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erik ponce

a year ago

This was my first time bringing my kitty to the vet for a surgery and it was really scary! Although, the team at Animal Care really made the process so much better. Everyone here is extremely kind and know what they are doing. I will definitely be coming back her and would recommend anyone to this fine vet office. Thank you to the amazing staff at Animal Care Hospital!!

Laura Dunlap

a year ago

We absolutely love the vet services here. Every person working here is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and kind. They are great with our dogs. From the girls at the desk, vet techs, vets and everyone we have ever spoke to here, have a great love for the animals they treat. I feel so comfortable and confident that my dogs are in great hands when I leave them here for a procedure.

Marla Dimuro

a year ago

Doctors, nurses and receptionists are always there for me. They are the best.

annia martinez

2 years ago

First time in this office and we are extremely satisfied with the service and care our dog Sunshine received. Staff is super friendly and professional. Kept us posted after the surgery with her condition at all times. Smooth process considering the circumstances and how scared we were. Definitely recommend this veterinarians office!!! Thank you ????

Christopher Lefont-Woolls

2 years ago

After the vet we had vanished from the clinic we were going and had horrible new doctors that couldn't care less. We decided to find a clinic for a check up on my senior dog bonnie who’s a Dash Hound/Maltese mix, everyone was nice, and it went like I expected. A few weeks later we toke her to get an opinion on growth on her leg, it was a large growth that grew for months after the other clinic said it wasn’t necessary to remove since it was not malignant and that it didn’t look too bad. But when Dr. Cepero saw her, he said that it looked really bad and best to take a biopsy and plan on removing it. He gave us a few options and explained them really well and we went with the option of trying to remove as much mass as possible and to do a deeper biopsy. But he with the opinion of Dr. Dominguez said that it would be difficult to remove the whole mass without having to remove that part of her leg since there would be barley any skin to work with, but Dr. Dominguez would try. Surgery day came, they toke her in with, kept us updated, and a few hours later the surgery was successful and that the whole mass was removed. They even sent us pictures of how her leg looked after getting shaved in pre-surgery it looked worse than we thought, then of how it looked before the sutures, and finally after the sutures were. Then the next day we had a follow up with Dr. Cepero, the bandages were taken off and he said it was looking fine. My dog was very sleepy and didn’t want to do anything at first but when she got more active my brother decided to get on the ground to look while she was eating and noticed the bottom sutures. We called and they said to take her right away, Dr. Cepero checked and decided to put a bandage wrap on her leg to stop Bonnie from making it worse and said to take her everyday to flush the wound even tough Bonnie resisted and tried to bite the Dr. Cepero now that she was better. But after a few days of flushing and changing her wrap, she no longer needed a muzzle since she was now comfortable with the staff doing the flushes and Dr. Cepero checking her surgery site. She was also on medications for pain, and she also had antibiotics which she didn't want to take so they made an immediate appointment and Dr. Cepero decided to inject the antibiotic instead to prevent infections. Eventually even though she was active and could make the wound worse, Dr. Cepero notice the bandage wrapping caused her to get a few ulcers so unfortunately for Bonnie they had to put three staples on one of the big ulcers and decided it was best for her to just get it flushed. Dr. Cepero eventually got the sutures off and still told us to bring her in to flush it. Eventually Bonnie was given the all clear, nothing else needed to be done since it was not malignant. Now a few months later her fur has almost grown completely back, and it looks like nothing has happened. She's now using her leg almost like before the growth, although Bonnie's leg seems to be slightly weakened possibly from having the growth on her leg for so long and her not being able to use it much before the surgery. Overall, I really love the dedication Dr. Cepero has and is one of the nicest veterinary doctors we've seen and seems to really care about animals. Dr. Dominguez did an excellent job on the surgery that he thought it would be difficult and he seemed like a nice person even though we saw him only a few times. The rest of the staff was professional and were always there if there is anything we needed. I definitely recommend this vet clinic.

Brigitte Lichy De Lichy

2 years ago

They fixed Junior's broken jaw & busted eye beautifully! The whole team is very attentive, professional, nice to both people & pets & just want the best results for your pet. I trust them with my family.

Odalis Vale

2 years ago

We absolutely recommended Dr. Dominguez and his team, we have used Animal Care Surgical Hospital for years and always feel Welcome and comfortable, we are very thankful that we have a such great team to taking care our baby. Thank you!!!

Gisele Armour

2 years ago

Dr. Dominguez and Dr.Cepero went beyond the call of duty to help our very sick cat. Their staff was wonderful . They always fit s in to their schedule. They are professional and so compassionate. I would not hesitate to recommend them for surgery or any type of veterinary care. Thank you!

harold diaz

2 years ago

Very friendly, professional and most of all caring for our pups. Wouldn't think of taking my dogs anywhere else.

