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Donna Jenks

2 years ago

I took my dog there before they would see my dog they were asking for money when we gave them all we had, and we have a small business and had more money coming in that day and told them. they finally took a xray and said his insides were …

Kim M

2 years ago

The peace of mind we get from this Veterinarian Office is wonderful. They care about my furbaby as much as I do. She loves going to the Vet and begins to whine and cry the closer we get. Even when she is sick, she still tries a little wiggle. The Doctor and Staff are well educated. They are kind and the name of the business fits perfectly, they truly give Loving Care.

Sean Henry

2 years ago

We began bringing our dog and cat here shortly after our arrival to Clearwater in 2016.Initially all went well until the health concern in in 2020). Right at that point we started seeing signs of personnel changes and less than great service and basic knowledge regarding nail trimming for our dog. Three different occasions they brought our dog Jocko out after the nail trim bleeding from the nails. On the third occurrence which was March 27th of 2021 we were bringing the dog out to a vehicle and he was bleeding profusely. My wife went in and told them and Dr Richard came out quickly. They took him back inside for attention. They said this happened because we allowed him to jump in the vehicle he's 16 years old he doesn't do any jumping. We stuck with them and continued to come back until now, we thought things would improve.So that was wrong. Fast forward November to 2021 and we were interested in blood work as he is a senior dog and not going poop regular etc. Paid for that found out he was okay and then shortly thereafter we wanted to have his rabies shot and nails trimmed only they told us he needed an annual exam as well as additional blood work for additional cost. To the fact that was such a short time from his last blood test we requested only the rabies shot and nail trim. They said no he needed the annual exam and it was the law. Our dog is almost 17 years old now which is remarkable for a 78 pound lab mix. Diid not make any sense to make him travel for extra blood work. Bottom line we tried to opt out of the annual exam and Dr Richard called us back and told us we talked about this before. Very condescending arrogant attitude and unappreciated . We will not be going back and have made other arrangements for our dog as we feel this would be in his best interest at this point. we did find another facility for the rabies shot and another veterinarian.

rpa rpa

2 years ago

Quick appointments. Most staff very nice. Expensive, though.

chandra roberts

2 years ago

Everyone is so friendly and compassionate. They actually take the time to explain everything and are warm and caring. Also, facility is clean and roomy.

Kathryn Smithers

2 years ago

I am very satisfied with our experience at Loving Care. I have a senior dog and I love my boy so much. I'm so thankful for the care he received today. Thank you!

Cassandra [:

2 years ago

Wonderful vet! Took our two dogs here for the 2 years we lived in Largo. Staff is always friendly and understanding of scared/ traumatized pets. Doc is considerate of your concerns and keeps you informed every step of the way. They are a little on the pricey side, and I had to get stern about the dosage of my pet's medication when we transferred from a different vet but overall, everything was great!

Jess Thoma

2 years ago

Very quick and affordable office, and very caring staff!

Amanda Johnson

2 years ago

Dr.Richard and staff is great. They provide excellent care for all my pets.

Kate Lynn

2 years ago

I don't have enough great things to say about the entire staff at Loving Care. We have been a client for over 10 years. Dr. Dinon is super friendly and very helpful with answering questions and providing guidance.

Marie Gonzalez

2 years ago

Fast and very professional services.

Damon Vanzandt

3 years ago

Amazing place we are taking our new puppy there now as well all the staff is very nice and always helpful and honest.

Michael Makowski

3 years ago

Very friendly personnel and professional doctors. I’ve been talking my dog there for few years now. My Chow Chow recently had some problem with fleas and skin infections and they helped him tremendously. Thank you so much.

Mike Merrill

3 years ago

Good compassionate doctor and staff a bit pricey but worth it.

Robert Plennert

3 years ago

This is a good place,love the folks here. They really care, and work hard to make you feel safe,with your family members care. Thank You Dr. Richard and all of his supporting friends.

Chelsey Hammersmith

3 years ago

This vet serves the largo police k-9, so if they are good enough to be the medic of our police so you know your pet is getting the best care.

Len Tilley

3 years ago

This office is the best place in Largo to bring your pet. Dr. Rich is awesome and the staff is great. We are from N.J and we get treated like family.

Margaret Laukaitis

3 years ago

My cat has a long history of vomiting issues that were treated elsewhere with constant office visits, injections, blood work and fluids. Dr Richard made a diagnosis and placed Joy on prescription food. She is doing beautifully! When she does have a (rare)recurrence of symptoms the staff is very helpful in either calling in meds or seeing her promptly. The staff is so kind to Joy, who can be a little difficult after her experiences early on. I have been truly happy with Loving Care!

