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Gregg Alper

2 years ago

Worth every penny. The training is top notch. My 9 month old standard golden doodle spent 2 weeks with the Calypso team and came back completely trained; off leash healing, sit, stay, down, come when called. I’m able to take him pretty much anywhere now because he listens. We get compliments on hos manners everywhere we go

Joseph Guastamacchia

2 years ago

They did an excellent job training our Harrier hound. He came home recently and is responding to commands even without having to use an electronic collar now. Mike always responded to any questions or concerns immediately, and it was greatly appreciated. We are happy we used Calypso Canine!

Michael Mercado

2 years ago

Dana at Calypso has been working with my basset puppy Miles. He just returned from his intensive training camp yesterday. During the entire time Dana kept me posted with updates pictures and videos. Miles has returned calmer, more obedient but still with the same spirit and amusing character. He is no longer afraid or shy around larger dogs which is great. Dana is wonderful and very knowledgeable and definitely is the puppy whisperer. I’m very glad I chose to work with Dana and Calypso and it was well worth the investment of time and money. I highly recommend

Christine Moynihan

2 years ago

We were hesitant about sending Cooper for more training. We had done a two-week course in May at a different place but when he returned, my husband became ill which made it difficult for us to focus on being consistent with Cooper and his behavior deteriorated. After my husband's death, we knew that something had to be done so that this beautiful but sad dog could be happy and well-trained. My daughter researched and found Calypso Canine and we are all so glad she did. Mike and his wife Crystal are simply amazing in terms of their expertise, warmth, and caring. Cooper responded so well to his two-week experience there and is incredibly and positively changed - he no longer jump up on people, he walks beside me both on and off-leash, he comes when called and so much more! While he was there, Mike consistently reached out to keep us informed of his progress and provided photos and videos to keep us in the loop. When I picked Cooper up, he provided a training session for me which was so informative, practical, useful, and reassuring, allowing me to feel as if I could continue to support the progress Cooper has made. He continues to reach out and responds to every question immediately with sound and sage advice that comes with being a successful trainer -- he and Crystal are successful for all of the right reasons and I cannot imagine anyone not being 100% thrilled with Calypso Canine!

Sean G

2 years ago

We picked up our 11month old Labrador “Axel” after two weeks of training with Calypso canine. The result have been amazing. One of concerns before entering our pup into training was would he be different coming out of training…BOY where we WRONG axel was still his same ole goofy self, energetic and loving, but when it came time for his training to kick in he was on it!! Thank you again Calypso Canine! The responsiveness when we had a question, the love and care they show for your fur baby and the training is by far the best I’ve seen around. 10/10 recommend!

Chris Dawson

2 years ago

Mike and the team at Calypso Canine did an incredible job with my lab/vizsla mix, Remington. Remi was 1.5 when I sent him to Calypso for training. My chief complaints were leash pulling, running away, jumping on guests and overall obedience/temperament. After Calypso, Remi is a new dog. He routinely walks off-leash in our neighborhood. He comes upon command. He has a much more controlled temperament around the House. And he honestly seems more comfortable around people. Calypso Canine is 100% worth the investment.

N Hirsch

2 years ago

I entrusted Calypso Cabine with my Labrador Retriever who has been trained for service. She needed to be 'bomb proof' which I didn't feel she was. Mike took her and carefully yet thoroughly, worked with her for a few weeks. Video, photos and updates were available daily. No call went unanswered. No question went unanswered. Communication was phenomenal. Mike has continued to make himself available and communication continues to be excellent. I have no qualms in highly recommending Calypso Canine for all your pup needs. Money well spent to get the behavior you seek.

Michael Trimble

2 years ago

Calypso was great and the best thing I can say about them is that they worked as promised! I have a huge husky/wolf hybrid and a german shepherd mix and now I am able to easily walk both dogs on a leash together, even in public or loud environments. They also stay on their mats when people come in the door instead of jumping on them. It was an investment that has paid off for me!

