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Oscar Gomez

2 years ago

We had such a great experience today, everyone was very compassionate and knowledgeable. All my questions were answered; I for sure recommend their practice.

Crystal Roby

2 years ago

Very thorough and will help you to understand every aspect of your pets condition and recommended treatment.

Jill Toppo

2 years ago

These folk have help my dog, Ziggy. More that all the vets I've gone to so far. He can here again. He's only two. There are no words to thank these people enough.

Karina Butler - Perez

2 years ago

Amazing and kind staff! Everyone treats your pet like their own and they are very knowledgeable.

Jennifer Johns

2 years ago

Veterinary Dermatology has a very friendly office. They are very quick and love animals!

Susan Sinacola

2 years ago

Addendum as of 08/10/2021 I want to again thank Dr. Schwassman and Veterinary Dermatology Center for the care of Francesca. The medication Osurnia administered to her by another veterinarian had caused her to have an auto immune response and develop disease Pemphigus Foliaceus. She will have this for the rest of her life. If it wasn't for the care of VDC we don't know where we would be today. A huge thanks to Dr. Griffith at Lake Jessup Hospital for referring us to the dermatology center. The other veterinarian located in Chulouta dismissed our concerns in December and January. Fast forward to today it has been a process of her going into remission and then flaring with more excoriated areas. A call, email or office visit to switch, increase or discontinue certain medications and we are back in a state of remission. She still does not have hair on her ears. Her abdominal area is clearing and hair is growing back. It is apparent Dr. Schwassmann and associates have a passion for what they do and they truly care. Please if a veterinarian wants to administer Osurnia to your cat know it specifically states do not administer to cats on the label. My first post was in December and we are still hopeful because she is back to being playful. She is on two medications and will always be on at least one. We can't seem to get her to that point and it's been six months. This is a lifelong disease she did not deserve. She was perfectly healthy prior to the administration of Osurnia to her ears. No words can express how grateful we are for Dr. Schwassman and VDC. We highly recommend them. I have added some current photos. One of the current state of her ears showing hemorrhagic areas due to steroids. The grateful news is this clears up as long as her brother decides to leave her alone with his aggressive grooming... :-). She is doing so much better. We got this!! Thanks for reading and caring!! Addendum as of 02/17/2021 Our Chessy continues to improve!! So many thanks to Dr. Schwassmann and the staff. I have posted another photo of her with her brother. She is continues on medication however is in the weaning process. We are so thankful for the continued recovery of our girl. We are beyond grateful to have been referred to here for an issue with our cat Francesca. The staff along with Dr. Schwassmann were professional, kind and caring. Our Chessy suffered with what we thought was a medication reaction administered to her ears by another office.We brought her to that office for something entirely different. She was healthy and only had an issue with a nail on her L back paw. Within 3 days she had loss of hair and weight. After 2 more visits with no results accept denying it was induced by medication she continued with loss of hair on her front paws and stomach with severe pruritus. A friend referred Lake Jessup Animal Hospital Dr. Griffith who immediately referred us to the Dermatology Center. She was seen on 01/15/2021 with a biopsy completed on 01/18/2021 by Dr. Schwassmann. We received a call with the results on Wednesday, 01/20/2021 with results confirming a reaction and treatment to go forward in returning our beautiful girl back to health. Every call and every visit is met with kindness and the utmost concern about your pet. Dr. Schwassmann came in on her day off to complete the biopsies. Francesca is already showing improvement. Thank you to everyone who listened to our concerns and provided an excellent plan of care. We cannot thank you enough... The first photo is prior to treatment by Osurnia Otic. We hope to post the improved photos of Francesca soon.

Amanda Szymczyk

2 years ago

They are amazing. Really care about your babies. Worth the money.

Bill “Harley Bill” Wehrle

2 years ago

Dr Logas was fantastic! Highly recommend!

Robin B

2 years ago

This clinic operates differently than others. You call when you arrive. They triage over the phone. Then they come out and get your dog. The doctor calls you and discusses your pet. After that a tech calls you to schedule a follow up while another tech brings out your dog. You give her your payment. It took about 30-45 minutes. The staff are always nice and easy to talk to. They seem to run a great operation. This was our 3rd time visiting this specialty doggie doctor.

rick geco

2 years ago

Tech was great and the Vet was great as well. Very friendly and knowledgeable would recommend