E Baena

2 years ago

Animal Care and Surgical Hospital are always there for us whenever we need assistance towards any situation with our furbaby. We always return here because of the genuine care and fast service. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a reliable vet that cares for each and every individual pet as if it were theirs!

delia fiad

2 years ago

Today my family member buried her 7 year old Yorkie. This thanks to the incompetent group that works at the Animal Care Surgical Hospital. He went in for a simple procedure and 10 days later he ended up on dialysis and ultimately death. No excuses. Be very careful with your pet. LAZARO CEPERO DVM should have his license revoked. Don’t take them to this butcher shop. Today is a very sad day for our family. RIP Toby. We will miss you

Carlos Sosa

2 years ago

My mother found out today her dog died of sepsis from less than 24hrs of being told her dog was perfectly healthy with no infections or display of any symptoms. Backstory: My stepfather was told the dog had a piece of bone pierce the esophagus and needed to have surgery to remove it. They told him there wasn't going to be any complications and had nothing to worry about. After the surgery they said the dog was doing fine and after having tests run on him there was no signs of infection or anything that will cause concern; just a little bit of low potassium. We were told he needed to stay for at least a week so they can monitor him and allow him to heal. In the coming days the dog was doing fine, eating, and in good spirit and still no sign of any issues or infections developing. Then all of a sudden from one day to the next he dies? If tests were being run and saying he didn't have any infections, if he didn't display any symptoms, young, energetic, and being monitor at all time, how does something like this happen? How could this not be caught in time? I call total BS. Either someone screwed up and they are keeping it quiet, or they knew he was already going to die but wanted to profit from an emotional distress person. EDIT: To the individual who responded to my review is right about one thing; there is a miscommunication. Because when I spoke over the phone, they told me that the dog started vomiting late into the evening around 9PM and there was blood in the vomit, and the following morning he died. But prior to that time he was stable no issues. Yet the person responding is saying he was collapsing, looking pale, and the test results were the complete opposite from previous ones around the afternoon, almost a full day before he died. And if the "so called" story of his condition worsening around the afternoon was true, why weren't we notified of it. Why was it when "we" called in we told he was fine and stable. So yeah there is a miscommunication but its clearly coming from this hospital because I been told two different stories now from them. I was told I was going to receive email copies of the test results, what procedures were perform on the dog, and cost, but still haven't received anything. And for the record I never stated I worked in the medical field so I'm curious where these people pulled that from. Perhaps the best thing is to report it to Local Licensing Board.

A Gil

2 years ago

I have a Rottweiler and two Doxies. I have been bringing my dogs here for 2 years and have always received fast and great service. I found this veterinary clinic when I was in search for a specialist in dealing with osteochondrosis. They were able to help my Rottweiler with this debilitating issue and he is now in great shape and full of energy. Definitely recommend this team.

Demi Chambers

2 years ago

Love this place! From the Dr’s to the staff!! Very professional and treat you and your babies (pets) as family.

Ruben Bermudes

2 years ago

Today I had the best experience at this place Dr. Cepero was really patience and took his time to explain his recommendation and the best option to treat my pet Anttonella and Yari were super helpful and kind And Even tho they were full of calls and busy with other clients They tried their best to response every question and give me the best experience

Samantha Zuniga

2 years ago

Dr. Dominguez was great. We decided to bring my dog to get evaluated as a second opinion. He did a physical exam and immediately knew what it was. My dog required surgery and we decided to get it done with him. Great attention, Dr. Dominguez explained the entire procedure to us, recovery etc. Absolutely recommend!


2 years ago

The staff was very friendly and the vet was very thorough and helpful with Chichi's diagnosis! No wait time and everything was great! Definitely recommend and will go back.


3 years ago

I was referred to Dr. Randy Dominguez by my primary vet to preform a rhinoscopy on my dog. The doctor came in and listened to everything I had to say and was really present in the moment which I truly appreciated. After the procedure was complete he called me to discuss the findings and showed me pictures and videos of the procedure. I felt that the Doctor and Staff was very kind and professional. It cost 1200 for the procedure which included putting him under, biopsy, blood work, and some medication. That's not cheap to me, but I feel it was well spent here. PS there's a super sweet Office Kitty.

Danay Rodriguez

3 years ago

***Update****** This Animal Hospital is the right place to bring your pets. After 5 years I still a very loyal customer because I work in the Medical Field and I can recognize an AMAZING Doctor when I see one, we now have another beautiful dog her name is Leia and both Lola and Leia looove them. thank you again for all you do for our beautiful girls!!!!!!!********** I came across Dr Randy because my Chihuahua had to have surgery and all the other vets I took her to were all about money, Dr Randy and his staff were the only ones that makes us feel like they really care about my dog, it was very difficult for us she was just a puppy and with the help of Dr Randy and his wonderful staff they made the process so much easier. the surgery was a success, my dog is in great shape, and we are just so thankful and blessed to have Dr Randy as our vet, I will not take her anywhere else, I don't mind driving, the care that my dogs receive there I can't find it anywhere else. Not only Dr Randy, his entire staff is always willing to help. Beside taking my dogs there for care I also leave them there every time we go out of town, because to be honest this is the only place I trust that will really take good care of my dogs, and believe me I'm really picky about who takes care my dogs, here I get to do facetime with them and I can tell you he save my dog, and I will forever be thank full. Thank you Dr Randy and your wonderful staff. XOXO from Lola (your favorite white Chihuahua)lol... She loves you guys..