Linda Fisher

2 years ago

I have been following Calypso Canine for some time online and always loved what they do with all the dogs they train. I finally took the plunge and got my Goldendoodle Gracie trained and all I can say is I wish I sent her sooner. She is a sweet dog but just loves people so much she is overpowering when she meets people jumping on them, pulling on the leash, and just over all too hyper. She also would act like she didn't know her name when called if she didn't want to come or if i didn't have something to bribe her with. That all changed after just 2 weeks at Calypso Canine. She now is so respectful on leash and she COMES when i call her name. I didn't think it was even possible but Mike assured me part of the program was a solid recall and they really delivered!! I cant thank Mike & Crystal enough for taking care of my baby and making our life so much better now. She has her same personality which made me so happy to see after i got her back from training. She is a Dream Dog. Highly Recommend. 5 stars!!!

Kelli Williamson

2 years ago

Calypso Canine is the best trainers in South FL and especially if you own Malinois. You won’t be disappointed when choosing to train with Mike and Crystal.

Amanda Rush

2 years ago

When we rescued our dog, she was jumping on everyone, eating furniture/toys and would not listen or come inside when called. We could barely even walk her on a leash without her pulling away and she’s very strong. After a week at Calypso Canine, she was a changed dog! She listens, came when called and never chewed the furniture again. I highly recommend Calypso Canine, they are true professionals in their field!

Alexandra Good

2 years ago

Had an amazing experience with Calypso Canine. Mike and Crystal went above and beyond with my 3 year old yellow lab, Max. They were responsive and professional from the very beginning and made me feel comfortable about the whole process. Max was extremely reactive and I had a very hard time walking him and handling him because he is such a big, strong dog. They updated me throughout the two weeks with pictures and videos, which made me so happy to be able to see his progress. When I picked him up, they walked me through all that he has learned and how to keep up with it. They were so kind and informative and made it very clear that they will be there if I ever have any questions about anything. Max is the same silly, lovey dog but is SO much more well-behaved. I can actually enjoy walking him now and don't have to get nervous walking near other dogs. I already know this was the best decision I could have made and 10/10 will recommend them to anyone I know with a dog.

emily fernandez

2 years ago

Absolutely great full for Calypso Canine ! Helped us get full control of our crazy husky, Loki. Completely different dog who no longer pulls on walks when seeing a squirrel or a lizard. Truly amazing and so worth it. Super professional and helpful all the time. LOVE !!!

Erik Gonzalez

2 years ago

Can’t say enough good things about the people at Calypso Canine, the staff is fantastic and very personable. We sent our golden retriever to them, and he came back a brand new dog. Very responsive to when we call him now and very obedient. One behavior we wanted them to work on with him was jumping on everybody when he greeted them. Not only does he not do that unwanted behavior anymore but they replaced it with a calm sit down when greeting new people. Even now I still get occasional text messages from them asking how my dog is, which really speaks to how involved they are in their customers satisfaction and dogs well-being. Highly recommend.

Tori R

2 years ago

Calypso Canine has been amazing to work and communicate with even from 200 miles away. They have gone above and beyond for me and my dog Atlas. If you’re looking for reliable, professional, caring, and knowledgeable dog training they’re definitely the place to go too. Thank you again calypso family!!!

Wendy Powell

2 years ago

I cannot say enough about Calypso. They have been a life saver for us and our husky. We originally had him scheduled for April when he was about 6 months old. After a shoulder injury and neutering we didn't manage to get him in until he was a year old. He actually celebrated his birthday with the Calypso team. The communication from the get go was amazing, always responsive and helpful. The fact that they worked with us and his injuries and managed to find us a spot was just great. Drop off was easy, and although we missed him dearly we knew we would get him back a much more behaved young man. We work with him daily but his manners and behaviour has changed immensely. He doesn't torture the chihuahuas anymore, knows place the minute we tell him, and his walks are now walks and not sniff arounds. His attention span is better and he almost desires your commands. It makes him feel better to make you happy and be a good boy. I would highly recommend Mike & Crystal, they obviously know what they are doing, have hundreds of amazing reviews and honestly treated my dog as if he was one of their own. We are planning on another baby at some point, and they will definitely be part of the Calypso family again. <3 What are YOU waiting for?

