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May Pryce

a year ago

Dog house is the best place to take care of your dog! They are very kind & our dog adores them all!!! from Poncho!!!

Gmail account

a year ago

I took my dog to get groomed for the first time. When I got him back, they cut his hair way shorter than what we requested but I noticed his skin was all red and irritated, the guy took him back to ask the groomer and the "groomer" had the nerve to say he was like that when we dropped him off which was a lie!!... never taking my dog to this place. Very disappointed because my daughter had a wonderful experience w her dog.

Stace Marie

a year ago

Amazing service, Ana did an awesome job with my puppy. The staff is super nice and professional, love the place !

Anabel Alvarez-Jimenez

a year ago

Love their daycare services. We take our dog 2 to 3 times a week and he is always so happy from the moment we park the car. You can just tell how much all the employees love dogs.

Dinorah Conde

2 years ago

They love my doggies ????

Isabel Pelayo

2 years ago

Very nice with the pets, nice grooming cut!

James Howell

2 years ago

Everyone in here love dogs and treat them all as their own. I’ve had our dog Harry groomed and they do a wonderful job. Not only that bits it’s a great place for dog care either for a day or for a couple of days. Our dog loves coming here.

Mafe _Music

2 years ago

I took my little baby shih tzu to trim his hair on his eyes and they did whatever they want on his hair they damage his hair they cut his hair on his head and neck too he looks bad he is shorn. It does not matter if they give you the money back they do a very bad job ! Also I was there waiting on first place and the front desk person did attend me when I went to complain about my dog’s hair, He attended everyone and I had to wait for him.


2 years ago

Second time I bring my fur baby to dog house Miami. They are great and take care of her. I am careful to who I bring my dog to because life can be so cruel but she leaves happy and wanting to go back.

Nina Suf

2 years ago

Great place, they take care about my dogs. They upload videos all days so you can see your babies???? I recommend this place❤️????

Paula Perez

2 years ago

I've been a doghouse Miami customer for over 2 years and as of today I will no longer take my two yorkie's there. I took in my dog yesterday for a grooming service and was treated very poorly by the front desk. They told me without an appointment they would NOT be able to groom my dog when It has never been required to schedule an appointment prior to the visit I always arrive at this location by 9:00 A.M. I live almost 40 minutes away from this place and this employee showed no intentions in helping me as a customer.The front desk employee was rude and did not care or bother at all when I said I would be taking my pets to another groomer. Makes me really sad I'm having to make this review since like I said I have been a very loyal customer to DogHouse Miami. If you are going to bring your fur babies to this place just keep in mind the poor customer service and lack of care they have for their customers.

Diane Moya

2 years ago

Very responsive with a last minute appointment. Great job! Excellent care at a honest price.

Henesis Baez

2 years ago

If you’re trying to run up a $1000 vet bill, then by all means, Dog House Miami is the place to bring your dog. First time we took our dog, we had a good experience. We paid for the daycare portion of the day, where he gets to play with all the dogs, as well as the grooming portion afterwards. Second time we took our dog, we paid for both services as well. A few days later, we starting noticing our dog was not behaving like himself. He appeared fatigue and was not eating like he normally would. Another day went by, and that’s when the coughing nonstop and hacking began. He even began to throw up. We finally decided to take him to the vet to get looked at. After a couple X-rays and the vet inspecting him, we’re told he had developed kennel cough. Automatically I knew he had to have contracted it from Dog House Miami, because my dog is never around other dogs unless it’s when he’s taken to get groomed. My poor baby had to be put on a special diet and was prescribed pills to help him get rid of the cough. Desperately we were unable to find another pet grooming location that can have our dog ready in time for an upcoming trip, so we took him back to Dog House Miamis a third time. Boy were we wrong! This time around, we did not pay for the day care service, to prevent him from being around other dogs. To my surprise my dog was locked in a room for approximately 5-6 hours, with other small dogs!! But that’s not the worse part, upon picking him up and bringing him home, my husband noticed his left eye was bloodshot red!!! Meaning his eye must have had some form of trauma while he was being groomed by their “professional personnel’s.” This establishment has proven that they show no care for our pets, and are very unprofessional. I will not be bringing my dog back to this establishment and I will recommend you don’t either.

lidicet borot

2 years ago

worst place to take you dog for grooming. i had a yorkie and i told then to not cut her hair much and when they return it back to me it didnt even look like my dog here you have a before and affer

godofredo sanchez

2 years ago

Good service, friendly staff. Very helpful!

Stephanie Pelaez

2 years ago

Great prices for all they do for my pet. left her like the little princess she is! Please check them out !!!

Steven Leyva

2 years ago

After seeing fellow reviews, my experience is no longer a surprise! Will never take my dog here again. The staff are disrespectful and the vet visit afterward cost more than the cut. As you can see he was cut horribly and left with patches shaved down to the skin, his nails not trimmed at all. Afterwards I noticed he was not his normal cheerful self and he felt feverish. I took him to the vet to discover he got an infection from his grooming, most likely unhygienic equipment I was told, and developed a high fever. After calling the groomers to discuss this, the man on the phone laughed and did not take this seriously. Take your money and go elsewhere for the sake of your pup’s health and your wallet.

