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Marie Hackenberg

2 years ago

From the first phone call to make an appointment, to checking in, to meeting the groomer and then seeing the finished product, the whole thing was very positive. Everyone was helpful and friendly. The groomer took time to meet my dog before …

Jason Bowden

2 years ago

Awesome care, customer service and communication!

Ralph Finkelberg

2 years ago

Great grooming service thorough pleasure to bring Roscoe there

Edwin Fernandez

2 years ago

Superb service!!!! Great accommodations and care for dogs.boarding facilities... extremely recommended

Jill Jensen

2 years ago

Great experience with grooming my dog. Very professional. Very thorough. Love the cut!!

Holly Jokisch

2 years ago

Wasn’t even told the business was sold. Upon arriving there a huge sign on door stating masks required regardless of vaccinated or not. The lack of communication is not good. I will take my business elsewhere that will let me decide (and I’ve already found one) if I want to place a medical device on my face.

Patrick Kwiecinski

2 years ago

We do not recommend. We set an appointment for a Friday they canceled bc someone called out. No biggie but Roman was to busy to reschedule with us bc the scheduler also called out. Didn't know setting an appointment or checking availability was so stressful! Tuesday afternoon we get a call saying they have an availability on Wednesday the next morning! 68$ and 15$ tip later my wife bring the Peanut home and she has long straggling hairs left behind like a mohawk and a few by her hips. It looked weird! And my wife being the way she is (not confrontational), I had to take Peanut back to get her uneven 68$ haircut fixed. The groomer Andria or Angie what ever her name was, gave me attitude about bringing Peanut back that she didn't trim her legs because it would have given her chicken feet. I pointed out her back mohawk not her legs. So what does she do, still misses most of the long straggling hair and shaved her leg hair down and gave her scrawny chicken feet. We wont be bring her back here and don't recommend anyone else using their services. They use to be a great company until new owners took over. No one here likes to be held accountable for their actions, and then take it out on your dog when you do point out the mistakes they made and you paid for!

Stacey T

2 years ago

This place is so amazing! My fur-baby loves going here. The new owners and staff are so friendly and accommodating. Please support these new owners, they're really doing great changes and offering excellent service! I highly recommend! ????????????????????????

Jenna Jordan

2 years ago

This was our first time here. The staff was fantastic! The groomer did a great job deshedding my dog. The prices were right on point. I look forward to bringing my dog there again.

Sean Ward (IMightBeSean)

2 years ago

The new owners are renovating and the store is changing a lot: expanding, redecorating, and getting new personnel. Not only is there still a focus on grooming and the boutique, but a new focus on boarding and daycare. Taking a tour and meeting the staff you can really tell how much everyone cares about the animals, and you can see how well they manage their animals. Working conditions seem a lot better than some other kennels I've seen, and there is a lot of diversity.

Ashley J

2 years ago

Unfortunately we had a terrible experience. We loved touring the beautiful facility and really wanted our sweet pup to be boarded here especially after meeting the sweet new owners. We were all set to board our dog but then we saw the “suite” area which is nothing special except a small fenced in area. Because our Frenchie isn’t used to being crated we inquired about pricing and was told it wasn’t much more. We had a budget and asked if they could work with us (taking some daycare days off possibly) and everyone seemed more than willing to do that. Everyone at the facility made us believe that really would love to care for our dog and would work with us. 4 days later I received an email stating that they couldn’t work within our budget (not even offering the crate boarding which is in our budget and Roman said in the email that he hopes we find a great place to board our dog???? I also found out today that the “suite” rate is $150 nightly (the suite that I was told was just a few dollars more than the $32 regular boarding rates). I called today to share my concerns and asked to speak to the owners that we met and seemed like wonderful people but was told that they were too busy and to call when I got back from vacation. I will not be calling. I tried handling this disheartening situation but got no where! So, since we are unable to afford nearly $2,000 to board our pet for 11 days and no one wants to discuss this or proved other options with me I’ll be going somewhere else. I’m all about helping small businesses but am truly shocked and saddened by how they do business. We really wanted this to work:/


2 years ago

Great service, owner a little rude

Shelly Koster

2 years ago

I absolutely LOVE Red Hydrant! I’ve had my Shiba Inu groomed & boarded there for the last 7 years. I highly recommend them!

Andraya Croteau

3 years ago

I love taking my dog to this place. They treat her like family.

Katie Lowe

3 years ago

I have taken my Airedale terrier here for numerous appointments and have loved my results every time. Poppy leaves her appointment happy and looking perfect. They know how to cut terriers and deal with the terrier personality/ sass. Highly recommend!

