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Luciana Vidal

a year ago

If I could do zero star I would. Stay away from them!! Worse place ever. Took my cat there they couldn’t take the blood of a 6 pound cat being held by two adults, the girl let the needle scape 2x and didn’t end up getting enough blood. They …

nataliya vlasova

a year ago

First I had a good impression - nice doctors, reception, but I don’t think those 3 doctors I consulted there were professional enough - I came there to examine my cat as I felt like sthg was wrong with her - she was grinding her teeth and she is only 2 years old - they said everything was fine but suggested stress medicine - I said no stress medicine needed - next day I see my cat has a balance issue - so I looked myself into her ears and see blood there, walked there again and asked them why they didn’t check her ears, luckily they helped with ears that time, then I came back to them with the grinding issue - she kept doing that and I felt something was off - so the doctor Victoria Miller prescribed stress medicine gabapentin and some medicine for my cat’s stomach - famotidine. That night after taking those pills my cat couldn’t walk! I had to go to emergency - they said do never ever give American exotic shorthair cat these pills the cat could have died. Luckily they helped my cat at emergency. But I had to pay a lot extra. Btw I found a decent clinic in Miami - pet vet discount at Normandy isle - they explain everything to you and for now seem to be decent.

Yoanna Orlaie

a year ago

The staff and services are great, but the prices are getting way to high.

Y blaze

a year ago

Great service, and excelente staff

Stephanie W

a year ago

I absolutely love this hospital! I had recently moved into a new condo and I realized my cat, Pepper, was very lethargic, crying in pain, and limping. Worried I took her to Kendall Animal Medical Center, they took x-rays -and had a radiologist review it, they informed me it was just inflammation & to return in two weeks because it could be a *possible* infection. I really wasn’t satisfied with that answer as I knew my cat seemed to be in really bad pain. I did some research on top quality veterinarians and ended up finding Brickell Bay Animal Hospital! My first appointment was amazing! I saw Dr. Minnigan and right away she diagnosed my cat with pododermatitis! I was able to see my poor kittys paws bleeding and oozing from some abscesses on her paws. Dr. Minnigan instituted a great treatment plan and took such amazing care of her; it was so sad to see my cat in so much pain but with each day, she got better and her paws are perfectly healed! I can’t thank Brickell Bay Animal Hospital enough!!

Sasha Louis

a year ago

Went for the first time for a skin allergy. Dr. and techs were very helpful and explaining, took their time with us and treated us wonderful. No wait time for my appointment.

Natalie dePasquale

a year ago

We just moved from NYC and had the same great vet there for 10 years. We were so nervous about finding a new one in Brickell. Thank goodness for this place! They were super friendly and professional, seemed thorough, not rushed, on time, and like they were intelligent and also cared about my cat. Answered all my questions and called about the blood work results the next day. So relieved to have found this fantastic vet center in Miami!

Michael Bezerra

a year ago

Hands down the best vet I have been to. Very welcoming and caring for are family dog. You don’t feel like a number here. You feel like family. Definitely recommended to take your fur children.

Mark J. Whitehead

a year ago

had our dog in cone for 20 days and had the wrong treatment it seems according to new vet. the only thing they were able to do was charge heaps

Jesica Hernandez

a year ago

AMAZING EXPIERNCE!!!! I absolutely felt very satisfied with the customer service that was provided. Treated me and molly like family and i was very happy with the time they took with me and explained everything very well. I highly recommend this hospital for your fur babies! DEF coming here for any of molly's needs.

