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Natalie Romeo

2 years ago

Carol is by far the best dog trainer in Brevard County. I am so sorry I didn’t know about DePaul k9 Academy sooner. My dog has had 7 trainers before Carol. He is a 98 1lb highly driven Lab. Ely seems well trained when not distracted by squirrels and cats. I asked several trainers to please help me because I became so frightened to walk him. Other trainers were not willing to take on the challenge of training with distractions. In the first training session with Carol she had my boy around squirrels and other dogs while off leash. I’m so amazed. She is teaching me how to keep him focused on me. Update from 2 years ago DePaul k9 Academy is top notch at teaching humans to handle their dog. As my dog Ely got older his behavior changed towards other dogs. He is 100 lbs and I don’t weigh much more then that. I stopped walking him for fear he would pull me down. He became frustrated and overwhelmingly rowdy in the house. I Called Carol again. This is my second review. Carol is the 8th dog trainer I have used. The other trainers were also private and highly recommended to me. Two of them I stopped immediately because of harsh treatment to my dog. Carol taught me to be in control with patience, kindness and repetition. I now walk my dog everyday. He is so calm and well behaved in the house. He also has dog friends that come in his back yard to play. The garbage man asked me if I was a dog trainer because Ely is so attentive to me. THANK YOU CAROL. ELY AND I LOVE YOU. DEPAUL K9 ACADEMY IS SUPERIOR DOG TRAINING.

Cassidy Gutowski

2 years ago

I was moving to Florida and found Carol and Depaul K9 Academy on google. I contacted her and within hours she got back to me. She is the most upstanding, professional , caring person I have come to know. Her compassion and caring nature …

Tricia Chanelle

2 years ago

Carol was fantastic evaluating our Australian Cattle dog. She was able to get right to work with him and handled him like it was nothing! She was very helpful. Informative and understood what he needed and how to help us right away. She worked with our 9 and 7 yr old as well and was just the nicest and professional. Highly recommend.

yvonne l

2 years ago

Carol is the most professional trainers ever. She has taken our mischievous puppy and everything that goes with a puppy not going in the crate not really wanting to potty train not listening loving to chew anything and everything and Carol put an end to it. Not the wrong way but the most positive reinforcement the most positive training we now have a dog that we love and enjoy so much due to Carol. Our diesel is crate trained his behavior is wonderful he will sit he will stay, place and more. He even goes swimming after a hard day of playing all due to the wonderful education Carol gave us as well as Diesel. Carol DePaul @ K9 Academy is the best! Five ⭐️ for sure

Kristina Heifferon

2 years ago

I contacted Carol after we suddenly lost our beloved 8 yo shepherd mix which was a few weeks before Christmas in December 2020. We were struggling with mourning our loss while our 6 yo lab mix (Mya) was learning to be the alpha dog and she was getting snippy toward our two indoor cats. Carol responded to my message within an hour, and we scheduled a home consultation right away. She listened and assessed our home dynamics as well as providing feedback what to do and not to do during our transition. We decided during the home consultation to enroll in Carol’s 4 week private in home training program which we started in January 2021. Carol’s private training started with Mya’s basic behaviors, we started using the Herm Sprenger prong collar for walks (this has been a game-changer!) and honing in on my leadership skills including some adjustments we made in the house. Our very social cat joined us for each training session which was a true distraction training for Mya, and we were seeing steady improvements. Carol checked in with me in between sessions, and if I needed to talk with her over the phone she was readily available. Mya and I have a new relationship and we have healed our hearts. I am so grateful for Carol’s expertise, her hands-on approach, her love of dogs, and belief in me when I didn’t believe in myself! I highly recommend DePaul’s K9 Academy Private Training!!

j ishman

2 years ago

We just finished Carol’s 4 week training for our 15 month old lab, and the results are amazing!!! Molly was and is going through the “teenage” years and pretty much making her own rules ....until we realized we could not keep letting her run the house. HAha. Carol DePaul was highly recommended to us as an awesome trainer who comes to your house and trains the dog (AND humans) in our own environment! She has been a Godsend - it was so exciting to see our dig’s potential (that we knew she had), appear just in the first few minutes of Carol’s consultation! My husband and I looked at each other and asked “is this OUR dog??? “ Ha. From the moment Carol walked in the door, she had gentle control of Molly’s behavior just with her presence. One of our first concerns we wanted addressed was getting Molly’s excitement in check when people entered our house. No jumping up was a biggie. Once we learned the technique and commands for her, it all seemed so easy (we now understand the “train the human” part of Carol’s teachings! Molly also has learned the leave it command, place, come (still working a bit on her selective hearing for that, but it’s progressing), sit/stay, come when called with dog whistle, heel etc! We have learned the proper use of the prong collar as she was such a puller! Now you don’t see me flying down the street walking her as she has learned how to walk near me, and also get the “break” command for sniffy walks in the trails. Carol is professional, yet personable, on time, goes over techniques so well, never looks at her watch, follows up with texts and calls to see how training is going in between classes, but most importantly, our dog adores her. Carol has such gentle and loving control of her fur clients and it shows the minute she walks in. We will continue to train with what we have learned, but intend to have Carol return for “tutoring” both Molly and us now then! I could go on and on telling you about how great her training is! I know you will be satisfied as much as we are!

