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Laurie Druckenmiller

2 years ago

Great place for specialized dog and cat food. They sell raw foods and milks for pets.


2 years ago

The best healthy pet food store! I’ve learned so much about what to feed my animals and how to give them the best, healthiest life possible! There is no other store like it. Highly recommend!

Shawn Shamrock

2 years ago

Didn't have what I needed but was willing to answer my questions on health foods. Not that I had any at the time. Otherwise the store didn't have what I needed and they made a great recommendation but is not a general pet needs store. Very much speciality pet store.

Leigh Ann M

2 years ago

Edit: I really wish I could give Wags and Purrs a 10 star review, seriously. Tammy is a blessing to pet parents whose pets suffer from almost any kind of ailments and she will do whatever it takes to help you. I don’t know where we would be without her today. We started with Tammy in February 2020 and have seen such an incredible difference in Samson’s allergies, I couldn’t believe it. Sampson was on apoquel along with 4-6 Benadryl’s DAILY because our vet said it helped his allergies and was safe. The vet bills were thousands of dollars a year with his constant allergy flare ups, like his chronic skin and ear infections and massive hot spots. So how was all this medicine really helping him if he was constantly so sick? His problems were mostly in his gut, not just topically. I would’ve never known that if we never found Tammy. No matter what happens with him, I know Tammy is a message away and is always SO responsive! She doesn’t hesitate to spend over an hour plus with me, educating and sharing her knowledge. She’s patient with me and answers alllll of my questions and concerns. Her sales associates are always wonderful as well. I appreciate their kindness and knowledge as well because I know that is a lot to learn. We have now switched Sampson to another raw food, Biocomplete, and it is even more helpful than the previous raw diet. Thank you for everything Tammy! March 2020 Review: I went to Wags and Purrs looking for some kind of guidance for my dog’s allergies. I had just stopped all his allergy meds because of an article they had posted on Facebook about the cancer risk. He was miserable with rashes and skin infections and just looked absolutely defeated, it was heart breaking. Tammy and Muriel spent over an hour with me, educating me about a raw diet and proper nutrition. I was floored they spent so much time with me. These ladies CARE about your pets and giving us pet owners the tools for our pets to live longer, healthier lives. We began the transition to a raw diet with Answers Pet Food and it has been such a blessing! We didn’t really have any issues with detox and Sampson was in love with his new food. I am truly amazed at how much he has “changed”! He lost some much needed weight, has puppy like energy, an even more beautiful coat and whiter teeth/healthier breath. I cannot thank these ladies enough!

Mary Noonan

2 years ago

I am beyond thankful that I found this store! I have been coming here for about a year now. I found it when I was trying to switch my dog to raw because he was having a lot of skin issues. The store owner, Tammy was super helpful when I started and offered me tips and even showed me where I could find more information. She takes so much time to get to know her new customers and their animals because she truly wants what’s best for everyone and their pets. I can’t even count how many times I’ve come to Tammy with a problem and out of the goodness of her heart she’ll sit there and help me through it. She doesn’t have to do that but that’s just how much she cares. You will never find a more dedicated store owner. She makes sure all the products she carries are the best and up to the standards that she would give her own dog. I love all the brands she sells and the quality is amazing. Everyone around here is lucky to have Tammy, her great staff, and her amazing store.

Keily Thompson

2 years ago

Wags and Purrs is an amazing store. The owner Tammy is very patient & knowledgeable. I have a Pomeranian w/ Alopecia & she had super dry skin & bald spots. Tammy really helped her grow hair again w/ her knowledge on this disease.

Julie Atcher

2 years ago

My dog Riley was doing ok until he turned 1 year old. He started getting white flakes on his skin then terrible redness on his underbelly and legs. He was licking his paws until they were red. Took him to the vet many times and tried medication and different foods but still didn't clear the problem. A friend told me about Wags and Purs. Tammy recommended a raw diet along with supplements and Riley's skin problem has disappeared. No more redness, itching or licking paws. He is much happier and healthier. Thank you Tammy.

Julian Vasquez

2 years ago

Awesome small little local shop. We forgot our cat's raw food while we're here on vacation. I looked up this place online and saw they were the only place that carried it. The lady running the store at the time was so awesome and extremely knowledgeable. I felt very informed and satisfied with the prices, product, and the fact I was supporting local business. I highly recommend this place!

