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Stainless Steel

2 years ago

Expensive for the services but also convenient

Adri Pie

2 years ago

Amazing! The doctors and staff always treat me and my baby so well, recommending to all my friends, they truly treat your pets like family

Zoila Castro

2 years ago

Thanks for everthing! Good attention for my dog Peppa ????

Barbara Lund

2 years ago

My dog cut his paw and the Vet was able to see us that same day patched him up gave him antibiotics and set us up with a follow up appointment. Very pleased with our visit there.

Joyci Borovsky

2 years ago

I love this place! They calmed my partner and I down prior to our baby getting surgery. We’ll be back????

Rovshan Babayev

2 years ago

This is place where everyone should bring their pets. So nice , clean . Staff is so friendly and everyone here makes you feel welcomed. Doctor is amazing , so knowledgeable and patient with pets. Answers all the questions, takes time to talk to you.

Jarek Cintron

2 years ago

There's always a story at this pet clinic. They're always just trying to squeeze money out of you. They put a shorter-term vaccine on my pet just so that they could get me to come in 6 months later to get more money out of the second visit. While there for the other vaccine, I was trying to get some documentation to travel, even though I was already paying willing to pay to fill out the documentation, they wanted to charge me more because the paper was not included as part of the original scope. Overall, not a good experience. It's always a surprise with these guys so be ready. Forgot to mention - the actual reason why I brought the pet today and they guy didn't even provide any feedback on the issues with my pet. These guys are the worst.


2 years ago

Took my two dogs to get their heartworm test done to get them started on preventatives and it went well! We were able to wait with our dogs in a room and Dr. Stredel answered any questions I had in regards to their diet and overall health. Would definitely recommend to family and friends.

Adriana Calearo Cooper

3 years ago

The 1st consultation is free. This means they didn't do anything but told me I have a bad cat!! Then they wanted to charged me over $200 for some shots. It's just a cat!! The doctor didn't acknowledge me or bothered to say hello, while he was adoring someone's dog, with a high pet bill. Never will I go again!! Terrible experience!! They kept on asking for money.....

Nico Vasquez

3 years ago

They charge over $100 for consultation when you just want to vaccine your pet, plus the vaccine cost. But they just put the vaccine, the doctor never gave a professional opinion about the consultation after charging the full price. $150

Seda Kaya Ross

3 years ago

Very similar experiences to the rest of the bad reviews to summarize. Details below for anyone interested: 1. Your pet is caged in the back and you’re not allowed and you will hear them crying.. also doesn’t matter cat/dog all cages next to each other, and you’re not allowed to go in. That wasn’t even the reason why I will never go there again. 2. They made my pet sick by over-medicating him. They gave him 2 vaccinations and a drop, we got home and he got really sick, we called and let them know of it. When we took him back they washed away the drops. They treated his illness and charged us for all of it. No apology whatsoever acted like it was our fault. We lost trust in this situation, but even this wasn’t the reason for this review. 3. The drops they gave us last time, we found it much cheaper at a pharmacist so we called the pharmacy where they needed the prescription sent from the clinic, called the clinic they said they would send it. Couple hours later did a follow up call to see if they did, and the pharmacy said they never got a call. We called back the clinic and asked them why they haven’t called and they said they don’t do that and the pharmacy has to call them. Called the pharmacy and they also said they won’t call. We then called back the clinic to see what we can do and they advised us to grab the paper prescription to take to the pharmacy, we told them no problem and that we would go there to pick it up the following day, they said ok. Before we went back to the clinic we called them to ask if the prescription was ready for us to pick up and that we’re on our way, they said yes. When we got there, not only there were no prescription, there was no vet available to give the prescription (mind you there were at least 6 pet patients waiting to meet the vet - I know right, who is treating your pet back there??).. the guy at the front, who by the way mumbles so much that I had to ask him to use his words clearly, said “there was a miscommunication and that they will not be able to give me the prescription” however I could buy it from them directly today! (Of course!) I told him this was unacceptable and that they must do something about it. He did not once apologize. When I told them if we can’t get this sorted out today, they will be losing a patient and the answer I got was “very well”. On the way out, I run into the “so called vet who can’t give prescription” and told him the service here is unacceptable he said that I was being disrespectful to the client who had appointments without even knowing the back end of the story and the fact that I did make an appointment the day before to come in and get a prescription written.. Save yourselves and pets the stress and the money and go somewhere else, there are way better vets all around us. This is just not worth it.

Jose Serauto

3 years ago

very bad attention they are irresponsible and show a lot of ignorance, for the good of their pets I do not recommend it

Ryan Pattrin

3 years ago

In new to the Miami area I have a rescue who i’ve had for 8 years that was abandoned in a travel kennel when he was a puppy. He gets extreme anxiety if locked in a Kennel or a cage. When I set my appointment I made this clear to Edgewater vet clinic. They said not to worry, your dog will be in his own private room. About 5 minutes after they took my dog to the back, I could hear him crying and very anxious. I asked to wait in the “room” with my dog or allow him to wait in the lobby with me until the doctor was ready for him. They said no. I can’t wait with him due to covid. I asked for my dog back bc I was just going to leave. The tech said I had to wait until he finished doing sone data entry before I was allowed to get my dog back. I stormed into the back and sure enough my dog was in a cage!!! SHAME ON YOU EDGEWATER VET CLINIC!!! DONT TRUST THEM!! The tech couldn’t give a straight answer on cost the entire time I was there either FYI.