Sherrie Predojev

3 years ago

I contacted Carol after researching several dog trainers. We have a 3 year old German Shepherd, Remington, who needed to learn basic manners, and specifically how to behave when people enter our home to visit. I was also struggling with walking him as he is dog reactive (not aggressive). And lastly, we recently rescued a Staffordshire puppy, Bullet, and wanted to introduce them properly. Carol arrived on time, came to the door, and started working her magic. She truly did provide the tools which unlocked our dogs potential. Remington’s response to her was immediate, with desired behaviors beginning in our first session. She shares strategies, explains dog behaviors, and offers support between sessions via text and phone calls. The results speak for themselves. I can now enjoy walks with my dogs and relax in a harmonious house. Carol is a professional, skilled at what she does. Her love for the dogs is apparent, as proven by their affection for her. I would recommend Carol to anyone seeking the best training for their pet!

nancye meyers

3 years ago

We adopted Beau, a six yr old male Golden Retriever, from a rescue organization in mid August. Due to his poor living conditions he had little training or outdoor exposure. Despite all of that he is a wonderful and loving companion. But.....he is like a puppy in a big boys body. He got overly excited greeting visitors, didn’t listen to commends and had a stubborn fixation on wildlife. We knew it was time to call in an expert personal trainer. Through a recommendation from a friend we contacted Carol DePaul to see if she was up for the challenge and thankfully she was! From our initial evaluation we knew she was true professional with the skills and knowledge to help us solve Beau’s behavior problems. Her positive energy was infectious! Carol is quite organized in her approach to training by providing us with expert recommendations for his proper training course and tools to assist in solving our many issues. In a little over a month Carol basically trained “US” to be the pack leaders we needed to be in order to train Beau. What she taught us has been invaluable skills which have allowed us to be feel confident in our daily training exercises. Beau is doing wonderfully and we are so proud of how far he’s come. We are forever in Carol’s debt for restoring peace in our world and highly recommended her services!!

Don Gudzune

3 years ago

Carol is the most gifted and effective trainer we have ever met, and we have retained several over the years, as well as behavioral veterinarians. We have a 7 year old French Bulldog who has aggression issues with strangers and other dogs, …

Bailey Vickers

3 years ago

Carol has transformed my 5 year old rescue pup! He had quite a few tendencies that were not ideal and in just 2 session she was able to turn it around completely! My Nash loves Carol and her positive energy radiates!

Taylor Jordan

4 years ago

Carol was amazing with our dogs. We have a 2 year old, 9 month old at 13 year old. She was able to work on the minor changes needed with the older dogs while still putting a lot of focus into our youngest. We orginally sought out board and …

Shadow Strike

4 years ago

We got a 12 week old puppy last Christmas for our daughter. Carol was recommended by our vet who are personal friends of ours. We have been working with Carol since February. She is very passionate about dogs and her work to help make them …

Ryan Lenz

4 years ago

Carol was the picture of dog training. We have a 2 yo Blue Great Dane (Amos), and he is a real pain in the you know what sometimes. Carol gave suggestions for training. Carol made sure we followed through with our home-work and followed up with us throughout the weeks of training. Carol stepped in gave us the tools and guidance we needed, trained us to teach the dog... and... he is now the great dane we wanted!! He listens (for the most part), he comes on command, he sits, stays, and sit-stays. He will now stay until released. Though we are still battling with incessant barking at inanimate objects, he will work through this with Carol's direction. Even though he may have tripped her a time or two... Thank you, Carol! For giving us the Amos we have wanted all these years!!

Dina Mezza

4 years ago

Carol taught me the skills to manage my reactive dog in only a few sessions with remarkable behavior change. My 70 pound dog is no longer leash reactive, and I can manage him on walks. Carol is the most knowledgeable and skilled trainer who my dog and I have worked with. Highly recommend her! My dog is much happier now and a loving family dog.