Todd Woodfill

3 years ago

The best service we have found in all the states we have lived. Great staff, wonderful facilities, and great services. The owners are dedicated and professional. You would be crazy to go elsewhere.

Leo Hadley Jr.

3 years ago

SO HAPPY!!! I contacted Red Hydrant to see if they could help me with my hard to groom 5 year old Alaskan Malamute. In his 5 years we have been through more groomers than I can remember. At least 5 of them quit on us because my Prince is not cooperative. Prince was at least a month overdue for grooming when my last groomer quit. I was devastated because I felt like I was not a good enough owner to take care of him properly. After meeting Prince and seeing his overgrown and matted condition, despite my warnings of his temperament issues, and tales from all my past groomers who quit. Roman and Amanda decided to give him a try. My ultimate goal was always to find a groomer who can train my Prince to like being groomed. Today, the day of his first groom, I found that he had a hot spot on his tail. When I touched it and saw his reaction, I just knew that his new groomer would probably have a very difficult day. I was very stressed about this. They took him in at 3:15 PM. That struck me odd since his past groomers never took less than 6 hours on him. I came back at about 5:30 to find a perfectly, professionally groomed and happy boy. And to top it off, I found out Amanda did the job alone, in less than half the time of his past groomers. AND........ AND....... She said he was not difficult at all!!! WHAT??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I could tell she was serious because as I was paying my bill, Prince just sat down next to me and calmly waited. Normally he would be pulling my arm off trying to get out the door. Also, when we got home, he was happy like he had a great day. Normally when we get home from a groom, he goes straight for the large water bowl and drinks the whole thing, plus a second and third bowl. I am seriously in shock right now. A huge weight has been lifted off me. I finally found a Malamute groomer who knows how to handle my boy. We booked our next appointment and I am thrilled. Amanda trained him to enjoy being groomed in one session. Prince is really happy too. Thank You so much Amanda and Roman!

Carol Conchitina liston

3 years ago

They will give you the appointment time and day, and when it gets to the appointment day, they will tell you don’t have the records. I understand I don’t have yet submitted the rabies records but I asked them if I can take the records the day of the appointment, and she said yes! Can’t trust!

Cheryl Lee Howey

3 years ago

Conveniently located, fast, clean, great service. Our dogs enjoy it! Roman always gets us in for an appointment the best he can, even when super busy. We highly recommend it to our friends.


3 years ago

Very professional, attentive, sat with both of my babies, questioned me about what was needed for both of them and was completed in a reasonable amount of time. The rates are fair and my babies were beautiful!! They also have the cutest little gift shop!

Judi McCaffrey

3 years ago

Wonderful experience for Winston. His awesome behavior is being rewarded with a delicious bully stick after a wonderful job by Ms Amanda. His first professional groom and both Winnie and Amanda did great. Thank you for being so gentle and patient with my bubs! Will def recommend to friends.

Liz C

3 years ago

This was the best grooming experience my dog and I have had. He was very overdue for a grooming when I tried Red Hydrant; I was so amazed with what a great job they did and how calm he was when he was done. The shop is clean and calm and very professional. I am so glad I found them and will recommend them highly in the future.

Lynn Long

3 years ago

I was very disappointed with this groomer. I used them for approximately four years. Most visits when I took my bichon for a groom I was charged an extra $12 fee because she had curly hair that matted easily, especially her tail. I was a …

Marge Hoffmann

3 years ago

I brought my Great Pyrenees in for a much needed grooming. I asked to have his hindquarters and undersides shaved/ cleaned up. I expected a brushed out and groomed dog, like I’ve had before. They SHAVED him completely bald. I cried all the way home. I will NOT recommend this place. No groomer he’s ever been to has done such a horrible job. ????????????????

Maria Kletchka

3 years ago

Wonderful staff and service! The whole team is professional and kind to our sweet boy. A bit more expensive than other groomers, but Lucky always comes home shining like a new penny!

Susan Harrell

3 years ago

Super cute place, very clean, Roman and the rest of the staff are wonderful and great with the dogs. They do a fantastic job grooming my German Shepherd! I highly recommend Red Hydrant!

Laurie Dillon

4 years ago

Respectful and accommodating staff who seem to enjoy the pets there.

Maritza Maldonado

4 years ago

Great place for your dog!! Mia loves Red Hydrant and i do too!!

Leslie P

4 years ago

Love, love, love Red Hydrant Pet Spa and Boutique! Great groomers, great doggie daycare and long term kenneling. The best part is my dogs are EXCITED when walking into the Red Hydrant. That says it all!

Michael Haase

4 years ago

Good people, excellent service, reasonable prices, good communication and Buddy likes them.

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