Airen Glass

a year ago

your services quality, professional. thank you very much!

frank Basa

a year ago

We were in Miami/Brickell this week and we needed to take our Biewer Terrier George in for eye irritation and be sure it was not anything serious or urgent. The Staff was amaxing as was Dr. Stephanie Perez. We were Lucky it was not and all was good and we got some eye dropS after she vetified his eyes were not scratched or anything. This place is A+++!!! George is on the right below with is bossy sister Gracie in NYC Central Park awhile back.


a year ago

WARNING !!! DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE I took my dog to this animal hospital expecting the best services but i was given a rude awakening. Nicole the manager is super rude and unprofessional and Julio in the front desk is super unprofessional and does not know a thing about customer service. They are completely overpriced and will give you a bill FULL of unnecessary counts. They take your pet back there and you won't even know how they will return to you. And you know we all have a life and traffic in miami is horrible... if your even 5 minutes late your cancelled that is absurd. definitely do not recommend DO NOT COME HERE!!! My suggestion is get rid of your rude manager Nicole and your horrible customer service personnel who answers the phone in this case Julio. being referred to this hospital was the WORST thing that has ever happened to me!!! save yourself the drive and your pet the trauma

Isabel Ramirez

2 years ago

I went here last minute- they were able to take me in quick and provided great service. My dog had kennel cough and the vet diagnosed it very quick without offering extra and pricey exams which surprised me(most vets try to up charge every chance they can). Overall it wasn’t extremely pricey for the visit and meds :) will be coming back!

Margie Lopez

2 years ago

The clinic is easily accessible, valet parking, and welcoming front reception staff. Dr. Ehlers-Lopez with her outstanding knowledge and experience immediately puts one at ease with her amazing smile and compassionate eyes. Very positive experience.

Brenna Metzler

2 years ago

At my appointment here, they took my dog away from the room to do the things they needed to do for his care.. I wasn't happy about it and should’ve spoken up. My dog was different after. He suddenly became afraid of escalators, afraid and untrusting of strangers, in general became afraid of things he wasn’t afraid of before (and still is besides the work that I’ve done to undo it) I took him to another vet recently and it was clear he was traumatized by the prior vet visit to this facility, I could hardly get him through the door. He had his tail between his legs (which when I came to your facility, he was a happy tail waging dog) but when this vet gave him care they kept him in the room with me, spent a lot of time giving him the time he needed to be comfortable and trusting of them before they did what was needed. It was definitely a longer appointment than yours but it makes me wonder what happened to him when he was taken away from me to the back for treatment at your facility. Doesn’t seem like you guys took any extra time for this, thus ignored the dog’s emotions and forcefully got the job done quickly, which is probably why you didn’t allow me to be present for it. Also, this wasnt the first vet he’s ever come to so you can’t just blame him for being traumatized after his first vet experience, he was only traumatized after yours. People have posted this place only prioritizes making money and I’m inclined to agree with them. This is just a bougie overrated vet’s office.

Hel Bonn

2 years ago

I wish I could give them more than 5 stars ! This clinic, and Dr Sam Ehlers-Lopez are a blessing to have in miami ! Once of the things I love the most in addition to the friendly staff :) is that they don’t make you wait . They are very respectful and mindful of their clients’ time , and I wanted to make a mention of that . Please don’t ever change that ! They respect and honor appointment times. It’s almost too good to be true , but it is !! So thank you once again for everything , as a very demanding cat mom, I’m very pleased with this clinic and I highly recommend it ! Maxi & Juanito love you ???? ????????

Jose Ramirez-Ruiz

2 years ago

Caring, clear guidance, expedient and profesional. sadly an overall much better experience than at any other human doctors office. ????????

Caitlin Pelan

2 years ago

Dr Vittoria saved my cat’s life. She astutely diagnosed my cat’s illness, presented an insightful plan, and also offered a back up plan if my cat were to worsen. Thank you so much.

Megan Echols

2 years ago

I think this will be my go to pet hospital. Prices are fair, but not cheap. Service is efficient. Vets and staff were very kind and helpful and willing to listen to me.

Ana Acosta

2 years ago

I went there for the first time yesterday with my dog because of a skin rash. I loved the attention, the entire staff and the doctor she was the sweetest person. Is not over priced and they didn’t do 100 things to over charged me! They also gave me a follow up call to make sure my dog was doing ok after the first day of treatment. Excellent customer service

Katherine Solano

2 years ago

My pup was misdiagnosed with a heart murmur. I told the girl that my dog was recently neutered and they had done a full check up, including x rays of his chest and they didn’t find anything, he’s perfectly healthy. She gave me so much attitude when I asked to hear the heart murmur or get some sort of proof. She then said that ONLY she could hear it and told me to go to a cardiologist for dogs. So I did, and they confirmed my dog is healthy and DOES NOT have a murmur. This place freaked me out and made me worried about my pup for nothing! I ended up spending money I didn’t need to. I don’t recommend this place, at all! A few blocks away in Brickell Key there’s another vet Wags Hospital that has such a great team. Go there instead.

