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Robert Lasseter

2 years ago

Dr Sarmiento is the absolute best, genuinely caring, and affordable. We go way back...1988? And still my preferred Vet! Is he still in business,, anyone have info on the Doctor? Rob L.

andres melean

2 years ago

I have been here many times, Dr Sarmiento has taken care of my 2 cats since kittens. He's got his way of doing things and the place may not be luxurious but, there's no one more knowledgeable and he actually really cares about your pet well being. Thank you Mr Sarmiento.

Lauren Helfer

3 years ago

Absolutely disgusting... me being a disabled individual living in a low income household I have been calling and asking for estimates on GASTROPEXY surgery. I kindly called and asked a man that answered and to my disgust I was greeted with him LAUGHING AT ME and saying and I quote “ what makes you think you can ask that”... excuse me ? The entire conversation I was treated with nothing but disrespect. Makes me wonder how you treat the patients...

Jonathan Mentor

3 years ago

Extraordinarily rude over the phone. I called to make an inquiry and they seemed hostile and unprofessional.

Aj Martinez

3 years ago


Martins Polakovs

4 years ago

Wow this place is joke!!! Avoid if you can! Place smells bad like some one is smoking non stop. Doctor or receptionist is rude and insane unprofessional. He was treating me to report county about my dog lol “doctor” or who ever that old madness guy is. Just so you know your unprofessionally and your attitude is insane. P.S so just you know and don’t mistake in your carrier before you treating some one next time my dog is full breed American bully

Rosa Cervantes

4 years ago

Accurate and successful treatment of my elder cat.

Annette Gomez

4 years ago

The doctor is extremely knowledgeable and very friendly! Took my Mastiff Mix in for a check up and left educated and with a comforted heart. He's my new favorite doctor!

Robert Zapata

6 years ago

Extremely rude and Dr seems angry at the world. Guess he hadn't had his cigar for the day when we spoke. FYI come to the new age cigarette smoke is harmful to all. Including pets. Sure code inforcement hasn't been there yet but they should

Karla Moreno

6 years ago

I came today as an emergency because while away for the weekend my little dog got a small gash on his head that seemed to be infected. i arrived by uber with my two small dogs which i was traveling with at the time and asked the front receptionist if they had a spot to see my charlie. He said I was in luck and said they could see him. Feeling lucky that i was getting seen without an appt i quickly brought down my two dogs. As soon as the past middleage man saw my other dog he asked me to tie him outside because he couldnt be inside if he wasnt to be seen. I was alone and i had no other choice but to tie him up. as soon as i came back inside the guy snapped at me for leaving my other dog, legit for 2 minutes tied to a bench inside. i quickly gathered my two babies and told him thanks for nothing it was obvious he wasnt in the mood to accomodate me or I was hoping to see Dr Sarmiento as I saw some favorable reviews as a vet. But with that rude man at the reception i cant see how anyone can even stand taking their loved ones here. Why is it so hard to find affordable and decent service for our family members care? That guy made me feel as i was asking for charity or doing me a favor. dude i was going to pay!!!!! p.s Dr Sarmiento you provide a service, please do your patients a favor and re train or replace your receptionist!!!!!!!!

Guillote Maldonado

6 years ago

I've taking my pets to Dr Sarmiento for 16 years already. And and wouldn't put my animals in any other hands than this doctor. And he share the information with you. Every time I go there, I learn something new. And his prices are very affordable. He is gentle, cultured and has the experience on the field. I read reviews about the smoking smell, well, I've been there many times, and never smell anything. But there is a Cigar shop next door, so probably somebody might confuse the smells. Dr Sarmiento's clinic is always clean an neat. Thanks Doc!

Daniel Mcgregor

6 years ago

Excellent. Fast and without complications.

Anthony J. Brown - Aybar (The Miami Balloon Guy)

7 years ago

I have taken my animals here since I moved to this end of Miami. They are reasonably priced, and Dr Sarmiento is amazing with the animals.

Javier Erazo

7 years ago

His price for a cat's bath its 130.00 ( I have to use anesthesia" he said and talks and talks , Thank God I just went for a quote , he charges 45.oo for consultation ( and THE SMELL of CIGARRETE smoke its been there for years. its my 2 time for a consultation ,the first time was 7 or 8 years ago .( same results)I don't know why I can not feel CONFORTABLE in that clinic , no compassion , no the right approach ..oh I forgot ! he also said that he would not answer any other questions that would concern about my pet , that if I only want to give a bath to him that was the only service I was going to get ,

max hsieh

7 years ago

Dog shampoo for skin problem 35 dollars . plus this , plus that, minimum $100. and more......

Willie Powers

7 years ago

The cigarette smoke in this filthy hospital is so thick you can barely breathe, what kind of veterinarian smokes inside the hospital?! He is beyond rude and I have serious doubts about the level of care being practiced here. DO NOT EVEN SET FOOT IN HERE, you will likely be putting your beloved pet in harms way. There are many other hospitals in area where you can get affordable, quality care without the attitude, cigarette smoke and filth!


9 years ago

Excellent Doc, made my little person feel very welcomed. Helped out a lot. Will definitely be bringing by the rest of my crew!

Donna West

10 years ago

We had a good experience here. The vet was knowledgeable and kind, and his prices were fair and affordable. We recommend Central Veterinary Clinic whole heartedly.

Rosalinda P

10 years ago

Great loving service for your pet!

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