Tiffany Ward

2 years ago

I have NEVER been “dumped” as a client until questioning a treatment that veterinarian Katherine Doerr administered on my dog. Apparently the “cancel culture” now applies to loyal clients, not just politicians. Our consultation started out very positive concerning Biscuit’s allergies and “treating the cause not the symptoms” (her words) with immunotherapy. We had spent the past five years battling his seasonal breakouts/hotspots/bacterial infections with antibiotics, Cytopoint (i.e. CADI) injections, APOQUEL, steroids, topical shampoos, etc. NONE of it was working anymore. We’ve been going to the same vet, Conway Veterinary Hospital (Dr. Robert Porter), for the past 6 years. I’ve also been a foster parent for the Orange County Animal Services (OCAS) shelter for 2 years. I donate plenty of time and money to animals, even animals that are not mine, so that’s not my issue here. It’s the principle. We came here because Cytopoint injections and antibiotics were no longer working, which I was very clear about, both in writing and verbally. So what’s the first thing veterinarian Katherine Doerr did when Biscuit had his first seasonal breakout? Cytopoint injection. Yep, the thing I told her stopped working years ago. It did absolutely nothing to help him, and instead of paying $80 at my regular vet, we were charged over $600 for a useless shot and more tests to determine which antibiotic would clear his skin. A test she had ALREADY RUN ONCE, sending us home with antibiotic that did nothing. We were charged again for the SAME test and given NO antibiotic. When I questioned her methods, rather than offering a remedy, I got a letter stating that she no longer wanted to work with us. So, if you want a vet that doesn’t listen to or respect her clients, veterinarian Katherine Doerr is for you. As for the Veterinary Dermatology Center in general, my only experience prior to this was when our dog Abe had what we thought might be a bad inner ear infection. When we tried going here, ALL of the vets were at some dumb conference for two weeks. We couldn’t wait that long, so we drove him to the one in Tampa. They were performing tests while he was under anesthesia, and he aspirated, so I’m sure you can guess how that ended. Shame on me for giving them a second chance I guess.


3 years ago

Harsh and uncaring. All they wanted was for us to make an appointment. Didn't care about our pet.

Rosary Boyle

3 years ago

Dr,s very nice. Can be a bit expensive

Allan Perdomo

3 years ago

Very polite and very professional. Overall great experience...

Susan Saunders

3 years ago

Great experience. Highly recommend them for your pet's skin issues.

Samantha Carullo

3 years ago

Thank you to Dr. Logas and Vicki and the entire team for taking such good care of Lola. As a nervous patient we appreciate you taking the time with Lola and making her feel comfortable with you. First time in her life she ever went over to a doctor to say hi. You guys are amazing!!! You gave a diagnosis that we were searching for for years! We can never thank you enough for your level of professionalism and care.

Bob Roussel

3 years ago

I felt very comfortable with the staff taking care of my Frenchie

Jessie Zielinski

3 years ago

Excellent doctors and staff. Very clean

Fiona Robinson

3 years ago

I got a specialized allergy solution for my cat after being unsuccessful with three other vets with general advice. Four months later, the problem seems to be under control and my cat is not itchy and has all the hair around his neck back. (Knocking on wood.)

Emily Lawlor

3 years ago

You can tell this great group really cares about your pet! Lottie and I are so thankful for what you’ve done for her!

Carl Noble

3 years ago

I have to admit my experience here is quite limited. I have been here several times but only to pick up a prescription that my son has ordered and pre-paid for. Every time I have been there I have been greeted quickly by their friendly staff. They have always had the medication right there at the front desk even this time when I had forgotten to pick it up for a week.

Joe M.

3 years ago

Wonderful place. Caring, compassionate, descriptive.

Carl Hopf

3 years ago

My K 9 Ruger, was clear.

Kim Johns

3 years ago

Last option after two years of fighting skin problems with my dog. Our long time vet was out of ideas. The whole first experience from beginning to end here was wonderful. When you hear that they understand your worry and frustration for your pet it means everything!

Mandie Devoe

3 years ago

Such a caring place, everybody goes out of their way to make sure your furry friend is taken care of.

Nikki Stewart

3 years ago

The staff is great. I feel like they really care about my pets well being.

Richard Stephen

3 years ago

Awesome caring professional Doctors and staff.

sophia falckenheiner

3 years ago

Best Veterinary office I’ve ever been to. They genuinely care about their patients and are very thorough. Always sweet and know how to handle my nervous pup excellently. Dr. Schwassmann has been the saving grace we needed for years. We’ve seen 3 other vets prior to seeing Dr. Schwassmann and she has been the only one who could really effectively treat our pup. The visits can get a little pricey, but I at least know my dog is better by the end of every visit.

T Valeri

3 years ago

Great results when other vets were at a loss

Trent L. Payne

4 years ago

Friendly staff. Wish they took Care Credit.

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