Gladys urraca

3 years ago

Great vets. Love the attention my pet received here. They helped him. Thankful I found this hospital. Dr Cepero is very caring and professional. We were referred by someone who worked there and moved out of town, he fully recommended the hospital. We had two previous clinics opinions and it didn’t really helped get our doggie better until we found these vets.

Frada Hernandez

3 years ago

Very nice and professional staff , they are always available to help

Karla Vega

3 years ago

this place is amazing everyone who work here is really nice super clean and really social and attentive people they take really good care of the pets definitely recommend it.

Raul Galvez

3 years ago

I brought my dog Duque a 5 year old Siberian Husky to Dr. Dominguez for a dislocated hip due to a car accident. Dr. Dominguez, Dr. Cepero and their team took very good care of us and our dog. When we met Dr. Dominguez he explained what he could do to place the hip back in place. A technique that not a lot of doctors used, a toggle system. I had brought Duque to several other doctors and some would not touch the dog and others wanted to cut the head off the bone (FHO) and place it in the socket. We went with Dr. Dominguez because of his experience and pictures and videos of dogs from before and after the surgery. His office is very clean and also very good with pricing and gave us meds to take home. We noticed on several visits the love they have for pets and speaking to pet owners while there i noticed a trend for quality not quantity. My wife and i could not be happier with the treatment we got from Dr. Dominguez, Dr. Cepero and their team. Will be returning to bring our other dog Freddy the Labrador. Thank you guys!!!!!

Roberto Lorente

3 years ago

Dr Dominguez is one of the better veterinarian in miami city. His clinic Animal Care and Surgical Hospital is committed to providing the best quality patient care available. Dr. Dominguez is passionate and highly skilled. Would recommend to anyone.

Rosy Rodriguez

3 years ago

Very attentive, responsive, and caring treatment. My dog, Jax, broke one of his legs nearly a year ago and the doctor along with the staff were able to assist and take care of Jax in a matter of less than 24 hours. Jax's body rejected the implants and screws over the course of a few months so he was taken back and they were extremely attentive and prompt with the situations at hand. We feel comfortable having Jax treated at this hospital. Thank you to all who work at Animal Care & Surgical Hospital.

Sandra Novoa

3 years ago

BEST Doctor and Staff in Town! Dr. Dominguez completed a very difficult surgery on my puppy. His determination to repair her leg properly was unwavering and his commitment to her care was stellar. He explained everything in detail and was available to me at all times to answer any of my questions and concerns. Staff is very respectful and caring. The hospital is always clean and neat. Highly recommend him for any veterinarian services. Would give him 100 STARS!!!

Stephanie Moraille

3 years ago

Our dear Lily was on the verge of dying from a terrible ear infection. Without the care, patience and expertise of this team, we wouldn’t have our beloved dog. This is a team who cares, who’s dedicated to the well being of animals. They go over and beyond and are compassionate beyond measure. Thank you thank you so much to the team for caring and healing our Lily. A+++++++

Tiffany Chen

3 years ago

I’m so happy that my friend referred me to ACSH when I found out that my 13.5 year old Yorker needed two last minute emergency surgeries. The other vet I’d taken her to charged me over $400 for the exams then told me they couldn’t help her. After seeing their Instagram page and how many surgeries they do on a daily basis, along with my friend saying great things about them, I felt comfortable taking my dog to them. They were also way more reasonable than the other animal hospitals I called. They were very helpful and reassuring everytime I called with a question. There were no hidden fees. They charged me exactly what I was quoted up front. Antonella at the front was very knowledgeable and communicated directly with the vet anytime I called. Dr. Cepero was also amazing with my baby. Thank you for helping Bia with her last minute surgeries. She is better than ever now. :)

Tnee Yayo

3 years ago

I wish I could give 100 stars for the care, compassion and love Dr. Dominguez and the team showed my mother's cocker spaniel Lily. LIly is a part of our family and we love and adore her, the staff there treated her as if she was theirs. Her ear infection was soooo bad THANKS to Dr. Dominguez she is all better!!!! I do not know how to say THANK YOU!!!!! Just writing this review brings me to tears, to know that there are clinical professionals who care for your animal just as much as you do instead of seeing them as a dollar sign! DR.DOMINGUEZ AND THE STAFF AT ANIMAL CARE AND SURGICAL HOSPITAL, I SAY THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES!!!! and I still do not think that it is enough!!!!. :)

Pedro Rodriguez

3 years ago

Positive experience at this facility. We had our mini goldendoodle get a special neutering procedure done here and experienced no problems before, during or after the procedure.

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