Aretusa Guerra

2 years ago

It’s been one month since we picked up our dog Bailey from Calypso Canine dream dog training and it was the best investment ever. She’s going to be 1 at the end of the month and it was the right time to get this fundamental training that I’m sure will last years. She is a Chinese shar-pei and cocker spaniel mix and smart but I did worry about behavior with her breed. I waited a couple months researching and reading all reviews and following their Instagram before I made a decision. I was worried that she would loose her playful personality and become a different dog. That was definitely not the case, she’s the same dog always ready to go and play. Before training we attempted to go out for breakfast and lunch with her and just had the hardest time. She would want to run up and jump on anyone that walked past our table. She would not sit or lay by our side while we ate. Always pulling on leash and making circles getting tangled around chair. We had to take turns eating so one of us could watch her and the other would be able to eat. Since training we have the best time taking her out with us. Everyone notices and compliments her training. She sits quietly in place. Getting our groceries delivered was a hassle, we would have to lock her in crate so she doesn’t go running out the door when we open to put groceries in the house and now she stays in place with door wide open. I walk her off leash and she doesn’t run off chasing lizards or squirrels. Other dog owners are walking their dogs and while their dogs are pulling and going crazy when they see her she stays by my side. When I let her free in the grass or when I tell her to sit I can walk several feet away and she has amazing recall and comes running as soon as I call her name to come. The key is to also be consistent and continue practicing the skills learned in training. I was also skeptical about the collar technique used in training but I am so comfortable with it now.

Katie Pak

2 years ago

Mike and Crystal are amazing. They took my puppy and delivered me the most precious animal I’ve ever had. Whatever their training is it works! I also did the puppy program with Dana and I swear she’s a dog whisperer. We do it over again 1000 times. And it’s guaranteed for life.

Liz Nerhus

2 years ago

We had booked our dog to go to the dream dog program back in May of this year and unfortunately our dog had some health complications that required surgery. Mike was so gracious and we moved him to later in the year when we thought our dog would be all better. Unfortunately our pup is still having issues with being sick and we had to officially cancel training. My husband and I were fully prepared to lose our deposit we had to put down, especially since we had to change when our dog was going multiple times and we know how booked out this training program is. We reached out to them and explained what was going on and they were so kind. They refunded us the deposit because they said they didn’t feel right keeping it when our pup has been sick. We have had friends that have sent their dogs to this training program and from what we have heard and from our own experience, we highly recommend this place - you can tell they genuinely care about the well being of our furry friends more than anything else. If our sweet boy ever gets all better, Calypso Canine is the only place we would want to send him.

ScottC Murray

2 years ago

Our Bernedoodle, Charlie, nearly 3 years old, had training with Calypso Canine in July for two weeks. I waited to post a review until I knew that Charlie's behavior was long-lasting. I'm so happy to report that Charlie is doing amazing!! I don't even use a leash anymore, unless we are near a busy road. She is a new dog and incredibly well behaved. Of course, we still use the e-collar, but we don't have to correct her very often. Thank you Team Calypso Canine. Well worth the money!

Nabila Mejia

2 years ago

I found CalypsoCanine Unintentionally but it has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have a year old pomsky which if you don’t know can be exactly like a miniature husky so very energetic crazy but smart. Now my mother is a bit older and I have a special-needs brother so it is crucial that not only is our dog well mannered but that she understands commands without losing her personality and they were able to execute that and help create such a wonderful environment not only for my dog at the training facility but my home when she returned she was a brand new dog but still her fun loving self. It is a huge difference to own an animal and to own an animal that listens it has changed my life and I’m forever grateful I can’t count how many times I cried tears of joy knowing my Luna is amazing and only getting better due to their excellent training. Not only are they the best people but they are the best at what they do and I can only say that this was the best experience and I hope you get to join the family of CalypsoCanine too!!!

Matt Rodriguez

2 years ago

This is some of the best money I’ve ever spent! You are going to have your pooch for awhile and having the ability to take them out in public and behave is PRICELESS! Mike and Crystal are true masters of their craft and their program is second to none. I recommend Calypso to all of my friends with dogs now and often times random strangers will come up to me in public and ask how I got Lily my golden retriever to remain so well behaved surrounded by a bunch of distractions. If you are looking for a way to communicate with your pup better and help them understand what it is that you want, look no further. Best part is she is still the fun loving goofy golden she was when I dropped her off. They are always a phone call away too. I had an issue with my remote and they helped me get a new one. Great experience all around! 10/10 ????????????????????????

