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Noemi Hernandez

2 years ago

Excellent!!! Dr. Olga Aballi & her caring staff are wonderful. With their knowledge, professionalism and loving care, one can rest assure the fur babies, and us, are in the best hands ❤????????????

Victoria Estevez

2 years ago

I have to say that I a m so very pleased with Dr. Olga's professionalism. She and her staff are caring and they listen to the pet owner'x concern, worries and above all, they allow to ask questions. Dr. Olga gave me a good and detailed explanation of my cat's condition and for me, that has no price. I highly recommend her and her clinic. The service, staff, cleanness and care is superb. Thanks on my behalf and Tony's.


2 years ago

Good staff. With free Spay and Neuter you always get this weird feeling like there is something shady going on in the clinics, but this place isn't too bad.


2 years ago

I brought my 8 month old kitty “Bono” to this clinic because he had hopped over to the neighbors fence and a dog got him and broke one leg. I advised the doctor that he seemed sick from the attack and she agreed that he looked ill therefor suggested that we ran all the tests necessary. After the results came back she rushed me to get on the phone with affirm so that she could preform a surgery on his leg to save it and not have to amputate it. I agreed and contacted affirm because I didn’t have money for the operation. I was able to get an approval under my girlfriends moms name the cost was 1,700. I gave the ok for the surgery and she told me all will be well and that she will contact me when she was done. I received a call 3 hours later but I had missed the call. Dr Olga left a voicemail stating that Bono had died on the operating table. I asked her how could this have happened and she never gave a clear response. I believe she should of never worked on my cat being the professional she is with the degree she has she should of known to hold the surgery off until the cat didn’t look so sick. She administered too much anesthesia on a cat that was having obvious symptoms such as lethargy, difficulty breathing. All she cared about was cashing out and not my pets life. I write this to you a year later Dr Olga so you can realize how much of a monster you truly are. I hope you enjoyed those 800 dollars you still charged us to be negligent with our beloved pet and be the primary cause of his demise on your operating table. Consider yourself blessed that I am a poor person and I wasn’t able to hire an attorney to sue you since money seems to be of very high importance to you more important than Bono ever was; Along with all the other pets that have met an early death at your mercy. I take the time to write this so that the world can see what greedy savages some of us have become. I am satisfied with letting everyone know that you truly are ill hearted Dr Olga. May God always bless Bono

Maytee Godoy

3 years ago

Dr. Aballi is the best!

Moises MOMO

3 years ago

My puppy is being taken care of as I write this review. They did testing on him that should have been done in the previous veterinary clinic I went, so finally found out what his cough was, pneumonia. I know that he's in good hands because I came here with a very good recommendation from someone who rescues animals. Apparently they see more than just cats and dogs too. Please do consider taking your beloved pet here, the person I know who rescues animals really trusts this place, that tells me I can trust them too and that's why my pup is here.

Antonio Divine

3 years ago

Excellent professionals working at this veterinary clinic. Dr. Olga Aballi Neninger it is very caring and has the latest equipments to make diagnosis.

Shirley John

3 years ago

The veterinarian was great and informative. I will definitely take my pet back there.

Taina Diaz

3 years ago

dr Olga was really sweet and her care and love towards animals goes unnoticed. When my cat was dying, she did help us with hospitalization to take care of him. She reduced the price and everything so I can keep my cat longer with me. She’s the reason I am giving this 3 stars is because of their voicemail always being full and no way to contact for emergencies or even information on where to contact. I wanted to help my cat not suffer anymore since he was sick. Wish I could’ve put him down with them.

Ramirez Family

3 years ago

Worst place to take your pet they only care about ????????

marcella short

3 years ago

Dr. Olga is part of our family for long time.. and she is the best in doing her job.. Her staff know their job and always they care and always careful with your pets..

Lourdes Portogues

3 years ago

Dr. Olga is the most compassionate caring person, her love for all animals is amazing. She has always been there for us and our cats, with such care. We appreciate all she does. She makes you feel like family!


3 years ago

Arrived early and was seen early for my first ever visit. Dr. Neninger, Nurse Kayla, and Maria were courteous and I was impressed with how well the Dr. interacted with my feline. The staff all are bilingual with English and Spanish. The lobby was clean and smelled fresh. I did not see a lot of parking and the lot is small but I was able to park without issue. I was happy with the care my cat received and I believe that I will make ASIS my permanent place for veterinarian care.

Elizabeth Dorfman

3 years ago

I had a very pleasant experience. They spayed my cat. The front desk girl was really amazing. Thanks again.


3 years ago

Great place to get your cats neutered everything went smoothly and was very quick.

Adriana Gaitan

3 years ago

A good place to get fixed your stray cats.

Loreta Pineiro

4 years ago

I have no words to thank you Dr Olga and ur staff for all your attention during this year. Your care and dedication is priceless. Best Vet Clinic.

Little Havana Tours

4 years ago

Reasonably priced; decent service for basic vet care

Lidia Fernandez

4 years ago

The care and attention to my pets, I have three dogs and a cat, is magnificent. The Doctors listen to the pet parent and they “e scrutinized “ for lack of a better word, the pet, I’m very happy and grateful for these clinic and their staff. ♥️♥️

estelle kidwell

4 years ago

Amazing staff. So caring knowlegeble and helpful. Lovely clinic. Pets are well cared for.

Contado por los niños

4 years ago

So sweet and kind doctor and the it. Thank you so much!

Cintia Gab

4 years ago

Dra. Olga and your team Thank you so much for everything. God bless you every day of your life for helping these little angels, thank you for your love, dedication and vocation.

Samira Ghazal

5 years ago

Dr. Olga Aballi is awesome. She loves your doggie or kitty as much as you do (if not more). Doc — Thank you for your devotion!

Helen Marteen

5 years ago

So sweet and kind doctor, love it

Danny Marchena

5 years ago

Amazing vet! All the staff is extremely caring and loving. They will do anything to help you out. I really can’t say anything bad just praise. If you have a pet that needs a vet for sure come here ;)

antonio balladares

5 years ago

Awesome small mom and pop animal clinic

Silvia M. Valles

6 years ago

Honest and caring vet clinic. Dr. Aballi is the official veterinarian of my cat rescue organization, Octavio Feline Foundation.

Beatriz Mendoza

6 years ago

Great doctor, affordable prices, honest advise

Carmen Trimas

7 years ago

The staff was very patient with my cat and extremely informative

Rodrigo Gallardo

10 years ago


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