Travis Kole

3 years ago

Called for my 3 year old Chihuahua. Made an appointment for the following morning with chief complaint being: not eating, lethargic, unusual behavior, a “gurgle” noise when breathing. Making the appointment was easy and efficient. Took advantage of a promotion they offered new patients via their website... a free initial exam. Checked in, filled out paperwork as a new patient, and was taken to an exam room with no difficulty. Vet tech took vitals and was extremely gentle and friendly. The doctor came in promptly and gave my pup a physical exam. He suggested more tests be run including X-rays. I asked for an estimate and he left and the tech came back in with a treatment plan estimate. I informed her that I was struggling financially (as many are in the current climate). Was there a payment plan? Or maybe a less expensive option of treatment? I reluctantly informed her that I literally only have a few hundred in the bank. She said she would ask the doctor. The doc came back in the exam room and asked “So you don’t want to go forward with treatment?”. I replied that I did more than anything. That I stress everyday over the drastic changes in my pup’s behavior. Was there a more affordable, less invasive, treatment option? Thankfully he gave me some options. Unfortunately they were PAYMENT options. He repeated the same options that the tech suggested earlier... ie:payment up front or Carecredit. I should be clear here, that if I had the amount of the total estimate offered, I would have shelled out the cash, no problem. My pup is the only family I have here and I’d gladly sacrifice my own daily needs for him, without question. But I didn’t have the total they needed to go forward with the only plan offered (Of course, even if I had the full amount, it doesn’t include cost of further treatment, ie: medications.). The doc told me if things get worse with my pup, I can come back and start that treatment plan. End of appointment. It should be noted that had I paid for the exam ($53), I probably would have been more upset with the totality of the appointment. Hopefully, the following statement isn’t true about this animal hospital... But typically, this is how those money hungry businesses get you in the door and make up that “free” exam cost by boosting prices on other services. I totally get that small businesses are suffering right now, just as I am... just as most everyone is. Which makes it even more egregious that no alternative solutions or concessions were offered. I doubt I will ever experience the “Loving Care” this animal hospital seemingly prides itself on. That’s a shame too. Pros: Easy to make appointment. Vet techs are friendly and treat your pet with care. Middle of the road pricing. Plenty of open parking spaces. Handicapped accessible. Not too far from a second opinion. Cons: Inability to work with and find a solution that fits within the customers budget while still addressing chief complaint/concerns. No flexibility. As with all my reviews, a representative of the above establishment/business is welcome to call me if they wish to speak further.

Lesley Brown

3 years ago

I’ve been bringing my dogs here for years and I recommend them to anyone looking for a personal, professional, loving and knowledgeable vet.

Ashley Morgan

3 years ago

First visit went great. It was a little on the expensive side but that's usually how a first visit with initial exam goes. After that it's only pay for pills and regular check ups. if you're looking for a place to bring your pet I recommend it.

Joe Frank

3 years ago

Only place I will take my dogs.

liskula cohen

3 years ago

My two pets were seen by Loving care numerous times over the last 8 years. They are not considered affordable, but that wasn’t an issue until covid greatly impacted my income. They were fully aware of my dogs health history so when my dog started panting real loud and didn’t eat for a day and a half I took her there. She was nearly 15 years old. Deaf and partially blind and had old dog health issues. Enlarged liver, elevated kidney enzymes and quite obviously a breathing issue to go along with her mild heart murmur. Of course instead of saying that I should be thinking about end of life decisions. He wanted to run a bunch of tests, have a dog cardiologist see my elderly dog all for the high cost of around $3500. I broke down, as a single mom I couldn’t afford that money right before Christmas, and it hurt my heart. The worst part was how the doctor shamed me and wanted me to know that people shouldnt have financial reasons for not doing all of their unnecessary testing that would all have the same outcome. There were no other options. Surgery was out, and I had to accept that my dog had lived her best life and let her go. But the vet wanted to see how he could guilt me into paying more and more money. It was the first time in 36 years of being a dog owner that I felt like a horrible doggy mom. And to this day how smirk and attitude anger me. These people are not looking out for the pets best interest, they are looking at your wallet. My dog passed yesterday and I got 9 weeks with her until I took her to our new vet who took one look at my dog and said your dog is suffering just to breath. Her tongue was purple on the end, as it had been when I took her to loving care. She was put to sleep by a dog living kind vet who cared more about my dog in a five minute visit than living care had in 8 years. Shame on you. I will always let everyone I know that you allowed my dog to suffer to try to fill your greed. And my other pet will never be your patient again. Response to your comment- After reading your response I am absolutely furious. I still have the estimate. With all the testing. And no I didn’t just decide to do nothing. I got a second opinion. I was given a reasonable option to keep my dog comfortable as long as possible. He never gave me any other option. Don’t get on here and mislead more people. Please. I have all of my paper work. He obviously didn’t know that when a dogs tongue is turning purple that the dog is not getting enough oxygen. Instead he heard a slight murmur which is very common in elderly dogs and saw the dollar signs. Along with the other long list of testing that needed to be done. I also asked if we could just do a blood test and urine and stool test and see how they came back before agreeing to the cardiologist. I was told “No”. Hence why I walked out totally disgusted and regretted my years or allowing him to over charge me. You can deny as much as you want. But anyone who knows how google reviews work, know that as any type of consumer, you always read the one star reviews first, as they will be the most honest.

Marcos Lynch

3 years ago

Dr Richard and the staff saw my fur son with GREAT CARE and ATTENTION.

Scott Maurer

3 years ago

Dr. Richard and the whole gang are the best...been coming here for many years, have tried other vets only because we're in Dunedin and they're in Largo but always come back to the best.


3 years ago

Caring and compasionate, Doctor and staff are knowledgeable and explained treatment procedure and follow up care completely.

Mark Little sr.

3 years ago

Hard place to find but worth it

Palmtree Breeze

3 years ago

Friendly and you get a sense that they really know what they're talking about. Very patient with fur kids and their parents!

pam miller

3 years ago

Love this place! The staff is super kind and Dr. Richard is great! What I really liked was that they are affordable and they don't try the hard sell on everything. They do, in fact, let you know all of the healthcare needs for your pets.

Sharon Marchetti

3 years ago

Friendly staff that cares about your pet

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