Alexandra Laureano

2 years ago

Over the last 3 going on 4 years Tammy & Carleigh have helped our family so many times (too many to count) with our fur-babies! Our cuties are a specialty breed so things pop up from time to time and these ladies know how to help us every single time. Our story is a long one but I can assure you this quickly....Holistically we have saved thousands at the vet while supporting this local small business at the same time. No matter what you are struggling with, go have a conversation with them. Or if you are looking to switch from kibble to RAW and don’t know where to start, stop by and they will get you going. It sounds overwhelming but they help every step of the way ❤️

Sandra Hernandez

3 years ago

Love this place. A friend told me about W&P since my pets were having alot of issues with allergies and digestion. Tammy is the best and super knowledgeable!

Kaylen Kyle

3 years ago

This is a great local business. I have two cats and buy the majority of their food and supplements here. The staff is kind and helpful, and the owner is incredibly knowledgeable and more than willing to offer advice. There is a large selection to choose from and I've never had a problem with buying spoiled or beyond-expiration-date products (which I HAVE done with big chain pet stores). The prices are also very competitive; I will keep coming back.

Barbara Marshall

3 years ago

I have a 5 lb dog who was having some serious issues. He is extremely picky about food and I bought the most expensive food and ended up taking it back or giving it away. He was losing his hair and had skin issues and throwing up occasionally. I took him to the vet, but it didn't help, so I told Tammie about his problem and she recommended probiotics and raw goats milk. As soon as I gave it to him there was a immediate improvement.

Martina Cervantes

3 years ago

I drive 40 minutes to go to Wags and Purrs because of Tammy’s knowledge and experience in pet nutrition. My dog Coco was prescribed Hills Prescription Diet KD for her kidneys. Three months later she also had high liver enzymes. After a consultation with Tammy, I transitioned my dog to a raw diet, with Answers dog food. After only six weeks on the raw diet, her bloodwork is showing improvement in both her kidneys and liver. Thank you so much Tammy. Coco loves you.

Bella grace

3 years ago

Wags and Purrs Specialty Pantry is the one and only place I shop for my animal's needs. Tammy is a gift sent from heaven. She has helped me with any problems I faced with not only my dog but my family's dogs as well. Not to mention, she has a great team to back her up! We all love her dearly. A couple months ago, my family dog was having what we thought were seizures. Tammy recommended taking our dog to see a chiropractor and referred us to Ashley at Wild Life Chiropractic. After our first visit, we saw a difference in the dog. No more seizures and a happy puppy! If it weren't for Tammy with the great reference, our dog would still be in pain. Tammy has also referred a great number of dog trainers that have helped me tremendously. If you are looking for a place to shop with not only a great atmosphere but fantastic products, Wags and Purrs is the place to be. Thank you to Tammy and her team for helping me learn what is best for my animals.

Anthony Dicapua

3 years ago

Wonderful Place to do business with , Very knowledgeable

Ursula Bowser

3 years ago

Great quality and variety. Helpful and kind staff.

Loraine Hanwell

3 years ago

Knowledgeable and professional, but fun at the same time. If you want health for your pets, shop here.

Kim Simon

3 years ago

Tammy and Muriel are the best and this store offers so much more than a regular pet food store. Tammy is super knowledgable about healthy options and alternatives for pets and willingly gives away her knowledge to her customers... She has been there for me to help with my three bullies for several years now and they are healthier and happier than they ever were before. Love this store and the people who run it!

Bruce Hewitson

3 years ago

Tammy great and Frankie loves the food....

Bella Katalinic

3 years ago

How much we love and appreciate wags & purrs and their team, is beyond words!!! They have not only provided us with amazing food & supplements, health tips, bonuses and continue to stir us in the right direction in terms of overall knowledge for our pets quality of life. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ They truly are a blessing we never knew we were missing. ???????????????? Understand that not everyone (especially Tammy & Muriel) will always know exactly what your pet will need right away, but they most definitely help guide you in the right direction! They truly do have the best intentions all in all!! And we’re so lucky to have amazing people who help provide us with all we’ve needed, so close to home!

Jantina Getz

4 years ago

April of 2018 a very good friend and her pup from Canada came to visit. She changed our world by introducing us to raw. She helped me search out and find the best store to continue this journey with Odin. We stumbled onto Wags & Purrs Specialty Pantry and well we havent looked back. My friend was thrilled we found them and that I was being left with the support and food I would need for Odin. Odin at that time weighed close to 100lbs and was very over weight. I had been feeding him grain free kibble and under the recommended portions. After a year plus of changing his diet to raw, he is now a healthy 72lbs and has so much more energy! He is now 8 and it makes me happy to see him being so playful. We got an addition to our family in August and Loki has been raw since week 2 of being in our home. He is triving, healthy coat lots of energy and such a happy pup! He will do twirls for his food! Food time is a very exciting time for these 2 pups! I cant express how helpful Tammy and her team have been on this journey. I am so grateful to have the caring, loving support that is so freely offered. Knowledge is power and if your pets are having health issues or you just want to give them the best life. Switch to a better diet and get your pets food and supplies from Wags & Purrs Specialty Pantry in Melbourne. You wont regret it. ❤

Gregg Kara

4 years ago

Friendly and knowledgeable owners. Definitely go back again

Christine Norris

4 years ago

Tammy and her staff are a wealth of knowledge! I was referred to her specialty shop by a client of mine after we got to taking about our beloved pets. Tammy has been walking me through taking care of my aging lab during her golden years. I'm super thankful for Tammy and her entire staff!