Amy M. Koberling

3 years ago

I am continuously impressed by the professionalism and caring nature of this clinic. We have been to many vets in Miami which have been fine but Edgewater Pet Clinic goes above and beyond. I truly feel they care about my dog and her well-being as much as I do! Highly recommend. We will never go anywhere else!

Camila Paez

3 years ago

Do not recommend going here unless you want your pet to pretty much be overdosed by them. I have been giving my dog heartworm medication for months now and today my husband took her in for a “shot” only to find out it was heartworm medication because they didn’t know that we already were giving it to her..... they APPROVED of the medication we were giving to her on a monthly basis AND my husband told them that we were giving her heartworm medication and they did not listen. Now we are $138 out and my dog is throwing up thanks to them. When I called and spoke to their response was “sorry you’re right there was a miscommunication on our part.” DO NOT GO HERE THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY. I will never go back- they clearly care more about profit than your pet.

Maria Almonte

3 years ago

Staff really very helpful.. Doc Eduardo is so professional... they entertain even walkins.. they all care for our pets and dont let people wait too long... I love this per clinic

Melissa Leuzzi

3 years ago

Let’s go with the facts and make this review simple. I’m a nurse and here is my experience with this pet clinic. 1. They quoted me almost $3,000 for my dogs dental surgery. The vet tech went over prices, not the vet himself. If i was going to have questions I think it should have been the person doing the surgery answering them. I went to Orlando and got the surgery done for about $700.00. They did an excellent job. 2. I called them twice and left a message with the secretary/ vet tech to return my phone call to discuss changing my dogs food away from grain free (due to concerns of heart failure). He never returned my call. 3. I am now switching his care to another vet and I received edgewater pet clinic’s medical records. It appears his cardiovascular assessment was abnormal (he has a heart murmur). On his last visit this was never mentioned and I was told everything was normal. THIS IS A SIGN OF HEART FAILURE. Overall these people are not personable and don’t care about your pet. They try to up-charge and sell you on things that aren’t even relevant.

Richard Q

3 years ago

Front desk girl is extremely rude I called 2 other clinics and they were happy to help me and answer my questions. At this clinic the front desk girl just stated she is a front desk girl and there is not much she can answer. When I asked to speak to someone else and insisted on answers to my questions she hung up on me. STAY AWAY another typical unprofessional Florida establishment.

Stephi Bauduhin

3 years ago

Great! Will be coming back. I trust them with my dog's well being.

Adriana Arevalo

4 years ago

Great services. The staff is super friendly. Thank you Dr Rafael and all of you for taking care in such a lovely and profesional way of my Merlin ????

AmandaLuise Pereira

4 years ago

I really really appreciated the staff and Veterinarian at this clinic. I felt taken care of not taken advantage of. I felt trust and compassion. This will be our vet as long as we live in town. Thank you

Andres Conde

4 years ago

Staff is awesome. My dog actually loves going to vet. Lol

bill maher

4 years ago

Excellent doctor. Amazing guy !!

Cristina Bastidas Ramirez

4 years ago

Great place clean, great staff and Dr Stradel is amazing. I know my dog is in great hands when he is there (he actually loves going there)

Daniel Sanchez

4 years ago

Dr. Stredel is an excellent veterinarian. He takes his time to explain treatment plans, procedures and follow up. My french bulldog had a mass on his right leg and from the first visit with Dr. Stredel, the initial evaluation, fine needle aspiration, surgery and follow up were excellent. The staff is also amazing. I would recommend Dr. Stredel and his staff. Your pets are in great hands with Edgewater pet clinic.

Idan Gigi

4 years ago

Good vet clinic. Although room are somewhat claustrophobic.

Kevin Vargas

4 years ago

It's not that they were bad, the doctor is good, very nice guy and the staff was nice too, BUT when i take my dog in for an upset stomach and we identify the cause they still try to get you to do 10 other procedures and take home a bunch of medicines that you don't need. The treats she was eating we're the cause...but he wanted to do a pancreas test, give her 3 different meds, special food, a check up 2 weeks later. Stuff that added up to over $200! Listen I love my dog and I know my dog, I'm not gonna make the vet rich just because they "recommend" all those things...I'm not stressing my dog out or putting a million antibiotics in her cause he wants to "see how it goes"...I'll probably find a new vet, I only went there cause it was on short notice.

Marly Dilone

4 years ago

First class care provided to my fur baby.

R Smith

4 years ago

This clinic is a scam! I came here to get heartworm prescription medication and received it but they are slick and only let you place orders for medicine through them instead of giving you a paper slip and you ordering CHEAPER medication …

raul doejo

4 years ago

Xcelent service by Dr Stredell and his staff ,thanks for your service

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