea and a dog that doesn't want to eat. They took her in to check her and wanted to charge more money for medicine. My Poor Lola.

carolina Jimenez

3 years ago

Way better than the animal clinic of miami dade. F them.

Mayte Diaz

3 years ago

Caring staff and Dr. Ferreira is amazing

K Lowenstein

3 years ago

Been coming here for a few years, moved to Miramar, continue to drive the distance to see this location. Top notch work, always go above and beyond to accommodate me and my son. Their follow up calls are a step ahead of the competition! A+++++ for saving my boy!

Inaia Barreras

3 years ago

I had to take my dog in today after she fell and hurt herself, their service was effective and they were able to take care of my dog, but the bill was way too excessive, especially during a pandemic where many people are unemployed. They didn’t offer any other payment options, didn’t accept any discount coupons for the medicine, and didn’t let us buy them somewhere else. Overall good clinic but could work on the financial aspect.

Isis Abreu

3 years ago

Awesome place to take your pet. Staff is very helpful, friendly, professional and take exceptional care my pets. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Isis Plazas

3 years ago

I took my cat here because we needed a certificate to take my pet out of the country, the service in general was fine, the prices too, but we had an appointment at 2:30 and we waited until almost 3:45!!!

Jessica Gomez

3 years ago

I had a terrible experience with this hospital. I took my older cat here to have a tumor removed with Dr. Ferreria and had a good experience with her and staff. A few weeks after tumor was removed, he started having similar symptoms. Obviously worried, I brought him back for follow-up visits and was completely shocked at the low quality of care provided by the other 2 vets (staff still great). At the first follow-up, the male vet said there was no tumor in the x-ray and that my kitty probably had allergies. Gave him 2 shots and sent us on our way. Symptoms persisted and so I brought him back 3 weeks later and was seen by Dr. Diptee. After a ~2-hr examination, she called and explained that she did not know what was wrong with him and needed to do significant testing to find out. She said she needed to do extensive bloodwork, a fecal exam, and other things- including a new x-ray, all totaling over $600. When my mother and I asked her to at least reference the 3-week old x-ray, she replied "this isn't guess-work." She said she was looking at "a very sick animal" and we needed to hospitalize my kitty and keep him with IVs overnight. When I told staff I would be seeking another opinion and asked how much it would cost to just leave him with IVs to help in the meantime, Dr. Diptee said that if we did not do the diagnoses with her that they would not give my kitty the IVs. Extremely worried since she said he was in critical state, I took my cat and made an emergency appointment at another animal hospital only 20 minutes later.. ** After less than 10 minutes, the new vet (Dr. Jeffrey Davidson at West Kendall animal hospital) was able to see that my cat's tumor had grown back. He said he did not even need the x-ray records because it was so huge and obvious you could see the tumor with the naked eye. He said even I, untrained, could feel it from the outside if I touched his neck. He kindly offered to connect me with an oncologist, but voiced that the best case scenario would involve removing the tongue entirely and needing to feed him by tube for the remainder of his life. Sadly, we felt the best option was to euthanize. I immediately realized that this must have meant Dr. Diptee did not conduct a proper examination of my cat, especially given the fact that she had all the background information on him. There is no excuse as to why a new vet with no prior records was able to see the tumor with the naked eye and Dr. Diptee, having all the background info, could not. I strongly feel as though she was not only extremely rude, but completely negligent. What upsets me the most is not the fact that she was trying to make money off my sense of panic and concern, but rather her blatant disregard for my kitty's well-being, allowing him to continue to suffer in vain when there was clearly nothing to be done at this point. I later spoke with Dr. Ferreria to voice my concerns and she apologized for our experience. However, she defended Dr. Diptee by saying that she actually had in her records that my cat's tumor had grown back. If this is even true, it's actually worse that she knew what was wrong with him and withheld that information to try and get us to pay for additional testing. Owners should get all the information and have the right to make their own decisions. I've decided to never return.

Jonathan Hernandez

3 years ago

Great service. Great prices. I brought my old boy here for non stop vomiting. They fixed him.

Victor Quinones

3 years ago

Customer friendly but if you do not have an appointment, expect to wait between 3 to 5 hours. Don't know if that's their policy about appointments or they only have 1 doctor on duty? I would not waste my time in going there????

Vitoria Nicolau

3 years ago

The best animal hospital I've ever been in the U.S. being honest. The staff is great, the wait time is perfect, and Dr. Ferreira is terrific, she cares so much about your pet. I just spayed my baby today, and they were great with her. Highly recommended.

Yesenia Mendez

3 years ago

The staff is great. I've taken my cats, I have taken a T&R. I have taken a lost dog. I have taken a rabbit. They are helpful, convenient, and multi-service. I will go again.

Betty Polk

4 years ago

Excellent animal care! Dr Ferreira is amazing and so are the whole staff! I highly recommended this place!

Chris Mcclelland

4 years ago

very friendly caring Dr. great rescue helping clinic

Denilson Luiz Oliveirra

4 years ago

The best vet clinic! Dra. Ferreira is an amazing professional and she really cares about your pet wellbeing. The staff is also really amazing. Strongly recommend it!

francisco orfila

4 years ago

Very friendly staff and clean environment but hold on to your wallet !!! I took my dog in because she had blood on her stool, after missed diagnosis a Hospital stay, an unnecessary exploratory surgery and over $4000 dollars in bills it turned out to be an infection, stay away unless it’s just vaccines and routine stuff, otherwise see Dr. Woodby at Calusa animal hospital


4 years ago

Tommy saved our cat! ask for Tommy! He looks just like anyone you would trust. hes handsome and can save your cat and probably your dog too! Thanks Drs!

Mari Haberfeld

4 years ago

It’s amazing and they really love your pet. No matter which animal I’ve taken my 2 dogs my bunny and my hamster and they really care about your animal. Best vet ever! Totally recommend it.

Mio Men

4 years ago

Wonderful clinic they really take good care of your animals.

Teresita Lemus

4 years ago

Dr. Ferreira is a wonderful veterinarian! I definitely recommend this place!

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