Kelsey Gray

2 years ago

Years ago my border collie puppy had a terrible biting problem, I sent him to Calypso Canine and I got back a loving happy puppy with zero issues. Just recently my new Doberman puppy just loves to jump and knock everyone over along with just being a complete disaster every time I tried to take him on a walk. I had taken him to a different trainer and was so disappointed in the training techniques and how he was treated, so I decided to go back to Calypso because they did such an amazing job with my border collie. I just picked the Doberman up yesterday from Calypso and I could not be more grateful for Mike and Krystal! It was the first night I was ever able to sleep through the entire night since I got the dobie, and he’s just been so much calmer but still his happy goofy self. I also love that I get photos and updates while the pup is in training, as well as a graduation video. Every parent wants to know how their baby is doing while away. Now I have a house with 2 sweet doggies and I am happily rested. Thank you Calypso Canine for bringing the household back to sanity! I will forever recommend this Company and will continue to use them in the future.

Jeff Tcheou

2 years ago

I was a bit hesitant at first to leave my puppy for two weeks, bit Mike and the family does a great job of taking care of the dogs they are training. Upon picking up, Mike walks you through a training session to get you comfortable with the new training. He is also super responsive with any questions you might have along the way. I even got update videos during the ~2 weeks of training.

Anthony Ospina

2 years ago

Mike and crystal went above and beyond my expectations and did everything I ever wanted for my dog and worked with my dogs separation anxiety. I had worries and doubts that my dogs personality would change etc but he is still the same dog, everything is all the same. Everything except he now listens and walking him is a lot more enjoyable now. If you’re looking for proper professional training, I highly recommend calypso canine. I will return as a customer if I get more pets in the future.

Drew Frazier

2 years ago

I HIGHLY recommend Calypso Canine to anyone looking to get basic or advanced training for their dog. Almost 6 months later and my puppy still has all the commands down. Mike was incredibly responsive, professional, and engaging, even before I committed to being a customer. He treated me with respect and kept me involved throughout the training process, despite my being out-of-town. You really can't go wrong choosing Calypso Canine - 5 stars!

Jessica Schweitz

2 years ago

Thank you so much Mike and crystal!!! You have worked your magic with Maddie. She now doesn’t pull, isn’t running off, comes when called, isn’t jumping on people……the list goes on and on. We are shocked by how well behaved she has been since being back home. She is a new pup but still as sweet as ever! Calypso canine you are amazing!!!!!

Heather Blevins

2 years ago

Love love love Calypso and what they did for our Coco. She did their dream dog program and is truly a DREAM DOG now ????. I use to dread taking her on walks because the pulling was so bad. I felt like she would choke herself the whole time. It was terrible. Now we LOVE walks with her. She has fun, we have fun. She’s walk perfectly with a loose leash. We’ve even had serval people comment “wow, she’s so well behaved!!” ????Her off leash recall was non existent before training now she bolts back to us on the first call. She also doesn’t eat well when away from us and they went to extra mile to try different toppers and weight gainers (with our permission). They got her eating and she put on some much needed weight! Amazing. So now that you’ve read all the crazy good, outstanding reviews, call them and get on the schedule. They are in high demand so don’t wait! They book up fast.

Katie Alvarez

2 years ago

Before Calypso Canine, our dog Boots was the boss of the house, and not easy to control on walks. It was important for us to train Boots to behave outside and with guests. Calypso Canine did an outstanding job with training Boots while establishing a behavioral foundation. After the training sessions, Boots has exhibited great improvement with us at home and during the walks. As the owners, we were also "trained" what to do and what not to do with our beloved pup. We highly recommend Calypso Canine and their doggy training program.

Marlyana Comiskey

2 years ago

We sent our 9 month old German shepherd to Calypso Canine after trying a few other trainings that didn’t work… for those who don’t know much about Shepherds… he’s a HANDFUL. We didn’t have much hope to training but let me tell you… he’s a different dog. He listens to his commands (taught in German!!). He goes to his place with the simple “place” command. He walks off leash like a champ. We are SO thankful for Calypso Canine. Not only are they beyond personable, they ask for updates and check in with us… but thanks to them, our boy is so much more enjoyable. Couldn’t suggest a training more than I would them. Not only is our pup trained but we have made a forever relationship with amazing people!

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