Anna Lewis

4 years ago

Love this store. The owner is extremely knowledgeable about the animals. She actually saved my dog. Thanks Tammy!!!

Amy Lucas (Your Local Home Expert)

4 years ago

Tammy is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to talk with. She is helping my animals adapt to a better diet to resolve their health issues and I’m so grateful for her! Wags and Purrs is a Wonderful store.

Lisa Fernandez

4 years ago

The owner is amazing and will take time to suggest product for your fur baby

Mandy Santiago

4 years ago

I am a costumer of Wags and Purrs since a few years. And let me tell you it has been the best decision I could have made. My golden retriever girl is very sensitive to many foods and probably has plenty of allergies too. Tammy, the owner immediately understood what my dog needed and what I needed as well. If you are looking for quality food and care for your pets, look no further. Wags and Purrs is the best place to get both. Tammy and her staff are simply amazing. You are not only supporting a local business, but you get advise whenever you need it, not only for your pet, but also for yourself. Tammy is a person with a heart of gold. Her service to our community is priceless. In my opinion, and to be fair in my dogs opinion too, Tammy is an angel sent by God. Without Tammy, my dog and my family would not be as healthy as we are. Tammy is fair, honest, and always there for us. Such a blessing. <3 Love forever, The Santiago Family

Patricia Williams

4 years ago

Tammi's first desire is to help pets who aren't well. I started trying to find more natural and healthier foods when I had three older cats. When we brought home our BT Maddy May we started her the first day on good food. She has never …


4 years ago

Our Zoey was born 9/18, we picked her up 11/18. She was the smallest girl of the litter and was so cute! She was from my cousin's house and they were going through a rough time due to Hurricane Michael and was selling/giving away the pups. We had a great time with Zoey in the beginning. Yes, she threw up a lot but we thought it was changing her food, then we found out she had worms, and so on. Then in January she ended up at the ER Vet because things were just bad. My parents found out that she has Enlarged Esophagus. Okay what does that mean? So as we learned and she stayed small we feared that she would not make it. Parents researched Bailey Chairs (ended up making our own version) The vet prescribed prescription food (Royal Cain), we tried medicine (pills) to help with the swelling. After a few months we noticed a slight change but still the problems was still there. Would she grow out of it? Would she always have this problem? Throwing up was still bad, diarrhea constantly and she was not gaining weight, just not growing a lot. Then my Mom remembered our puppy trainer told us about Wags and Purrs and my Mom was like I will try anything. She was at her wits end. My parents were on the verge of getting rid of Zoey, we could not keep living this way. So off she went to Tammy and that has been a blessing. We are on a strictly raw diet (unless Zoey gets into something she is not suppose to/the stories I can tell about that), we have goats/keifer milk, we have CBD oil, we have powders for digestion, bugs, and something else. Anyway, yes Zoey will throw up but not nearly as often as before. She rarely has diarrhea. Yes she is still small, about 32lbs she's not that large at all for a German Shepherd. Her sisters/brother are anywhere from 55-70lbs. She is a smart girl and yes she has moments but the diet change has been awesome. Tammy is very knowledgeable and has been such a HUGE help to Mom. We even bought a freezer to help keep the food/milk in bulk so now my Mom goes to the store every 2 weeks or so instead of every week. My Mom also has our other dog on the raw diet. Chewbacca(Chewie) is 14 years old, almost 15, and he has always been on the thin side. He is a Border Collie Mix and he was getting VERY picky with his food, not eating well, moving slow, hard of hearing. My Mom was like if we are going to do it for one dog we will do it for both. So he eats everything Zoey does and he enjoys eating food again. He moves a bit better. He has filled out and looks healthy. Thanks Tammy for helping us! The Mason Family: Rich, Pam, Piper, and Dean

Dolores Bello

5 years ago

Best pet store for all your pet needs, top. of the line raw frozen foods and. treats.Tammy is so knowledgeable about your pets needs. I would consult her before going to a vet. Give them a try you won't be disappointed.

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