Caroline Nicotra

2 years ago

Had a wonderful experience at this office! Favorite vet I've taken my cat to, and fair prices. Dr. Todd and Tiffany were so friendly and were wonderful with my cat who is always terrified at the vet. They made the experience much easier for me! Highly recommend taking your pets here.

Alejandra Hernandez

2 years ago

My saving grace! My baby bentley was really sick and I was terrible as a relatively new dog mom (4 months). They took me in, they asked me a lot of questions and took notes, i felt like they cared and were listening carefully. They explained their recommendations and were patient when I asked for them to repeat for further understanding. I called them later that day to express some of my concerns, and again they were patient and communicative, They called me the next day to check in on Bentley and I really appreciated that as well. My vet was Dr. G. She was great, happy with the whole staff. thank you!!

Gary Klubok

2 years ago

Dr. Ehlers-Lopez cured Chocolate! My kitten Chocolate for months had a variety of recurring stomach issues, i.e., diarrhea, gas, loose stools, wet farts. I had seen another vet twice who just basically didn't do anything; the other vet treated this as non-linked stomach sicknesses. However, his stomach never got better. I then went to Brickell Bay Animal Hospital. Dr. Ehlers-Lopez and the rest of the staff is just absolutely fantastic, nice, and caring! Dr. Ehlers-Lopez explained everything very logically about what could cause an issue like this and how to go about finding out what the issue was. She recommended sending a stool sample to a lab, and Chocolate had clostridium, which is a nasty bacteria. Dr. Ehlers-Lopez prescribed medicine, and Chocolate is--for the first time since I've had him--normal stomach-wise. Thanks so much!

Andreina Yepez

2 years ago

I have entrusted my baby CANSADO’s health to .....(BrickellBay Animal Hospital) for the last 3 years, He is an Adorable English Bulldog that as he has aged has developed issues on his joints normal of his breed that limits his mobility, also he was having some breathing problems reason why I made an appointment to give him relief. Due to this he walks very slowly and we were 15 minutes late to the appointment. To my absolute surprise I was told he could not be seen and I had to reschedule, I tried to reason with the receptionist that we could wait all the time necessary to accommodate other appointments but it was imperative that my baby was taken care of that day as he was not well to what I got an unacceptable attitude, cynical and unprofessional by this person who kept asking me to leave. I was not only aggravated but also disappointed and worried about where I could go at that point to get help for my Baby that had been a patient there for 3 years. As all my efforts to get a solution were unsuccessful I told her I was going make a review of the incident to what she told me then to not only leave but to not even bother to come back EVER!!.. In times like this, where empathy is the most needed, especially when it comes to the health of anyone including our pets, this incident speaks volumes of the professionalism and ethic of Brickell Bay Animal Hospital.

Chocolat Lulu

2 years ago

i love this so much. Everything is 10/10 from the moment me and my dog arrive! Dr. Stephanie and all the staff are amazing and comforting when my dog is sick

Juliana Calero

2 years ago

As a first time costumer I was beyond happy with the service. The whole team is very nice and Dr Gaviria is great.

Brendan Collins

2 years ago

Clean facility. Friendly staff. Knowledgeable vet who communicates her thoughts well. 10/10 recommend

Laura Ross

2 years ago

Dr. Canada has cared for my cavapoo Vida since she was 8 weeks old. You can tell when someone loves animals, she is so sweet with my pup. I have only had good experiences with this clinic since I started taking my dog to there 3 years ago. They are very thorough and conservative with their recommendations. Recently, a friend had several bad experiences with vets in Doral and it made me so thankful to have a dependable and reliable neighborhood veterinarian.

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