Yelyn Ramos

2 years ago

Glad I came across dog house Miami on google maps! The workers were nice & informative as this was my first time taking my 13yr old dog to get groomed here. 10/10 recommended!

Ragath Nor

2 years ago

Very friendly place. My dogs have been going there for grooming and for boarding and for day care for about 3;years now. Have had no issues.

Alessandra Seda

2 years ago

We really loved this place after having our dog groomed there a few times. We went on a family trip and unfortunately couldn’t take our 9 month old husky puppy. We left him there and were told it we called or texted that we could get daily pictures of him. We called and never got any pictures. They’d show him like maybe once a day on their Instagram for maybe 2 seconds in a video. One point we didn’t see anything for two days. He started acting very strange when we picked him up on the 5th day, but we associated it with him being sad or upset with us for leaving him. Then he started coughing nonstop, sneezing, not eating, no energy, all things that are NOT typical husky puppy behavior. After spending over $300 there, we spent another $400 at the vet to get him treated. I had called them twice to see if something may have happened to have caused him to act weird and then again once we realized he was sick. I told them when we took him to the vet. He clearly got it from there since he went in healthy and was acted way off since the moment we picked him up. Mind you, he is a very active and extremely healthy dog. I wanted to let them know because if he got sick then another dog could’ve as well. He has ALL his vaccines and provided records of it and they made it seem as if we got him sick after picking him up. I called as a courtesy and instead they tried shifting the blame elsewhere. It left a bad taste in our mouths and now has us hesitant either ever leaving our pup in any other establishment. I attached picture so you could see him before and after being left at Dog House.

kaitlyn hanz

2 years ago

My puppy came back panting and super dehydrated after boarding. This place is walking the line of animal cruelty. DO NOT GO HERE. deplorable. Wish there was less than 1 star i could give.

Amanda Moran

2 years ago

Not my dog, but an Acquaintance. Took too long to groom the dog, more than 6 hrs. Dog was picked up w/ scratches under the belly and around the genitalia area. Was lied to about the scratches and was never apologized too nor called back on. Would NEVER recommend this place. Pls look elsewhere.

Cristal Cerda

2 years ago

Do not go here! They will leave your dog with cuts and bruises! MARY IS HORRIBLE!!

Roshelle Wilder

2 years ago

I’m highly disappointed and absolutely horrified with the service I received at your establishment today. I made an appointment with Jose yesterday. He told me to come as early as possible as it’s first come first serve. I dropped Bear off around 10:00am. Jose informed me he would be ready at 2:00pm the latest. I called at 1:30pm he said he was still not ready. I didn’t receive a phone call until 4:15pm. I picked him up around 4:30pm. When I arrived Bear had cuts everywhere on his under carriage. I asked what happened. Jose went in the back and spoke to the groomer Mary to ask what happened. He was informed by Mary that the cuts were there before he was dropped off which was completely false. I was also informed by Jose that the reason he took so long at the groomer was because they had one groomer and were short staffed. If that was true I should’ve been informed prior as his grooming service was obviously rushed. Had i known he would be at the groomer for seven hours waiting for terrible service I would’ve never brought him to your establishment. This is unethical and unprofessional to say the least. The groomer was clearly taking on too much responsibility/handling too many services and made near fatal errors. How would you feel if you went to get a haircut and left with MULTIPLE cuts all over. My puppy has been anxious/crying/scared/acting strange/heart racing since being picked up. Not only that I never received an apology from Jose. I was just lied to that the cuts were there prior. This is unacceptable and I will never return to your establishment again. I have attached photos of cuts all over my puppy’s stomach and genitalia. You should not be providing this horrendous service to the community. Your groomer is HURTING animals. I am disgusted and disappointed.

Stina Jack

2 years ago

Think twice before booking an appt. my friend just had a horrible experience with this establishment. They are negligent and completely unprofessional. Do better!


2 years ago

Today I visited dog house in Miami Lakes, it was our first visit as it was highly recommended by a neighbor, I have a Yorky Terrier who is seven months and full of energy. Her first visit was so enjoyable that by the time we got home she went into her bed and slept for 3 hours... I can just imagine the excitement she experienced. I look forward to our next experience which will be in the grooming department.


2 years ago

I absolutely love this place. It was my first time taking my active puppy Bonnie to a daycare, and I was apprehensive of how she would react in that setting. However, my worries were relieved when I saw how happy she becomes whenever she’s there. The staff is amazing, and I love how well they treat my Bonnie. We have been taking her for about five months now, and not only has she improved with other dogs, but she loves it and never fails to get excited every time we bring her! I highly recommend for any dog parents.

Abel Fernandez

2 years ago

They are very attentive to the dogs.

Michelle Dillard

2 years ago

We were completely ignored by the staff, sat waiting for over an hour while others were served. Didnt know these things happened in this city. So sad was looking forward to trying it out.

Alexander Cordoves

2 years ago

Had to find a new groomer since I moved into Miami Lakes. Unfortunately, this is what they think a “groomed dog” should be.... lol. They didn’t comb her, trim paw hair, or trim for hygiene. Definitely won’t be going back.

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