Arwen Velez

4 years ago

Carol and professional and really knows her stuff. My Chihuahua was completely out of control and an embarrassment to walk around the neighborhood. Carol has trained me how to control her and now my chihuahua actually listens and looks to me for instructions. I have learned so much from her and really enjoyed working with her and watching her make my dogs behave. I would definitely recommend her if you are having problems with your dogs behavior.

Laura Scott

5 years ago

Carol did an amazing job with our Golden Retriever puppy, Summer. She taught us all the tools to work with our dog. She knows all her basic commands, she doesn’t jump on counters and she is a pleasure to take on walks. I’ve gotten many compliments at the park on how well behaved she is, thanks to Carol.


5 years ago

Carol is a fantastic dog training! She had our two shepherds listening and obeying her in no time and then taught us how to have control over our dogs within a training session or two. We now can walk our dogs without becoming frustrated. When visitors arrive the dogs no longer act like animals but rather well disciplined dogs. Carol displays a true love for dogs and would like every dog owner to have well behaved dogs. Thank you Carol for being awesome and helping us to not only love our dogs but to really enjoy them.

Laura Glass

5 years ago

Carol is amazing - she is calm, assertive and loves working with us and our 11 month old German Sheppard. We are better owners with Carol’s guidance to train our dog with the basics. She cares for the whole dog (asks about diet and behaviors) and keeps in touch with clients to monitor progress - her videos showing correct training very helpful. We look forward to her training sessions!


5 years ago

Carol was a lifesaver with my pit bull rescue. My dog behaves better than I imagined possible before our training started. Her enthusiasm and consistency have truly changed both our lives for the better.

Estefany Vargas

5 years ago

We thought that Kaylee (our yellow lab) would not turn into one of those crazy dogs that everyone always complains about. We can teach her. No problem! WRONG!!! Carol told us we should start soon after getting her at 8 weeks but we put it off. Pretty soon we could not take her anywhere because she was too big to control with a leash. So we called Carol when she was 7 months old and from the very first visit Kaylee changed. We can safely take her to the inlaws now, welcome people into our home, and feel safe when we open doors so that she doesn't bolt or mow the kids over trying to get out. Carol is amazing and she has a keen sense with dogs. They understand her and she understands them. I recommend her whenever I can. She's worth every penny.

Gale Novak

6 years ago

I highly recommend Carol DePaul as a very competent dog trainer who excels in helping dog owners and their dogs with behavior challenges. She is dependable, caring and supportive.

Lauren Selice

6 years ago

Carol went above and beyond for me and my dog! I had only two weeks in town before I was going to move away into an apartment with my dog who was dealing with separation anxiety and would bark constantly while I was away, even if I was only …

Lee Isenman

6 years ago

We rescued a 2 year old Lab about 3 months ago. After a few hours with him, we knew we’d need some expert help. He was quite the wild animal, jumping on counters, people, other dogs etc. Being 75 pounds, he’s quite strong. He’d take us for a walk, not the other way around. We knew he’d be around young children, so we wanted a trainer who would not only teach him obedience but also help develop his loving personality. Carol exceeded even our highest expectations. Within 2 months, the beast had been tamed! We can now take Cooper on a walk and he will stay right by our side regardless of how fast or slow we walk. Even 7 year-old children can walk him with ease. He understands a variety of commands and performs them proudly. Carol is very patient with our 8 year old daughter, working with her to ensure she is comfortable (but safe) around Cooper. We were quite impressed with Carol’s level of knowledge. She always explained the methods she used so that we understood how to reinforce what she worked on with Cooper. We would recommend Carol without hesitation.

Mckenzie Schrock

6 years ago

Carol was outstanding with our 6 month old dog Maggie. She came into our home once a week and brought many helpful tools and information. Maggie took to her right away. We could tell a difference after just the first week of training. Carol is very professional and educated in the field. We enjoyed having her in our home and would recommend her to anyone looking for a loving and well trained dog.

rick Liebler

6 years ago

Our Benson came to us as a stray from Lab Rescue. Before Carol we were considering giving him back to Lab Rescue. She helped us turn a barbarian into a great family dog.

Sally Liebler

6 years ago

Carol has taught myself and my family so many great techniques. Our lab, Benson, has become a happy and balanced member of our family as a result of Carol ‘s excellent training. Carol has such a huge heart for dogs and it shows in everything she does.

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